Major Events in Twentieth-Century American History Teachers: Ivy Wang & Usha Chilukuri Email:

com; Office Hours: M 11:30-12:30 Office Location: Lingnan Administration Center 318 Welcome to Major Events in Twentieth-Century American History. The purpose of this course is twofold: to provide an overview of modern American history and to introduce history as a discipline. Topics will include, among others, the Roaring Twenties, the Second World War, the social movements of the 1960s, immigration to the United States, and post-9/11 America. Most topics will be accompanied by a film, which will be screened on Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m. Although attendance at these film screenings will not be taken, questions about the films’ content will appear on the final exam. The course will also focus on developing the tools that historians use to investigate the past, including research skills, proper citation, primary source analysis, historiography, and analytical writing. The culmination of this will be a seven-page research paper that students will turn at the end of the semester. Although this course will demand high-level English language skills and commitment on the part of the students, the emphasis will be on critical thinking and the understanding of historical concepts. Class Expectations (1) Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this course. • First offense: Offender will rewrite the assignment and receive a 50% reduction in his or her grade on the assignment. • Second offence: Offender will be asked to leave the course. (2) Attendance Policy • Students may miss one class per semester without penalty; each additional missed class will result in a 2% deduction from the final grade.





Be on time! Two late arrivals to class will be counted as one absence. • All absences must be cleared by email with the teacher before class. Students must make arrangements with the teacher to make up missed classes with an alternate assignment. • Students who miss class are still responsible for completing any assignments due in the missed class. Participation • Since this is a seminar-style course, students must participate in the discussion each week. Participation will be factored into the final grade. Assignments • All written assignments are to be typed. Essays must be doublespaced in 12-point font. Overdue Work • For each day an assignment is late, 5% will be deducted from its grade. Grading Scale • Homework Assignments: 15% • Class Participation: 25% • Essay Outline: 10% • Rough Draft: 10% • Final Draft: 20% • Final Exam: 20%

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Class 1: • Overview and expectations • Plagiarism o Yale policy o Examples o Exercises o Discussion of famous historians • In class: blind analysis of Spanish-American War cartoons and newspaper headlines • Homework: o Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden” o Mahan Excerpt o McKinley’s speech o Howells Anti-imperialism excerpt o Carl Schurz Anti-Imperialism excerpt o Political Cartoons o Secondary source: McPherson (the Globalist) o Summaries from textbook Class 2: • 30 minutes: Primary sources (group analysis of one primary source object); how to read primary sources handout, analysis of McKinley document • Content topic 1: The Spanish-American War; America looks out on the world

• • • •

o The role of the press and public opinion o New relationship between Americans and the outside world  Expansion of American vision to include other parts of the world Discussion leader: overview of facts and major themes Small group analysis of a single document Whole class discusses primary sources and then secondary source Homework: o Summaries from textbook on progressivism and progressive victories o Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire o Cheaper by the Dozen, Jane Addams, Roosevelt’s platform, Walter Rauschenbusch, Socialist Party Principles, The Jungle

Class 3: • 30 minutes: Groupwork and presentations on primary sources • Content topic 2: Industrialization, urbanization, and progressivism (discussion) • Homework: o Article on nativism/Americanism in Boston o Primary sources on Wilsonianism/isolationism o Primary sources on Sacco and Vanzetti Class 4: • 30 minutes: Historiography

• •

Content topic 3: The legacy of the Great War (discussion) Homework: o Pick one topic from the list to write about for your midterm paper o Read five-page essay

Class 5: • How to research • How to cite • Essay writing: general overview of the parts o Worksheet on identifying parts in essay from homework • Homework: o Find two primary sources and two secondary sources related to essay topic and write out citations o Citation worksheet o Roaring Twenties readings Class 6: • Content topic 4: The Roaring Twenties • Homework: o Write a five-paragraph essay comparing the role of the press during the Spanish-American War and the Progressive Era o Great Depression readings (support for and opposition to the New Deal)

Class 7: • Content topic 5: The Great Depression (class debate) • Five-paragraph essay due • Homework: o Prospectus for research paper o Second World War readings Class 8: • Presentation on the Home Front • Content topic 6: World War Two (isolationism/interventionism revisited) • Prospectus due • Homework: o Suburbanization and urban renewal readings Class 9: • Content topic 7: Suburbanization of America and Urban Renewal (New Haven as case study) • Presentation of expectations for outline • In-class DBQ exercise on suburbanization • Homework: o 3 p. outline of paper o Civil Rights readings

Class 10: • Outline due • Presentation of expectations for rough draft • Content topic 8: Social movements: esp. Civil Rights Movement • Homework: o Full-length rough draft Class 11: • Talk about common errors in outlines • Content topic 9: Cold War Culture (Dr. Strangelove) • Homework: o 1980s readings Class 12: • Rough draft due • Content topic 10: Political inclusion and exclusion in the 1980s (conservatism; the Religious Right; AIDS epidemic and gay rights) • Homework: o Read another student’s rough draft Class 13:

• • •

Return rough drafts Discuss common mistakes & workshop essays Homework: o Final draft

Class 14: • Content topic 11: Immigration and the changing face of the US; Comparison with China • Final draft due • Homework: o Study final exam review sheet Class 15: • Final • Christmas party

History Class

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Main Goals: • Overview of 20th century American history o Social and cultural history emphasis o Understanding of history as a discipline  Historiography  Primary source analysis  Analytical writing—how to create a dialogue between primary and secondary sources Skills • • • • • • • Plagiarism Primary source analysis Understanding historiographical essays, writing historiography Research skills Citations Essay writing Discussion techniques

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