August News This has been a time where I have been so aware yet again of the urgency of our

mandate and commission. What a joy to be alive in a time such as this and to participate in a knowledge that represents every man’s total well-being! Our worship weekend in Betty’s Bay was awesome; just the sheer joy of fellowship in truth and seeing so many of the ‘old’ faces, (sorry most of us except Margaret did age a bit over the past 20 years!) I returned this week from Bulawayo where I taught at two annual conferences, one in Bulawayo with Cleopas Chitapa from Corner Stone International Ministry, where more than 600 delegates from all over Zimbabwe and a few from Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique gathered, then in Munkula, about 100km South of Bulawayo in a remote rural area with Pastor Nyathi whom we’ve met at the EFZ Seminar in June this year. I just love the rural areas! No motorcars, just donkeycarts, no tv’s or newspapers, just people living simple lives, embracing the love of God sincerely. The recordings of the teachings are available in MP3 format and will shortly be downloadable on our website, The simplicity and power of the truth of the Gospel presents us with such a large platform to live our lives from. I have witnessed again and again how this message brings immediate release in people’s understanding of the success of God’s initiative in reconciling humanity to Himself, having cancelled every possible hindrance and having restored us to a very tangible union with our Maker as well as a genuine passionate love for the people of this world. He is indeed the greater attraction and source of our total fulfilment. He did not come to introduce a new set of rules, neither was His mission to establish the Christian religion or to start a Christian club, called the church. He exhibits the life of every man, the authentic, original, only life ever meant for man to live! There exists no competition to its attraction! He redeemed the image and likeness of God in human form. Remember Jesus did not come as an example for us but of us! The ekklesia-church that He builds and heads up continues the same irresistible attraction and display of His likeness in man. Whatever we do and accommodate in our concept of church that does not add to the adornment of the doctrine of Christ, is irrelevant and should be abolished! Titus 2:10. We have over the years engaged in so many activities and rituals that have only served to distract from the essence of the Christ-life in us. In so many churches the format has become a dull predictable duty and guilt driven routine. Ten happy songs two sad ones, then the offering, a message and then while the music is softly playing...yes, you guessed it! The alter call! I often cringe when offerings are taken up; it is so far from New Testament faith motivated, love inspired spontaneous giving. Whatever is not prompted

by faith is reduced to flesh. Rom.14:23. Let’s measure and match our giving with the testimony of the churches in Macedonia, 2 Cor.8:1-5. Hey and there is nothing wrong with loud, happy, joyful singing, as long as we praise Him with understanding, (Ps.47:7) also our worship and awesome, intimate moments in His and one another’s presence, are moments prompted by pondering the richness of the Word God spoke to us in the message of our co-inclusion in Christ. Col.3:1-3 and 16. To give people an inspired opportunity to respond in faith is good, but an alter call is not the regular closure of a meeting. We have adopted many unscriptural methods to become part of a clumsy routine. “Holy Communion” was never meant to become what we have reduced it to be, Jesus meant that every time we eat or drink, we remember Him as the incarnate Word. The molecules in the bread, meat and wine become digested and transformed into human cells in the same way the original Word that was before time was, the Word that is God, became flesh and dwells within us. Our fellowship with one another is best defined in Paul’s letter to Philemon, v 6, May the communication (fellowship) of your faith promote the knowledge of every good thing that is in you in Christ. No wonder Paul was free to declare, “With the unveiled mirror statement of the truth, we appeal to every man’s conscience...” 2Cor.3:18, 4:2. “From now on therefore I no longer know any man from a human point of view. 2 Cor 5:16. The living epistle is to be known and read by all men. 2Cor.3:2. All men are equally saved, healed and declared innocent because of one act of righteousness. The guilt of humanity caused His death on the cross, their acquittal realised His resurrection. If mankind was still guilty, Jesus would still be in the grave. “Our sins resulted in His death; His resurrection is the consequence of our acquittal.” Rom.4:25. “The conclusion is clear: it took just one offence to condemn mankind; one act of righteousness declares the same mankind innocent.” Rom.5:18. “One died for all, therefore all have died.” 2 Cor.5:14, “After two days He revived us, on the third day He raised us up.” Hos. 6:2. “While we were still dead in our trespasses, He made us alive together with Him and raised us up together with Him, and made us sit together with Him in heavenly places.” Eph.2:5,6. “Since then we have been raised together with Christ set your minds upon the things that are above and not upon the things that are below; be renewed in knowledge according to the pattern of the exact image of our Creator.” Col.3:1,2 and 10. It is clear that even though we are co-raised, a mind still engaged with the opinions of the sense ruled realm of the flesh will continue to exhibit the works of the flesh. In the same way that Isaiah saw in chapter 55 that while our thoughts are not merged with His, we continue to live the thorn tree and brier life instead of the typical cyprus and myrtle tree life of our original design and true identity. The 12 tribes of Israel were all equally delivered from slavery out of Egypt, yet the whole generation was stuck in the wilderness for forty years and died there, outside of the inheritance intended for them. They experienced God supernaturally throughout that time, yet failed to enter His rest because of

unbelief. (The supernatural is not necessarily proof of faith!) Their unbelief was rooted in a message that their leaders proclaimed in their report of the giants in the promised land, “we seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes and so we seemed to them.” Numbers 13:33. To enter into God’s rest means to see the image and likeness of God fully restored in you because of the finished work of Christ. God’s rest in Genesis is the same rest in the New Testament. When we for whatever reason forget what manner of men we are, we deceive ourselves and insult the word of His grace. If we see Canaan as a type of heaven one day, then we are equally deceived! The majority vote is not always right! (Ten spies vs. two.) God desires for His church to wake up to the mandate He has given us, which is to ask Him for the nations in order to possess the ends of the earth with the revelation of His glory. In the light of the Gospel we are to arise and shine for the nations to be attracted to our light and their leaders to be drawn to the brightness of our rising. Is.60:1,2. Our promised land is to take the nations with the good news of their true identity and innocence revealed in Christ. Paul’s secret was not a contentment dependant on his release from prison, but his knowledge of his being in Christ as the greater reality than his being in prison! Phil.4:11-13. Our contentment is our Sabbath Rest, it is our place of strength. While the farmer’s faith sees the harvest in the seed, but knows that only time will tell four months from now, Jesus says, “Lift up your eyes and see an already ripe harvest, one that you did not labour for. If our own labour and time exchange cannot add to the ripeness of that harvest, where and when did it ripen? “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up!” John 2:19. The finished work of the cross is celebrated in the resurrection! So much ministry activity is still trapped in the “let’s wait four months and see” principle! It takes a radical seeing to celebrate the perfection that He sees! The hour has come. “On the day the temple was built, it was built with stone already cut to perfection in the quarry, so that not a sound was heard of any hammer or tool of iron while it was being built.1Kings 6:7. “Like living stones, be yourselves built into a spiritual house..” 1 Pet,2:5. “I counsel you to buy without money and without price, wine and milk...” Is 55. All flesh fades, but they that intertwine with Him mount up with wings just like eagles do, they run without weariness, they walk and do not faint! Is. 40. When Paul says that he labours more than all, he is simply giving testimony of an inner energy that exceeds our best most motivated endeavour under the law of works. It reveals both a budget and strength that exceeds any natural calculation; the five loaves and two fish principle still feed the multitudes, even in the Zimbabwe economy!

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