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Saudi Arabia Bank Chooses Communications Training from Banker's Academy in Engli

sh and Arabic
A Saudi Arabia Bank has recently chosen Communications classroom training from E
dcomm Banker’s Academy in both the English and Arabic languages.
New York, NY, June 04, 2011 -- A Saudi Arabia Bank has recently chosen Communica
tions classroom training from Edcomm Banker’s Academy in both the English and Arab
ic languages. Communications Basics and Communications for Managers and Supervis
ors will be taught by bilingual instructors and through course materials that ha
ve been translated in both English and Arabic.
Communications Basics, from Edcomm Banker’s Academy, teaches employees to communic
ate effectively for the organization. The course begins with the foundation of c
ommunication and its importance, and then moves on to essential communication sk
ills: verbal skills, asking and answering questions, non-verbal communication, g
iving feedback and listening. Finally, participants learn how to apply these com
munication skills in specific professional settings, including sending emails an
d talking on the phone.
Communications for Managers and Supervisors, from Edcomm Banker’s Academy, teaches
mid-level managers and supervisors how to effectively communicate with their te
ams. The course begins with an introduction to supervisory communications and co
mmunication channels and then covers how to effectively conduct meetings, give p
resentations and send correspondences to meet the goals of the organization.
For more information about programs like this, or to find out how The Edcomm Gro
up Banker’s Academy can customize any training program, log onto www.bankersacadem or call +1.212.631.9400.
The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy is a 24-year-old multimedia education and commun
ication consulting firm specializing in the development of creative business sol
utions that improve productivity, customer service and market share - providing
bottom-line results. The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy has had the privilege of as
sisting many distinguished clients with business solutions in the form of eLearn
ing programs, online bank training and classroom instruction, multimedia product
ion and online and print based documentation. Edcomm Banker s Academy offers man
y off-the-shelf and customized courses such as Teller Training, Compliance Train
ing and Systems Training specifically designed for Banks, Credit Unions and Mone
y Services Businesses (MSBs).
The Edcomm Group Banker s Academy ( is headquartered in N
ew York City with locations and representation throughout the world.
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