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Since geostatistics developed by Prof. George Matheron in 1960, it has been applied greatly in mining industry for mineral resources evaluation and reserves modeling. Geostatistical method considers the spatial structure which is represented by variogram model in estimation. Therefore it is leading compared to the conventional reserves estimation methods such as polygonal, triangular grouping, inverse distance square, nearest point, etc. Moreover, parameters of variogram model can be drawn on to optimize the drilling pattern or the influence area of sampling points. Kriging is the most famous geostatistical method used for reserves estimation, and it has been known as BLUE (best linear unbiased estimator). Kriging variance can be applied to assess the uncertainty (error) of estimation result. Beside kriging, there are any other geostatistical methods employed for spatial characterization and modeling of natural resources such as conditional simulation. Geostatistics can also be utilizing to evaluate mineral reserves classification.

Who Should Attend
Mine engineers, geophysicists, geologist, geosciences, and everybody or professional who want better understanding and to broaden the knowledge from the course subjects.

The course will be conducted for 28 hours (4 days) with detail subjects as below:
Day 1 1. Review of statistics 2. Conventional reserves estimation methods 3. Concept of regionalized variable and calculation of experimental variogram Day 2 1. Analysis and interpretation of variogram 2. Exercise and practice of variogram calculation and fitting model 3. Concept of variance of dispersion 4. Concept of variance of estimation Day 3 1. Principle of kriging method and its application for reserve estimation 2. Exercise and practice of kriging method 3. Introduction on deterministic method for mineral deposit evaluation Day 4 1. Uncertainty analysis based on kriging variance and conditional simulation 2. Optimization of drilling pattern and reserves classification based on geostatistical method 2 hours 4 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 4 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours

The aims of this course are: 1. To give knowledge about the concept of regionalized variable that is the principle of geostatistics method, analysis and interpretation of variogram. 2. To give understanding about the principle of kriging method and its application for resources modeling and reserves estimation. 3. To give introduction about the principle of geostatistical simulation, uncertainty analysis, and their application in natural resources evaluation.

Facilities and Others
Participants are required to bring their own notebook computer for exercising and practicing. They will be provided with geostatistical public domain software named SGeMS (Stanford Geostatistical Earth Modeling Software). Participants will also get course’s hand out, certificate, seminar kit, lunch and coffee break.

Course Subject
The course subjects are including: 1. Review of statistics, concept of regionalized variable, concept of experimental variogram, analysis of variogram model and its interpretation. 2. Conventional reserves estimation methods. 3. Variance of dispersion and variance of estimation. 4. Principle of kriging method and its application. 5. Introduction about deterministic method, geostatistical simulation, uncertainty analysis, reserves classification based on geostatistical method.

Registration Fee
The registration fee is Rp. 6,000,000 per participant. Payment is required with registration and should be fully paid and transferred to: Lembaga Afiliasi Penelitian dan Industri Account No.: Institut Teknologi Bandung 0028680879 – LAPI ITB Pelatihan Jl. Dayang Sumbi 7 Bandung BNI Cabang ITB, Jl. Tamansari 80 Bandung
*) The *) Requirement

deadline for registration is August 3, 2009. for the minimum number of participant is 5 persons.

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