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3. Hindalco Industries Limited
An industry leader in aluminium and copper
An industry leader in aluminium and copper, Hindalco Industries Limited, the metals
flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group is one of the world's largest aluminium
rolling companies and one of the biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia.

Established in 1958, we commissioned our aluminium facility at Renukoot in eastern

Uttar Pradesh, India in 1962. Later acquisitions and mergers, with Indal, Birla Copper
and the Nifty and Mt. Gordon copper mines in Australia, strengthened our position in
value-added alumina, aluminium and copper products.

The acquisition of Novelis Inc. in 2007 positioned us among the top five aluminium
majors worldwide and the largest vertically integrated aluminium company in India.
Today we are a metals powerhouse with high-end rolling capabilities and a global
footprint in 12 countries. Our consolidated turnover of USD 15 billion (Rs. 600,128
million) places us in the Fortune 500 league.

Hindalco's businesses — Creating superior value

Hindalco is one of the leading producers of aluminium and copper. Our aluminium units
across the globe encompass the entire gamut of operations, from bauxite mining, alumina
refining and aluminium smelting to downstream rolling, extrusions, foils, along with
captive power plants and coal mines.

Our copper unit, Birla Copper, produces copper cathodes, continuous cast copper rods
and other by-products, such as gold, silver and DAP fertilisers. Our copper smelter holds
the unique distinction of being among the world's largest single-location custom smelters.

Hindalco's major products include standard and speciality grade aluminas and hydrates,
aluminium ingots, billets, wire rods, flat rolled products, extrusions and foil.

The integrated facility at Renukoot houses an alumina refinery and an aluminium smelter,
along with facilities for the production of semi-fabricated products, namely, redraw rods,
flat rolled products and extrusions. The plant is backed by a co-generation power unit and
a captive power plant at Renusagar to ensure the continuous supply of power for smelter
and other operations.

A strong presence across the value chain and synergies between operations has given us a
dominant share in the value-added products market. As a step towards expanding the
market for value-added products and services, we have launched various brands in recent
years — Everlast roofing sheets, Freshwrapp kitchen foil and Freshpakk semi-rigid
Birla Copper, Hindalco’s copper unit, is located at Dahej
in Gujarat, India. The unit has the unique distinction of
being one of the largest single-location copper smelters
in the world. The smelter uses state-of-the-art technology
and has a capacity of 500,000 tpa.

Birla Copper also produces precious metals, fertilisers

and sulphuric and phosphoric acid. The unit has captive power plants for continuous
power generation and a captive jetty to facilitate logistics and transportation.

Birla Copper upholds its longstanding reputation for quality copper cathodes and
continuous cast copper rods by assuring its management processes meet the highest
standards. It has acquired certifications such as ISO-9001:2000 (Quality Management
Systems), ISO-14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS-
18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

Hindalco Industries Limited, the Flagship Company of the Aditya Birla Group,
commenced operations in 1962. The Company initially had an aluminum smelting
capacity of 20,000 tons per year (TPY) and alumina refining capacity of 40,000 TPY.
The facilities are located in Renukoot, in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India. Continual
expansions have seen smelting capacity grow 12 fold to 242,000 TPY, whereas alumina
refining capacity has been increased to 450,000 TPY. With an outstanding record of
capacity utilisation, the Company has grown into India's largest aluminium producer with
a 40% share of production. More significantly, Hindalco is firmly entrenched amongst
the lowest cost producers of aluminium in the world. The company has ISO 2002
Certification since 1994 and ISO 14001 Certification since 1998.

Hindalco has the distinction of having totally integrated facilities. The Company has its
own bauxite mines, alumina refinery, steam and power generation facilities and smelting
units. Hindalco's facilities at Renukoot also include semi-fabrication facilities for the
production of value added products. With a strategy of ensuring self-sufficiency in key
inputs, the company has participated in joint ventures for ensuring supply of Caustic Soda
and Aluminium Fluoride. Continuous process improvement through technological
upgradation has enabled Hindalco to reduce consumption norms and conserve and
optimise on scarce natural resources.

The Company's product range includes Ingots, Billets, Redraw Rods, Rolled Products
and Extrusions. At Silvassa, on the Western Coast of India, the Company has set up
facilities for the manufacture of Aluminium Foils and Alumininum Alloy Wheels. The
Company is continuously building on its diversified product mix.

Hindalco has long been perceived as the most consistent and reliable supplier of quality
products in India. The Company has ensured high standards of customer service through
an extensive distribution network and customer support.
The Company has found increasing acceptance for its products and services in the
international markets, with exports of a significant Rs. 312 Crores in Fiscal 1999-2000.
Hindalco's metal is accepted for delivery under the prestigious High Grade Primary
Aluminium Contract on the London Metal Exchange. The Company has made successful
inroads into the most sophisticated markets and currently has a presence in over 42
Countries. Hinalco has been recognised as a Star Trading House by the Government of

Hindalco Industries Ltd. fabricates aluminum and downstream products like aluminum
extrusion, aluminum rolled products, aluminum foils, and aluminum alloy wheels &
copper cathodes. We also provide a variety of products.


• Aditya Aluminium S E Z • Alumina • Aluminium Foil

Phase - I
• Aluminium • Aluminium S E Z • Aluminium Wheel
• Alupuram Captive Power • Belgaum Alumina Phase-Iii • Belgaum Alumina
• Belgaum Power • Belur Aluminium Sheet • Cargo Port
• Dahej Copper • Dahej Copper Smelting • Greenfield
Aluminium Smelter
• Hirakud Aluminium • Hirakud Aluminium • Hirakud Aluminium
Expansion Project Phase I Expansion Project Phase Ii Smelter
• Hirakud Aluminium Smelter • Hirakud Captive Power • Hirakud Captive
• Lohardaga Kaolin Mining • Muri Alumina Phase-Ii • Muri Alumina
• Phosphoric Acid Expansion • Renukot Aluminium • Renusagar Power
Brownfield Expansion
• Renusagar Power Project - • Sidhi Aluminium S E Z • Thermal Power
Stage Iv
• Urea • Aluminium For Aerospace • Bharuch Thermal
Sector Power
• Dpk/Npk Fertiliser & • Hirakud Aluminium
Phosphoric Acid Expansion Project Phase Iii
9 Products/Services (Click for related suppliers)
• Aluminum Alloy • Aluminum Tubing • Castings: Brass, Aluminum, Bronze,
Ingots Gunmetal
• Copper Alloy Rod • Copper and Brass • Copper Plate, Copper Sheet
• Copper Tubing • Plate, Aluminum • Wire Rods


JSPL is a leading player in Steel, Power, Mining, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure. The company produces
economical and efficient steel and power through backward integration from its own captive coal and iron-
ore mines and passes on the benefits to its customers.

Jindal Steel and Power Limited is the most valuable private steel producer in India,
with a market cap of $11.8 billion. [1] However, in terms tonnage, it is the third largest
steel producer in India. The company manufactures and sells sponge iron, mild steel
slabs, ferro chrome, iron ore, mild steel, structural, hot rolled plates & coils and coal
based sponge iron plant. The company is also involved in power generation. The Group's
principal activities are to manufacture coal-based sponge iron, steel, ferro chrome and generate
power. The Group operates in three segments: Iron and Steel, Power and Others. The Group
products includes sponge iron, ferro chrome, slabs, rounds, beam, blank, plate, coil, Steel melting.
The Group's plants are located at Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa.

5. Sterlite Industries

Sterlite Industries (India) Limited (Sterlite) is a non-ferrous metals and mining company. In addition to the
Company’s three primary businesses of copper, zinc and aluminum, it is also developing a commercial
power generation business in India that leverages the Company’s capability in building and managing
captive power plants used to support its primary businesses. Its copper business is principally one of custom
smelting. Its fully integrated zinc business is owned and operated by Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL), in which
the Company has a 64.9% ownership interest. HZL is a zinc producer. Sterlite’s aluminum business is
primarily owned and operated by Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), in which the Company has
a 51% ownership interest. BALCO is a primary producer of aluminum in India. Sterlite has been building and
managing captive power plants, and as of May 31, 2009, the total power generating capacity of its captive
power plants and wind power plants was 2,078.7 megawatts.
Sterlite Industries India Limited (SIIL) is the principal subsidiary of Vedanta Resources plc, a diversified
and integrated FTSE 100 metals and mining company, with principal operations located in India and

Sterlite’s principal operating companies comprise Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) for its fully integrated zinc
and lead operations; Sterlite Industries India Limited (Sterlite) and Copper Mines of Tasmania Pty Limited
(CMT) for its copper operations in India/Australia; and Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO), for its
aluminium and alumina operations and Sterlite Energy for its commercial power generation business.

Sterlite is India's largest non-ferrous metals and mining company and is one of the fastest growing
private sector companies. Sterlite is listed on BSE, NSE and NYSE. It was the first Indian Metals & Mining
Company to list on the New York Stock Exchange.

Sterlite has continually demonstrated its ability to deliver major value creating projects, offering
unparalleled growth at lowest costs and generating superior financial returns for its shareholders. At the
same time, it ensures that its expansion projects meet high conservative financial norms and do not place
an unwarranted burden on its balance sheet and financial resources.

Sterlite develops and manages a diverse portfolio of mining and metals businesses to provide attractive
returns to its shareholders whilst carrying out its activities in a socially and environmentally responsible
manner and creating value for the communities where it operates. As one of the largest metals and
mining groups in India, Sterlite remains continually committed to managing its business in a socially
responsible manner. The management of environment, employees, health and safety and community
issues, in respect of its operations is central to the success of company’s business.


The principal activities are mining and smelting of zinc and lead operations. It's products
include zinc ingots, lead ingots, silver, sulphuric acid, cadmium ingots, copper cathode
and others. The Group operates with two segments namely Zinc and Other. It operates
through three mining and three smelter Complexes. Mining complexes are located in
Rampura Agucha, Rajpura Dariba and Zawar - all in Rajasthan. Smelter complexes are
located at Chanderiya and Debari in Rajasthan and Vizag in Andhra Pradesh.
Hindustan Zinc Limited has mining and smelting operations in multiple locations within India. Its principal
products are refined zinc and lead metal. In addition, the Company also recovers silver, cadmium and
sulphuric acid as by products. Its assets include Rampura Agucha, Sindesar Khurd, Rajpura Dariba and
Zawar all in the State of Rajasthan. The smelters are situated at Chanderiya Smelting Complex and Zinc
Smelter Debari in the State of Rajasthan, and Zinc Smelter Vizag in the State of Andhra Pradesh. During the
fiscal year ended March 31, 2009, the Company produced total refined zinc metal production of 551,724
tons and the production of lead was 60,323 tons.

7. National Aluminium Company Limited

National Aluminium Company Limited. The Company's principal activities are to

explore, produce, manufacture and distribute aluminium and related aluminium
products. The Company operates in three segments: Aluminium, Chemicals and
Electricity. Aluminium segment includes aluminium ingots, wire rods, billets, strips
and other related products. Chemicals segment includes calcined alumina, alumina
hydrate and other related products. The Company also produces Bauxite and power.
(Nalco) is considered to be a turning point in the history of Indian Aluminium
Industry. In a major leap forward, Nalco has not only addressed the need for self-
sufficiency in aluminium, but also given the country a technological edge in
producing this strategic metal to the best of world standards. Nalco was
incorporated in 1981 in the Public Sector, to exploit a part of the large deposits of
bauxite discovered in the East Coast. The Captive Power Plant (CPP) & Smelter
Plant are situated near Angul.


The 2,30,000 tpa capacity Aluminium Smelter is located at Angul in Orissa.

Based on energy efficient state-of-the-art technology of smelting and pollution
control, the Smelter Plant is in operation since early 1987.

Presently, the capacity is being expanded to 3,45,000 tpa.

The salient features:

- Advanced 180 KA cell technology

- Micro-processor based pot regulation system

- Fume treatment plant with dry-scrubbing system for pollution control

and fluoride salt recovery

- Integrated facility for manufacturing carbon anodes, bus bars, anode

tems etc.

- 4 x 35 tone and 4 x 45 tone furnaces and 2 x 15 tph and 2 x 20 tph

ingot casting machines
- 4 x 45 tonne furnaces and 2 x 9.5 tph wire rod mills

- 2 x 45 tonne furnaces and 60/42 per drop billet casting machine

- 2 x 1.5 tonne induction furnace with a 4 tph alloy ingot casting machine

- 26,000 tpa strip casting machines

With the acquisition and subsequent merger of International Aluminium

Products Limited (IAPL) with Nalco, the 50,000 tpa export-oriented Rolled
Products Unit is all set to produce foil stock, fin stock, can stock, circles, coil
stock, cable wraps, standard sheets and coils


Close to the Aluminium Smelter at Angul, a Captive Power Plant of 720 MW

capacity, comprising 6 x 120 MW clusters, has been established for firm supply of
power to the Smelter.

Presently, the capacity is being expanded to 960 MW.

The salient features:

- Micro-processor based burner management system for optimum thermal


- Computer controlled data acquisition system for on-line monitoring

- Automatic turbine run-up system

- Specially designed barrel type high pressure turbine

- Electrostatic precipitators with advanced intelligent controllers

- Wet disposal of ash

The water for the Plant is drawn from River Brahmani through a 7 km long
double circuit pipeline. The coal demand is met from a mine of 3.5 million tpa
capacity opened up for Nalco at Bharatpur in Talcher by Mahanadi Coalfields
Limited. The Power Plant is inter-connected with the State Grid.

8. Hindustan Copper Ltd

Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) is engaged in the manufacture and sale of copper. The Company markets
copper cathodes, copper wire bar, continuous cast copper rod and by-products, such as anode slime
(containing gold and silver), copper sulphate and sulphuric acid. During the fiscal year ended March 31,
2009 (fiscal 2009), the Company’s cathode production was 30,036 tons. In fiscal 2009, the Company sold
35,714 tons of refined copper.

Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL),

a public sector undertaking under the administrative control
of the Ministry of Mines, was incorporated on 9th November 1967. It has the distinction
of being the nation’s only vertically integrated copper producing company as it
manufactures copper right from the stage of mining to beneficiation, smelting, refining
and casting of refined copper metal into downstream saleable products.

The Company markets copper cathodes, copper wire bar, continuous cast copper rod and
by-products, such as anode slime (containing gold, silver, etc.), copper sulphate and
sulphuric acid. More than 90% of the sales revenue is from cathode and continuous cast
copper rods. In concluded financial year 2006-07, as per provisional estimates, the
Company has earned a all time highest net profit pf Rs 331 crore (~USD 75 million )
against a sales turnover of Rs 1800 crore (~ USD 420 million). HCL’s mines and plants
are spread across four operating Units, one each in the States of Rajasthan, Madhya
Pradesh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra as named below:

» Khetri Copper Complex (KCC) at Khetrinagar, Rajasthan

» Indian Copper Complex (ICC) at Ghatsila, Jharkhand
» Malanjkhand Copper Project (MCP) at Malanjkhand, Madhya Pradesh
» Taloja Copper Project (TCP) at Taloja, Maharashtra


(Originally incorporated as Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Limited on March 15, 1994
The Company’s name was changed to JSW Steel Limited on June 16, 2005.)
JSW Steel Limited. The Group's principal activities are to production and distribution of iron and
steel products and power generation. The Group operates in three segments namely Steel, Power
and Other Products. It manufactures hot rolled steel strips, plates and sheets, MS cold rolled coils
and sheets, MS galvanized plain, corrugated, colour coated coils and sheets. The Group's power
generation is for captive consumption. On 31-Mar-2008, the Group acquired JSW Steel Service
Centre (UK) Limited.
JSW Steel Limited (JSW) is engaged in the production and distribution of iron and steel products. The
Company, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in acquisition and investment in steel related and steel allied
businesses, trading in steel products, steel service center, mining, manufacturing plates, pipes and double
jointing, pre-fabricated building systems and technologies, and steel plant. The Company operates in two
segments: Steel and Power. During the year ended March 31, 2008, the Company acquired 100% interest in
JSW Steel Service Centre (UK) Limited through JSW Steel (UK) Limited and Argent Independent Steel
(Holdings) Limited. On October 13, 2008, JSW Building Systems Limited (JSWBSL) became a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Company.
10. welspun –gujarat stahl rohren ltd
Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Ltd. (WGSRL) - A manufacturing hub for state-of-the-art pipe and
related niche products. Incorporated in 1995, it is the preferred choice for the Energy Transportation
Sector - Be it Oil, Gas or Water.
WGSRL has grown over 200 times in the last one decade from a Rs. 18 Crores in 1998 to almost Rs.
5740 Crores in 2009. With a dynamic setup, the core strength of success is its quality, integrity and
Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren, also known as Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Limited
(W.G.S.R.L.), is an India-based pipe manufacturing company. It was established in 1995 and
belongs to the legendary Birla Group.

Their main business activities involve manufacture of and coating of high-grade submerged arc-
welded pipes and electric resistance welded pipes. The manufacturing facilities of W.G.S.R.L are
located at Dahej and Anjar in North Indian state of Gujarat. The Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren
Limited registered a Sales Turnover of Rs. 26,785 million in the year ended 31st March 2007. The
Welspun Group employs around 16000 highly skilled personnel and operates in 50 countries around
the world. Mr B K Goenka, who is the Chairman and Managing Director, heads Welspun Gujarat
Stahl Rohren Limited.
Products of Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren are as follows -

• Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded Pipes (LSAW)

• Helical Submerged Arc Welded Pipes (HSAW)
• Electric Resistant Welded Pipes (ERW)

11. Bhushan Power & Steel Limited

a fully integrated 1.5 Million TPA Steel making Company with turnover of INR3873 Crores (USD 950 Million) and 7
World Class ISO 9000 Certified State of the Art Plants at Chandigarh, Derabassi, Kolkata and Orissa in India.

A leading manufacturer of flat, rounds and long products including value added products with total steel value
chain right from Coal Mining, Billets, HR Coils, Pig Iron, CR Coils, GP/GC, Precision Tubes, Black Pipe/GI Pipe,
Cable Tapes, Tor Steel, Wire Rod and Special Alloy Steel.

Successfully commissioned 1.5 Million TPA Greenfield Steel and Power Plant in Orissa with HR Coil making
—First in Private Sector in the State of Orissa. For the Orissa plant, technology and equipments are procured from
world-renowned companies like Lurgi from Germany, ABB Ltd., SMS Demag, Siemens etc. Bhushan is selling its
Value added range of products in Secondary Steel through a large distribution network in India (comprising more
than 35 sales offices) and Abroad.

A rock-solid foundation combined with continuous upgradation and innovation has ensured that we have constantly
surpassed our goals. Our end-to-end portfolio offers a wide spectrum of products with consistently superior quality.
In addition to our export thrust, we supply to fast-growing sectors like automotive, white goods, construction,
furniture, fasteners, telecommunication, etc.
Bhushan Steel Limited (BSL) is India's 3rd largest Secondary Steel Producer after SAIL and
TISCO. It is ISO 9002, QS 9000 certified and is a company of over Rs 4000 crores. The
Company currently has capacity to produce almost one million MT/Annum of Cold Rolled Steel
at Sahibabad and Khopoli Works.

The Company is a 'single-point source' for a wide variety of products such as CRCA,
Galvanized and Colour coated sheets, Galum Sheets, High tensile steel trapping (HTSS),
Hardened and tempered steel and precision tubes. The Company has the scale, diversity and
product quality to meet its customers' requirements.

Bhushan Steel is the producer of widest width CR Sheets in India. It is a major supplier of
automotive grade steel sheets for inner and outer panels of leading 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler

Bhushan Steel has led the way in forging a new future for the Indian steel industry. It enjoys
an industrial and market position as a low-cost and high value added steel producer.


Jai Corp was incorporated in 1985. It has traditionally been into manufacturing businesses like steel, plastic
processing and spinning yarn. Apart from expansion of its plastic processing business, it is now focusing
and investing in emerging opportunities like developing SEZs, infrastructure, venture capital and real estate.

About JAI Corporation

JAI Corporation (JAI) is a highly experienced group of professionals that provide

technical and management consulting and research, to industry, government, and
research institutions -- both domestic and international, principally in the nuclear
Since it was formed in 1967, JAI has gathered a staff that has broad experience in
the nuclear field as well as in chemical and engineering technologies, plant
operation, safeguards and arms control, economic analysis, and research and
development. The work that JAI has performed for client organizations has ranged
from technical analyses and business studies to facility design and operation.

JAI offers services to clients in the following subject areas:

• Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering

• Radioactive Waste Management
• Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials
• Spent Fuel Storage
• Decontamination and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
• Nuclear Safety and Licensing
• Safeguards
• Nuclear Arms Control
• Technical Reviews and Audits
• Information Research
• Cost Estimating and Finance
• Systems Engineering
• Management Assistance

Jai Corp Limited. The Group's principal activities are to manufacture sheets and coils,
fabrics and spinning yarn. The Group operates in six segments: Plastic Processing, Steel,
Spinning, Assets Management, Real estate and Other. Plastic Processing segment
manufactures spinning yarn. Steel segment manufactures CR/GP/GC Coils/ Sheets.
Spinning segment includes development of Land and Buildings. Assets Management
segment includes investment advisiory services. Others segment includes non banking
finance activities, trusteeship and infrastructure activities.
Gillette India
Gillette India Limited (GIL) is one of the premier FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies
in India. It has crafted its name in the Indian business market with its popular products like
GILLETTE MACH 3, TURBO, ORAL-B and DURACELL. Gillette India Limited constantly works towards
bringing forward high quality, value-added products for the consumers, especially for the men. Its
products always speak for themselves.

Brief History
Gillette India Limited was launched in 1985 as Indian Shaving Products Limited. Later, the name of
the company was changed to its current form. In 2005, Procter and Gamble (P&G) – USA's largest
consumer goods company took over Gillette at an astronomical figure of nearly US$ 55 billion. It
made it the largest consumer product business in the world. Later, the European Union also
approved the takeover.

Though the takeover was completed smoothly, yet this didn't lead to a direct merger between the
two companies – Gillette India Limited and P & G India. However, the operations of Gillette India
Limited were restructured according to P & G's policies and practices.

Gillette India Limited offers a range of products for the consumers, especially for the men. In 1990-
91, the company came up with two products – 7 O'Clock EJTEK PII Shaving System and Shaving
Cream with three variants. Gillette was also the first company to launch shaving cream with special
features in Indian market.
The very next year, the company came up with new technology products. The first advanced
shaving product came into the market under the brand name Gillette Presto Ready Shaver across
the country. Gillette came into the bracket of top 100 Indian companies in terms of Market

In 1995-96, Gillette India launched 7 O'Clock Ready II and again re-launched the saving cream in
two variants. The brand name was further strengthened by its success. Later in the year, the
company introduced toothbrushes under the international brand name 'Oral-B', which saw
immediate success.

In 1995-96, Gillette launched 'Gillette Sensor Excel Shaving System' that shook the market with its
high-tech technologies. Overwhelming response from the consumer made it an immediate hit. The
portfolio of the brand Gillette went up significantly.

In the following year, the company came up with the successful Gillette Series products like Shave
Foam, Shave Gel, After Shave Splashes, Deodorants, and Conditioners, which all became big

The year 2000 saw the launch of Gillette Sensor Excel for women. Other products that were
launched during this time include Pacific Light and Geep Laserlite.

In 2001, Gillette launched the products like Gillette Series arctic Ice Line products, Gillette Series
Satin Care for Women Wild Berry Line, Gillette Centennial Packs and the Cool Blue Mach 3. The
company was also adjudged amongst the top ten Best Employers of India by Hewitt Associates and
Business Today magazine.

Year 2002 was an important one for Gillette India. It unveiled a whole new range of products during
the first quarter of 2003. Duracell also established itself as a leader in the segment of alkaline

The following years saw the launch of various other products like Gillette Foam in 4 variants,
Duracell Ultra M 3 AA batteries, Power Oral Care brushes, and Gillette Vector Plus in 2003, Storm
Force, Gillette Series Tube Shave Gel variants in 2004, new improved Gillette Vector Plus in 2005,
Gillette Presto Plus, Oral B Vision in 2006-07, and Oral B 'Shiny Clean' in 2007-08.

Gillette India Limited (GIL) is one of India's well-known FMCG Companies that has in its portfolio GILLETTE
MACH 3 TURBO, ORAL-B and DURACELL - world's leading brands and has carved a reputation for
delivering high quality, value-added products to meet the needs of consumers.


Incorporated in the year 1985 as Indian Shaving Products Limited, now Gillette India Limited, its products
speak for themselves. The company is always been known for the strength of its brands, and always
continues to penetrate deeper into the hearts of Indian Consumers.

In the year 1990-91, the company launched two products, first was 7 0'Clock EJTEK PII Shaving System
and second was shaving cream with three variants. This was the First time that a shaving cream was
introduced in Indian markets with special features.

In the Year 1991-92, the company launched new technology Gillette products.

In the year 1992-93, the company launched the first advanced shaving product under the Gillette brand
name Gillette Presto ready shaver all over India. The company earned distinction of being included for the
first time in the top 100 companies in India, in terms of Market capitalization as published in Business today.

In the year 1993-94, with the launch of Gillette Presto Ready shaver in February 1993, the company
commenced the launch of Gillette Shaving Products in India.

In the year 1995-96, launch of 7 0'Clock Ready II ready shave and relaunch of shave cream in two variants,
further strengthened the Brand name. During the year the company also launched under a distribution
arrangement tooth brushes under a well known international brand name Oral-B, which met good success.
In the year 1996-97, the company launched the latest state-of-the-art Gillette Sensor Excel shaving systems
which met excellent consumer response. With the launch of these various products, the portfolio of Gillette
branded products has increased significantly.

In the year 1997, the company launched World renounced Gillette Sensor Excel for Women shaving system,
which met great response. It also launched Gillette Shave foam which was met with good consumer

In the year 1998, the company successfully launched the Gillette Series range comprising Shave gel, Shave
Foam, After Shave Splashes, Conditioners and Deodorants, thereby making it the premier male grooming

In the year 1999, the company introduced Gillette Series shave gel tube and Gillette Sensor Excel single
cartridge pack. Also successfully launched Cool wave and Wild Rain range of personal grooming products
under the Gillette series line. In the First month of new Millennium, the company launched Gillette Mach 3.

In the year 2000, the company launched successfully Gillette Sensor Excel for women grooming category,
and also launched Pacific Light. It also launched Geep Laserlite, a Sport flashlight. Company successfully
consolidated Duracell and Wilkinson business to leverage distribution strengths with mega displays and
sales promotion.

In the year 2001, the company launched the Gillette Series Arctic Ice Line of products during the first half
and undertook a series of very successful consumer promotions across product lines. It also launched the
Gillette Series Satin Care for Women Wild Berry Line, the Cool Blue Mach 3 and Gillette Centennial Packs
during the course of the year. Gillette India was ranked amongst the Top Ten Best Employers of India in
Best Employers of India conducted by Hewitt Associates and Business Today magazine.

In the year 2002, this was the year of turnaround for the company. In the first Quarter of 2003 unveiled a
whole new range of premium displays and POS of Duracell to establish leadership in Alkaline batteries
segment. The company made history by bringing the FIFA World Cup Champions Trophy to India for the
first time.

In the year 2003, Company successfully relaunched Gillette Foam in 4 Variants .Duracell also launched its
Ultra M 3 AA batteries, which was well received by consumers. Oral Care launched Power Oral Care
brushes, which were well received in the market. Towards the End of 2003, Company launched Gillette
Vector Plus.

In the year 2004, the Company launched Storm Force, a revolutionary after shave splash and New Ultra
Comfort Shaving Gel .In the fourth Quarter, Company launched two new Gillette Series Tube Shave Gel
variants, namely for Sensitive skin and Moisturizing, to suit different skin types.

In the year 2005, Company launched ?New Improved Gillette Vector Plus featuring all new contemporary
look. The Gillette Company, USA was acquired worldwide through merger in October, 2005 by Procter&
Gamble Company, USA creating the largest Consumer products Company in the World.

In the year 2006-2007, Company launched Gillette Presto Plus for more discerning consumers. Oral B brand
launched Oral B Vision and Kid in Premium Market Segment.

In the year 2007-2008, Company launched The Gillette Winners program that had sports legends Roger
Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods and Rahul Dravid. An innovative program "Free Dental Check up"
was organized to enable consumers to benefit from expertise of professional dentists at no cost. Oral-B
brand launched a new variant "Shiny Clean" targeted at the value segment.