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2020 ELECTION AFFIDAVIT Please let this letter serve as my official affidavit for my November 3, 2020 election day experience working as precinct supervisor in Detroit, Michigan at precinct 374. After training for the above assignment, | arrived at 5 a.m. on election at the polling site that had 6 precincts assigned to one gymnasium in the school. The team assigned to the precinct prepared for the day including printing a zero tape from the machine and having the appropriate individuals verify that it was zero at the start of the day. That tape was hung behind the machine as directed. The polls opened at 7 am and there were obvious (normal I'm told) problems. Individuals who were coming to vote were not in the electronic polling book and! called down to the election headquarters, where curiously that NUMBER WAS NOT PROVIDED ANYWHERE IN THE MATERIAL!!! Iwas told that the appropriate polling place for these (displaced individuals). They were told to go to a satellite office to change their address there and they could vote at that satellite office. I’m not sure if those were machine fed or provisional ballots. During the course of the day, one nonpartisan poll challenger and one partisan poll challenger (democrat) frequently interfered with my conversations with voters, often times pulling up information on their phone and putting it into my face, One side issue to this was zero social distancing or masks being worn by these people. One poll challenger approached me and wanted to post a sign that provided a state website to look up their polling places for voters walking in to the site. They also wanted to place a diagram of the gym that demonstrated each polling place and where it was stationed. Not knowing what to do, | ignored them but they posted that information anyway (handmade and placed it on a chair) so people could see it as they walked in..... felt it was not their right or place to post information regarding the election, admirable as it might seem to them. The electronic VAT machine was not operable for several hours. When one person needed to use it, it wasn’t ready. In this case we had to HELP the person vote. We (two people) were allowed to stand left and right of the voter. | had to read the ballot for a voter that had eye trouble. His eyesight was so bad that another poll worker FILLED IN HIS VOTE. HE TOUCHED THE BALLOT AND THE PEN. Did the other person helping declare his status as a democrat? | ama republican. | am unsure of the person helping was in fact from another party. | thought that was required by law. At the end of the day after the polls closed, we started the closing procedure. We noted that the first voter inadvertently didn’t sign her voter application. We noted that in the electronic system and in the poll book. (Should that vote count?) Also, another voter’s ballot would not be accepted by the machine. She refused to spoil the ballot, so we placed it into the provisional bin. At close, it still would not accept the ballot so we reviewed it for problems. The workers were worried about the incorrect number of votes would not match up and they would be docked $50 for balance issues...someone yelled out “just white it out.” | said no. Just document it in the poll book and electronic poll book. During the closing we attempted to transmit the information. It failed. We tried again to transmit the information and it appeared to go through. It did not print a transmit tape at that moment that needed to tell us it arrived or failed. We attempted to transmit the information several times and nothing happened (we think). Finally, that print out showed one failure and one successful transmission. Did the other attempts make it or not.....we did not see anymore failure tapes.....hmmm. Could we have inadvertently sent it more than once. | can’t answer that. We also printed out several closing tapes as required and we accidently printed one additional tape. I have that tape in my possession. Three days ago, | looked at the closing tape and was dismayed by what I saw. It clearly and unbelievably shows numerous write-in votes. The machine did not have any of those ballots go into the write-in bin. We are supposed to document in the poll book all write-in candidates. There were none that | saw the poll worker who operated the machine didn’t see any in the chamber for that scenario. I'm not sure what this, tape demonstrates, but with a listing of write-in candidates that were not accounted for, it is plausible to think the machine was in fact defective. Please find the attached tape as physical evidence of my documentation of this issue. Again, maybe this can be explained away but it clearly states that there were write-in candidates placed into the machine. If you have any additional questions or information please contact me at (248) 227-6650. br Keith Kaminski Scepecl before me this 1K day of Aby 9020 by Ker Karninsks ye uN obnwee Voll de AANET C VOLANTE HIGAN a

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