safflower.80 213. sesame. The Government. realisation it stood at Rs. The export of oilmeals.78 million ha. The total area under oilseed cultivation in the country stood at 22. Maharashtra (10. deoiled cakes. edible and non edible oil play an important role in the agricultural economy of the country. Rajasthan (15. Madhya Pradesh is the leading oilseed producing state in the country and accounts for 21.) 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 * Source : SEA of India As can be observed from the above table.79 84. castor and linseed are the nine major oilseeds sources for obtaining edible and non edible grade oils.60 Production of oilseeds Net availability of edible oils from domestic sources 70. The corresponding production was 22.10 94. actual consumption and import during the period from 1996-97 to 200102 are as under : Table-I ( Lakh MT) OIL YEAR ( Nov.90 60. The table given below shows the yield vis-a-vis world average and the highest yield in the world for the FY 2000-01 243.06 72. The net availability of edible oils from all domestic sources.80 million tonnes.66 26.. The other leading oilseed producing states are Gujarat (17.70%). there has been fluctuations in production of oilseeds and consequently net availability of edible oils from domestic sources.07 lakh tons.16 12.96 39. with a view to avoiding scarcity of this item and consequential rise in prices. Oilseeds. sunflower.14 55.00 Imports Total availability 14.15 184.76%). and Andhra Pradesh (7. The secondary sources are coconut. soyabean. import and total availability.32 69. Net Availability of Edible Oil/Import/Actual Consumption: There has been a persistent gap between demand and domestic availability of edible oils. Apart from oilseeds. The rest of the states account for the remaining 27. in 2001-02.04 63. In terms of value.Oct.36% of the total production. India contributes about 9% of the world oilseeds production. 3393 crore. rice bran.45 85. nigerseed.45 .48 207. India is one of the leading oilmeal exporter in the world. Groundnut.83 102. rapeseed/ mustard.00 211. about 7% of the global production of protein meal and is the 4th largest edible oil economy in the world.22 41.61 60. solvent extracted oils from tree and forest origin.Agricultural Engineering OIL MILL MODEL PROJECT ON EDIBLE OIL PROCESSING Importance of Edible Oil in the country's economy: Oilseeds and edible oils are two of the most sensitive agricultural commodities in the country.20 247.98 95. oilseeds and minor oils for the financial year 2000-2001 stood at 29.36% of the total oilseed production in the country. cottonseed.75 21. has been allowing import of edible oils. the byproducts obtained during the processing operation viz. oilmeals and other minor oil products are also of high economic value.79%).03%). Its share in the world oilmeal export market is about 7%.

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