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KATHLEEN CORRIS 229 Riva Avenue * Milltown, New Jersey 08850 201-887-3194 * kc605092@westpost.

net ADMINISTRATION: PAYROLL, HUMAN RESOURCES, BOOKKEEPING Administrative professional with exceptional payroll, bookkeeping, computer skil ls. Proven ability to execute innovative strategies. Talented in analyzing compl ex situations and translating information into solutions / procedures designed t o improve efficiency and productivity while also registering cost savings. Effec tive management of confidential and sensitive information. Confident, detail-or iented problem solver with strong communication abilities. Areas of proficiency: Payroll / Benefits / Compensation Administration * Multi-Project Management * Pr oblem Resolution Policy / Procedure Development * Team-Builder * Cross-Functional Collaboration Customer Relations * Quality Assurance * Records Management * Bookkeeping Proced ures

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE MGS CORPORATION, Hackensack, New Jersey *1998-2010 Propane gas distributor delivering to approximately 6,000 customers in New Jerse y, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. With 6 locations, the company ranks amon g the top 30 retail propane companies in the United States. Payroll Manager Directed all aspects of payroll and Human Resources: managed payroll data base f or 100 employees; administered 401K plan; tracked / verified time off, benefit a ctivities, unemployment, workers' compensation, family leave, tax rates, W-2 doc umentation. Worked with three Teamster unions. Verified refinery, freight costs. Collaborated with VP of Sales on new contracts, pricing and billing issues. Key Achievements: * Solicited payroll system proposals, tested options. Led migration from ADP to Paychex Preview system, ultimately lowering payroll costs and increasing efficie ncy. * Commended by union officials and superiors for involvement in three union audi ts which earned perfect scores. * Improved reporting systems for payroll / HR and cost tracking / comparison for gas purchases and sales to make reports available throughout the company, resul ting in significant time savings. * Regularly communicated with key decision-makers as well as vendors and custome rs. * Identified refinery, freight pricing discrepancies through careful review and analysis. INTERNATIONAL SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, Wayne, New Jersey *1996-1998 Global supplier of specialty ingredients to enhance product performance, serving 6,000+ customers in 90 countries in the following industries: personal care; ph armaceuticals; beverages; coatings and adhesives; household, industrial and inst itutional cleaning; and agriculture. Payroll Specialist Prepared, processed and maintained payroll for 1,000+ employees at 24 United Sta

tes locations, including garnishments, levies, benefit deductions and limits,W-2 information, union deductions, unemployment, disability and worker's compensati on.


Key Achievements: * Initially hired as temporary help; impressive work led to full-time position. * Played integral role in migration of payroll from in-house system to ADP on-li ne system. * Instructed staff at other sites in working with the new system. CENTER FOR BIO-MEDICAL COMMUNICATION, INC., Hackensack, New Jersey *1996 Medical communications company dedicated to serving the scientific community by providing quality educational programming, specializing in healthcare communicat ions, education and conference services. Bookkeeper Supervised the company's banking activities and ADP payroll. Maintained personne l records, insurance information, 401 K plans. Created company's General Ledger. Key Achievements: * Served supervisory role: hired, trained, managed bookkeeping assistant and cro ss-trained another staff member. * Improved accounts payable / receivable process through installation and use of Peachtree Accounting System (Version 9.0). * Analyzed cost accounting for client projects; utilized Excel to reconcile fina l costs to contracts. EDUCATION Jersey City State University, Jersey City, New Jersey William Paterson State College, Wayne, New Jersey PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Essential of Human Resources Management, Rockhurst University Payroll / Human Resources Law Seminar, New York City ADP Reportsmith, ADP Garnishments & Withholdings COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Excel / Word ADP PC Payroll / HR Software (PCPW) Paychex Payroll