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Intro: Computers revolutionizing the world and classrooms; $2B on 2M computers

Over the last decade an estimated $2billion has been spent on more than 2 million computers for American s classrooms. (David Gelernter)

Source: Prabhu and Gelernter
Computers influencing education Prabhu s article . intertwining computers in education Gelernter article computers a roadblock to education

Thesis: I Agree that Excessive use of computers is a hindrance

Body 1 Prabhu
Defines iGeneration born in the 1990 rapidly changing technology Today s students use .social networks, cell phones, computers Rosen and Petroski ..push for student engagement

Larry D. Rosen s multitasking
Larry D. Rosen ..psychology professor and author of Rewired ..They Learn . Multitasking cell phones, Facebook, and MySpace Recommends students generate original content textisms , s.a..acronyms, promote writing.. Rosen agrees .one problem .multitasking breath and little depth is that they spend more time gathering information in breath rather than depth . So multitasking .........a hindrance breath/little depth


a professor of computer science at Yale University agrees computers with the right software . puts it Teaching children to understand the orderly unfolding of a plot or logical argument is crucial part of education. digital copy disembodied paragraphs hypermedia troubling because . ..arithmetic. engaged is key to connecting . authors don t merely agglomerate paragraphs. because to sit and listen and do one thing for long periods is so foreign to their daily lives. hinders hypermedia .Andy Petroski engagement multidimensional.. they work hard to make the narrative read a certain way. wrong software hinders learning Wrong software hinders the allow me/candy coated programs Gelernter...potential to achieve great things software that does . corrects spelling .suggests multidimensional lessons . prove a particular point hypertext is to invite readers to ignore exactly what counts-the story (Gelernter) Hindrance b/c . reflect the way students live and work outside of school Body2 David Gelernter. By offering children candy-coated books. Engage me. multimedia is guaranteed to sour them on unsweetened reading boring hinders learning Hypermedia . multitasking Petroski ..iGeners .today s students more than any other generation . (Gelernter) 2 .director of Learning Technologies Master of Science .hinders argues against multimedia ..

if the performance of iGeners drop .Body 3 Criticism Argue Gelernter unfair to iGeners b/c recc.causing poor math results... calculators are not used in elementary or junior high school because the primary emphasis is on helping students develop their mental abilities.iGeners WOL Hv. recc may be necessary Japanese Math results Additionally Japanese educator . Candy coated to ensure .. Excessive use .then Gerl. (Gelernter).in Japan.(no) learning cavities . So Gelernter no wonder Japanese kids blow the pants . 3 . of computers during recess/relaxation .. Take away articles computers offer tools to match . Summary.