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Wenling Jia, Ph.

319 Brook Village Road, Apt 3
Nashua, NH 03062
Phone: 603-892-6371
Seeking a challenging position in polymer/organic research and development, rega
rding new product design, synthesis, characterization and applications
* Experience in polymeric and organic product design, synthesis and characteri
* Experience in surface and colloid chemistry, surface coating and surface modi
fication, as well as formulation with micelles, (micro) emulsions, and solid sus
* Intensive and extensive hand-on experience in spectroscopy, chromatography, e
lectrochemistry, thermal analysis, microscopy, crystallography, rheology, and li
ght scattering.
* Highly creative and self-motivated, excellent communication (oral & written),
presentation and computer skills, as well as strong people and organizational s
October 2004 - December 2009, Post Doctoral Research Associate, Center for High-
rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN, sponsored by NSF) & Chemistry Department, Universit
y of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire
* Focusing on highly conjugated polycylic hydrocarbons, graphenes, and starphen
es for organic field-effect transistors and photovoltaics
* Supervising undergraduate and graduate students' research
* Synthesized highly soluble [60]fullerene derivatives for organic photovoltaic
s and studying CH-p interaction.
* Developed the 1st solution approach to made easy scalable trans-1 bisadducts
of [60]fullerene with excellent yield without assisting from tethered-directing
molecules that are used by most other scientists and require tedious synthesis a
nd purification.
* Developed methods to regioselectively functionalize [60]fullerene or [60]full
erene derivatives and fabricate 2-D or 3-D nanostructures based on self-assembly
of functionalized [60]fullerene.
August 1999 - December 2003, Research Assistant, University of Florida, Gainesvi
lle, Florida
Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored research in materials in sensors and actua
* Developed an approach to prepare & stabilize semiconductor nanoparticles in r
andom polymer solution with controllable particle size. Compared to other approa
ches, it is easy and cost saving for commercialization.
* Determined the mechanisms responsible for the nonlinear optical performance o
f this system towards nano- and pico-second laser pulses, and the relationship o
f optical properties of nanoparticles to their physical and chemical properties.
The determined nonlinear refractive indices are on the order of 10-8 esu. It is
at least 1 ~ 2 order larger than that of bulk materials.
* Made copolymers with different compositions via free-radical copolymerization
and characterized their self-assembly in solution via fluorescence and viscomet
April 1996 - July 1999, Engineer, Chinese Society of Particuology (CSP), Institu
te of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
* Made better linkage between scientists and engineers in fields of chemical en
gineering, particle science, aerosol science and nanotechnology.
* Established database for CSP members.
* Edited conference proceedings (2) and assisted in organizing international (1
) and national (1) conferences.
September 1993 - April 1996, Research Assistant, University of Science and Techn
ology, Beijing, China
* Worked on micrometer-scaled inorganic materials, milling, mixing and separati
on: Developed an approach to purify colloidal particles from impurities in aqueo
us suspension, which served as a model of purification of Tilton hematite (USA).
* Studied behavior of colloidal, dispersion and aggregation, in aqueous solutio
n under different environment.
* Modified the surface properties of colloidal particles by surfactants, disper
sants, and other chemicals.
Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering (specialty: polymer science and engine
ering), Dec. 2003
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesvi
lle, Florida
Dissertation: Synthesis and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanopa
rticles within Ionomer Solutions; Advisor: Elliot P. Douglas; GPA: 4.0/4.0
M.E in Mineral Processing, April 1996
University of Science and Technology, Beijing, PR China
Thesis: Dispersion and Aggregation of Colloidal Particles in Aqueous Solution; A
dvisor: Shouci Lu
GPA: 3.8/4.0
B. E. in Mineral Processing, July 1993
University of Science and Technology, Beijing, PR China; GPA: 3.7/4.0
Thermal analysis: DSC, DMA, TG/DTA
Chromatographic techniques: GPC, HPLC
Spectroscopic techniques: NMR, FT-IR, UV-vis, fluorescence; mass spectroscopy
Microscopic techniques: TEM, SEM, OM
Electrochemical analysis techniques: CV, DPV, SWV
Others: XRD, viscometry, Rheometer, DLS, experimental design and statistical ana
COMPUTER SKILLS: MS Suite, ChemOffice, Origin
LANGUAGES: Bilingual - fluent in English and Chinese, both written and oral
* American Chemical Society
* UNH Chemistry Excellence in Research Award, May 2009
* Poster Award, Reaction Mechanism Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Jun
e 25-28, 2008.
* Award for Outstanding Academic Accomplishment, University of Florida, Interna
tional Center, April 2003, April 2002, April 2001, April 2000
* Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement by an International Student, Colle
ge of Engineering, University of Florida, April 2002
* Kaur, I.; Jia, W.; Kopreski, R.; Selvarasah, S.; Dokmeci, M. R.; McGruerb, N
. E.; Miller, G. P., "Substituent effects in pentacenes: photo-oxidative resist
ance of alkylthio- and arylthiopentacenes revealed", Journal of American Chemica
l Society 2008, 130(48) , 16274-16286.
* Jia, W.; Douglas, E. P.; Guo, F.; Sun, W., "Two-Photon Absorption and Degener
ate Four-Wave Mixing Studies of Sulfide Semiconductor Nanoparticles in Polymeric
Solutions", Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2008, 8(3), 1364-1370.
* Jia, W.; Miller, G.P.; "Scalable, Solution Phase Synthesis of the Trans-1 Bis
anthracene Adduct of [60]Fullerene", Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostruct
ures 2008, 16(1), 58-65.
* Athans, A.; Briggs, J.; Jia, W.; Miller, G., "Hydrogen-protected Acenes: Regi
oselective Reductions and Facile Deprotections", Journal of Materials Chemistry
2007, 17(25), 2636-2641.
* Jia, W.; Guo, F.; Douglas, E. P.; Sun, W., "Optical Limiting of Semiconductor
Nanoparticles with Nanosecond Laser Pulses", Applied Physics Letters 2004, 85,
6326-6328. Virtual Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, 2005, 11(1).
* Jia, W.; Douglas, E. P., "Solution Behavior of Styrene-Methacrylic Acid Rando
m Ionomers by Viscometry and Fluorometry", Journal of Macromolecular Science, Po
lymer Physics, 2004, 43, 963-977.
* Jia, W.; Douglas, E. P., "Characterization and Size Control of Cadmium Sulfid
e/Cadmium Disulfide Nanoparticles within Random Ionomer Solutions", Journal of M
atererials Chemistry 2004, 14, 744 - 751.
* Zhao, H.; Jia, W.; Douglas, E. P., "Synthesis and Characterization of CdxZn1-
xS Nanoparticles in Salt-Induced Block Copolymer Micelles", Journal of Matereria
ls Science Letters 2003, 22, 205-207.
Available upon request