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Account Management / Business Development /
Project Management (Non IT)
Results-driven Executive eager to offer cross-functional leadership, management,
and communications talents toward supporting an employer in achieving key perfo
rmance objectives. Particularly astute at developing and cultivating key coalit
ions and relationships within the marketplace.
Project Oversight * Leadership Principles * International Arbitration / Business
Development * Business Development & Relationship Cultivation * Policy-Making *
Community Relations * Networking Strategies * Program Implementation * Research
and Analysis * Sustainability Planning * Business Expansion
Business Process Development * Conflict Management
* Strong analytical background with the ability to work independently on multipl
e projects with specialized experience in client accounts management, informatio
n management, operational efficiency practices, fiscal management, conflict mana
gement and effective communication techniques, research and data analysis, strat
egic planning, organization development and change management.
* Skilled at managing multiple projects and leading teams in cross-functional, c
oncerted efforts and ability to design and deliver presentations with a stress o
n attention to details.
* Knowledgeable in numerous facets of business operations thus aiding in bottom
line revenue increases.
* Excel in defining and implementing policies, procedures and operational system
s that boost productivity, efficiency and quality of the organization with a fla
ir for creativity.
* Competent leader and mentor who is able to create a team environment, includin
g building collaborative relationships, training peers to perform at maximum eff
iciency, and the capacity to form cross-functional coalitions in order to ensure
knowledge is shared across departmental lines. Holds superior organizational an
d time management skills.
* Proven ability to adapt strong process knowledge and technical skills to diver
se organization needs and a strong strategic thinker.
* Technology proficient and savvy in numerous applications and platforms includi
ng: MS Office Suite, Westlaw, Lexis-Nexus, and SPSS.
* Fluent in English, Hindi, and Telugu.
Director: Corporate Account Management & Business Development
* Primary responsibilities: Held several key positions and functioned in numerou
s capacities including: Project Management (Non-IT), Business Development and Ac
count Management, Financial and Accounting Analysis, Legal Documentation Review,
Immigration Law.
Project Management:
* Provide project leadership in order to achieve maximum production, including b
udget control, production timetable, status reporting, client/project team coord
ination, and quality assurance.
* Effectively manage and support staff relevant to specific projects in order to
complete assignments on time and on budget.
* Hold regular status meetings with project team.
* Keep project team well informed of changes within the organization and general
corporate news.
* Effectively communicate relevant project information to superiors.
* Deliver engaging, informative, well-organized presentations.
Account Management:
* Ensure delivery of superior customer service and high client satisfaction leve
ls by diligently tracking concerns and presenting issues at routine builders mee
tings for prompt resolution.
* Facilitate team and client meetings effectively.
* Resolve and/or escalate issues in a timely fashion.
* Understand how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully.
* Manage day-to-day client interaction. Set and manage client expectations.
* Developed lasting relationships with client personnel that foster client ties.
* Communicate effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternativ
e business solutions.
* Continually seek opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen cl
ient relationships.
* Build a knowledge base of each client's business, organization and objectives.
Business Development/General Management/Legal:
* Possess an extensive knowledge of fiduciary practices, policies, and regulatio
ns and can apply this knowledge in terms of budgets, forecasting and projections
, as well as financial analysis.
* Assist all departments in review of legal matters, including personnel, employ
ee relations, and customer relations, as requested to do so.
* Carry out management responsibilities in accordance with the Company's policie
s, objectives, and applicable government laws and regulations.
* Review administration of foreign entities' agreements, procedures, accounting
and corporate administration to ensure compliance with applicable laws and treat
* Ensure proper agreements, payments and settlements of group companies, as well
as, proper statutory accounting for each group company.
* Responsible for the review and maintenance of inter-company relationships and
* Advised internal clients (Sales, Development, Purchasing, Product Management,
Marketing and Logistics) on any kind of legal issue arising in connection with t
ransactions and business proposals.
* Represent the company in lieu with litigation and contest administrative matte
rs proceedings; coordinate with outside counsel.
* Demonstrate dynamic leadership qualities and strong communication skills in su
ccessfully steering planning meetings and delivering comprehensive strategies.
* Capable of in-depth research and data analysis with the purpose of improving b
rand awareness and product exposure to various market segments.
* Develop and implement numerous protocols and policies with the purpose of iden
tifying and resolving relevant client issues in a proactive manner.
* Work to standardize cross-departmental protocols between various departments i
n order to break down "silo" mentality and increase knowledge sharing.
* Stay abreast of most up-to-date research and data in order to offer most viabl
e services to client base.
* Resolve issues quickly through careful data analysis including technical and f
unctional information.
* Actively collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and departmental resources t
o optimize operational efficiency.
* Ability to handle corporate legal affairs including: Legal Documentation & Com
mercial Agreements, Drafting and closing complex commercial agreements.
* Demonstrate ability to think and decide quickly, and to communicate legal issu
es and solutions clearly and concisely. Extensive experience in sourcing, drafti
ng, negotiating and structuring technology and non-technology initiatives. Perfo
rm functions within the contract law discipline, such as document review work. R
esponsible for Company's Work Visa and Employment based green card processing.
* Prepare PERM applications, write recruitment reports, drafted language justifi
cation memos and training justification memos for audits of PERM files, assemble
d documents and drafted cover letters for L-1 extensions, drafted parts of brief
for a petition for review, researched requirements for certain non-immigrant vi
sas including H-1Bs and L Blanket Applications. Assist in all aspects of immigra
tion practice.
Legal Consultant
* Primary responsibilities: Retained as a consultant to clients based in India o
n matters regarding business operations, advising on matters such as divorce, sp
ousal abuse to the family whose children are based in or married to internationa
l citizens.
* Provided consulting to setup a joint venture in India for a Food Chain Corpora
tion dealing with a chain of restaurants, based in the U.S.
Financial Research Analyst
* Primary responsibilities: Utilized strong mathematical and analytical skills t
o assess the economic performance of specific companies for the company's client
* The results of these assessments helped generate research reports, which were
detailed and extensive periodical distributed exclusively to the clients.
* Participated in a quarterly conference call, with investors and analysts from
competing firms to get direct data and interaction with the companies and indust
ries senior management team.
* Consistently analyzed business trends, competition and new regulatory policies
that might affect investments.
Senior Advocate / Ex. Attorney General A.P.
* Primary responsibilities: Gained professional experience in litigation, trial
work, mediation.
* Golden Gate University School of Law
San Francisco, CA
* LL.M. (Mater's in Law) with (Concentrations in U.S. Legal Studies and Corporat
e and Commercial Law)
* Focused on International Business Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions, join
t Ventures and Project Finance
* Focused on International Intellectual Property protection, including extensive
research on the trademark systems and infringement of India and China
* Oklahoma City University Oklahoma Ci
ty, OK
* Master's of Business Administration (Finance)
* Master's in Criminal Justice Administration
* Extensive research and papers written on comparisons on the common law and the
criminal law systems of the United States, the United Kingdom, and India
* Mahatma Gandhi College of Law Hy
derabad, India
* B.A., LL.B., Bachelor of Law
* Enrolled with the Bar Council of A.P, India in 1999.
* Taking the New York Bar in July 2011.
* Permanent Residency in the USA
* Permanent Residency in the Sweden - with rights in the EU

* References shall be given upon request.