Cory Moy JOT Essay

A Teenage Nightmare
“All my life I’ve been good, but now I’m thinking What the Hell. All I want is to mess around.” “Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight dreams be your Teenage Dream tonight.” Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry, both aspiring recording artists with a love for music. Their new hit singles “What the Hell” by Avirl Lavigne and “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry have become the center of female pop music; each hitting the Top 10 on the iTunes chart and landing a spot on every single pop radio channel; to name a few, Kiss FM 103.5 and B96 96.3. Both the song’s lyrics talk about the artists doing

their thing, having the time of their life; having sex, going to clubs, being reckless. Where Britney and Christina displayed over-the-top sexuality toward American teens and tweens, Katy and Avril are there to raise the bar. Not only do these catchy tunes and addictive lyrics reach teens through the radio, but through popular television music channels such as MTV, who have been under heavy fire by the PTC(The Parents Television Council) for releasing a new study, “MTV Smut Peddlers: Targeting Kids with Sex, Drugs and Alcohol,” which found that MTV programming contains staggering levels of sex and foul language – far higher than anything found on adult-targeting television (Lifesitenews, 2005). So, what’s the problem? Maybe the real issue at hand that we should be asking ourselves is what is currently happening to the younger generation, a generation that is greatly exposed to adult material where drugs, sex, and alcohol is slowly becoming the norm. Is that so called, “Teenage Dream” soon becoming a reality? Its not so much the fact that kids watch an excessive amount of TV, but WHAT

that’s roughly ¾ of every child ages 12-19. Now. MTV is just one example of the way kids keep up with the rushing content pop culture has to offer. whose minds are in the hugest phase of developing. 2005). these behaviors will affect teens’ safety and education. 73% of boys and 78% of girls. what new FPS video games are out. Not too good now isn’t it. is too immoral. and 1. You’re at home eating at the dinner when your sixteen year -old daughter tells you something wrong. use drugs. that’s twenty three kids in an average thirty student classroom. but let’s look at this from a parent’s perspective. new trends in clothing. To put that in perspective. A time when you can tune out . However. if you’re a teen who just happens to be reading this. And that’s the problem. “MTV is watched by 73% of boys and 78% of girls ages 12 to 19. So. In addition. over 2. or drink alcohol” (Kirchheimer.5 times more likely to get arrested. “What’s wrong with listening to music? Isn’t music a way of expressing your feelings and a form of relaxation. teens are “Three times more likely to hit a teacher. the content MTV has to offer to tweens. and inappropriate for them to watch. etc. how bad does it get? Let’s find out. and it is profoundly influential in the lives of its young fans by glamorizing drug and alcohol use.5 times more likely to get an STD.they are watching. Over the course of a one year study conducted by researches at the Emory University’s of Rollins School of Public Health. “Why?” She replies that she got a little to drunk from a party she went to while you were out and got ‘down and dirty’ with your daughter’s boyfriend and is now pregnant with his baby. sexual promiscuity and violent behavior” (Lifesitenews. impure. 2003). Tweens get older and start to feel the pressure of fitting in and quickly absorb the ideals of pop culture. you might not care that much about the severity of this issue. You ask. others might ask. twice as likely to have multiple sexual partners.

whether it be sitting in the pew for an entire hour having to listen to the pastor preach and reluctantly sing those “Jesus” songs.the rest of the world and groove out to the songs on your iPod?” That may be true. “What the Hell?” and adjust our sails toward the peaceful waters. spending their Sunday morning going to church when you could be doing something much more productive. 2011) Teens dislike having to listen to a higher authority. Going through our daily lives we continue to ride the deadly waves of pop culture. such as their parents. which is constant. waiting for it to crash uncontrollably into our lives drifting us in the wrong direction. “Teenage rebellion. . But before that happens. but there may be a deeper reason as to why tweens fall for the sexual pressures of today’s pop culture. we should say. interferes with normal daily functioning and is destructive to themselves and other calls for much more attention” (teenhelp. Bible tells me not to have sex before I’m married? *goes and gets a sexual partner* Bible tells me not to kill? *joins a gang* What seems to be happening is that the religion cause is actually having a negative counter effect instead of a positive effect on a teen’s life. and hate having to follow orders they are being given. As kids grow older. they begin to show a rebellious nature. So. They consider it a waste of time. One thing teens in particular dislike having to do is go to church. Teens also find it to be exceptionally boring. what does this rebellious being inside the teen tell them to do? Behave the exact opposite of what the religion calls for. Rebellion is a method teenagers use to help them pronounce their individuality. or go through the monotonous and zombie-like movements of a Catholic mass.