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15436 Orlan Brook Drive
Orland Park, IL 60462 708.829.8029
To engage my skills full-time to function as Chief Marketing Officer/Advertising
, Media, and Business Development Director (in tandem with an executive team), o
r as an ain-housea advertising/media manager. To substantially contribute super
ior plans and direction intended to improve efficiency in advertising and market
ing . Primary commitment is to enhance sales for an increase in revenue through
precision advertising and marketing investments. Additionally, to conceive, ev
aluate, develop, implement promotions, negotiate and secure cost-efficient adver
tising and media buys, review existing marketing campaigns, and recommend new ad
vertising-strategies, promotions and marketing initiatives intended and projecte
d to attain short term and longer term sales and revenue growth goals.
Knowledge Base
a Intimate understanding of how media sells itself to businesses and agencies. P
roficiently identify and assess value for price within demographic and psycho-gr
aphic compatibilities for a broad base of target audiences.
a Accommodate with strategic insights from notable experience with start-up and
growth ventures and businesses actively developing additional revenue streams th
rough incorporation of media options also utilizing WEB and WAP based technologi
a Possess in depth comprehension of a vast array of mediaas abehind-the-scenesa
rate structures, pricing, their margins, and their methodologies for strategic s
elling to agencies and businesses. First hand experience providing superior insi
ght and a negotiating advantage over media to command maximized value for monies
a In addition to traditional and other still effective ad campaign strategies, a
lternative thinking and potentially trend-setting concepts can be designed and d
eveloped on demand to stand out above the competition to garner greater market s
a Knowledge and experience with media including broadcast television, radio, cab
le TV, print (newspaper & magazine), direct mail, online digital internet, wirel
ess (WAP/cellular), and Direct Response including short-form (:30 sec. a" 2 minu
te spots) and long form (half-hour 28:30 infomercials). Media background provid
es insight and strategic advantage to incorporate as potent ingredients for asse
ssing and packaging advertising/marketing campaigns designed specifically to inc
rease sales combined with achieving the absolute maximum in media value for the
revenues invested with superior return on investment.

Additionally, any company desirous of closely monitoring and evaluating their ma

rketing and advertising investments, minimizing waste, maximizing value, trimmin
g any inefficiency in spending from their budget will benefit greatly from compa
rative analysis and this same abehind the scenesa knowledge how various media is
bought and sold.

Managerial/Business Skills
a Swift assessment of least and most efficient and effective use of marketing, p
ersonnel, and advertising budgets and department monetary resources
a Excellent negotiating skills
a Insight toward forthcoming trends and ability to create and/or stimulate super
ior brand identify and recognition
a Ability to present and communicate intelligently with individuals and groups
a Effective interviewing, hiring, training, and management of small and medium s
ize sales staff
a Estimation/forecasting/budgeting/timelines, solid understanding of business in
general, financial and otherwise
a Efficient use of time and human resources
Professional Experience - Performance & Accomplishments
July 2008 a" Present
VP Marketing & Business Development: DevStart Network, an assemblage of 9 focuse
d online web-based properties providing insights to current internet technology
related, and small business relevant information and resources. DevStart Networ
k attracts and accommodates just over 500,000 absolutely unique monthly visitors
of business owners and managers - providing a broad spectrum of relevant and ad
vantageous current technology news, directory resources, contacts, and informati
on. DevStart Network accommodates a wide variety digital, online B2B advertisin
g through any or all DevStart websites within the network.
Responsibilities focus primarily on B2B to effectuate increase of sales through
new product development, renewal business, and new client acquisitions. Work cl
osely with CEOs, CMOs, and GMs to develop and direct developing and implementing
campaigns and goals utilizing the DevStart Network to maximize their ROI throug
h focused ad formats, placements, and messages. Evaluate ad server data, Google
analytics, and other statistics to fine tune media placement for greatest accur
acy and ROI efficiency. Coordinate online ad server digital media formats and p
lacements. Interact with internal staff of DevStart web developers to enhance p
roficiency in online ad format delivery strategies. Develop new revenue sources
and new products for DevStart Network. Identify, solicit, negotiate, and secure
new clients/accounts. Work with CEO internally to develop and implement strate
gies toward increasing revenue.
November 2006 a" July 2008
National Sales Manager: Media Services Group, a small, full service Chicagoland
DMA advertising agency.
Position includes winning new business accounts for the administration, plannin
g, purchase, and implementation of advertising budgets and marketing & promotion
s campaigns on their behalf to identify and engage strategically superior media
maximizing sales, advertising ROI, and product-promotion results.
Identify, educate, and train Account Executives and existing and prospective cl
ient business-owners and managers in the value and expected of each strategic in
itiative and/or media used. Provide insights, strategies, and methodology to Acc
ount Executives and business owners and managers to maximize development and exp
and our roster of business to business and business to consumer clients.
a Responsibilities include first identifying and then effectuating a client/pros
pect shift in media use and budgets away from routine or lesser effective advert
ising, marketing, and promotional investing toward more cost efficient uses of v
arious media.
a Successful in refocusing media budgets with existing clients while claiming no
table gains in the acquisition of new media clients. Deliver new media clients
substantial sales gains while reducing their expenses or redirecting existing bu
dgets for greatest ROI.
a Increased the Agency of Record client base and the administration of related b
udgets by 272% overall during 20 month period.
October 2004 a" November 2006
General Sales Manager: World Jewish Digest & Jewish Broadcasting Network -- 2 et
hnic focused non-profit 501(c)3 operated niche media: World Jewish Digest, Ameri
caas leading publication distributing over 260,000 monthly copies nationwide and
Jewish Broadcasting Network, regularly scheduled Cable Television telecasts car
ried in 1.35 Million Chicagoland DMA households.
a Achieved 160% revenue growth overall in 24 months
a Researched, established, and set all print display advertising and televised p
rogram sponsorships and spot prices
a Reinvented, redesigned, and developed brand new media kits for both print and
a Successful in retaining clients and increasing budgets from existing program s
ponsors and advertisers
a Developed, hired, trained, and supervised Local Sales Managers and Account Exe
cutive sales teams in several new major markets nationwide
a Dramatically increased advertising revenue for each market
a Developed and introduced fresh strategies and prospecting techniques to substa
ntially increase new business
a Effectively trained and implemented methodology for creative selling which res
ulted in doubling gross monthly sales revenue within the first year
a Boosted sales staff morale and determination to succeed through training creat
ive selling supported by incentive and bonus reward initiatives
a Effectively developed a new roster of print advertisers and television program
advertisers and sponsors
a Accompanied Account Executives in the field regarding display advertising for
the print media, and spots and web-based digital advertising for JBN, our cable
television programming division.
a Conceived and developed innovative demographic and psycho-graphic insights and
methodology into account executives training a" resulting in a dramatic increas
e in short term (monthly) and annual sales growth.
November 1996 a" October 2004
Vice President of Sales: JOVON BROADCASTING, WJYS-TV, an independent Chicagoland
DMA General Market full power must-carry broadcast television station reaching
over 3 Million households (transmitting over the airwaves plus into 2.2 million
cable households)
a Responsibilities included developing creative concepts, planning, and implemen
ting market strategies to increase sales.
a Hired and trained sales staff in manner and methods of how to present and sell
30 second commercial spots, 1 and 2 minute Direct Response spots, and half-hour
infomercial media messages through advertising agencies and to business owners
and managers directly.
a Grew existing local automotive direct and national infomercial agency business
by more than 37% compounded annually for 4 consecutive years.
a Developed new account relationships resulting in dramatic increases in media s
ales from both local businesses directly and local advertising agencies.
a Worked in tandem with other department managers to successfully increase annua
l gross sales over an initial four year period by almost 300% for the station ov
a Reported to and coordinated directly with the station Owner/CEO in discussions
of strategy and planning to achieve specific and comprehensive market share inc
reases and overall revenue growth for the station.
a Conceived, developed, scripted, and produced more than 80 full-length half hou
r infomercials, 30 second, one-minute, and two minute spots for television broad
March 1986 a" September 1988
Advertising Sales Manager: Telecommunications, Inc. (TCI a" at the time was the
Midwestas and the worlda) largest cable television system. TCI sold to AT&T who
sold to Comcast Cable.)
a Created and launched the Advertising Sales Department for third largest cable
TV system in the U.S. Hired and trained Account Executive sales staff.
a Researched competitive regional media and created rate schedules.
a Controlled spot time inventory, and developed, scripted, and coordinated comme
rcial production for spots.
a Developed and first introduced aclassifieda advertising messages on the Progra
m Guide/Preview Guide channels as scrolls and/or picture-in-picture.
a First developed, set pricing, and introduced local display advertising in Ente
rtainment Magazine, cableas printed program guide direct mailed to all cable tel
evision subscribers
a Set pricing, coordinated, and implemented direct-mail/billing inserts of promo
tions and special offers to subscribers.
a Generated sales from $0 at start-up to $1,780,000 the first year which quadrup
led before the end of the second year at $6.5 million in sales.
Tools and Software
Familiar with ACT, Salesforce, Final Cut Pro HD, Soundtrack, Peak BIAS Pro, Lotu
s/Approach, MS Word, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, OpenX, Excel spreadsheets, Win
dows based PCs, MAC G4 and G5, digital video, camera set-up and operations, audi
o/video editing, music and digital asweetening,a and operations of A/V digital p
roduction equipment, video post-production, design, layout, and general pre-prod
uction requirements for print including one color, additional spot and 4 color p
rocess, technical specs for IAB standardized digital internet advertising format
Additional Skill Applications
a Possess the vision of accurate foresight to perceive outside of the proverbial
aboxa and identify when an appropriate opportunity or circumstance demands it.
a Excellent people and communication skills
a Enthusiasm, and innovation in thinking, planning, selling, and training -- wit
h deeply rooted and diligent work ethics.
a Creativity, innovation in developing fresh marketing concepts and stimulating
promotional strategies
a Attention to details, accuracy and realism define my approach to planning, org
anizing, budgeting, and execution.
a 100% reliable.
a Results-oriented, self motivated individual able to excel in fast-paced, team-
centric environments. Can also apply myself working alone equally well, (whethe
r short or long term).
a Continually recognized by management for boosting morale, bringing staff toget
her, and surpassing goals and expectations.
Progressive thinking, an accurate overview of production quality, and strict jud
ge of media and competitive pricing. Additionally, past involvement with the en
tertainment industry (having served on an advisory committee to the producers of
the Grammy Awards), business representation for professional talent, served as
President of an independent, international record company, as well as hands-on i
nvolvement in hundreds of commercial media messages for a wide scope of business
ventures -- including script development, display ads, audio/video spots, and
half-hour infomercial productions (including as writer, producer, director).