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Paper: COMPUTER SCIENCE (Part - I!) he iedigg Objective Type Time Allowed: 15 Minutes 10 Maximum Marks: 10 How many possible solution are there for a problem? (a) Many (b) Two 3 Algorithm is a: (a) Requirement document eexfite tl, (©) Test document 2xfhec The diamond symbol represents the: (a) Input / Out put 22257 heiv (c) Processing Ersz Avvariable name must be start with a: / (a) Alphabet 2 (©) Digit ves PP) Session: (2015-17, 2016-18) (c) Three (d) Four uy te Fi (b) Design document 2#fVieftz$ (d) User guide 4/624 Vibe fs (b) Decision making (Sila (@) Remarks Ai ~eytnbyfe (ee igzs (b) Underscore 31 (d) Alphabet or underscore v6 #iLu.cby 10:4AF BAAR WWL Mere LIME EEL Song MMR Ze DvsIA, B, ColeeL Inn 27 bare Nt ter SLL Storie MLL Efe Note: Four possible answers A, B, C and D to each question are given. The choice which you think is correct, fill the circle in front of that question with marker or pen in the answer book cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question. aM PEL 1 Which of the following command continues the program whose execution was terminated temporarily. SUG peti Se bighhgnvlethioe 6 (a) CONTINUE (b) CONT (©) RESTART (¢) START Which of the following is NOT logical operation. Seu ai iety 6 (a) AND (b) NEITHER (0) OR (a) NOT Which option is used with IF statement? se SueriMhsewFL. &7 (a) WHILE (b) THEN (c) END (d) STOP Which of the following is NOT valid subscript? feta Areniiety 8 (a) Num (10) (b) A (2) (c) B(4) (d) A(-2) The result of function ABS (-15) is eREABS(-15)°% 9 (a) 15 (o) 15 () 16 (@) 16 Shortcut to save filel in MS-Word is: Se VGLUSLS Saves 5 AMS-Word -10 (a) Ctrl+O (b) Ctrl+ S () F2 () Ctl+A Session: (2015-17, 2016-18) Paper: COMPUTER SCIENCE Subjective Type Creapricteigg Time Allowed: 1:45 Hours Age) 24:45 Maximum Marks: 40 40 AS PART- Uso 2. Write short answers to any four (4) questions. (4 * 2= 8) ~ Poe Lew aypedS 2 i. Define advantages of flow chart. UML esp i ii. Differentiate between Run time error and logical error. UAL Sooufios ii ili, What is meant by "Documentation"? Sele “telispihy” il iv. What is the strategy for developing algorithm? ANTE ASL AEG iv v. Explain CLEAR with syntax. LL Satna sl VRUCLEAR Vv vi. What is operator procedence? sei Greg? vi 3. Write short answers to any four (4) questions. (4 2=8) ~LeePLow pe dS Bs i. Define GOTO statement. La ASe60TO i ii, Explain IF... THEN...ELSE statement with syntax SS Hwaieola Ser IF..THEN..ELSE il iii, Explain title bar. ay fertinSt lt il iv. How to create a new document in MS-Word? SLi Lelie HEMS-Word iv v. Explain the line spacing in MS-Word. US oe Exe tMS-Word v vi. Explain Drop Cap. fers vi 4. Write short answers to any four (4) questions. (4 x 2 = 8) Ao P Lew tyedS A i. What is meant by DIM statement? Sele DIM i Nec AOC SI), il, Differentiate between Program file and Data file. INGAAS Ag SRS i iv. Explain any two numeric functions. Sdet eine S iv v. Explain LINE statement with syntax. “Qukeo lyfe LINE ii. Explain Array manipulation. ave YESS i vi. Define Graphic, Give the names of graphic modes PART-II (32 Give any Two (2) answers of the questions. speprLctlr(2)na df Q.5: What are variables? Also explain rules for naming variables in BASIC? 8) Uo IL rt Lo ABASICS eet 5 Ui .6: What is Loop? Explain FOR...NEXT Loop with program, @) Aig alse lnSsFOR..NEXTIC UES 6 Ur Q.7: What is function? Differentiate between builtin function and user define function. (8) wee lek 7A Session: (2015-17, 2016-18) ‘Computer Science (Practical) Group (SSC) ime Allowed: 2 Hours Maximum Marks: 50 MS-Windows (is4u2Lél) 1. Perform the practicals of following questions on Computer Screen (5 +5=10 Marks) a Fpvigge SEL a1 (a) Change the Desktop Backbround of Computer. ALE BLL tl (b) Make a New Folder on Desktop named 'BISE Lahore". -Uf tye ¢t£"BISE Lahore" fq tO procedure on answer sheet. (10 Marks) ue geen bib eee oR | (a) Prepare the given paragraph in MS-WORD according to following given format and save it on desktop against your Roll Number. (12 Marks) APF uz leet Serine sigh 2 Gul eel ere Font size 1° paragraph: 15 Line spacing: 2.0 Spell checking Bold & Italic 2°4 paragraph (©) Write down the step MACHINE LANGUAGE: Machine language is language that a computer can understand a low-level language that is directly ‘understandable by computer system. Each model of computer has a unique machine language that is the fundamental language of computer an is written in the form of binary strings of 1's and 0's. ‘The programs written in machine language are very fast in execution. There are no limitations of machine language. (b) Write down the stepwise procedure on answer sheet. (8 Marks) {gina bnby o) 2. Write a program which prints the green circle. Sepik iret uel 2 (@) Draw the flow chart on answer sheet. (5 Marks) Ur eb SeSe (@) (b) Write an algorithm on answer sheet. (5 Marks) Lu FSiggegiz (©) Write a program code on answer sheet. (5 Marks) G38 © (d) Execute the program code on computer screen. (5 Marks) aL Sig gt nS, OR Write a program which prints the first 10 numbers by using WHILE WEND loop. auth eh Latta nde LAE WHILE WEND (2) Draw the flow chart on answer sheet (5 Marks) Ur beta A See (@) (b) Write an algorithm on answer sheet. (5 Marks) Lt eFtiggegn (b) (©) Write a program code on answer sheet. (5 Marks) uP gbibe © (d) Execute the program code on computer screen. (5 Marks) Lege Pilih, @ 3. Practical notebook. (5 Marks) Feu 3 4. Viva Voice (5 Marks) ord 4 Note for Practical Paper Sette 1. First question is given from MS-Windows only and choice of Ist question is given from MS-Word only. 2. Second question is given from GW-BASIC according to given pattem and choice is also given from GW-BASIC.

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