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Statement from the Consultant at the

Launch of the BCD Strategic Plan 2011 – 16

8 April, 1430 hrs, The Big Five Lodge

Master of Ceremonies
Hon. Minister for Presidential Affairs & Public Administration Rre Masisi
Chairperson of the BCD Board Reverend Kandovazu
Executive Secretary of BCD Mme Ramsay
Distinguished delegates
Ladies and gentlemen

IDM is grateful to have been accorded this opportunity to facilitate the

development of the BCD Strategic Plan 2011 - 2016. Indeed our task was to
facilitate the process by applying our consulting skills while BCD Reference
Group, the BCD Board and the General Membership had to develop all the
deliverables in this plan. The deliberate intention was to make sure that BCD
owns the product and not regard it as the consultant’s document. Hon.
Minister, IDM deployed a team of six consultants to work on this very
important assignment. And let me admit - it wasn’t an easy task, but with the
full support we enjoyed from the entire BCD membership the final deliverable
has been realised as witnessed by this historic event today.

Hon. Minister, let me take this opportunity on behalf of the consulting team
and IDM to advice BCD Board that they remain the drivers of this strategic
That is, the Board has an obligation, at strategic level, to oversee effective
implementation of all the stated strategic goals and objectives in this plan.
The implementation plan is provided for to guide strategy execution and
monitoring. Let us please focus and make good use of this plan if we are to
leverage its benefits, lest it becomes business as usual. Let me also caution
the Board not to engage in operational issues that normally in the process of
executing the organisation’s strategy could stifle performance outcomes of the
Council’s Chief Executive Officer and staff in general. The BCD Board in this
regard should focus on leadership responsibilities while the Executive
Secretary and her staff oversee the management and functional processes in
the organisation.

Hon. Minister, appreciating the interaction we have enjoyed with the Executive
Secretary, Members of the Reference Group and the Board with its vibrant
and enthusiastic chairman, we are convinced as the consultants that BCD’s
leadership is on the right track and is most likely to ensure effective
implementation and monitoring of this strategic plan.

Hon. Minister, in conclusion, I am pleased to submit to you that our consulting

team truly leveraged the opportunity accorded by BCD. As local consultants,
we will continue to avail our services to ensure effective contribution towards

Vision of “A Botswana in which equal rights and opportunities for people with
disabilities are realised” and

Mission which states that “BCD exists to promote the interests of people with
disabilities through: good governance; resources mobilisation; capacity
building; advocacy; and monitoring and evaluation”.

I thank you all

Jonie Batlhophi
Consulting Team Leader
Institute of Development Management