"Students want a large scale concert," said; Darlene Webb, President of the newly formed SAC committee. Ms. Webb made the statement during a?recent interview with The Merclad, along with Holly Benton, * newly appointed secretary of SAC. K \ "Last year it really bugged me about the types of activities that were scheduled. Most of the activities were geared to the people planning activities," said Webb. . * | . Ms. Webb's position is clear and precise. She hopes very much to organize the officers in the committee and have them go to their peers. | Holly Benton, sophomore social work major and secretary of SAC, showed a great deal] of concern toward the new com-

reevaluate." mittee. "I'm one of the [biggest com- "What's the point of SAC if they plainers around here and I want don't listen to what the students to do something about it," she want?" asked Ms. Webb. As of now, one thing MSG does What plans does SAC have for not want to get into, is a concert. Mercyhurst Student Govern- From the standpoint of ment? As Ms.;Webb stated, a representatives and 'officers in "large scale concert," is in the MSG, a concert would hardly be possible. l process of being formed. However, SAC has fears of This concern is based upon the MSG, its parent organization, Harry Chapin debacle. Chapin, a will MSG go along with the idea of folk artist, performed for Mercya concert? Or will MSG, turn it hurst during the spring of 1975. down? The Chapin concert lost $7,000 • "They'll havej to have strong and seriously hampered the arguments for turning us down. If student government of 1976-77. we feel they have a good Both« Webb and Benton argument, we'll go back and however, feel that a major reevaluate our ideas," said Ms. concert is possible, t Webb. t "If MSG won't cooperate with Ms. Benton also feels the same. us, then what's {the sense of us 1 'I agree. I think we deserve an being there," protested Webb. SAC will need guidelines, but explanation before we go back to
s a i d . t •-:-

who will set them up? $ "If MSG does have stipulations about what we can and cannot do, I hope they have some sort of constitution," said Webb. Another problem that SAC will encounter will be the communication between the committee and the \student body. Almost everyone agrees that communication practically doesn't exist. ' "The first thing will be to contact every student by flyers in mailboxes," said Webb. Input is the key word with officers of SAC, without it the direction of the committee is open. Another key < factor! to SAC communication jj will be general student body meetings separate from MSG. t g > Both Benton and Webb agree


that meetings will be held for the student body in general. \ The goal of these meetings will be to produce input into ideas that SAC comes up with. | Talk of Pennsylvania changing its drinking age to 19 in the near future brings about another point that SAC will be dealing with. When asked about setting up a rathskeller in the Union both Webb and Benton felt strongly for it. Said Webb,*"A lot of students complain about not being able to drink .in the coffeehouse. If the drinking age does go down, than I see no reason why we couldn't serve drinks in the union." "A rathskeller would be good. It would be controlled and it would make for a good social event," said Benton. t for now though, SAC is young and their ideas are positive, but can they be accepted by student government? Questions of this sort should be answered soon. Said one student, "I feel that the input of this committee will have a far more reaching effect than that of MSG." Either way, the future of SAC lies within student government." f{

"The Arabs' enemy* is not Israel," proclaimed Asher Nairn, consul general for Israel, during a recent speech at Mercyhurst. Niam spoke to a small, but interested audience in the faculty lounge on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 8 p.m. &j& i | "I don't consider them enemies," Nairn said. "I think the Arabs' enemies are poverty and ignorance." \ Nairn said that in a nation that has - twenty-two countries, (he referred to the Mideast as a nation) :\ "The Jews can't and won't be accepted as a partner." In 1978, Israel lost one per cent of its population in wars with the Arabs/he said. After that* war, 800,000 Jews left Arab nations for Israel. 1 "We are there now and it's our home. We are willing to share, but they are not," he said. Will there be peace in the Middle East? '• "We are turning back to Geneva, but the Arabs want the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) to become a member of this conference,";he

The PLO, however, has a covenant to destroy Israel. Nairn stated he cannot see;Israel accepting the PLO into the conference because of that. "Negotiation with the PLO has nothing to do with making peace. Palestine has nothing to do with this organization," said Nairn. Nairn indicated that Israel will

not] succumb to terrorists, especially not the PLO. £ Nairn also feels that Americans should be more sympathetic toward Israel. "We are the victims," he said emphatically. "We are the ones being attacked." "What do you expect us to do. wait to be killed off?" he asked angrily.^ it ^ When asked whether or not Israel would accept the PLO in Geneva, Nairn laughed. "If they change their convena nt, it will not be the PLO". he said. What of peace in the Middle East? d % ~| xl fj "We want peace and Israel will enjoy peace once elections take place in the Arab world," me said. Nairn stressed,^ though, that peace cannot take place without the cooperation of the Arabs. "This idea of, 'I won't sit with you, I won't talk with you, I won't eat with you': This can't bring about peace. What type of peace would you call that?" said Nairn. Though he hopes I for peace, Nairn sees the future as bleak until the Arabs are willing to negotiate. He expressed * deep concern about the state of his nation, but was optimistic about the future. " \ *j "We are the only state in the Middle East that has dared the Arabs. They want the Middle East, but we're not giving it up," he said.

In summing up the situation of the Mid-East, Nairn pointed out that the Arabs started all wars. "All the wars were started by the Arabs, but we always won, he said. jft Nairn was proud of this and pointed out that the Yom Kippur War of 1973, brought Israel just 100 kilometers from Cairo, Egypt's capital. ^ During the question period one faculty member asked Nairn if it

wasn't true that Israel was defeated in that war. *^ $?H "Discrepancies about the battle are covered by their imaginations.,; If he (Arabs) doesn't; like jit, he changes it," Nairn responded. * j I How long will the Mideast war go on? That question can hardly Be summed up in a sentence, but Nairn feels that: cooperation between both nations must occur before peace can take place. I

DARLENE WEBB was recently: appointed president of the newly-formed SAC. Ms. Webb will assume her duty on Thursday, Nov. 3, when SAC will have its first official meeting. J
Photo by Sue Cor I son

POUND'ER DOWN, big fella. On Monday, Oct. 31, the Student Union sponsored its annual Halloween Dance. Some dressed up, some danced and some Just ca me to quench their thirsts. t

An informal debate between the candidates running for the office of County Executive was held at Gannon College on Monday, Nov. l.„ * The three contenders—Bob Brabender, Patrick Pieri and Robbie Robison—stressed the importance of the new office and the experience, leadership ability and efficiency needed to make ft work Robison, the Republican candidate, said the office offered a "tremendous challenge for change" and that he will administer "management byj, objective." ; ^\ . Robison listed "administrative skills, objective judgment and proper: use of authority" as "three qualifications, a County Executive should possess." He

also said he intends to run his administration like a sound business, free from politics. ^» Not surprisingly, he also said he was concerned about patronage and * nepotism in government jobs. % "There is a Clear choice in this election," Robinson declared, "new innovative government or more of the same." Brabender spoke on the responsibilities to the public and stated that "concepts in countv government become services.' The Democratic candidate emphasized that a major objective of his was to provide for v human services. £ "We have to bring together townships, bureaus, labor and the like to solve the problems of today and 20 years from now," he

By John Bruno said. "We must learn to cooperate because our futures depend on it." Brabender compared the city and county governments and how "the concept of county government changed drastically in the last 12 years."^For an example, he cited that a wider tax base was up from four to eight million dollars now.' If ^ Independent candidate Pieri said he didn't see the need to have a business background for the job. He said he works best with "common people"^because he better relates to them. A major concern of the candidate is to get community centers out in the rural areas. ^ Questions On the subject of cutting appropriations on increasing taxes,

Pieri said that he was "not too familiar with the budget" but would "find other needs of raising taxes, by working with the director of finance and the county council." I * Robison said he would reopen the budget on Jan. 1 and list a priority of needs and give immediate attention to the ones that should be funded. "We can do a {far better job with the people we have," he said. "The best government is a smaller one because they are more efficient." •* Brabender said "government should be run as a business. Find out the areas that are not measuring up, but don't eliminate programs just to get the budget working." \^\ He-added that he favored

"legislature with mandatory services." £ The question concerning when to stop spending money for services needed, in effect, drawing the line on social responsibility, as it was worded, was presented. Brabender used examples of spending -on services rendered and supported involvement "when services are mandated."! Robison said he was running "because I want to say;when is enough. The county government should get involved only when; needed and asked." > Pieri stated that it was the people's'decision. \ "It depends on how much the people want to spend and * how involved they want, to get,!' he said.




and so he turned the boars loose on our founder. Sherperdus, thus, became the first martyr to be bored to death for the Faith. Fr. Patrick should be so lucky. • ' If any of your readers are as outraged as I at the attitudes of Fr. Patrick they should immediately contact the diocesan vicar for decadent religious. The vicar's name is Fr. Leon mediately. I Yours in Sherperdus, Sr. Pius Golightly, S.O.P. Leon im



Letters To The Editor

. . . U.H.I.P .0.
To the Editor: t • •> We, the students of Mercyhurst College, residing in Egan Hall on this 24th day of October in the year 1977 of our Lord, do detest the outrageous conditon of the Mercyhurst Gates! We have noticed an apparent flaw in the third prong of the lower quarter of the east gate. What's*wrong with our prong? It's chipped. &* This is an outward disgrace since Mercyhurst gates reflect the image of the school from the public view. We have had on several occasions severe mocking of our school due to this prong. We have heard numerous rumors that neighboring colleges and universities are introducing [hew cheers during basketball season condemning the state of chipness our prong is in. They even have the audacity to refrain from calling us the Lakers and re titling us the Chippers. Are wetosuccumb to This abuse? Must we live in constant fear of this harassment? The gates could be a beautiful structure but soon they will havetobe a closed structure. Closed to keep the insults out. But don't let this fool you. Between every prong comes a word and after every word comes a laugh. Soon people will be pointing and laughing and pointing. Our issue here is what istobe done about this prong. 1 One alternative is to incorporate into the Financial Aid Work study program, a job concentrating on prong beau tifica tion. We feel that calling thistothe attention of P.O.S.O.M. was our duty and that leaving this matter in your hands, it will be attended to. Any suggestions on your part in the effort of restoring the luster of our prong will be greatly appreciated. Signed,; ' * CH.IP.Si (Christians Hating Indecent Prongs Society)

£t*&4*^# %n,Zfy«*u

... From Mart Cipriani

SAC has established at least some sort of position, which they plan to take soon. The first meeting of SAC is Thursday and already there is talk of a major concert and why not. . Think about it. Allegheny College in Meadville with a budget of $20,000, manages to have a major concert at least once a month. •. \ ;., Their budget of $20,00 is half the size of MSG who boast of a How do they do it? I asked that question and the answer was simple. Allegheny charges both outsiders and students the same price, usually five to six dollars. K Is SAC wrong in taking this feat on? No, they're not wrong. Students have been asking for a major concert since I've been here, K i In 1975, they got that chance, but literally blew it. Harry Chapin was the artist and left RUS (now MSG) $7,000 in the hcAe. '* * Why? 1) The Concert was held during the week of finals. 2) The concert was held on a Monday night. 3) The concert was held at Gannon College. 4) The concert had an artist that not all of us are familiar with. 5) The concert was held during the last week of school. i t Finally the concert was during a time that both Gannon and Behrend were out of school.I '*. fw With that many odds going against it, I'm surprised they weren't $10,000 in the hole. *£* We can do it. We can do anything. That's our money that MSG controls and it's about time, we use some voice. • * SAC has that voice and will use it if we wish them to do so. Unfortunately MSG over rules any and all suggestions which come from SAC. - . t Jj • £| u-; So let's watch it. If it's a major concert we want, then it's a major concert we'll get. * ? r ^| Healings on the tuition tax credit bill introduced last month In the senate are scheduled for January 12, 13, and 19, before the Senate Finance Committee. i The legislation, whose principal sponsors are Senators Robert Packwood and Daniel Moynihan, was introduced September26. •: &;§.; :.',:•' This legislation would allow taxpayers to subtract one-half of the tuition they pay, up to $500.00 maximum credit per student, directly from income taxes they owe. This credit could be applied to college or graduate schools. The treasury would refund the difference between tax credit and tax-liability. ' \, • Since introducing the bill last month, five, more senators have co-sponsored the bill. This makes a total of 48 senators on the bill, 13 of whom are members of tax-writing Senate Finance Committee. Hopefully mis will take some burden off the middle class, if passed. * For those of you who actually thought that Dr. William P. Garvey was selling appliances. I have some bad news, he's
not. '*
- ,. * • • j
large $55,000. < h


Dr. Garvey simply posed for a friend who asked him to do an ad in the Erie Times. Anyway could you really picture a former dean of Mercyhurst selling appliances?



/In our Constitution, we have an amendment that states that there is a freedom of the press. Apparently this isn't the case in South Africa. \ There is a lengthy battle which is still in progress, between the South African government and the independent newspapers. This has been a long-standing conflict between the Afrikaen officials and the English speaking people. The reason for these strained circumstances is the fact that the white government feels threatened because of the growing black movement. Independent press is criticizing this movement, mostly in favor of the black movement, and the government doesn't like them publishing their opinions. . So, because some of these editors have made their opinions public by the use of their newspapers, the government is banning them. This banning restricts an individual's right to associate with more than two people at a time and to be confined to his home for lengthy periods. South Africa is the first nation in Africa to legalize banning and it is the hope of the Africans that other nations will not follow, t Maurits Caransa, millionaire real-estate operator and developer, was kidnapped early Saturday morning while he was leaving an Amsterdam club in the Netherlands. Spectators reported that Ave persons forced Caransa into a car at 1:16a.m. A:- , .Later that day, the evening newspaper received a call from an unknown person who said, "You are speaking to the Red Army Faction. We have Caransa. You will hear from us." This is thought to be part of a group of West German terrorists that have been plaguing people for some time. Other business persons are now beginning j to feel threatened because of - the many bombings, kidnappings. hijackings, and murders that have been occurring In the Netherlands. ' Police have absolutely no clues and they are wondering whether it was a common crime or if there was some political involvement. 7-'M
t ft

As winter nears here in Erie, you can count the nice, sunny, mild days on the fingers of one hand. Now if you like to play tennis, the weather up here certainly poses a problem. It is certainly a good thing then that we have indoor tennis courts to use here at Mercy hurst, or do we? If you go over to the Campus Center and try to reserve playing time on these courts, you will encounter still another problem. There are very few time slots available. The times offered are either early in the morning or the middle of the afternoons. I'm sure most students are not going to get up at 8 a.m. to play tennis, and there are such things as classes in the afternoons. p The time when most students have free are nights, and there are no times available in the evening, that is just from 9 p.m. till midnight, on Saturday nights of all times. What is the reason for these absurd times? I would really like to know. Asking around, I found out that all the reasonable times are taken up by benefactors. When the reservation sheets are made available on Fridays, there are huge amounts of time set aside for these people. i Some times are used by the men's and women's tennis teams as well as intra murals. This is certainly understandable so there is no argument here. It is these "prime times" used up by the benefactors that I question. \ I have been told that the building was donated to Mercyhurst and we have no authority over these people who use it. If this is so, why tell us that we are entitled to time every week when we really aren't offered much time at all? We're dishing out the big bucks to come here. Is it too much to ask to be able to play tennis when we want to? Why can't the tennis teams set aside the times and then let r The Student Activities Committee (SAC), which had been only a good idea until last Wednesday, is now a reality. It is the students pick from what's left. ^ .,a After the students who want to use the courts, get the hoped that, given a couple weeks to get organized, SAC will times they would like to have, then the benefactors or make the next big jump—from paper committee to functioning body. I y »• \ whoever these people are, can fill in the rest. Chances are good that it will, because the officers selected Can anyone explain why this is an unreasonable request? by MSG are excellent choices. They are Darlene Webb, Mark Cipriani president; Greg Brewer, vice president; Mike Heller, treasurer; and Holly Benton, secretary. These officers are as good a cross section of the student body as can be made with such a small group. Represented are the interests of both men and women, blade students and white, commuters and residents. MSG was righttoconsider To the Editor: if Although this may be atopicwhich only involves second such interest groups, even if the labels are somewhat arfloor McAuley south, I feel it is a matter of which everyone bitrary and secondary to the main goal of providing more good times for everyone in general. should be aware, f Perhaps we should clarify one point. MSG did not With the beginning of school, housing has had trouble locating rooms for all incoming girls, so consequently three disassociate itself from student activities by forming SAC. Part of the reason for SAC was to give MSG more time to were temporarily placed in the second floor suite. When the news first leaked out, the expected comments work on other things, to be sure. But part of it, too, was the could be heard while three girls spent most of their free time feeling tha t the need for more and better events is important secluded in their room. As the weeks passed and everyone enoughtoreceive the fulltime attention of a separate group. Student government still will have final say over all SAC became acquainted, the result was twenty-three men adopdecisions. And several present and former members of MSG ting three' 'sisters." Whenever someone needed help with their laundry or have pledged to help SAC in any way they can. Candidates ironing, there would be a knock on the door and the girls for SAC included three present MSG representatives, a forwere always willing to pitch in, even if it was merely taking mer president and two recent candidates for office. \ t ' WE ACKNOWLEDGE the amount of effort that went into a minute to talk. :., Last week, to everyone's surprise, the girls were told that interviewing 17 candidates and choosing among them. We two of them had to leave immediately, in the middle of the have some misgivings, though, about the selection process Itself. Despite the best intentions, last Wednesday's vote on term, to fill a vacancy in Baldwin Hall. Housing wanted two girls to keep up their studies while the recommendations of the executive council (George packing, moving, meeting new friends, and adapting to a Venuto, J DAnn Alexander, Jann Gatti) turned out to be a different environment when they could happily stay where clumsy and ultimately meaningless exercise. 7* they were with no complaints, at least until the end of the At one point a motion was madetomake a substitution in one office. The proposed replacement was an MSG rep, well term. ? I think that housing should take a lesson from second floor known to the group. The original candidate was not well south and realize that we are not a "bunch of animals" but known. The question came down to choosing either the best . ^ ^ rather men who respect the girls on ourfloorand want them candidate, period, or a qualified newcomer. The reps had nothing more to go on with the original to receive an equal opportunity. ,2 choice than a name, some sketchy details and what one ofMike Malpiedi ficer called "trust" and the "gut instinct" of the executives. Three-fourths of the reps wisely abstained. The motion was voted down and the original recommenda tions passed unanimously. But this was a small matter, one that could be corrected in the future by providing the reps with a list of all candidates ahead of time. That way they would have a chancetocheck To the Editor: I am a Mercyhurst Alumna, class of 1925, and a member of out the Held before voting.? that distinguished religious order, the Sisters of Plenitude. We put our suggestion on record for future reference, not After reading that ridiculous letter of Father Patrick in the to pick a fight today. As a first try, SAC has gotten off to a Oct. 21 issue of the Merciad I can only ask from what mail superb start. Judging by the enthusiasm shown by the can-1 order house did he buy his ordination? Maybe he got it in ab- didates and the quality of the officers selected. sentia, We wish them luck and look forwardtoreporting their ac- j I am referring, of course, to the many inaccuracies in his tivities, and enjoying them. • treatment of St. Sherperdus, who is the founder of my order. Fr. Patrick made so many errors that I can only question the validity of his orders. Are you sure he is really a priest and not an inept impostor? ,p My main reason for writing, however, is not so much to uestion that fraud Patrick but instead to tell your readers le true story of St. Sherperdus. , * $ The founder of our religious order was a medieval bishop, monk, scholar, mystic, martyr and voyeur (no one is perfect). His motto enscribed on all his episcopal silverware was "is that all there is?" ^ He lived at a time when there were many decadent priests who went around blessing animals instead of people as God intended. Sherperdus' calling was to seek out such priests and return; them to the told. It was a difficult life and ultimately one that led to his martyrdom. His tragic but glorious end came the day he tried to break up a blasphemous blessing of boars. The priest involved thought Sherperdus said "get your hands off those whores." Continued Next Column

...The Staff

... Mike Malpiedi

... Sr. Pius Golightly


1 ' < r 1 •



NOVEMBER 4. "1977






Ww*.v.-'w *-£->JO»!








OFFICERS of the T newly formed hotel/restaurant club. Pictured from left to right are John Altham, president of the board. John Gable, director of the scholarship fund. Bob Ferdiani, public relation director. Mark Nungesser, special activities director and Tom Veihdeffer, the financial director, i 135 ci? 8
Photo by Gory Wesmon

•K • . W f "


* J?







Suzette Boyer Dance

I John Gable ij Hotel-Res ta want
r*S44M B&


r * 2JW*


Becky Malinowski Social Work

Paula Pizzat Elementary Ed,

New HRM Officers Make Plans For Year
The main objective of the student will have the chance Hotel-Restaurant Club will be to learn, for example, the to| get enough support to right and {wrong ways to develop our own restaurant make a sauce." | on the same line as Cornell," £• Nungesser indicated that at said John Altham, president present, problems are t ocof the newly formed board. curring at|Mercyhurst Prep. Altham feels strongly about Prep is currently being used the future of the club and also for the club's labs. | '"•• feels that|with the right "We pay them to use their people doing the work the job facilities, but there ^appears will get done. j to be a conflict of interest," Several items are planned said Nungesser. for the future of the club. Altham feels that if the club 1 "We will be involved in the could obtain facilities to planning of the |dinner- prepare food, that they could theatre, we will also, sponsor m fact, cater weddings or brunches at? St. Lukes on even put on dinner-theatres Sunday, trips to international once a month. hotel-restaurant shows in As of now the H.R.M. Club Chicago and Toronto, along has a total of forty members. with tours of various An election is to be held this restaurants," • said Mark week to obtain a represenNungesser, the club's special tatives from thef freshman, activity director. sophomore, junior and senior Altham pointed out that the classes.| validity of having the club . "These representatives stems from the fact that will • spread communication Mercyhurst placed- one among their peers and hundred per cent| of ^ their hopefully wijl bring the view graduates who majored in points which the officers can hot el-restaurant j manage- acf on," said Altham. I ment, f 1 Nominations for But Altham was quick to representatives in the club point out that a lab is needed will be taken until Monday, in order for the club to ex- November 7. Any member wishing to nominate another pand. "Kitchen facilities are can drop off a slip of paper needed," said Nungesser in nomination in front of Linda Parish's ^door with that reference to the lab. When asked just what person's name on it at the would be performed;; in the door of Linda Parish located I labs, Altham pointed out "the in Preston.


» ?

" * V










SS &

m m
• * » - ^ * v W ' H <

^ * ^ . ^

. • J

























^ * ^ T ^ R » V v*

Pauline Cote Psychology

Cindy Haines Law Enforcement

Vicki Martinago Humanities

Mary ann Rozsas I Theater .*?3


•^x* *«


tt/VSi ***•#* :-*• vv







II &m




* ,


* * ^ N! **?


.«•: •®8



:;, A Sue Datz Special Ed.

Chris Heald Music

Chris Park Sociology

Robin Windrow Accounting ABSENT when photos were taken: Leslie Eller, art; Ellen Soisson, liberal studies-undecided; and Donna Sweeney, human ecology. MSG officer^ include George fVenuto, president; Jo Ann Alexander, vice president; Joe NeCastro, treasurer; and Gerard NeCastro, secretary.



®8&Si fcs-s

as >:;?:



*s ss



>, ^





Chris Fillipi Bus. Administration

Patty Kohler Chemistry

£ DougPetroff History-Poli.Sci


Amy Blood JoAnn Negro "I thought it was great. It gave everyone a chance to blow off an evening." Mark Rickert "It was fun. It wasn't as good as last year, but it did give us a chance1 to blow off a lot of steam. ' "It was a great time for people to have fun and forget about classes."

Rita Conroy "I had a great time throwing water balloons out of windows.


A Long Tlm« Ago
• • •



the cyclist as he handed the of a College far for away envelope to Duke. ; "Only Ralph Nader could help me understand these plans, thought Duke as he peeled out for Nader's bungalow. 1 Duke; parked his ride and started walking to Old Ralph's door when he was attacked by a band of insurance adjusters who lurk in alleys at night. One struck Duke down with a higher rate premium. Out of a dark corner, a, i By Don Burger and shout rang out. g~ '$ < Wendy Roberto "No fault, anti-consumerism A long time ago at a college far, Imperial trooper. " Ya '11 seemed rip-off!!" The insurance men ran to be movin' a bit fast through away in fright. Ralph Nader far away | The evil Imperial system ruled here, an 'am a gonna give ya a stepped out of the shadows and over the once placid campus with ticket." The portly trooper stuck -helped Duke up.* a tyrannical hand.»The outer his sun glassed face), through the "They score easily but soon fringes of the campus in defiance window. "Which one a* you boys they will return in greater numbers," said Nader. "Let's go of the empire, formed a small have the plans." "We were on an academic trip inside." band of rebels called the Redeye The inside was of a humble to the library," stated the Knights. 1 ? The Redeyes were protectors of princess. "The Senate will not nature. Giant . awards, j and a the student body, along with their look favorably on your in- model of a corvair adorned the mantel. Bureaucratic leader. The leader of the. tefference." | reputations lay on the table and a Car Raider stepped to Redeyes. Ralph Nader, was able window. "You are a spy for the painting of Nader standing with to hold the empire in check until the his trusted protege and second rebellion and hold transmissions his arms around Christ on the right and a housewife on the left. cousin by marriage, Car Raider, concerning the empire." Why havefyou come to me "Car Raider, I should have betrayed the Redeye Knights. r } Raider turned in the names of known. Only you could be so Duke? ' said Ralph. "Princess Ghia of the Karmen Redeye Knights without parking bold." said the princess. ; "You won't be able to hide system intercepted plans! of a permits, to the empire. Furious battles had taken place tofreethe behind your shrouds this time!" Death Van, the empire plans to parking systems from Car spat out Raider. "I want those peddle as a means to promote the ; • * Raider and the Imperial Regime. plans now 11 You are out to school." . '•? 1 "You mean professors are The rebels have won their first destroy apathy in the empire and victory and are racing to the Governor Lemon will deal with going to have their pictures taken standing with a salesman of this | I Alderaan parking system on the you." far side of campus when they are "Evil Governor Lemon doesn't Death Van, Duke," said Nader intercepted by an Imperial care about apathy in the em- mildly. "This is very sad indeed. Using the image of the campus Chrysler... i U pire." ; "Take her away to the rooml" for Imperial gain. The death van j The rebels f tried in vain to must have a weakness." $ outrun the Imperial Chrysler and ordered Car Raider. Duke Roadrunner, honor ex- /'The rebellion will surely complete their mission of we delivering the plans tol the em- traordinaire, was watching the falter ifwe allow the people to have gone comattack from Zum 211. Duke think pire's new Death Car. "Just " There's no escape for the dashed down the stairs and mercial," Duke replied. station hopped into his super turbo- last summer a local radio princess this time," yelled the courses to pilot of the Chrysler. Princess charged 590 cubic inch fat ride was giving ;away prizes to Mercyhurst as and sped after the cyclist. Ghia, of the Karmen system, The cyclist, carrying the plans ridiculous? questions, the rebel handed the plans to a cyclist who of the Death Van, was peddling cause was severely 1 weakened happened to be zipping past their his dufus off heading for the after that." }• van. \ z i "Duke, your this "Take these plans to' Ralph Alderaan parking system when light saber pen father left said for you," Nader. He is the only one who can Duke caught up. t "Where are you taking those Nader. "We must stop the Death stop the Death Car."! : Van and you must learn the ways ' The Chrysler continued to plans," said Duke. ^ j "Puff, puff, pant, pant," said of the cause." bombard the van until it was £ "What happened to my rendered helpless. The Imperials the cyclist. { I * "The troopers will catch up to father?"* \ got out of their car and ap|' He was betrayed by my prize proached the defenseless van. you soon. Give them to me. "Pant, puff, wheeze," coughed pupil Car Raider." Nader sat Howdy boys," drawled the back. "Raider became obsessed I miss you Mom, Dad, Kevin with the dark side of the course. He took a picture of your father All my love standing next to an Edsel. Your ALDA father's reputation was ruined and he left, never to be heard from again. Duke, you must go with me to the Alderaan system." "I'll go. There is nothing left for me here." Next week: The trip to Mrs. E is ley's pilot truck stop.

Chase Donates Law Library
p?Many beneficial things have The balance of the money been happening to the Law Kinnane J told the Merciad went Enforcement Division lately. , toward printing, postage, office Robert Chase, district attorney supplies and mailing cartons. in Erie donated his private law The purpose of. the grant, aclibrary of 2,000 books to Mercy- cording to Kinnane, "is to make hurst College,* available to aU criminal Justice "Mr. Chase felt the law en- people in 'Northwestern Pennforcement division could put the sylvania the educational books to good use" said James V. material so they can enhance Kinnane, associate professor of their education or training programs." - i * Law Enforcement Division. The division has also received Kinnane also commented, t/ their second grant for $6,839 from "I feel the grant is a Die asset to the? Governor's Justice Com- Mercyhurst College and also to mission. ? * all criminal justice and police The division received the agencies in Northwestern Penngrants- by applying I to the sylvania" Kinnane commented. Governor's Justice Commission. Sharon Sisco, coordinator of "With the first grant we were Media Services has compiled able to buy a number of books for statistics on the usage of the law the library and also movies and enforcement media. i slides, as well as printed material For the fall term of last year, 84 and miscellaneous 'supplies" films were used, in the spring, 96 Kinnane said./ were used and in the winter 45 The first grant was renewed were used. this year effective Saturday, Oct. Ms. Sisco said the films go to police agencies as well as other "With the second grant the colleges in the area. She also division in the future will be able added that 4he (person who to buy more-films and overhead requests the film first will transparencies, slide programs receive it first, because the and cassette tapes added system is based on a e first come, Kinnane. first serve basis.)

International Food -n- Fashion | focus on: food, fashion -nmodern life in EGYPT Thursday. Nov. 3rd
8 p.m.

Back Porch Cafe

Menu: Turkish coffee Egyptian-t«a dessert—

:ial A mandatory meeting of oil social work I majors will be held on November 7 at *;30 p.m. I e in the Montgomery Room located in the LR.C. I





Never did a film deal so un- Holy wine. This is one of many wild music and familiar tunes < (were all mixed together for a derstandingly and completely examples. with a subject \ that was not Diane Keaton as Theresa is definite sense of the singles bars, definitely a well-trained and Both humor and sensitivity thought of before. The subject was that of a skilled actress. With the wide touched Looking For Mr. woman who had been hurt by her variety of scenes, Ms. Keaton Goodbar. As you laugh with the • film, you are also touched by the father when' she was a child. would have to be. Looking For Mr. Goodbar is sensitive subject that is dealt Theresa Dunn had sclerosis when | I a child. In order to correct her obviously a one woman show.? with. To hate someone so much for so crippledness, her father decided Every scene contains Ms. Keaton on an operation. U or some part of her. In this long and to destroy yourself with In the operating room, shown in respect, she could indeed win an that hate Is sad indeed. This is *v exactly what she was doing. flashbacks, the audience saw a award. The parts of the other actresses Only at the end did Theresa small child in excruciating pain and)was seen being put into a and actors are small and escape this hate that was body cast. She had to endure this although they are important to destroying her. Only then did she for one year and two days. the progression of the Itheme, find; peace with herself. Maybe she was after this all along. Throughout the film, it shows aren t worth mentioning. Costumes and sets in the film How she became free of it is up how the daughter felt about her Catching a BUZZ.. father and the things she did in were great in the sense that they to you. You'll have to view the her life, to get back at him for seemed' realistic and lent film yourself. It is now playing at putting ^her through so much themselves to the mood of the the Plaza Theater in the West pain, when he could have film. Harsh lights, soft lights, Erie Plaza. prevented it. * I You see, before Theresa was born, her father knew that sclerosis was congenitial and he could pass it on to his children. The film that I have been Sister Mary Matthew, a 17-year occurred. y describing is Looking For Mr. veteran instructor at Mercyhurst Sr. Matthew commented that, Goodbar. It is unique and is based College, was recently chosen to "Today there is a growing in- on the novel, of the same name, Have you seen the sign, "Sesler (Gannon, not to use the library, the position of chairperson of the terest in the sciences! among by Judith Rossner. • • Clean-Up Day—Won't You Pitch but to pick up some jocks! Natural V Sciences and students. They are very much Theresa, coming from a loyal In? — Sunday — 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The girls admit that Janne does Mathematics Division. concerned with {curing the Catholic family, knows that she is — Contact Frank or Paul"? do her wash every other day, "We hope to make science diseases plaguing society aand living in a world of sin. But she is Well, at students employable after a four- also with solving environmental being driven so blindly by missed a if you haven't, you've Marilyn panicshas the thought of good laugh in Sesler 234. cooking, Amy got to go with year course, thus eliminating the problems." $| revenge on her father, that this is The sign, a practical joke, ac- her country rock music and that need for graduate school atShe then expressed a'definite exactly what. she wants. She tually brought students to offer Patti, Miss suit-case college, tendance," stated Sr. Matthew, interest in participating in the wants to shame her father. services to Sesler. And some talks night and day! when questioned about changes newly formed Cooperative Richard Brooks, the director people say all kids are lazy. The girls, who have been in the department. Education program at the 'Hurst. and screenwriter* shows great Who were the creators of the nicknamed "baseball groupies" The division is also trying to "We feel it would be beneficial skill in developing both symadjust its program to newer for our students to have ex- bolism and climaxes. One of the fake sign? We'll never tell, but* by the soccer team, protest the > aspects of developing science perience in industry. This would examples of symbolism is the Sesler 234 thought it was pretty abuse from Sesler 233. The guys in that apartment pull today, such as Forensic Science help us reach our goal of making fact that through all the sins that funny. They are Patti Palovcak, and Environmental Studies. The students employable after only a she is committing, she still drinks Marilyn Coyle, Amy Blood and little jokes like when they nut a Janne Bodenhorst. manila envelope under their possibility of instituting an four-year program.'' only wine when going through the These girls were a part of the door filled with shaving cream! Animal Technician program at Her interest in sports makes bars and using cocaine. The wine first mud slide this year. Then there is the time they Mercyhurst is also being ^in- her work on the Athletic Com- brings up the subject of, the Following the event they spon- covered the door knob with vestigated. j | < v; I mission enjoyable. She has also Lor as Supper. sored a community shower in 234. vaseline! j This program doesn't boast,a served as past-president of the Although she knows she is After all were clean, a strange One girl laughs, "And did you large enrollment, however, Student Senate at} the 'Hurst. doing wrong, she still drinks the object was found lurking in the know Sesler 234 is the General 1 ' there is a definite trend back to Sr. Matthew commented on her apartment: red, white and blue Telephone Company?" the sciences." 'feelings about her new position. s silk bikini underwear. A clue to Apartment 234 does like signs According to Sr. Matthew, "I'm much more interested in the identity of the gentleman At 5:30 they post one on their after the Sputnik in the 50s, there instructing than administrating. owner: initials J.W. door: "We are eating—Do Not A was a huge influx into the science I'm hoping the position will be Did you know that Sesler 234 is Disturb! Thanks!" ?But no one field, but in the late 60s a temporary so I will be able to weekly visited by Central pays attention! noticeable decline in enrollment devote my time to instructing." Distributors? "Central makes its In spite of all the confusion and rounds to 234-, to supply Janne Jcraziness the girls admit, "Our with her daily binges! exclaims floor is just like one big happy t family!" *.' Dinner-Theater II is a course Ms. Palovcak. An additional story gave facts So, if you are ever walking the especially designed for inter session this year. The second concerning other members of the halls of Sesler and see a sign that one to be offered, this year it will group. Were you familiar with reads "Do Not Disturb, just feature the play, You're A Good the fact that two certain juniors ignore it. Knock. Go in. Sit down, in the apartment make visits to Everyone else does! \ Man Charlie Brown. This course will fill an interdisciplinary requirement and focus on the process of operating and producing a| dramatic production with food preparation and fine dining. Each student will be hired to perform a specific task, such as \ NORTHEAST' 'e acting, theater designing, Mm M A « | / n 'HF I |9W.MolnSt I,.7254792 graphic layouts and interior 454-9963 - I | , «"wj designing. ..- .--. .-_-' I I (OakwoodPlaza) ; 864.7513 Some other examples of the UVE ENTERTAINMENT I 12609Ook*ood ,m I I INTOWN jobs needed to be fulfilled are Wed., Thurs., Fri. and Sat. I I 28oe Stot«St ;ft,\C... .*.. 452-3606 publicity managers, advertising * II EASTC LawiencvPark salespersons, journalists, No cover charge If you fhow your I I I • 4202Moln..........' ^....8993135 pianists, cooks and waitresses. college ID. Also, students will be required to spend some time working in 3024 Pine Avenue the other areas of this project. PHONE BUSINESS Erie, Pa. 16504 The purpose of these extra 456-2508 DIRECTOR: Norman Barl assignments will be to gain a Photo complete understanding of the ewelers %. C. £realiron total process. Keeping a journal of the total experience of Dinner-Theater II Free lor Piercing will be another requirement of with the purchase of 14 KT. Gold 8 each student. ^ 0 tcH« EARRINGS Dinner-Theater II needs people majoring in Business, HotelRestaurant, Communications, Tucked away over in Weber in Superior, Wisconsin where he Theater, Art and Clothing in Specializing in Double Piercing was the assistant director of addition to others. Hall is a man important to almost every studenfwho Walks financial aid for two years at the For any further information, contact Dennis Andres, Preston on to the Mercyhurst campus, yet University of Wisconsin. He came to the 'Hurst because 204 or call ext. 271. little is spoken or known of him. His name is Norman Barber it offered him the advancement When asked the effects last he felt he was ready to handle. and he is the director of financial Happy with his selection of year's audit problems have had He requests federal funds for Mercyhurst as his new home, on his job, he said that there has the schqol, awards financial aid which he hopes to be at for a been no negative reaction. As a and counsels students on what while, he thinks it is more matter of fact, he is getting better adequate socially and cooperation I from l- everyone loans and grants they receive. A native of Chicago, Barber academically than the school he because of an increased interest in the financial aid program. received his BA in sociology from previously worked at. So the next time you have Louis University in I^ckport, The work study changes he thoughts concerning money or Illinois, and his MA in student personnel administration from hopes to initiate, have been met the increasing rise in college with little opposition, so he cost, and how you are going to Ballstate in Muncie, Indiana. Before becoming an Erie therefore assumes they are being meet them, remember, there is a man with the answers you need. dweller in September, he resided well received.


'Mr. Goodbar Has Humor And Sensitivity
By Darlene Keith



Free-Spirit Style Is AlWay OfLife

Educators Preparing Production

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" • ! »




















Maybe Playoffs Next

Lakers Most Tough Grove City
The playoff hopeful Mercyhurst Laker soccer team, with an overall record of 6-4, will host powerful! Grove City College in their season finale this Saturday, Nov. 5, at Tullio field at 1:00 p.m. A Laker win over 10-3 Grove City could mean a NAIA playoff berth for Mercyhurst. However,! coach" Dave Shimpeno's charges must first defeat a Grove City team which is already NCAA playoff bound and whose only losses have come to powerhouses Pitt.,c Slippery Rock, and Indiana, Pa. Mercyhurst mentor Shimpeno stated that the Lakers are 1 'distinct' underdogs in the contests "i •; "Grove Cilty is definitely the best team we nave seen all year," said Shimpeno, "and I know they will really try to blow us out." "However, they can {be By Bob Derda Jr. beaten!" concluded the Laker skipper. "Our offense must and will score." J "' 3 Regarding any chances of a Mercyhurst playoff bid, 3 Shim peno remarked that the Grove City match should "tell the story." I "If we win, I don't see how they (NAIA playoff committee) can keep us'out," said Shimpeno. "And, even if we lose, we will still be considered for a bid since we have a winning record. However, it's doubtftd that we would get one if our record dropped to 6-5?\ Coach Shimpeno won soccer's version of the Family Feud as his forces defeated his brother George's Edinboro Scots. . Mercyhurst showed what they are really made of whenf they came back from a two goal deficit, a feat which Shimpeno said "is unheard of in soccer." Edinboro held a 2-0 lead until the Laker,; Doug Clark rammed in a score with 29:46 gone in the first period. j John Nystrom tied the score two minutes later asithe first period ended even at 2-2. In the \ second half, Nystrom proved to be too j much for the Scots as he scored his seventh goal of the season at the 28:40 mark. k At Wheeling, the Lakers made it seven wins in their last eight outings as the 'Hurst halfbacks got into the scoring act for the first time this season. Scoring their first goals of the season for Mercyhurst were John "Woody" Woodruff and Chuck Farina. Doug dark also notched his fifth goal this season in the Lakers' conquest of Wheeling College. JL

SMAt i&il.&V,*::'«* '•:

WOODY WAITS John "Woody" Woodruff (6) a Mercyhurst halfback, looks upfield in a recent 'Hurst soccer game. "Woody" and his teammates are lookingtowardsthe Grove City game on Saturday and possibly the playoff s. li * , I <^> r

by Terry Kelly While on the subject of fan I had the privilege of attending two very exciting sporting events support, the turnout for the last week, the 'Hurst soccer win women's last home volleyball over Edinboro and the women's game Thursday against Villa was pretty big. Earlier in the evening volleyball win over Villa: \ The-soccer game last rWed- the Lakerettes were beaten by nesday got started as the Westminster 15-12, 15-13. Edinboro Scots, coached by- The fans were really cheering George Shimpeno, brother of in the Villa contest as Villa Dave, jumped off to an early lead captured the first match 15-7 of 2-0. fh f. | while the Lakerettes took the A lot of times when a team gets second 15-1. The final match down early in a game they give changed hands several times as up. Not Mercyhurst. The Lakers the crowd was now standing. The kept applying pressure and Doug Lakerettes finally waited for Clark scored on a rebound shot to Villa to make a mistake and they close the gap. Within a couple of capitalized for the victory, 15-13. Lakerette Coach Suzanne minutes, John Nystrom also scored on a rebound and suddenly Jarett showed her emotions the score was tied 2-2 and it several times in the match remained that way until the half. ranging from disgust to hapThe second half for Mercyhurst piness when it wasfinallyended. was aided by three Edinboro A good job by both Jarett and her ejections and Nystrom's second Lakerettes. r •;& goal of the afternoon giving the jOn the intramural football Lakers a 3-2 win and a 5-4 record scene, The High still is on the season, j < dominating play in the league One has to be extremely and the playoffs are starting this pleased with the soccer program weekend. The High cot an easy at Mercyhurst, one that is only in victory last Saturday as the its second year. Coach Shimpeno Henry's forfeited giving The High has really brought the sport to a their fifth win against no losses. level of excitement and the The High will take on the Marx games reflect this. I also think Brothers who have a record of lmat the fan support has been 4. The second place team of Joint great and a major plus in this Effort (4-1) will play the Henry's year's team. I P (1-4) while Hot Tuna (2-3) plays

Lady Spikers Earn Split Four Road Games Remain
Silver Streak (2-3). The semifinals will take place on Sunday, Nov..6;.with the *MFL Championship to be played on Saturday, Nov. 12. My hunch is that The High will go back on top following last year's championship team of Pot Luck. The High has been there before. < ; j|f Coach Dick Fox and his basketball team got off to a good start last Saturday as they : scrimmaged Jamestown Community College in.£ the campus center. Coach Fox should be happy as aU of his Lakers saw action and are presumably healthy. Now only Coach Fox has to recover from his injured ankle to make the team at full strength 1 Finally, I would like to thank all the people involved who made my birthday two weeks ago a real success. I was so excited that I was going like 90! J The women's volleyball team closed out their home season last Thursday with a split. The Lakerettes lost to Westminster in the opening match and then came back to beat Villa in a threematch contest. In the Westminster matches, 1 Mercyhurst played tough and kept in the games as the scores reflect. The Lakerettes lost to the Titans by the scores of 15-13 and 15-12. t |OT The matches against Villa saw the Lakerettes dropping the first contest to Villa by the score of 15Coach Suzanne Jarett pulled her team together between games and something must have been said because her team came out and totally dominated Villa and came away with a lopsided 15-1 victory, tying the score at 1-1. "The final match was the most exciting as the Lakerettes seesawed with Villa, then got tough at the end for a 15-13 victory. The team stands at 1-2 in the Keystone Conference and shows a 4-9 record overall. § Captain Sue Fagan said, "Our defense and our spiking have been our strong points. We seem to be choking on our serves, though, and must improve our offense." T| jy Ms. Fagan said the season has been disappointing and the record should be better. "I hope we'll get it all together in our four conference games remaining," said Fagan. /< As their home season has ended, the Lakerettes visit Fredonia on November 1, travel to Westminster, Villa and a final game at Behrend on November 9.



Silver Streak \ Marx Brothers Joint Effort

1 2 1 4 T 7 13 0 9 29 ^6 0 8 14 28



• 7

6 IS 19 45
6 0 0


1 3

The High 2, Henry's 0 (forfeit)


r *

.£* J*

% .' .

Joint Effort HotTuna Silver Streak Henry's Marx Brothers

W 5 4 2 2

L 0 1 3 3

Saturday, November 5 The High vs Marx Brothers 10 a.m. r Joint Effort vs Henry's 11 a. m. Hot Tuna vs Silver Streak 12 noon ^ i ', Sunday, November 6 Semifinals, 4:30 p. m. Saturday, November 12 Championship, 11:30 a.m.




\One FREE Spaghetti and Moat Sauce with the purchase of any other meal. Offer expires November 30. (Meatballs extra).



WEB ACTION Mercyhurst soccer player Gary Weber (4) challenges an opposing goalie with a shot in a recent 'Hurst game. Weber could play a big part If the Lakers are to beat Grove City and hopefully move on to the playoffs.

She Secret's in the Sauce" Fine Italian Food

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