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5844 Londonairy Boulevard

Hudson, OH 44236
330 - 388 - 3554 (Cell)
An experienced and successful sales management leader who has exceeded yearly sa
les goals more than 93% of the time. An enthusiastic, hard working senior manage
r. Excellent analytical, problem solving, communication and people skills. Compl
imented by former manager as having strongest performance he had seen with organ
ization. Specific areas of expertise include:
* Leading Staff * Developing Sales Managers
* Major Account Management * Leading During Acquisitions & Mergers
* New Business Development * Minimizing Turnover
RR DONNELLEY (Moore Wallace), Independence, OH
Northeast Ohio Regional Sales Manager
1995 - 2009
Successfully led organization during a difficult period of time consisting of se
veral mergers, downsizing and the curtailment of sales contests and awards. Mana
ged 11 to 16 sales representatives. During last 3 years in position experienced
no turnover while others were experiencing significant turnover. In 1995 asked t
o direct Cleveland plus current responsibilities. Selected over 4 other local ma
nagers. Managed over 2,000 accounts in the 16 county area in Northeast Ohio. Add
itionally managed operations side of the business including as many as 14 Custom
er Service Representatives. Improved profitability of the operation every year.
* During 17 acquisitions, each time selected by new management team to lead Nort
heast Ohio market.
* Exceeded sales goal 11 of 13 years.
* Recognized every year for new business growth with earned bonus.
* In 2000 number 1 Region in Midwest at 112.6% of objective.
* While leading Major Account Group Division, received company's New Business Gr
owth Award for growing the business from $21.5M to $28.3M, a 31% increase in 1 y
* In 2002 ranked 2nd out of 43 Regions in New Account Incentive Annual Contest.
* Achieved 100% or better on the 3 sales contests conducted during this timefram
* Developed largest health care sales in the organization by selling and impleme
nting 28 different hospitals.
Akron Sales Manager, Akron, OH
1990 - 1995
Managed 3 offices Akron, Youngstown, and Mansfield; 12 sales representatives and
6 customer services representatives covering 10 counties in Ohio and 9 counties
in Western Pennsylvania. Managed over 3,500 accounts plus the operations (custo
mer service) side of the business. Significantly improved profitability every ye
* Received the Regional Director Award for managing the number 1 region in the M
idwest in 1993.
* Received the Regional Director Award for managing the number 1 region in the M
idwest in 1990.
* Grew the business from $11.4M to over $20M, a 75% increase.
* Exceeded sales goal every year.
Toledo Sales Manager, Toledo, OH
1985 - 1989
Managed 10 sales representatives and 5 customer service representatives. Managed
12 counties in Northwest Ohio and 5 counties in Southeastern Michigan. Managed
over 3,000 accounts and improved profitability significantly every year.
* Received the Vice President of Sales Award for managing the number 1 region in
country in 1989.
(Toledo Sales Manager, RR Donnelley, continued)
* Received the Vice President of Sales Award for managing the number 2 region in
country in 1987.
* In 3 years grew the region from $3.9M to $11M in sales revenue, a 182% increas
* Exceeded sales goal every year.
Cincinnati / Lexington Sales Supervisor, Cincinnati, OH / Lexington, KY
Managed 2 offices and 10 or more sales representatives, 12 counties in Southwest
Ohio and most of the state of Kentucky with offices in Cincinnati and Lexington
* Received Senior Vice President Award, the highest award at the Sales Superviso
r level, for managing the number 1 sales group in the U.S. to 169% of goal.

* Repeated performance as number 1 sales group nationally the following year at

158% of goal.
* Promoted 5 of best sales representatives to management positions in other loca
* Exceeded sales goal every year despite losing best sales representatives and b
iggest producers.
Sales Representative, Cincinnati, OH
* Received company's Rookie of the Year Award for best new sales representative.
* Grew territory from $0 to over $600K.
MBA (Partially Completed While Working Full Time)
Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
BS - Business Administration (Double Major - Marketing Management, General Manag
Miami University, Oxford, OH
- Member of Moore 52 Club (Top Groups for Obtaining New Business), all 14 years
award existed
- Member of Moore Achievement Club (Top Sales Representatives and Managers) 17 o
f 18 years
- Antitrust Co
- Account St
- Fundamentals of Sales
- Harassment Awareness for
- Americans with Disab
ilities Act