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Impact of Mysterious Rahu

There are so many beliefs about the impact of Rahu in the horoscopes and
different schools of thought about the same, in the similar state, ranging from
Rahu's results as that of Saturn, as its dispositor, beneficial in the angular and
trinal houses, etc., that it does not allow one to come out of the mystery easily.
We can approach the multi-dimensional effects of Rahu in a systematic manner
to clearly delineate its results.

Benefic Results During Rahu's Sub-Periods

Rahu gives good results only if it is placed in the good houses i.e. other than the dusthana
houses (sixth, eighth and twelfth houses), is not closely conjunct with any planet or mid
point of the house or closely aspecting any other planet and its dispositor is strong. In
Systems' Approach, degree rising in the ascendant is taken as the degree indicating mid-
point of each house. Rahu's location within 5 degree of the ascending degree in any of
the houses is taken as close conjunction with the mid-point and it afflicts the houses of
placement and aspects. Well placed Rahu in good houses, without causing affliction, and
with strong dispositor, shows good results towards materialistic pursuits in its sub-
periods. When placed in the ascendant, it activates the person and makes him dynamic
and desirous of earning more and more without bothering about the ethical code of the
society he is living in. In the second house, it makes the native a politician trying to
acquire status in whatever field he is placed in. In the third house, it increases initiative
and courage and indicates materialistic prosperity to younger brothers.

In the fourth house, it impels one to acquire new assets, vehicles and use of
even unfair means for advancement of education and professional matters. In
the fifth house, it indicates gains from speculations and good intuitive faculty. In
the seventh house, it indicates celebration of marriage, happiness in marriage,
relations out of marital bond and visiting foreign places. In the ninth house, it
indicates involvement in religious functions and desire for moksha without the
corresponding sincere efforts. In the tenth house, it makes a person diplomatic,
a good public relations man, a go-getter capable of achieving his ends through
the use of vices. In the eleventh house, it gives unearned gains through
corrupt/manipulative tendencies.

The close conjunction/aspect of Rahu to a functionally benefic, well-placed and

strong planet highly activates the significations of the planet in question and
gives rise to short lived phenomenal results.

Affliction of Planets

When Rahu forms close conjunction/aspect with natal planets, it causes affliction
and destroys the significations of these planets. The harm is less when the
afflicted planets are strong and more when they are weak. When the planets are
weak, badly placed and closely afflicted by Rahu, it is indicative of tragic
happenings. When the conjunction/ aspect is within a longitudinal difference of
one degree, the problems surface in the first sub-period of Rahu or the planet
afflicted by Rahu. When this affliction is within five degrees on either side, the
effect is felt at a young age during the sub-period of the afflicted planet or of

When the conjunction is wide, the impact is felt only in old age. When Rahu
afflicts the Sun, it indicates problems to father, son, husband, heart, blood
pressure and character. Rahu's affliction to Venus indicates problems to wife,
marital relations, kidney, partnerships and educational pursuits. Rahu's affliction
of the Moon is indicative of a sick and troubled mind, malfunctioning of heart,
problems to mother and wife and property disputes. One has to go to far off
places and suffer from home-sickness. Rahu's affliction of Mars causes wealth,
inflames one's dynamism and courage, diseases of impurity of blood and trouble
to younger brothers. Rahu's affliction of Mercury causes skin disease, nervous
problems, paralysis, lunacy, intestinal malfunctioning, constipation and confusion.
Rahu's affliction of Jupiter causes malfunctioning of pancreas and liver, reduces
hearing power, makes one selfish and immoral, gives problems to sons,
husband, and father and gives a bad reputation. Rahu's affliction of Saturn is
indicative of labor problem, bad reputation, rheumatism, spondylitis, excess
cough and breathing problems. The physical ailments are more pronounced if
the lord of the ascendant is weak, badly placed and afflicted.

Results of Rahu When Not Afflicting in Dusthanas

Rahu when placed in the sixth house during its sub-period indicates undiagnosed
diseases, intestinal problems, losses through theft and fire, problems in
job/profession and inharmonious relations with other family members. When
placed in the eighth house, during its sub periods, it causes deaths in the family,
losses, disintegration of families and obstructions to good living. Rahu in the
twelfth house makes one vulnerable to addiction and gambling, gives threat of
imprisonment, losses and expenses, problem of hypertension, thoroughly
troubled domestic peace when near the most effective point. It causes health
problems, losses through cheating, tendency for excessive indulgence in
materialism, mental unrest and problem to parents.


When Rahu afflicts closely the mid-point of a house which contains a mooltrikona
sign and the dispositor is weak, impact in various houses is as under :

First House:
Physical retardation and acute health problems, problems in marital life,
problems to male children and father.
Second House:
Disintegration of family, divorce, loss of status, wealth and reputation, intestinal
problems and problems to father.

Third House:
Sinful deeds, lying, disturbed marital life, retarded physical growth, problems to
father and earnings through foul means.

Fourth House:
Destroys domestic peace and professional growth, causes accidents and
inauspicious happenings, wasteful expenses and losses.

Fifth House:
Loss of semen, lack of progeny, health problems to father, elder brother and self.
Earnings through undesirable means.

Sixth House:
Chronic illness, stomach ulcer, acidity, losses through thefts and fire, threat of
imprisonment, disputes and disturbed family life.

Seventh House:
Extra marital relationships, ill health to self and spouse, venereal diseases, skin
diseases, problems to brothers and resorting to corrupt practices and gambling.

Eighth House:
Accidents, involvement in scandals, family disputes, separation, piles, eye
troubles and loss of domestic peace.

Ninth House:
Problems to self, father, children and younger brothers. Makes one totally
immoral. One resorts to vices and gambling.

Tenth House:
Causes termination due to use of corrupt practices, destroys assets, problems of
blood pressure and makes the native a liar.

Eleventh House:
Income through corrupt practices, spoils health of spouse and troubled marital
relations. Native uses unfair means and operates in a deceptive way.

Twelfth House:
Makes one an addict and gambler, threat of imprisonment, losses and expenses,
problem of hypertension, thoroughly troubled domestic peace.

Transit Influence of Rahu

Transit influence of Rahu is more or less indicative of troubles and tensions.
Transit relationship through close aspect/conjunction with weak planet is felt
when the longitudinal difference is five degrees and with the grave situation at
the time of exact aspect/conjunction.

The tension/trouble starts when the relationship is formed and ends when it
separates from the close conjunction/aspect. In the case of strong and well
placed natal/transit planets, the longitudinal distance of conjunction/aspect is of
only one degree. The impact is felt with respect to the following :

1 . The significations of the houses where mooltrikona signs of the troubled

planets are placed.
2. The general significations of the afflicted planet.
3. The general significations of the house where the afflicted planet is placed.
4. The general significations of the house of conjunction and the houses
aspected if the conjunction is with the
most effective point of a house.

The impact is greater when Rahu causing transit conjunction is placed in

dusthanas and when the planets/houses involved are weak both in natal and
transit charts.

Rahu's close involvement with Venus gives an urge for carnal pleasures in the
early stages of life and enjoyments through smoking and drinking, intoxication
through other means, etc. Rahu's close involvement with the most effective
points of the seventh, third, fifth and eighth houses takes one to premarital carnal
pleasures and love affairs only for physical gratification. Rahu's close affliction
to both Mercury and the weak Moon in the eighth or twelfth houses makes one a
drug addict. I am sure readers will derive benefits from this in delineating the
postures of Rahu in a particular nativity more clearly.


Gains are ruled by the eleventh house. Gains through investments are ruled by
the fifth house.

For these two aspects there are no alternate houses and if there is no
mooltrikona sign then the houses are studied for other influences on these
houses through occupation and aspects.

Speculation is ruled by Rahu. Its intensity may be increasing with increasing of

the influence of Rahu in a particular chart. The simultaneous impact of Mercury
may inovlve the person in speculation of stocks and shares. The simultaneous
impact of Mars may involve the person in speculation in properties.

Rahu rules greed, speculation, gambling, impersonification, misrepresentation,

selfishness, cheating, manufacuring of spurious articles, copying and
manipulations. The gains obtained employing the means signified are short lived
and bring losses ultimately giving lot of pain to the person.

The intense influence of Rahu can be wide pervading due to close

conjunction/aspect and can be through the second, third, fourth, fifth, tenth and
eleventh houses besides the ascendant.

If the fourth, second, third, fifth and tenth houses are strong then the gains
obtained by the person may be comparatively for longer duration but are
ultimately lost.


When transit Rahu transits its own natal position or the natal Ketu position it
generally causes difficulties and obstructions. The difficulties and obstructions
can be grave if:
(i) its location is near MEP
(ii) its movement is stationary.
(iii) dispositor is weak
(iv) if the placement is in the malefic house(s)

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