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Toss! Outstanding Loan Amouat “| operat on Ge aa ama rm me er ctl =i) : a ‘aha Tal Outen BapensesIncure by Carnie sill Unga (Section 5) | ee I, MONETARY RECEIPTS (Sections A—K) a CONRTT g o Ear ves for Danbury ty rh ing hs Period ONLY fOTOAL SECTION “Ar Total Contrtions from Small Contrbutare- Ree ashen rato fl Grn) Heid Contribiton rom nails [Cem @renant ant. Cendant Ory atcion QM Oe [8/27/2021 baie Tave ; |2.SYLVAN ROAD JOANBURY fcr |ossts er | ae OS See = —— a OE =a . —— Son ommonas Orin Ommor|on—_| [Eom Pao ara France Pe ES a To see irate _ eacecamabihs Pee Ota . Pasa pron Omamce Omwane[ toes aoe a [i - eS ae OF aa ee Sennen | sso00 a Oe BE ae ee ‘SUBTOTAL Seton B—‘ThlsPane [> #5000 TOTAL fatima ection B Paes [52.0800 TOTAL OF ATT CONT RRUTTONS FROM TNDIVIOUATS Bens) ive tin ta of Somme a To | sav92s00| Seetion B ADDITIONAL PAGE | of? asa RTE Pa aT aaa [aves ron Dane Puay ronnie A Fatal Confribaions om Sat Tamar ion at 0 Genito Reser ts Pero ONLY ‘suntan meaeenons_| $2502 Ti Henteed Conbation rom inv VENTURA bem Mt are Kom [es le ees BE aaa I" ™ “Bio Gre 00.00 a =o Ge ames came [5 Sion can nen One f Ex aa E Paces e Se Re Eras ae pene = Seer acon RN Se SS ee pera ea Ce [saeco Bs ets een em ing a Se Soe omen omren|ionm [oO Fea = — = en Sm ame om a ere eS a ie ae imma OF = oe | aries 1221 \Genm Oremicne ‘Cesc Cr bacon One Oe fone ‘SUBTOTAL Seston 8 — hls oa STATA TORTRUNTTONS PRON TON DUNES Ca “TOTAL of ata Seton BPE aa a) i oti connssoona mace section B ADDITIONAL PAGE? of enone) OTT nD ao Jves FoR OANA ay oth FUR Fat Contos fom Snalt Conti caved Twa Paved ONLY | 57500 a mae "Surana secTION A entre Cont oan from nada Vracoren. se pao in at HEAT PA AD srare or CONNECTICUT en (oO Se ad ae Ot ee emcee 4 oc a i. fcaoUNE Jerunraron one career Lente Tama aeons Vina, Fegan Pacem” OS [etait Joo [ran | samme A peat TOTAL OF HAL CONTRUNTIONS TOTS soa Section B. ADDITIONAL PA\ on? of eae [aes FoRDANOURY [any InN Waal Contribs ae carr ater) aS Contre ee fs Fried ONLY "SUorarAL Section A 37500 = “iemtand Contvibton from Tavis ia Faun i oes =e raceme Bowe fen reco ewe ee aa =e oS Susman woz oom B ad Soomro 8 quer imine rae Ola Sec muon Ome | Enon aw Ie a Feces fe fe Jen ey ee 8X aap oe Seooeatanaa ‘Sar Se 0 See amma Ge | pmmctens anes ‘ite BS [EEE Quen Queens Be a a Onenced Oyen ee ee eras ee tr" monn 2 [fren emcee sero ae etme nc aaaas 6 Se oes fom inom BS crea , O ested ne” Quete Oui ea Onan On ni ry | ae To At ot waaivon Secon Pes OTT OF CONTRUTIONS FRO ‘enn ‘SUNTOTAL.Siction B— Ts Pras [25000 TRaBTALS Gecion | nian ers Fae ‘section B. ADDITIONAL PAGE * of? oT a rarer paves FOR DANGURY pu wr Sr Coss roa Saal ne ONLY | gas00 espana *SOrTOTAL SECTION - a omnis ——— poser fe im Feito a = [a faa le rernes tm 8 Shore 800 ve vey | sao iat te ireaimereee ave poem’ BN aa Gere enon Cum rer Sanne Onan orn a a os Fiver eis = fam i ee | aan ea Firs ana acta tensa Opens gine —— oe be | raBOWSAK poser E ronaesroutso cnt fer_ oor raat rar irronne jennie. Ta aang QE | amen seamaume 1 aan TT] Rt sa anaasised ON sa ome | som “TOA of ional Seton aia FT CORTTBOTORS ON ae a ATOTIONS Fac sear maces Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE ® of eae RTE Tat [nes FOR OANOURY uy or PN Taal Contribution rom Soa Cention aren nt (pews is APAE BLOSSOM LANE [aonmestanron [west sone OS ce asa aoa greeter pn aa | RTO root0 caomemamer™ Ql emitistienss isan AeA Gre teen” _@kewme Ou id Srna Cent cnt rms erie |S 00 iam non. frame = ea pa = wer iaoonc a ee aw esas Sia Oe 200 a om Ge ramen 5 "Gye er OGRE irate ecemaivvan Ost OSS, eae as a quam nae Oo a Tone E i =p foo Ea ec a fe Sa entnontseones) Vere enc Ocancnt Qn nnn Oe ‘SUBTOTAL Salon B— Te inti com senen aN CORTON ION NONI epee ‘eat section Bb ADDITIONAL PAGES of oamiorre eva a Rv ONLY | 2500 ‘SourorA secT Peco cls ga ERE ge oe eae o* peeateet Gone Que Jeon rr cn Ont acumen “jolene oon Jorn Geert ca, Osnoncnt OF eg [uence __— Veena Saeceericiet xe Fated OSA Sao TOTTORI NN eh SBT etc suo Pa of” a section B ADDITIONAL PAGE _—_ Faves FOR DANGUR at Cotati Tom Sea aT Tas Feried ONLY | gran *SypTovAL SECTION Toa Coat run Jot = [Tea Corin os a Ceamnanae at I ne re - mee [Bown & fen = _ peril “ee ae a Coacre Ove rad as Ta oa 20000 (Sienoan pan i Fim aecanareearnnnnct Bis Lr ooamnes Om — = en = —_ mere ae ae ee ee te momen OM Grindteceatnan ‘jack OGD iin seamen" Qtectie Ouse rnc Ort cet Ores in ONT fares [somo na “armours TurroTAt, Seon B— TSP HE aeTmapa ToT OF Ne ‘eo Fora of aabiinnt Seton B Pe TORE THO MUVIUNS SG a Se OR ae seotion B ADDITIONAL PAGE. of [ves FORDANOURT soe s ae a Ea TA a pron “Faia Contato an Sat Controtor- REC ‘hi Period ONLY "Saanineancrona | ects lesen reat cee et Ks faeaxron ice pean OF oe " fostering sas eS 2000 a ve gener a Be eer et SS oes um ern Ovmou|rer a emda Ore rect

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