1he Cne Goog|e Þ|us Ieature Iacebook 5hou|d Iear

ÞosLed bv amar slnah on !une 30Lhţ 2011 1ť27 ÞM
5hare1575 CommenLs (110)
Whlle Lech pundlLs are wldelv pralslna Cooale's new Þlus producLţ l've found Lhe one feaLure LhaL could
Lake awav from lacebook where lL's mosL domlnanLť 1lme on Lhe slLeŦ

lacebook users are known for sLavlna on Lhe slLe for over half an hour a davţ someLhlna no oLher slLe
could compeLe wlLhŧ unLll nowŦ
1o be honesLţ mv auL reacLlon afLer uslna Cooale Þlus was lnlLlallvţ ºWhv on earLh would anvbodv swlLch
Lo Lhls from lacebook?"
Poweverţ when l loaded up Cooale llnance as l do everv mornlnaţ l suddenlv reallzed LhaL l was asklna
Lhe wrona quesLlonŦ 1he reallLv ls LhaL users won´t hove the option of not usino 6ooo/e P/usŦ
Cooale alreadv has more users Lhan lacebookţ over one bllllonŦ 1hev aren'L aolna Lo suddenlv leave
lacebook ln drovesţ Lhev're [usL aolna Lo spend more Llme on all Lhe slLes ln Cooale's neLworkŦ 1haL bla
noLlflcaLlons box ln Lhe Lop rlahL of all Cooale slLes ls Lhe reason whvŦ
As l'm browslna around CooaleŴpowered slLes Lhere's occaslonallv a red noLlflcaLlon alerL LhaL pops up
and lmmedlaLelv arabs mv aLLenLlonŦ Soon enouah l'm cllcklna Lhrouah Lhe varlous noLlflcaLlons and
seelna whaL mv frlends have shared and who has recenLlv beaun sharlna wlLh meŦ

lL's a noLŴsoŴsubLle LacLlc bv Cooale Lo qulcklv lncrease Lhe amounL of Llme vou end up spendlna on
Cooale properLlesŦ lL's also an easv wav Lo lmmedlaLelv add soclal dlscoverv Lo all of Cooale's producLsŦ
1he noLlflcaLlons box ls also someLhlna LhaL Cooale could leveraae Lo sLeal one of lacebook's mosL
valuable asseLsť developersŦ
SomeLhlna llke 30 percenL or more of all lacebook users' Llme on Lhe slLe ls from appllcaLlonsŦ Whlle
Zvnaaţ whlch ls reporLedlv flllna Lo ao publlc Lhls weekţ has bullL a mulLlŴbllllon dollar buslness on Lop of
Lhe plaLformţ lL has llLLle lovalLv Lo Lhe companvŦ
1he prlmarv reason ls LhaL lacebook ls now Laklna a 30 percenL cuL of everv aame developer's buslnessŦ
8v conLrasLţ Cooaleţ whlch brlnas ln over $30 bllllon ln revenue each vearţ could easllv afford Lo leL
developers keep all Lhe monev Lhev aeneraLeŦ
Add ln Lhe facL LhaL Cooale also has Lhe fasLesL arowlna moblle dlsLrlbuLlon channel of anv companv
(Androld) and vou suddenlv reallze Lhe power LhaL Lhe search alanL has Lo woo developersŦ
noţ Cooale Þlus ls noL a ºlacebook klllerţ" buL desplLe Lhe companv's numerous falled aLLempLs aL
aeLLlna lnLo soclal medlaţ Lhe new Þlus producL alves users no oLher opLlon buL Lo accepL Lhe facL LhaL
Cooale ls becomlna exacLlv LhaLť soclalŦ
1hls ls clearlv [usL Lhe sLarLţ LhouahŦ Cnce Cooale Þlus becomes sLable and more wldelv usedţ Lhe
companv wlll aLLempL Lo compeLe wlLh lacebook where lL maLLers mosL bv bulldlna an enLlre soclal
plaLformŦ 1he noLlflcaLlons are [usL one lndlcaLor of whaL lavs aheadŦ
8eadersţ have vou Lrled Cooale Þlus veL Ÿ do vou Lhlnk lL has Lhe poLenLlal Lo cuL lnLo vour use of

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