- ------~ - - -- -.

- ---

ime: 3 Hours (I .30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.) 1nimunt Marks: 100.

f 11..11;( ructions to andidA(~:

I. I ttempt FIV '. qu lions in all

2. Atlrmpt 1'\ 0 questions Irom Part I and . question each rrom Part 11,111

and IV.

J. AU questions ul7)' equal marks.

4. ltlustrat your answ r \ ilb neat sketches

5 .. All answers ar to be woUen in English languag only.

6. This question papercontains nine questions a d Is of one p ges,

ode No.20J


P RT - (AttcmplaD), two)

Q.l. \Vhat are the mo-st notable differences between the Islamic and Hindu structures in India? Support your an wers with tile help of typical religious stru ct u res .

. 2, How do yoo lUognize Islamic struetares ofGujarat style? Describe in derail (he Jami Masjid or Ahmedabad to establis 1 your nsWC:I".

Q.3. \Vrite an essay on the use of dom and arch in I lamic structures in India.

PART-II (Attempt Rm' onr)

Q.4. What do ou underst nd by "Indusrrial Rc\-'oluliou',? Ur:.cu s the imtUlCI r Indus1rial Revolulion on the development of new rown and indu trial cities.

0.5. WhHI was the basic: purpo e of .he 4Grcar elhibitions of 19tJ:a Rnd 20'b century" Describe in detalls ... ' least one structure, erected for lite purpOSf' of such all Clhihition.

P HT-l J I (AUrOJpl any our)

Q.G. \Vilh (he help of skerche • narrat the role of n uhau IN I>EVELOr~M ENT NO PROMOTIO OF modem .rchit('C'lurc.

Q.7, Write noles on the wor of(8n) two):

II) Lculs-I-Kafm b) }'.L. Wright

31, Le 'orhusir

PART-IV (AUt pi Bny one) Q.8. Critically analyze any two r.molll works each of

a) Cbar1es eona b) II. c«2 Comrscter

Q.9. "Poilladependmu JDdLa u·cbltectureit.l copy ofpo11 modem Itructures In USA ndEuropc"- JUitify ..

rime: J l lnur -(ilL\) s.m, (0 1.30 11.m.) DII~: 21 t June 200ft

\l:u.imum \1ur!.. .. ; IOU. Oft): Sarurdav

I n. I ruction tu Ihl' 'nndid lie :

I. Question No.' is rnrnpul ory. 1 "\1('011)( nil plln!.

.t II[lI rratc )Qur IUll-y,el with nelll sketches

.a_ AU '\n!t.wl'I" hI tln- ljlll:,'ions should be written in ENc.USlllangu8(.!_ on". 5 All questions tnrr) 'qual marks,

h. This Que. lion ,...:lP r conlnin I page and 5 questicns,

0.1. Explain A 'Y FOliR Irom the rollowin~:

1. rurpo e of \1ClJ and L n in an el ctric circuit.

b. EArthin~ is must in an electric circuit.

c. The difference between gully trap and nahani (rap. d. Purne e of drOll rnanhele,

c. The- di (ferencc b tween PCI rol Intercepter Ind I ns~c(ion Chamber.


Q.2. Sketch Il lypic:l1 ectien I elc"o'alion p.ssjng through Indian c on the first Iluor of a buildinJ: shuYt ing all the relev nl details. sizes finishes. fittings.fixturcs,elc.


Dray, and CXlll. in II c purpc e or last l. . before connecting (0 rnunicipa! sewer, Sho'" !llllhc rele ant dc-tails oflhc same.


Q.J. 1>1 ruv .. \ armuv method!> fir r. in Woler harvcs(ing "ilh ilS merits. no d merits.

Alvn ~II~~I",I "\lIch !>~Stc01 could be implemented best in yeur "icioily and ... hy_ OR

EnullIt'rnh' "'hieh iml'Uri\IL~ arc eliminated and how in tin: Fillrluiull "rotc'!>). durill1! "ilkr pu ilic'liull R40 tiraYa' • slow sand liller.


QA. I'I"p re an 'IcClric layoul fur II jcy, IIcry shop atJmca.suring 6mls I. 12mt5,I\nd II ·itllt -I ... mh. ~u;:£c.!.l t, pe of wirf.:-S, cahlcs., fidures. liningll etc, (n~ s urne \uilnhk !fat If n 'Cl"!>'Hn.) SUC!!" t r 'commended iIIumination)evth for I lie: ,itoI' arul fur d. fllll~.


I':lpbin huYt tim') If I"Ch1inl! u re .. tor/conduClors ",ork, describe and lIk lclt '"I. I . I-:IL'c'rud," with rt,t""Mnt d·C"ils.


().S. n." ... ify !-'olitJ \ • ( antJ \U~J! t methods 10 di pose: dirrennt -..urc for better hY2i III:


E1r'.in dirre:rc:nl techno o~ie, used (or rC<)'clin2 of laIrd WUtC4

., .' ,. ..

CocJcNo.20 I



Time: 12 Hours (I 0.30 a.m, Co 4.30 p.m.) Date: 22u4 & 23rd June 2008

:\1a imum Mar~: 200. Day: t "unda & 100 fay)

1.11 Iruction~ rorCl\udid:\1 s;

I. At the end of lh first tla). you lIT required (0 ubmit k tch howill~

conceptual layou, plan, plnn t'lIJI41lnillg concept or (he de i~l1.

2. No maj'or deviation from the abeve will be (lcrmiHed in (he final submission.

3. Prescribed scales shall b followed,

4. As lime dimeu ionsl rea/data not given and tate th arne clearly. s, Tllis paper contains 2 page.


You are called upon to design mutti-storeyed Residenri I Apartm nts f40 in no.) on 70 m x 70 m plo' near Chlndi~arh as p r the sue plan given below:



TO rr1

" . 1'101\ ""\
\0., .
~ . \0 lI\

\ 70m
ZOl'lins .
~nyc.lopL .. J
, .
.. . . N

. ~ IOr:l
. -2-

rART-1l :\Rcurn:n'lIRAL DESt ,1'1-11 (SeliE IE 200""



1: 1.5

1.2 ~Iili,"um ;ruuud eo\'('raI!C 35%1

1.3 :\l:n:inwlIl Permis ihle ff(,ll!tn 2-1 1«(''(crupting Uft .Machine Room.

W"ll'r Ta II h.."

2,4 1\1 ill. sct hilrh. III ~I (tow:lrd~ all the ~idr'

J. I. EOllIRF.ME 'T.-

J Bed-Room AputLnCfllS .. 0 110 •

Covered ArCR of each Apartrn nl-- 200 q .. rn,


l':~cli Amlrtmcnllo ace mmodalc:

Li\'ing l{oom/Are-a OJ n illgllA)u n~e Kitchell

3 Bed Rooms with all: ched bath Room

.. Store

.. tJt ility A rca

Servant Room with B:l(h Room

• l';iu:h Apartment shall 113\." indepeudeut \cr:lluJalt/nalcorl)'.

.. Ci rc u la (ion core for the A pun me II b ,Ii a [I 1I:1\'(' sta ircase two lift<;, ci rcu 1:11 iuu pn ,aJ,!" and electrical duct, ('irt'-!iafl"l), prevision duct,

J. IH~A\\I 'G. IU:Ot'IREr>

.. Sj{l~ (11:111 .. laowinJ! (lrupo\('d huilUIUI!.. ruad layuul, parking aud

l:lIllls(,:lllin~ 1:5(10 enle: (5U nlark!,

-I-Iuur pluu: n" picd Fhmr Plan ill C":IH' uf f('IIt'liti\ (' noon) Yo i(h Iuruitur ht)uul

!-'rc(iom & Ekulioll'l (I: J 0)

To HIRke {he- srherue ,('"If-cl(' criprive (J: IOU xc It

(10 I 12rl.. )

(.so muJ.~)

1IIiiI"~illIII' •• , ••••

('lIIk i\o .. !ll!

BI:Il.IlI:,\t; CO~STHlICT10J .. \;: :\1·\Tt:IUAL~-1l

l'iuu-: -t IItHm. (I n,.' } a.su, tu 1,JO p.m.] "a \LIIlU rn I nr'-'5: lSI!

Dale: 14ll> June 20BS D y: 'I'Ll ~d;l\


'\11,\\\.:'1 :111\ Ihll"l' question including Qucsuon 1'0 I which is "'Illptlblll\ ill 1';111 I Jlhi '1l1!\t'. ',. .~ny I wu questions trorn Pan-II

'\ 11 ~ IlSWCI:i 111 I ill' qlll'~tIUIlS should be 'Hill ell in En~li sh llllh I h" p,'pcr C 1Iliailb 2 pages and 7 ques ion


p:\Rr-J O. '" I \\'rile shun norc ... ~1f1 .m, four (If (he I'(lllt)\ 109 a I \ 1ixLng_ of (':I11CIII concrete

(20 1111..~ I

1.:) Repainting nn old jwu '\tilt alld sln:1 \\or\.\

til PICC:tulHlII' ttl he taken \ .. 1111 'u!Ioillg!> ntheuc adhcsrvc

I I" mk-, I

f)." l'IllIlH:I:tll' \:tlHI\I, 1I1t1ICllill, 11, •• :<1 Ill! l hcunal rnsulauuu lvpl.nu \',1111 l!ll.·help 01 IH:.II '~.c1Lh Ihl.'11 U\c!. in c un .. uuction

I "~I 11111 1" ' \.11 win', III ,II 11,11.:111 1Il.1 Ilk

1.\1 hle I ',pl.111I lIIelhod ami pICGllllillll'o h. he 1,1~.en ,d"k' 1.1\ In~ III, ml ... I

PAlt I'-II

(.I '. " ! ),,1\\ 'hell. Ill" I~, '>I1I1:.hh: lar CC' ",'"Ie I .. C\ pbi II tlH': cun .. ' ruetron uf 1111.: t'ollo\\1nL!

I 'iIJ mI.,

~,'(idf<C~lr 1!oi ft ,flru,ul crcd wnha c ,heet &ac rid ceo er

lIJ Cro .. , .. ··lIlIlJI II ,how Ille IlIlIl, '1IIlC Jone r, r a:! I nih ..... de and 1 j) mt .. deep trench In ,I nu~ ft.1 11'+, IiI III "III

"J' "rllI.d ';1 II. ),11:111111 tllW'II!.: .. ".- I ... l, • .n. H'>e l ~ t ( tlhHl



Code 0.2.05


TilE 1


I me: 3 flours (10.30 Jl.If1. to 1.301).111.) Maximum Marks: LO .


Instructions 10 Cflndid,,(('s:

1. . .\uempt TIfR • qu ticns from S .c-l and T \'() from, {'(-II. 1.An wer to b bri f&sJltci(lc.\,ilhillllslral;o"s.H:Hl~.

J. Crrdit will he S!ivcn only fOI" iudi idual nhscrvatior and understauding of the uhjcct.

4. All Answers to (he questions .hould b written io E ICLISH Language only,

5. Thi paper conlains 1 page 81U.I 7 qUC5ljoOS.

SI:<TION-I (Ans\\'er an)' three)

Q.1. 8) Describe the ompositc climate Zone with the http of climato-graph

giving all its elcmen Is AS ei en by G.A. Atkinson. I ~

b) \Vhat are (he mechanl I11S that rnodcrete the rnicru-climste in urban

areas? III

.2. a) What are the major functions of openings in buildin $1

b) Explain witb sketches the components of dll lighl r"dol" analysi.s. 12

c) Recommcnd minimum OF for kitchen work(ops,li ing room. ci ... culation

Area and bedrcerns with dressing tAllies n residence, 0:

( .3, lIow does different f nes r:uion paUcrn. orientation and control aITect the

air rna erncnt, da liehl and elnn- in the indoor of building. 2!'

QA. Wrile short nolan:

R) Mahony table h) l lcliudnn cl NUl e criter] curve d) \ ind tunnel _5

().5. "PJl1>sivc (oolini: is Ih di!>,illl lion ur 'U'~ hCDtlJ)kc) desi~o!i(rIIl ·1:i. ror all npoM'd building clt'fIICllb ", EXfllllin wilh evample varicu ... arlplications on the lechniques of cony ecti e co line. evaporative cooting. radiative cuolin~ and ~roul1d couli nit fo r [herm I cumrort in indoor

envirunment. 12YJ

0.6 .• ) £umint' typical building forml n:sulling (rom the: various dim.'ie types and their r-rrect on nois ,roblem and luucn pos ibk rcm«li.1

measu ... c ror .dor.ion III 'l1(.Ii.. (f}

b) "Modern Ouildinx Sft'ms to be much noi ier Ihln Ihe mlny old

homes"' .... State the rra on . JI/.

0.7. What do you uodemand by l..nwupioi!.. [Iplain itl role lad import.nlle in rnodu".in& the micro-climale in • huildin . Esplain ilh .kdcht:l and

Eumplc:a. 1211,



Time: J Hours lIO.JO 8.111. to l.lOp.m.l [aximum Mnr-ks: (0).

Ual!!: 2611l June 2008 Day: Thursday


1. Attempt any THREE questions from PART I & Attempt any TWO

questions from PART Il

2. Figures to right indicate full marks.

3. Answers to all questions should be written in EN GUSH only.

4. Assume suitable additional data if necessary.

5. Illustrate your answer with sketches wherever necessary.

6. Use of IS 456 - 2000, IS 800 - 1984 & steels tables in permitted.

7. This paper contains 7 questions, 2 pages.



Q.1 a) State the permissible stresses for M20 & M25 grade of concrete &

those for Mild Steel & HYSD steel. (4)

b) A Rec beam 250 mm wide and 500 mm in effective depth is re forced with 4 Nos. of 16 mm dia. Bars on the tension side. Assuming the grade of concrete to be M20 & HYOS steel, find the UDL that the beam can with

stand on a simply supported span of 4.5 M. (10)

c) A fixed beam of span 6 M is loaded with a UDL of 40 KN I Mover e entire span and it also carries a point load of 120 KN at a distance of 2M from the left support. Analyse the beam & draw the SFD & BMD & a

diagram indicating the pattern of reinforcemen . (10)

0.2 a) State the characteristics of ONE WAY & TWO WAY slabs (4)

b) A RCC column of size 300 mm x 500 mm is reinforced with 8 NoS. of 16 mm dia. longitudinal reinforcement bars. Assuming M25 concrete & HYSD steel. find the load it can carry as a short column. Stale the height for which the given column can act as a Short Column. Design the Unks for the given column. (10)

c) A three span continuous beam ABCD. 1& simply supported at A & at D. The length of the span "AS it 4M & it carries a UDL of 30 KN I ~ The length of 8panBe 18 3.5 M & it carries a poInt load of70KN at 1.5 M from B. The length of span CD la 6 M & it Q1rne. a central pOint load of 100KN. Analyse the beam ullng THEOREM Or; THREE MOMaITS & draw FD

& BMD & a dragram indicating the pattern Q reinforcement (10)


--- ---------------

Code o.2l17 TilE I IlIAi\ IN:TITliTE OF ARCII1TE . 'S


I illh': 3 l lours (10.3 a.rn. to I .. 0 p.m.] \ 1 "iUlIIIll Mnd •. s: 100.

nale: 27P June 2008 I)n~: ""da.'

I nst ruction to Candidales:-

Attempt FI VF Questions {Three from pan I and Two from pan III .., All question must in written in nglish

3, This pa[per contents 1 questions and 1 page

Part I EslilllRtine and Cos-tin&

Q J.. \Vrite Mode of Measurement for following items

104 marks]

3 E. cavation for plumbmg pipes b. Excavation lor foundation trench c I SO mm Thick Brick Masonry

d 300mm thick Brie # masonry

e Painting for grill

f Polishing for \ Indo", frames _g Reinforcement Steel

h Internal plaster two coats

() t [J Explain dlrr renee hctw ell Ahstmcl anti bill of quantities and write bill of

[uantities for follo .... ing item (6 marks]

a Excavation in soil soil b P.C C In foundation

C)I C Diff rcnriatc b tween Engli hru thad uf de] rminin~ tSlimRtc and IJ.W.O

111(,( hod of determining the: e ttml\le 110 marksl

()2 write short nOI on any four 14 x 5 =. 20 1

a Ta k work or labour

b Purpose of approximate esurnaie

c Adrninistr live approval and technical unction d Overheads

c Carpet Area. Plinth area • Floor Area and Built up Area


Q3 '''ork. our unit rate Analysis for Rny four items ( 4 15= 10 I

a Ashlar linc rna nnrv b R C C in I ~ ~

\\ II1UO\\ fr arne

d. Internal plaster

c. 150 O1m thick brick masonry

I ote ~ Assume standard rates for labour and material

Q-t '. planr purpn'c 0 rate annlysls and the factors affecting the rate nnnlysi!i (20 marks)

Part II SDccificatigo

Q5 Explain r larion between working drawing and specification and write pecification of Workmanship for brick masonry, painting and teak wood door frames l10 marksl

Q6 Wrirc Specification for rollowing with respect to R.C.C

120 marks I


_ shuttering b. Formwork

c Prop. and centering Remox al 0 . form work

Q7 Oefinr spccifiution and explain in detail types of specification. l20 marks 1


0.3 a) Explain in brief SHORT COLUMNS & LONG COLUMNS (4)

b) Design a simply supported one way slab having effective span of 3.6 M.

The load due to floor finish IS 1 N I Sq. M & the Live Load IS 2 KN I Sq. M. Use M20 Concrete & HYSD steel. Draw a neat sketch indicating the

arrangement of reinforcement. (10)

c) A ReC beam is required to resist a bending moment of 65 KN - M.

Design the beam using M20 concre e & HYSD steel. The width of the beam may be assumed to be 300 mm. Draw a nea sketch of the beam

cross section a.ssuming it to be a simply supported beam. (1 a)

Q.4 a) Slate the advantages and limitations of a Doubly Reinforced beam.(4) b) A cantilevered RCC slab has an effectIve span of 1.5M. The imposed load on the slab is 3.2 KN I Sq. M. Design the slab using M25 concrete & HYSD steel. Draw a neat sketch indicatinq the arrangement of reinforcement. (10) c) Explain pre tens'oning and post tensioning mentioning its suitability and advantages & imitations. (10)


Q.5 a) Stale the usual cross sections of compression members. (4) b) A stanchion consists of two channels ~ ~The effective

length of the column is 5.5M. Find the safe load tha the stanchion can

carry. (10)

a,6 a) Explain what Tack. Riveting is ana stale its purpose.


b) A tie member In a bracing system consists of two angles 60 mm x 60 mm x 8 mm placed back to back on the opposite sides of a 12 mm thk. gU8set plate. The rivets are 16 mm in diameler provided 10 one row. The angles are lack riveled. Determine the tensile strength of the member.(10)

Q,7 a) State the various components of a Plate Girder. Explain the function of

each of the components. (4)

b) Design a Stanchion \0 carry an axial load of 320KN. The cclumn has an effective lertgth of 2.8 M. Use a ainglelSMB eecUon. (10)

o 0 {} A III S casement \\indtm is tu hI.! provided rnr an upl'nill!!- u!" size I ~L)'\ I ~u nus external brick wall of 230mm. thk.

a) Draw plan and eros. section of the \ indow to explain its construction In ~ ale I :.

(40 OIls I

h) Draw enlarge pan plan detail to scale I I showing, Ii ing. of 1\1 S window frame 10 Ihe

Jamb side wall. gla/mg. etc (Ill m!":- 1


A r.c.c. staircase IS III bl! provided in an enclosure uf~ ·WX" 0 I11IS of~ smgle slorc~ structure having Iloor 10 floor height as J 0 mrs

a) Draw Plan & lum.!.lludinal section of the r c c staircase to explain II:. construction

Scale I :.7...5· - tol0 mks )

b) Draw detail of fixing ft \Y tread lind riser La the r C C steps. Scale I 2 (,t mks)


•• , ••••••••••••••••••••••• 6., •••••••• * ~ ••••••••••••••


I 'W.

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