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APRIL 2011

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Spreading the Word to the Bikers
Story & Photos by Ricky J. Carrasco

When I first arrived to the
Los Salvados biker blessing at Calvary Church in the Upper Valley, I was not sure what to expect as I had not attended any such event when I rode. The first person to greet me was Pastor Greg from HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry. We had spoken various times before, mostly about his bike and riding and the usual biker topics. This time, though, before he left to attend some other business, he told the other HonorBound members, “Let’s pray for Rick.” They encircled me and they prayed. Afterward, as I stood in a semi-daze, one of the members asked, “Powerful stuff?.” Yes. Yes, it was. Though I am not particularly

a spiritual/religious person, it riding season the right way. did not matter, they are. And “The truth is that last year, we in El that was Paso lost the begin15 riders. ning of an This is a awesome way to Sunday begin the full of year with a brothertime of felhood. lowship. Pastor Everybody Tony, is invited president and everyof Los body shows Salvados up, every MC, has biker been with group. the group After we for 5 years hold Mass, now, and it’s still inpart of teresting Calvary Pastor Tony preaching to the biker community because Chapel for people still come to ask for more than 9 years. His mismore.” sion is to spread the Word and be spiritual support to all of El Paso’s bikers. The mis- Pastor Tony says he relates to the bikers who come besion for this Sunday’s mincause he has faced the same istry is to kick of the year’s

things they face, he has done the same things they have. “I’m no different than many of the guys who come. I’ve had alcohol problems, chased women. I’ve had a problem with my temper.” But end the end, “ [I know] God has my back.” He has to work himself out of those problems and he has done it with spirituality. Part of the Salvados patch are the words “Out of Darkness”; “Its from First Peter’s 2:9. God has called us out of darkness. We’re in God’s light. After a long time [of doing the wrong things] I just had Him take over my life. It’s just like ‘Let go and Let God’. We all have to go through our own trials.” Pastor Tony’s mission then is helping other bikers with those trials by showing them the way. “Once I retire, I want to preach the Word full time, God willing, of course.”

6 Sun City Biker APRIL 2011

When asked what the regular, non-biker, parishioners of Calvary Church think of all the bikers that are now part of the church, he states simply, “They love it. They see all the bikes, chrome, leather, etc,. In the end, we are all here for the same thing. They realize they’re good guys. I’d like to thank headmaster Pastor Terry Gray for his support.” Gracie, President of the Road Queens stated, “We are all here to support Los Salvados as they support us throughout the year. It’s great to all be here at the beginning of the year, all the different clubs and independent riders, all united together. It shows us all coming together with a lot of love, loyalty and respect for one another.” That unity is important because all the different clubs usually come together to support one another for good causes, but on the saddle of a motorcycle, that is inherently a dangerous vehicle. “Look

the right and to the left. The truth is by the end of this year, some of us will not be here.” And so began the ministry in the parking lot of Calvary. When Pastor Tony asked for silence and to draw closer to the makeshift stage, all of the approximately 500 bikers in attendance respectfully did so, to the point that traffic from Art Craft Road, about a mile away could clearly be heard behind Tony’s reading of the Word. At the end of the ceremony, Tony brought up all the presidents from the various Motorcycle Ministries like Greg’s Honorbound, the Tribe of Judah, Kings and Priests and others to offer their prayers and their help to find God. Tony Romero, an independent rider, summed it up, “It’s beautiful. Colors don’t mean anything for this little while. It brings unity. It brings us closer together as a community. I’ll ride away feeling a lot better.” In the end, that was the point.
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MDA & Valley Boys team up to help
Story and Photos by Ricky J. Carrasco

What happens when a situation becomes too much? When things seem bleak and hopeless? For some people, that’s the time to do something to help, to be part of the solution. On March 20, volunteers from the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the men of the Valley Boys MC came together to be part of the solution, with the first annual MDA benefit run. Mike Martinez, president of Border Concrete, has been helping out for years now in El Paso, in part to help family member Tury Martinez, who has had MD for over 20 years. “This is just one of various fundraisers throughout the year that we participate in to help out the MDA.” There will be a Walk-a-thon the last weekend of March, with the annual Jerry’s Kids Telethon

later this year. The fire department has the “Fill the Boot” campaign later this year as well. “You go through a lot of hardships, a lot of anger and you start

off balance. The problem was that he was losing protein in the muscle, so he no longer had the strength to walk correctly.”

paralyzed. He can only move his head and arms to a limited degree. His chair, along with much of the specialized equipment like oxygen tanks, was donated by the local chapter of MDA. The money, raised in El Paso, stays in El Paso to help out people like Tury,” stated Oscar Vazquez, event organizer. “Muscular Dystrophy is a degenerative disease that affects the muscle and bones and largely affects life expectancy. The oldest person in El Paso with MD is around 31 years old.” When asked how he linked the MDA to the El Paso biker scene, Vazquez offered: “One of the people I work with is cousins with Fernie, Valley Boys MC President. “We have had great response from the biker community. They have given us ideas, tips, etc. on how to run the ride and

Valley Boys MC and the El Paso MDA

asking questions like ‘Why Tury?” Family started noticing that Tury had started to have difficulty walking at around 5 years old. “He started walking like he was

Tury was in attendance at the Sunday ride, wearing his Cowboy gear in his electric wheelchair. He was happy to pose with all the bikers and their bikes “Tury is mostly

8 Sun City Biker APRIL 2011

event. They have spread the word really well.” Thelma Herrera, MDA health service coordinator

and event volunteer stated she couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated the first time she encountered the bikers at a Coalition meeting. “I saw all these biker with their bikes, and leather and tattoos. Then one of the guys tells me to pass out flyers to them! I didn’t know what to do! Now, I see that these are really great guys with big hearts and very much willing to help.” Valley Boys President Fernie himself had a cousin,

Grace de la Cerda, who passed away from the disease a while back at 16 years old. “It made being involved with this event more personal.” Valley Boys MC is not done helping out in the community. In July, they sponsor a run for the El Paso Diabetes Association. All the people involved stressed that the money made in El Paso from this event and from the Stride for Ride event stays in El Paso to

help out locally. Stride for Ride does not turn away anyone and financially helps out to buy equipment and services needed so MD patients can better live their lives. If you have any questions or would like to be involved with the MDA here in El Paso, contact the local office at 584-6355.

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Welcomed Motorcycle Gift Ideas
By Lynn Porter

Motorcycles continue to
grow as alternative transportation for many former car-only drivers. Add those who have cherished their motorcycle for years to see how appropriate it is to consider motorcycle gift ideas when shopping for special occasions. Being introduced to the many products available for motorcycles and motorcyclists is like entering a brand new world. The options are both incredible and fun to select. No longer are gift ideas a problem to find; the difficulty will be which ones to choose. A motorcycle jacket is one thing that is always welcomed. Some people ask why a jacket can be worn comfortably on an 80 degree day. Leather motorcycle jackets provide more than warmth. It serves as a barrier against the wind and small hazards encountered on the road, such as pebbles and

tar. Also a safety feature, the jacket is designed to take the brunt of an accidental slide. Outer zipper-fastened pockets and inside pockets allow the rider to carry items without the worry of losing them during the ride. Motorcycle helmets are also fantastic motorcycle gift ideas. Although a half-helmet does not give as much protection as a full-face or three-quarter helmet, it is DOT approved. It is lightweight and less bulky than other half-shell helmets. The polycarbonate shell has a thin, sleek padding. Particularly noteworthy is the liner, which is impact absorbent. It also has an adjustable chin strap. Goggles are also motorcycle gift ideas, and are worn comfortably with this type of helmet. Rider wind tolerance usually dwindles as the wind increases, leading to a switch to a full helmet and faceshield, which are also great

gift ideas. Leather gloves designed with flexibility, non-slip material, and protective padding, are definitely excellent motorcycle gift ideas. Motorcycle gloves have many features, including interior water proofing, thermal insulation, and varied lengths and sizes. If the rider usually wears two sets of gloves when going on a trip, make the leather gloves a size larger to keep them comfortable and flexible. Gloves are important to protect the hands and lower arms from road wind and debris, over-exposure to the sun, and road burn or cuts if the bike goes down on the road. Leather Saddle Bags fall under the category of welcomed motorcycle gift ideas. Shape and design make it an appropriate gift for men or women. Picture the cowboy of the past who utilized his saddle bags to

carry the most important items while he traveled. That is how valuable the saddle bags can be to the friend or relative receiving this gift. Women riders will like the 4Piece Belt Loop purse set. The straps are both removable and adjustable, going from a carry to a shoulder purse. One large purse has zippered front and main pockets, in addition to a loop and hook closured flap. Next is a purse with zippers on the privacy and main pockets. It is closed by a flap with a snap and metal skull emblem. Talk about variety! Another purse in the set has two zippered main pockets, cell phone holder, and a zippered back pocket. A metal American flag embellishes the front pocket. The flap is closed with a hook and loop. A zippered main compartment and privacy pocket are complemented with a metal rose emblem and snap closure on the front pocket.

10 Sun City Biker APRIL 2011

Cindy Maynez

Owner: Julio Saucedo Bike: 2003 100th anniversary Fatboy 1450 engine 88 CC, Carlini drag bars, Vance Hines exhaust, Chrome add ons all around, and chrome braided wiring.

Photos by: Mauricio Lara mlphotography123.com


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12 Sun City Biker APRIL 2011

Gremlin Bells for Motorcycles
By Lynn Porter

Though the story behind the
gremlin bells for motorcycles is a bit strange, their actual purpose is a somber one. As everyone knows, biking is a dangerous hobby, and for many it is a lifestyle. Those who spend their lives on the road will more than likely go down on the road, and this horrific eventuality could occur with a single mistake. The gremlin bells exist to remind bikers of their brothers and sisters who never left the road again. Now this is a small gesture of course, but a brass bell is used for a very specific purpose. As you ride your bike, with your brass bell attached to the wheel, it will over time become dirty which means you will need to clean it at some point. As you clean it, the bell will remind you of its purpose, and you will think of friends or even family members that you have lost on the road.

Though it sounds a bit morbid, it is always good to have a reminder as to what could happen if you fail to observe certain safety procedures on the road, and how easily it could all turn against you. These gremlin bells for motorcycles are available in a number of different styles whether you choose to utilize one with an actual gremlin imprint or perhaps a more themed bell. The themed bells have varying purposes, one of which is the 9-11 bell inscribed with "We Will Never Forget." This is a bell that can provoke an emotional response from anyone and you can wear it proudly near the spokes of your bikes. Other designs might involve Lady Rose, and some could simply show scenes from the road. When it comes to gremlin bells for motorcycles, you never know what you might run across or what types of bells you might find to be acceptable for your bicycle. There are literally hundreds of different choices that can be made, and soon enough you will undoubtedly have a great bell, or even a few depending on your ability to make up your mind. You will drive along on the open road either solo or with friends, and as

the bell rings their ghosts will return, if only for a moment. You will one day take that bell from the bike, scrub it clean, and if you ever tire of doing so, simply remember why you're doing it. After all, someday the bell may be ringing for you, and your memory

will live forever on the road where it belongs. The gremlins might never come for you, and you might observe all the safety precautions, but the road takes everyone when their time comes, and those who are left will always remember.

APRIL 2011 Sun City Biker 13

Lone Survivor Foundation
Five years ago, Navy SEAL
Marcus Luttrell stared death in the face in the desolate mountains of Afghanistan as Taliban soldiers hunted him down. After fighting for his life for five days, he became the lone survivor of Operation Redwing. On June 26, 2010, Marcus Luttrell and Sharon Henderson launched the Lone Survivor Foundation. The Foundation launched on the 5 year anniversary of Operation Redwing, as a way to honor those fallen comrades. The Lone Survivor Foundation is dedicated to supporting American wounded warriors and their families. Inspired by Marcus Luttrell’s Mantra “Never Quit”, the lost heroes of Operation Red Wing and the motivation to Pay it Forward, the Lone Survivor Foundation welcomes home, empowers and restores wounded warriors and their families. The Lone Survivor Ranch will be an all encompassing ranch retreat located on 1,000 plus acres of Texas ranch land. The ranch will provide a place of healing within the setting of the great Texas outdoors, complete with rehabilitation and wellness facilities. The Ranch will have a full set of programs to assist Wounded Warriors, Surviving Families, Caregivers and Children. The vision is to create a safe and comfortable location for warriors, and their families to relax and heal; a place to arm them with skills that will improve their quality of life. The ranch will have an on-site gym, complete with coaches, trainers, and the support needed for a fully guided, individualized and targeted physical recovery. There will be a strong counseling aspect interwoven into all activities which will include team building, martial arts, shooting, hunting, archery, obstacle course.The clinical staff will have training in pain management, which is an issue that affects almost all of our wounded warriors, and subsequently their families. If you would like more information about Lone Survivor Foundation, please visit www.lonesurvivorfoundation.org .

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APRIL 2011 Sun City Biker 15

Temple Swap and Drag

Harley in Austin, TX on April 14th! Riders will be escorting the AVTT vehicles that contain the elements of the Cost of Freedom Tribute (replica of Vietnam Wall, Gold Dog Tag Display of GWOT, 9/11 display, etc.) Staging: 1:00pm Departure: 2:00pm to Camp Mabry Escort will be led by the Cowboy Harley H.O.G. Chapter. All riders welcome. For more information about this event visit http://www.avtt.org It will begin on April 15th, 2011 through April 17th, 2011 This event will be one you're not gonna want to miss! There will be plenty of great field events going on, along with a poker run! Be sure to come and take part in this good time! Doors will open at noon. Call 361.947.6400 for more info We hope to see you all there! For more information about this event visit http://thunderriderscc.b ravehost.com/

April 10, 2011 Dust off your bike and head to the Dragstrip. Only $10 admission and no charge to Grudge Race. Lots of vendors! Clean out your garage and buy, sell and trade. Make a little money drag race and just have a good time. Check out www.texasscooter.com or call 254-687-9066 for more info.

Wounded Hearts in the Wind Again Spring Rally

American Veterans Traveling Tribute Austin Escort Event
April 14, 2011 Cowboy Harley Davidson, 10917 South IH 35, Austin, TX Join us at Cowboy

10th Annual Thunder in April
April 15 - April 17, 2011 The 10th Annual Thunder in April will be taking place in Corpus Christi, TX

Beach N Bikerfest Motorcycle Rally
April 15 - April 17, 2011 The Beach N Bikerfest Motorcycle Rally will take place from April 15th, 2011 to April 17th, 2011. The Rally will be located in South Padre Island, Texas. Many exciting activities have been planned for this years Motorcycle Rally, for all three days. The rally this year is sure to be a good one. We hope to see you there! For more information about this event visit http://www.beachnbikerfest.com/

The Wounded Hearts in the Wind Again Spring Rally will be held on April 16th, 2011 Location: -Scooter Pete's, Tyler, TX Time: -Opens at 8:00am Events listed: -Bike games -Fun run -Bikini bike wash -Military vehicle show -Hot Rod show -Bike show -Live bands -Beer garden -Food vendors -and much more Admission: -$20 per person -$35 per couple -Kids under 12 free We hope to see you all there! For more information about this event visit http://scooterpetes.co m

Jaycee Motorcycle Rally & Cookoff - 10th Annual
April 22 - April 24, 2011 Sweetwater, Texas Presented by Sweetwater J.C.Roosters. Poker run, 50/50, raffle, bike show & games. Live music,

16 Sun City Biker APRIL 2011

Cook off, vendors, free camping & showers. Bike registration $20.00 with free patch & pin if pre registered by 4-1511. Cook-off registration $80.00 w/70% payback, calcutta. Come to ride, cook or just come to have a good time. Event starts 12N Fri. 4-22-11. For more information about this event, Please EMAIL bikerdave.s@gmail.com

The cost of this event will be $15.00. Some of the entertainment that will be provided will be a 50/50, poker run, vendors, and free camping for this two day event. So come on out and have a good time! For more information about this event visit http://www.brotherhoodofbikers.com/ be held on April 17, 2011 from your registration at 10:00 am till the last bike out at noon. Feel free to come anytime after 7:30 am, meet the teachers and kids and have breakfast that is cooked by the Lions Club. All of the Poker Run stops are kid free. The last bike allowed will be at 3:30 pm at the American Legion Post 109 at 15921 South Houghton Road. A great party is also going to be held with a live band, vendors, food, and drink.

Easter Run
The Easter Run event will be held on April 23, 2011 till April 24, 2011. This wonderful event will be located at Ranch Road 2838 Mexia, TX 76667.

8th Annual Ride for the Kids
April 17, 2011 1200 West Speedway Tucson, AZ The Old Pueblo Riders' 8th Annual Ride for the Kids for the School of the Deaf and Blind will

son, AZ on Sunday, April 10, 2011. The activities that will be occurring at this event include a 50/50 raffle, live music, food, games, and much more. Registration starts at 9:30am. Proceeds to benefit VA Hospital patients, Hospitality Room for the Troops at Tucsons Airport, La Colina Nursing Facility and various other programs For more information about this event visit http://www.dava2.club. officelive.com

Ride for Freedom
The Ride for Freedom will be taking place at 3455 S. Wilmot, in Tuc-

If you would like to have your event listed in Sun City Biker please email details to:

APRIL 2011 Sun City Biker 17

Driver: Cecil Jones Bike: 2008 Big Dog K-9 Chopper Soft Tail Engine: 117 c.i. V-Twin

Lounge by the pool, sizzle steaks on the grill, it’s getting
warmer, time for some fun in the sun. For you street warriors, it’s time to get your two-wheeled works of art out of storage. You and your machine are far over due for some cruising. It’s time to let the big dogs out! Here’s a glimpse at Cecil Jones’s 2008 Big Dog K-9 Chopper Soft tail. A “Big Dog” for sure measuring 9-feet long, this is one smooth looking ride. The design is what lured Jones to purchasing this lime green monster. With an OHV 45 degree V-Twin, 117 c.i. engine and a 6-Speed BDM Balance Drive, this is one bad chopper. When speaking to Jones he said, “This is one good conversation starter… there is always

someone, walking up, asking about the bike when I’m gassing up.” How can you miss it? With out a doubt, this is eye candy to any bike lover out there. Cecil Jones, a long 20+ year rider, and Vietnam Veteran, enjoys the open road whether is riding with his buddies or riding alone. His lime green Big Dog is a fun, powerful, bike to ride. Like many others out there Jones comments of, “how blessed we are in the U.S. of A.” Without Cecil Jones and many others sacrificing their lives to make our Country what it is today, makes you realize how lucky we are to enjoy the great outdoors. So to all SCB readers, ride with pride!
APRIL 2011 Sun City Biker 19

Baja Motorsports recalls minibikes
Minibikes sold at Pepboys are currently being recalled due to a fire hazard. From a recall notice issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission... WASHINGTON, D.C. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. Name of Product: Dirt Bikes Units: About 4,300 Importer: Baja Inc., d/b/a Baja Motorsports, of Anderson, S.C. Hazard: Fuel can leak from the fuel tank, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers. Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received six reports of fires from fuel leakage including one report of minor burns to a consumer’s legs. Description: This recall involves all model DR50 and DR70 Baja dirt bikes with VIN numbers beginning with “L98.” The model number and VIN are located on the product data plate, which is located on the side of the “goose neck” (where the handle bars meet the body of the bike). Sold at: Pep Boys stores nationwide from December 2010 through January 2011 for between $550 and $650. Manufactured in: China Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled dirt bikes and contact Baja Motorsports to schedule a free repair. Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Baja Motorsports toll-free at (888) 863-2252 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s website at www.bajamotorsports.com

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Readers Rides

APRIL 2011 Sun City Biker 21

Readers Rides

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Readers Rides

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