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BeatSwap Project Programme

Developed in Partnership with Oxford Road Community School and RhythmZone African Drumming and World Percussion 26th April - 26th July 2011 Preliminary Taster Sessions (Years 4 and 5 - In School) 4 Hours each school. In school taster sessions. September 2011 - April 2012 A*er-School Club Programme (Now Years 5 and 6 - School Venues/A*er School) Schools each receive 2 x 6 week clubs (1 hour sessions) May 2012 - June 2012 Mini Performance Sessions (Local Arts Venue/Evenings) Paired schools each recieve 2 X 2hr performance/skill sharing sessions June 2012 Big Mid-Project Performance (Local Arts Venue/Evening) Public performance for all participants accompanied by professional West African Percussion Troupe May 2012 - July 2012 Young Leader Development (In School - Lunchtimes) Equipment will be rotated between each school (3 week slots). Project participants will lead weekly lunchtime drumming clubs. Supported by project sta. September 2012 - December 2012 (In School - Lunchtimes) Project Legacy Schools now support children to run the lunchtime clubs and rotate equipment with partner schools. Project sta will visit each school to review legacy maintenance. December 2012 - Onwards (In School - Lunchtimes) Project legacy fully sustained by schools. Partner schools are now proud hosts of peer led lunchtime drumming groups..

This project will involve four primary schools in Reading. Children from each school will learn musical technique and notation, create and share their own compositions with partner schools, perform in a variety of private and public settings and have opporunities to develop their skills as young music leaders. Each Partner school commits to: Contributing 750 towards project costs Providing us with a suitable venue for workshop delivery Identifying a project liaison ocer whose main responsibilities will include: being a key contact for our project sta (booking rooms, scheduling our visits, sharing information in-school) taking an active role in supporting the school to fulll the project legacy (supervising the young music leaders / lunchtime sessions, arranging transport of drums to partner schools three times a year)

The BeatSwap project oers each school: 4 hours in school music sessions 12 weeks of a3er school clubs 4 Performance opportunites Empowering Young Music Leadership opportunites Young Music Leader training and support Shared ownership of whole class music equipment Creative links with 3 local schools LEGACY: 3 weeks of peer-led lunchtime drumming at your school 3 times a year. We will provide session formats and return to your school to guide you through sustaining this aspect of the project.