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Thank you so much for your prayers for the Colombian missionary team of Crisalinco

Method of transportation in the Amazons

Paromena Village

They brought some of the Bible Institute students with them and the session has already begun.

Mission trip to the Apaporis River border of Amazons and Vaupes to the tribes Macuna, Letuama, Tanimuca, Tatuyo,Yauna, Barasano, Yujup Maku, Cabiyari.

Most of the trip was by river

But also we have to pick up our supplies and our canoe and walk through the jungle because there were areas that were to low to navigate.

These are some of the communities, we share like sharing a story, we let them know that something wonderful had happened and that we were there to let them know, we share Salvation.

Mauricio giving a Proclaimer player (over 8 hrs. of scripture and scripture related material) to a Tanimuka chief

Mauricio, team leader and chaplain of El Alfarero ( Crisalincos Bible Institute in Leticia- Amazons) Everyone wanted a solar powered Proclaimer and tracks with the Bible Stories. This trip was a huge opportunity to distribute Gods Word in this way, as well as work with the children. The children are very responsive, and it is a good way to reach the people. It was a hard trip, but good. The spiritual battles are very real and much prayer is needed. I learned so much about the people both along the way and in the communities where we stayed for a time. We were in 7 different communities, some just for a short visit, and others for several days.

Ivonne, Mauricios wife: God protected us and helped me when I fell and dislocated my elbow. (her husband was able to put it back in place!). It was painful but I was able to keep going. We had so many good times with the children as well as the adults, and we worked well together as a team. I learned more about the culture and am ready to go back and serve in this way again. God has exciting plans for the future of His work in Amazonas.

Rosely, academic coordinator for El Alfarero: I am so thankful to have been part of this team. It was a very unique experience for me! It was soooo far away, like the end of the earth! (I reminded her that the Letuamas call themselves the Wejeememaja the people of the middle of the earth!). It was great to work with the children. I learned so much about the people that I could never have learned if I had not been out there with them. I would love to go back again.

Bellanira, coordinator for El Alfarero: Thank you for the opportunity to serve in this way. It was a privilege to work with the children and they and their teachers were so enthusiastic about our visits and the Bible stories we told. I learned so much, but we need to learn more about their culture and how we can witness to them more effectively. Bellanira played the guitar and led the children in songs and games as well as telling Bible stories.
We got this Guitar from the ANM Container

Orlando, student in the CTC ( Crisalincos missionary training school )and a Guahibo Indigenous: I did not have much time to prepare for this trip and the culture of the indigenous people of Amazonas is so different from my own, but I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to share my testimony as a member of another indigenous group, with these people. There is a real need to train Christian leaders in Amazonas so that they can be better witnesses to their own people. I dont know what the future holds for me because my own people await me when I am finished with my training, but I would like to go back to these same villages again some day.

Carlos, CTC student: For me this trip was an excellent opportunity to put to practice what I have already learned, and it also showed me what I still need to learn! Thanks for giving me the chance to go out to this remote area and share the Gospel with the people, and especially the children. I think the same team needs to go back again next year, since the people know us now. I would love to be part of the team again.

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