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Maharaja Industries

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am a student of OXFORD COLLEGE, MBA PROGRAMME, Bangalore,
pursuing 2nd year MBA. I have undertaken a project on “Consumer Buying
Behavior towards Shashi detergent cake in Davangere City” for the purpose of
partial fulfillment for the award of MBA degree.
In this regard, a questionnaire is given for your response. Kindly
spend your valuable time in filling the following particulars.

1) I) Name : ___________________________________________
Address : ___________________________________________

ii) Age : (Please mark your answers)

a) 10-20 Yrs b) 20-30 Yrs
c) 30-40 Yrs d) 40 & Above

iii) Sex :
a) Male b) Female

iv) Profession :
a) Govt. Employee b) Pvt. Employee
c) Businessman d) Student
e) House Wife f) Others

OXFORD COLLEGE, MBA programme, Bangalore

Maharaja Industries

2) Income: (Rs. per month)

a) < 3000 rs b) 3000-6000 rs
c) 6000-9000 rs d) > 9000 rs

3) Family Size:
a) 2 Members b) 3 Members
c) 4 Members d) above 4 members

4) Which detergent cake do you use?

a) Rin b) Nirma c) surf-excel
d) Shashi e) Wheel f) Others

5) I purchase this brand because of its?

a) Price b) Availability
c) Quality d) Attractive Packing

6) How much quantity do you purchase?

a) 110 gm b) 150 gm
c) 200 gm d) 250 gm

7) How many pieces will you purchase at a time?

a) 1-2 pieces b) 2-4 pieces
c) 4-6 pieces d) above 6 pieces

8) What influences you to purchase this detergent cake?

a) TV Ads b) Retailer
c) Price d) Friends

OXFORD COLLEGE, MBA programme, Bangalore

Maharaja Industries

9) “Shashi is the local product of davangere” so, does it influence you to buy
this Product?
a) Yes b) No

10) Do you use Shashi detergent cake along with other brands?
a) Yes b) No

11) Why do you use Shashi detergent cake?

a) Low Price b) Good Quality
c) Availability d) advertisement

12) The price of the Shashi detergent cake is

a) Low b) Reasonable
c) Very Reasonable d) High e) Very High

13) Are you satisfied with the Shashi brand?

a) Yes b) No

If no, Please give suggestions


OXFORD COLLEGE, MBA programme, Bangalore