By: Ananda Rasullia

If you hear the word “hero”, surely that will be imagined in your mind is someone who has super strength which always help people-introuble with amazing rescue, such as, Superman, Spider-ma, and others. Actually being a hero does not have to have a super power. If we look around, many heroes are spread in the environment around us. And we can admit that people around us as heroes. Most people would have their own favorite heroes. I, like most people said, also have my own heroes. If someone asked me, “who is yout favorite hero?” and of course my answer is “Spider-maaaaaan!”, in addition to his handsome face, he also can help others with the power if his strong and attractive spiderweb. However, if talking about personal hero, of course my answer is not Spider-man because he was never beside me when I am in trouble ar when I needed someone who understood my problem or when I want to share the love and affection. She is a woman, my hero is a woman, whose her age is no longer young and physically, her body is no longer agile as before. Even so, she is able to teach me about the world. All about the world. She is patient even though sometimes ill-tempered, she always smiles even though sometimes complain, she always caressed me gently even though sometimes she yells. She is just a housewife who does not have spiderwebs in her hand like Spider-man or have a claws lika X-Men, she also could not disappear like Invisible Woman, but she has strength that is not necessarily possessed of any superheroes. Love. She has the power of love. And she gave me it entirely, even when I have not been born into this world. She understands me, very understanding. She also not like most mothers, who always forbides her son or daughter to not do this and do that. My mother always follows my relationship and always willing to follow the times. My mother does not want to be parents who are too perfectionist and restain their child. She also open-minded and does not hesitate to listen my story about what-happened-today and about what-I-did-today, and of course give me advice so that I can be a better girl. I think Spider-man was not be able to do it all.

Finally, as I said, not all heroes have superpowers. Look around you because there must be someone who is more powerful than a superhero who has the power one!

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