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1. A hockey player is supposed to know the meaning of the term? (A) Dead Ball (B) Bouncer (C) LBW (D) Penalty Corner (E) Frozen Ball (ANS): D 2. Which one of the following have provided bailout package to Ireland to deal with its debt crisis? (A) EU only (B) IMP only (C) World Bank only (D) Only A and B above (E) All A B C above (ANS): D 3. Which one of the following Indian Company is the only company from India to be included in the Top Ten 2010 Value creators Global Ranking released by global management consulting firm BCG? (A) RIL (B) Tata Steel (C) Bharti Airtel (D) JSPL (E) Bajaj Auto (ANS): D 4: Which one of the following has launched guidebook on standards for exporters? (A) RBI (B) SEBI (C) IBA (D) UNIDO (E)UNESCO (ANS): D 5. BIPA with Sudan comes into effect was the news in various newspaper recently. It is an agreement for? (A) Investment in a country (B) Peaceful use of atomic power (C) Allowing students to visit each others nation (D) Allowing people to come for medical treatment (E) (ANS): A To form an alliance with each other in case of a war 6. In which one of the following sports Sandhya Rani Devi bagged Silver in Asiad 2010, Games? (A) Shooting

(B) Squash (C) Taekwondo (D) Ten-pin bowling (E) Wushu (ANS): E 7. Which of the following terms is normally not seen in the field of International Relations? (A) Exchange Rate (B) Free Trade (C) MFN (D) Alluvial Soil (E) OECD (ANS): D 8. According to mid term review of Indian economy, which one of the following segments will be the major contributor to GDP growth? (A) Agriculture (B) Industry (C) Services (D) Mining (E) None of these (ANS): C 9. Which of the following films directed by Aamir Khan was sent for OSCARs Award nominations from India? (A) Rang De Basanti (B) Peepli Live (C) Tare Zamin Par (D) Lagan (E) None of these (ANS): B 10. In which one of the following states, population growth rate is lower than national average? (A) Dethi (B) Gujarat (C) Chhattisgarh (D) Himachal Pradesh (E) Orissa (ANS): E 11.In broad gauge, the distance between the rails is (A) 1.00 metre (B) 3 metre (C) 1.67 metre (D) 2.67 metre (E) 0.76 metre (ANS): C 12. Who is Indra Nooyi? (A) CEO Coca Cola (B) CEO PepsiCo. (C) Managing Director Nano Division (D) Indias permanent representative to UNO (E) None of these (ANS): B 13. ET Now and CNBC TV18, TV Channels essentially broadcast (A) English News (B) Classic English Movies (C) Political Events and News (D) Business and Economic News (E) All important national and international news in English (ANS): D 14. Amongst the following sports men/women, who has won the first gold medal at Guangzhou Asian Games? (A) Yuan Xiachao (B) Wang Migluen

(C) Zhu Oianward (D) Takeshi Matsuda (E) Wu Jingbiao (ANS): A 15. With which one of the following fields was Satyajit Ray associated? (A)Films (B) Sports (C) Social Work (D). Drama (E)Short Stories (ANS): A 16. Daniel Vettroi is captain of which one of the following teams? (A) New Zealand Cricket Team (B)South Africa Cricket Team (C)New Zealand Basket Ball Team (D) West Indies Cricket Team (E) Australia Cricket Team (ANS): A 17. Who amongst the following carried Indian Tricolour at Guangzhou Asian Games? (A) Sania Mirza (B) Saina Nehwal (C) Gagan Narang (D) Suranjay Singh (E) Randhir Singh (ANS): C 18. Financial ratio analysis of a company helps in understanding 1. The long term debt raising capacity 2. The short term solvency 3. The reasons for fluctuation in its stock prices 4. The net worth of the company 5.The profitability (A) 1,2,3,4 (B) 2,3,4 (C)3,4,5 (D) 3,1,2,4 (E) 1,2,4,5 (ANS): E 19. Human breath is visible in winter but not in summer because (A) The difference in outside pressure gives visibility to breath (B) Breath contains certain impurities and visible matters (C) Water vapour in breath condenses in cold air, making it visible (D) Breath has heat in it which evaporates in cold air giving visibility (E) None of these (ANS): D 20. Which of the following is/are not the names of Seven North Eastern States? 1. Jorhat 2. Manipur 3. Meghalaya 4. Agartala 5. Dimapur (A) 1,2,3 (B) 2,3,4 (C) 3, 4, 1 (D) 1, 4, 2 (E) 1,4,5 (ANS): E 21. According to a recent newspaper survey, which one of the following is the most preferred language for leisure reading among the Indian Youth? (A) Hindi (B) Marathi

(C) Bengali (D) Telugu (E) English (ANS): E 22. Who was Dr. C. Rangarajan? (A) Chairman, PMEAC (B) Member, Planning Commission (C) Chief Economist, IBA (D) RBI Governor (E) Member, Minority Commission (ANS): D 23. Which of the following is an oilseed? (A) Garlic (B) Clove (C) Cardamom (D) Cumin Seed (E) Mustard (ANS): E 24. The RBI reviews its credit and monetary policy at regular intervals and also in between. What is the purpose of the same? 1. To ensure that inflation does not cross the limit 2. To ensure that banks have enough liquidity 3. To ensure that cost of the fund does not reach a very high level (A) Only 1 (B) Only2 (C) All1,2 and 3 (D) Only 2 and 3 (E) None of these (ANS): C 25. The name of the white revolution is associated with? (A) J. V. Narlikar (B) J.C.Bose (C) Kurien Verghese (D) M. S. Swaminathan (E) C. Rangarajan (ANS): C 26. The cabinet committee recently approved the IGMSY a scheme for the welfare of the people of India. Who amongst the following will get the benefit of the scheme? (A) Mothers and pregnant women (B) Children upto 12 years of age (C) Youth (D) Old and Senior Citizens (E) All the above (ANS): A 27. The Govt. of India provides direct financial support to which of the following schemes? (A) Jeevan Bharati Scheme (B) ULIP (C) Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (D) Packing Credit Guarantee Scheme (E) All of the above (ANS): C 28. Who amongst the following is a famous Urdu author/poet who received Jnanpith Award recently? (A)Akhlaq Khan Shabryar (B)ONV Kurup (C) Khushwant Singh (D) Krishna Sobti (E)None of these (ANS): A 29. Who amongst the following is the author of the Book A Bend in the River? (A) V. S. Naipaul

(B) Arun Shourie (C) Octavia Paz (D) Daniel Defoe (E) Walter Scott (ANS): A 30. Which of the following is called the pink city of India? (A) Kolkata (B) Lucknow (C) Kota (D) Hyderabad (E) Jaipur (ANS): E 31. Which of the following states got a new Chief Minister without new assembly elections? (A) Goa (B) Madhya Pradesh (C) Jharkhand (D) Gujarat (E) Delhi (ANS): C 32. A two days National level conference /event was organised in Chandigarh in September 2010. Which was the conference /event? (A) Miss India 2010 (B) Asian Women Hockey Finals 2010 (C) Conference of the Finance Ministers of SAARC (D) National Rabi Conference (E) None of these (ANS): E 33. Which of the following Summits took place in Hanoi in October 2010? (A) ASEAN Summit (B) SAARC Summit (C) G-20 Summit (D) G-8 Summit (E) None of these (ANS): A 34. The Reserve Bank does not have an office in? (A) Kanpur (B) Jaipur (C) Lucknow (D) Bhopal (E) Gulbarga (ANS): E 35. A Badminton player is supposed to know the meaning of the term (A) Bouncer (B) Love (C) LBW (D) Punch (E) Booster (ANS): B 36. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2010? (A) Ishant Sharma (B) Hariom Singh (C) M.S.Dhoni (D) Sushil Kumar (E) Saina Nehwal (ANS): E

37. India extended a credit of US $ 250 million to which of the following countries, which will be used for infrastructural development there? (A)China (B) Pakistan (C) Myanmar (D) Nepal (E)Sudan (ANS): D 38. Which one of the following makes a case for intensive, modem farming? (A) Higher output using organic method (B) Remunerative price (C) Cropping pattern (D) Land acquisition for non agricultural needs (E) None of these (ANS): C 39. In which one of the following States multi-thousand-food grain scam has recently been noticed by the High Court? (A)M. P. (B) Orissa (C)Bihar (D) Jharkhand (E)U.P. (ANS): C 40. Which one of the following is the objective of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issued by the Government? (A), To ensure that Companies take steps for rehabilitation of project affected people (B) To ensure that Companies use some of their profits for educating the project affected people (C) To ensure that Companies provide health care to project affected people (D) To ensure that Companies take preventive measures to avoid environmental damage (E) None of these (ANS): A 41. The eleventh five year plan of India is for the five years ranging from? (A) 20092014 (B) 20082013 (C) 20072012 (D) 20062011 (E) None of these (ANS): C 42. DSCR indicates the ability of a company to (A) Meet its current liabilities (B) Service its shareholders (C) Meet its long term debt obligations (D) Raise further capital (E) None of these (ANS): C 43. An IPO is (A) Initial price offered by a private limited company to its shareholders (B) An offer by an unlisted company for sale of its shares for the first time to the public (C) Used to increase the share capital of an unlisted company (D) A book building process (E) None of these (ANS): B 44. A decreasing current ratio indicates (A) A stable liquidity (B) An increasing liquidity (C) A strained liquidity (D) Satisfactory current solvency (E) None of these (ANS): E

45. Private equity investors, invest in a company based mainly on (A) The age of the company (B) The location of the company (C) The activity undertaken by the company (D) The creditability and the valuation of the company (E) The existing profitability of the company (ANS): E 46. The synagogue is generally (A) An epic (B) A religion (C) Jewish House of Prayer (D) The Parsi temple (E) A palace (ANS): C 47.Deuce is a term used in (A) Polo (B) Lawn tennis (C) Badminton (D) Boxing (E) Volley ball (A) a,b,c (B) b, c, d (C) c,d,a (D) a,b,e (E) b,c,e (ANS): E 48. ISI is the intelligence agency of (A) United Kingdom (B) United States of America (C) Israel (D) Pakistan (E) India (ANS): D 49. Air Traffic Controllers job involves 1. Control of air traffic in and within vicinity of airport 2. Control of movement of air traffic between altitude, sectors and control centres 3. Following established procedures and policies for air traffic control 4. Control of commercial air line flights according to government regulations 5. To authorize and regulate commercial airline flights (A) 1,2 (B)2,3 (C) 1, 2, 3, 4 (D) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (E) 3,4,5 (ANS): A 50. Animal assisted therapy is employed in? (A) Operations (B) ICU (C) Old age homes (D) Training animals (E) Natural healing (ANS): D For More bank Exam Model Papers CLICK HERE

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Syndicate Bank Specialist Officers Exam Paper 2011-General Awareness 1. In one of his speeches Pranab Mukherjee said that the Govt. had no plans to dilute the roles of market regulators. This mean the role of which of the following will not be diluted ? (A) Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) (B) Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) (C) Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) (D) Bureau of Indian Standards (E) Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) (Answer) : (E) 2. What is the full form of ULIP, the term which was in the news recently ? (A) Universal Life & Investment Plan (B) Unit Loan & Insurance Plan (C) Universal Loan & Investment Plan (D) Uniformly Loaded Investment Plan (E) Unit Linked Insurance Plan (Answer) : (E) 3. As per the news published in some major financial newspapers the Maharashtra Govt. is planning to introduce Green Tax on vehicles. What is the purpose of Green Tax ? (A) It has been introduced with the aim of discouraging high consumption of petroleum products (B) It is a tax levied by the Govt. in place of VAT as VAT is not very profitable for State Govts. (C) It is just like a toll tax which will be charged from all the vehicles whenever they enter green areas of a city like hospitals, schools, and old age homes (D) This is a tax levied on big commercial vehicles only with the aim of prohibiting them from entering residential areas and non commercial areas (E) None of these (Answer) : (E) 4. Very often we read in newspapers about 3G or 3rd Generation technology. This is a set of standards used by which of the following ? (A) To combat climatic changes (B) Production of Nuclear Energy (C) Film Production (D) Mobile Telecommunications (E) All of these (Answer) : (D) 5. Which of the following companies is not in the field of insurance business ? (A) ICICI Prudential (B) Bajaj Allianz (C) Tata AIG (D) AEGON Religare (E) Royal Orchid (Answer) : (E) 6. Many times we read that a corporate entity is in the process of raising its capital base. Why is a company required to raise money to strengthen its capital base ? 1. To finance its expansion plans 2. To finance its diversification plans 3. To repay its loan and borrowings (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2

(C) Only 3 (D) Only 1 and 2 (E) All 1, 2 and 3 (Answer) : (A) 7. Many times we read in newspapers that a company is planning to bring public issue. What does it mean ? 1. Shares of the company will be issued only through public sector organizations like banks/central financial institutions etc. 2. Shares of the company will be issued to general public only through primary market. 3. This means some stakeholders/promoters are willing to leave the company. Hence, they wish to sell their stock to the general public. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1, 2 and 3 (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 8. Whenever some people wish to enter into business world, it is a must for them to approach a bank. What services do banks provide them in this regard ? 1. Banks act as payment agents by operating current accounts, paying cheques and receiving payments for them. 2. Maintaining account books for them for their day to day activities so that they are not required to appoint account/finance personnel on a regular basis. 3. Lending money by way of overdraft installment loan, credit or advance for business activities. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) Only 1 and 3 (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 9. As we all have noticed banks these days are giving more emphasis on Branch less Banking. What does this really means 1. Banks will not have many branches as used to be in the good old days. Instead the number of branches will be restricted and will conduct only a specified core business. 2. Banks will launch/operate many delivery channels like ATMs, Mobile Banking/Internet Banking etc. so that people are not required to visit a branch for their usual banking needs. 3. This mean banks will issue only debit or credit cards for all types of day to day financial transactions. Cheques/cash payments will not be allowed. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 1 and 2 (D) Only 2 and 3 (E) All 1, 2 and 3 (Answer) : (D) 10. As per the news published in various financial newspapers Maruti Suzuki has no immediate plans to enter into low cost segment. This means 1. Maruti-Suzuki will not reduce the price of its various products, as is being done by some other manufacturers. 2. Maruti-Suzuki does not want to produce a Nano like low cost car in the near future. 3. Maruti-Suzuki wants to retain its existing position of luxury car makers and will not enter into thearea of makers of cars for the general public. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1, 2 and 3 (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 11. Which of the following is not a function of a bank ? (A) Providing project finance (B) Selling Mutual Funds (C) Deciding policy rates like CRR, Repo Rates/SLR etc. (D) Settlement of payments on behalf of the customers (E) All of these are functions of a bank (Answer) : (C)

12. Which of the following is a form of Small Savings Bank popular among the poor or children ? (A) Core Banking (B) Credit Banking (C) Debit Card (D) Merchant Banking (E) Piggy Banking (Answer) : (E) 13. As published in various newspapers India and European Union are trying to finalize a free trade pact. How will this helps India and EU ? 1. Both the parties will be able to export-import goods without tariffs, quotas and preferences on most of the goods and services traded between them. 2. The European Union will have to accept all payments in rupees only whereas India will accept all payments for its exports in Euro only. The Dollar will have no role in this business. 3. Both parties will have to decide the total value of trade between them in advance and will be bound to obey the commitment made thus. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1, 2 and 3 (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 14. The G-20 Summit in June 2010 is scheduled to be held at which of the following places ? (A) London (B) Washington (C) Tokyo (D) Paris (E) Toronto (Answer) : (E) 15. As we all know the Govt. of India has initiated several projects/schemes for revival and recharging of water bodies/lakes etc. What is meant by recharging of water bodies ? 1. Recharge in fact is deep drainage of water bodies so that water starts moving downwards from the surface. 2. Recharge is nothing but digging new wells and lakes so that more water is available for use. 3. Recharging mean levy of a tax on use of ground water for private purposes. This is done in addition to the usual tax that civic bodies collect on the usual water supply. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1, 2 and 3 (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 16. As per the news published in various newspapers China had to face its first Trade Deficit in six years. This mean China (A) did not earn as much from its exports as it had to pay for its imports (B) earn much more than its expectations on its exports and paid very less on imports (C) has decided to stop imports and exports for the time being as it is producing just enough for tis consumption (D) has failed to keep its commitment to supply (export) goods as promised to various countries. The result is it may have to devalue its currency (Yuan) as it has lost its credibility in the market (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 17. Several Public Sector organizat ons like ONGC, SAIL and NTPC received Scope Award. The award is given for which of the following ? (A) Earning the highet profit amongst all PSUs (B) For creating the maximum number of jobs in a year (C) For donating the maximum amount in Pradhan Mantri Rahat Kosh in a year (D) For cutting down expenditure by 50% or more in a year to wipe out losses made in the previous year (E) Best Corporate Governance (Answer) : (E) 18. Iron Ore is found in which of the following states in India ? (A) Punjab (B) Rajasthan (C) Orissa (D) Jammu & Kashmir

(E) Uttar Pradesh (Answer) : (C) 19. Which of the following countries is in a deep crisis these days and is struggling to finance its budget deficit and govt. debt ? (A) Russia (B) Greece (C) Britain (D) USA (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 20. As per the budget documents placed in the Parliament in February 2010, what are the challenges India is facing on its economic front ? 1. To quickly revert to the high GDP growth path of 9%. 2. Making development more inclusive. 3. To strengthen the governmental system and the process of governance at different levels. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1, 2 and 3 (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 21. Prabha Rao was the Governor of which of the following States immediately prior to her death ? (A) Rajasthan (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) Maharashtra (D) Goa (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 22. Who amongst the following is not a famous Lawn Tennis player ? (A) Cara Black (B) Mike Bryan (C) Denis Ndiso (D) Serena Williams (E) Leander Paes (Answer) : (C) 23. Dr. K. Radhakrishnan whose name was in the news recently is the Chariman of (A) Indian Space Research Organisation (B) Atomic Energy Commission (C) Department of Information Technology (D) Unique Identification Authority of India (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 24. Which of the following awards is given by the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh ? (A) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (B) Jawaharlal Nehru Award (C) Shikhar Samman (D) Pravasi Bhartiya Samman (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 25. Which of the following terms is not used in Cricket ? (A) Ashes (B) Backfoot shot (C) Smash (D) Crease (E) All are used in cricket (Answer) : (C) 26. Which of the following cups/trophies is not given for excellence in the game of Badminton ? (A) Uber Cup (B) Thomas Cup

(C) Syed Modi Memorial Trophy (D) Aros Junior Cup (E) Merdeka Cup (Answer) : (E) 27. The Ministerial level meeting of the BASIC Group of countries was held in New Delhi in January 2010. Which of the following is not a member of the BASIC Group ? (A) Brazil (B) South Africa (C) Russia (D) China (E) India (Answer) : (C) 28. Which of the following Bills recently approved in the Union Cabinet will help in better health services in the country ? (A) Right to Better Health Services Bill (B) National Health Care Bill (C) Clinical Establishments (Registration & Regulation) Bill (D) Essential Services Bill (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 29. Who amongst the following is a Padmashri Award Winner given away recently ? (A) Chanda Kochhar (B) Kumar Mangalam Birla (C) Saif Ali Khan (D) Harsh Pati Singhania (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 30. Who amongst the following is not a famous author ? (A) V. S. Naipual (B) Leander Paes (C) Anita Desai (D) Kiran Desai (E) Chetan Bhagat (Answer) : (B) 31. Ivo Josipovic whose name was in news recently is the (A) Prime Minister of Croatia (B) President of Croatia (C) President of Barbados (D) Prime Minister of Bolivia (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 32. Priyanka Chopra was given a National Award at the 56th National Awards for her acting for which of the following films ? (A) Love Story 2050 (B) Whats your Rashee (C) Kaminey (D) Fashion (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 33. Roger Federer is a famous (A) Film actor (B) Author (C) Lawn Tennis Player (D) Cricketer (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 34. Who amongst the following was awarded the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award recently ? (A) V. K. Moorthy (B) Madhur Bhandarkar

(C) Mahesh Bhatt (D) Rekha (E) Hema Malini (Answer) : (A) 35. Lee Myung-bak who was the Chief Guest at 61st Republic Day Function of India is the (A) President of South Korea (B) Prime Minister of South Korea (C) President of Vietnam (D) Prime Minister of Vietnam (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 36. The Late Jyoti Basu was associated with which of the following political parties ? (A) BJP (B) CPI (M) (C) Congress (D) Samajwadi Party (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 37. Which of the following schemes launched by the Govt. of India is a scheme to improve the performance of the agricultural sector ? (A) National Horticulture Mission (B) Pulse Polio Abhiyan (C) Old Age Pension Scheme (D) Bharat Nirman Yojana (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 38. LBW is a term related to the game of (A) Badminton (B) Cricket (C) Hockey (D) Football (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 39. Saraswati Samman is an award given for excellence in the field of (A) Sports (B) Social Service (C) Literature (D) Science & Technology (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 40. Heavy Water is used in which of the following fields ? (A) Thermal Power (B) Cement (C) Iron & Steel (D) Nuclear Power (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 41. Which of the following is a Horticulture Crop ? (A) Paddy (B) Wheat (C) Mango (D) Bajara (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 42. Dr. Amartya Sen is a famous (A) Physicist (B) Chemical Engineer (C) Psychologist

(D) Economist (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 43. Which of the following nations is considered the originator of the concept of Micro Finance ? (A) India (B) Bangladesh (C) South Africa (D) USA (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 44. Indias first tr(Answer)genic Crop was (A) Potato (B) Brinjal (C) Sugarcane (D) Bt. cotton (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 45. White Tiger is a book written by (A) R. K. Narayanan (B) Shobha De (C) Khushwant Singh (D) Arundhati Roy (E) Aravind Adiga (Answer) : (E) 46. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is given for excellence in the field of (A) Literature (B) Music (C) Sports (D) Science & Technology (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 47. Usain Bolt is a famous (A) Cricket player (B) Athlete (C) Badminton Player (D) Footballer (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 48. Govt. normally does not announce the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of (A) Wheat (B) Paddy (C) Sugarcane (D) Jute (E) All of these (Answer) : (D) 49. At present Dr. D. Subba Rao is the (A) Governor of Orissa (B) Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission (C) Chairman of the FICCI (D) Indias Representative in IMF (E) None of these (Answer) : (E) 50. Banks borrow money from the RBI on which of the following rates ? (A) Bank rate (B) CRR (C) SLR (D) Reverse Repo Rate

(E) Repo Rate (Answer) : (E) For More BANk Exam Model Papers CLICK HER utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed %3A+CompetativeExamModelPapers+%28Competative+Exam+Model+Papers%29

SSC Combined Graduate Level Latest Model Paper 2011- General Awareness 1. The common tree species in Nilgiri Hills is: (A)Sal (B)Pine (C)Eucalyptus (D)Teak (Answer): Eucalyptus. 2. Which of the following statements on Railway Budget 2011-12 is correct? (A)There would be a 10% increase in faresfor long distance train travel both by AC and NONAC classes (B)There would be 15% increase in freight rates on all goods other than food grains (C)There would be 15% increase in passenger fares for all classes for long distance and freights (D)There would be no increase in fares for both suburban and long distance travel (Answer): D 3. The nuclear reactors which were damaged heavily due to strong Earthquake-cum-Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 causing radiation leakage at: (A)Fukushima (B)Tokyo (C)Kyoto (D)None of them (Answer): Fukushima 4. First Indian Prime Minister to visit Siachen was ? (A)Rajiv Gandhi (B)Inder Kumar Gujaral (C)Mammohan Singh (D)None of them (Answer): Manmohan Singh 5. Which of the following books has been written by Kishwar Desai? (A)The Red Devil (B)Witness the night (C)Tonight this Savage Rite (D)Earth and Ashes (Answer): Witness the Night.

6. Which of the following folk / tribal dances is associated with Karnataka? (A)Yakshagana (B)Jatra (C)Veedhi (D)Jhora (Answer): Yakshagana 7. Who of the following received the Sangeet Natak Academis Ustad Bismillah Khan Puraskar for 2009 in theatre? (A)Omkar Shrikant Dadarkar (B)Ragini chander sarkar (C)Abanti Chakraborty and Sukracharjya Rabha (D)K Nellai Maniknandan (Answer): Abanti Chakraborty and Sukracharjya Rabha 8. Which of the following country did not win any of the FIFA cup in 2002, 2006 and 2010? (A)Brazil (B)Argentina (C)Spain (D)South Africa (Answer): South Africa 9. Who invented vaccination for small pox? (A)Sir Frederick Grant Banting (B)Sir Alexander Fleming (C)Edward Jenner (D)Loius Pasteur (Answer): Edward Jenner 10. Who was the first Indian to become the member of British parliament? (A)Bankim Chandra Chaterjee (B)W C Banerjee (C)Dadabhai Naoroji (D)None of the above (Answer): Dadabhai Naoroji 11. The purchase of shares and bonds of Indian companies by Foreign Institutional Investors is called? (A)FDI (B)Portfolio Investment (C)NRI Investment (D)Foreign Indirect Investment (Answer): Investment in securities, funds, by FII is Foreign Indirect Investment 12. BT Seed is associated with which among the following? (A)Rice (B)Wheat (C)Cotton (D)Oil Seeds (Answer): Cotton 13. The headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency is in ? (A)Geneva (B)Paris (C)Vienna (D)Washington (Answer): Vienna 14. In the Budget estimates of 2011-12, an allocation of Rs. 400 Crore has been made to bring in second green revolution in East in the rice based cropping system of ____? (A)Assam and West Bengal (B)Assam, West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar & Jharkhand (C)Assam, West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar (D)Assam, West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand , Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (Answer): Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

15. In the Budget 2011-12, presented by the Finance Minister on 28.2.2011, the income tax limit for senior citizens has been increased to ? (A)Rs. 2.50 Lakh (B)Rs. 2.60 Lakh (C)Rs. 2.80 Lakh (D)Rs. 3.00 Lakh (Answer): Rs. 2.50 Lakh. Above 80, its 5 Lakh 16. If the Anglo Indian community does not get adequate representation in the Lok Sabha, two members of the community can be nominated by: (A)Prime Minister (B)President (C)Speaker (D)President in consultation with Parliament (Answer): President 17. For the election of President of India, a citizen should have completed the age of___? (A)25 Years (B)35 Years (C)30 Years (D)18 Years (Answer): 35 Years 18. Who said: Good citizen makes a good state and bad citizen makes a bad state? (A)Plato (B)Aristotle (C)Rousseau (D)Laski (Answer): Aristotle 19. Member of parliament will lose his membership if he is continuously absent from sessions for (A)45 days (B)60 days (C)90 days (D)365 days (Answer): 60 Days 20. In Indian , Residuary Powers are vested in ___? (A)Union Government (B)State Government (C)Both Union and State Government (D)Local Government (Answer): Union Government 21. Mention the place where Buddha attained enlightment? (A)Sarnath (B)Bodhgaya (C)Kapilvastu (D)Rajgriha (Answer): Bodhgaya 22. Coronation of Shivaji took place in which year? (A)1627 (B)1674 (C)1680 (D)1670 (Answer): 6 June 1674 23. The system of Dyarchy was introduced in ___? (A)1909 (B)1919 (C)1935 (D)1945 (Answer): 1919, Government of India Act 1919 had introduced the system of Dyarchy to govern the provinces of British India.

24. The editor of Young India and Harijan was ____? (A)Nehru (B)Ambedkar (C)Mahatma Gandhi (D)Subhash Chandra Bose (Answer): Mahatma Gandhi 25. Who of the following attended all the three round table conferences? (A)B R Ambedkar (B)M M Malviya (C)Vallabh Bhai Patel (D)Mahatma Gandhi (Answer): B R Ambedkar. 26. Which is the largest living bird on Earth? (A)Emu (B)Ostrich (C)Albatross (D)Siberian Crane (Answer): Ostrich 27. Rihand Dam project provides irrigation to ____? (A)Gujarat & Maharastra (B)Odisha and West Bengal (C)Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (D)Kerala and Karnataka (Answer): C 28. The Headquarters of MCF (Master Control Facility is (A)Hyderabad (B)Thumba (C)Sri Harikota (D)Hassan (Answer): Hassan , Now Bhopal also. 29. Which is the longest irrigation canal in India? (A)Sir hind Canal (B)Yamuna Canal (C)Indira Gandhi Canal (D)East Kosi Canal (Answer): Indira Gandhi Canal 30. Which one of the following minerals is found in Monazite Sand? (A)Potassium (B)Uranium (C)Thorium (D)Sodium (Answer): Thorium 31. Which plant is called Herbal Indian Doctor ? (A)Amla (B)Neem (C)Tulsi (D)Mango (Answer): Amla 32. In Coriander, useful parts are? (A)Roots and leaves (B)leaves and flowers (C)leaves and dried fruits (D)flowers and dried fruits (Answer): leaves and dried fruits 33. The pH of Human Blood is ___? (A)7.2 (B)7.8 (C)6.6

(D)7.4 (Answer): 7.4 34. Which among the following is the largest endocrine gland of country? (A)Thyroid (B)Parathyroid (C)Adrenal (D)Pituitary (Answer): Thyroid 35. Which amongst the following is the largest mammal? (A)Elephant (B)Whale (C)Dinosaur (D)Rhinoceros (Answer): Whale (Blue Whale). 36. Which part becomes modified as the tusk of elephant? (A)Canine (B)Premolar (C)Second Incisor (D)Molar (Answer): second upper incisors 37. Optical fibres are based upon the phenomenon of which of the following? (A)Interference (B)Dispersion (C)Diffraction (D)Total Internal Reflection (Answer): Total Internal Reflection 38. Now a days, Yellow lamps are frequently used as street lights. Which among the following gases, is used in these lamps? (A)Sodium (B)Neon (C)Hydrogen (D)Nitrogen (Answer): Sodium 39. Mirage is an example of ____? (A)Refraction of light (B)Total Internal Reflection of Light (C)Refraction and Total Internal Reflection of Light (D)Dispersion of Light (Answer): Refraction and Total Internal Reflection of Light 40. The phenomenon of light associated with the appearance of blue color of sky is? (A)Interference (B)Reflection (C)Refraction (D)Scattering (Answer): Scattering 41. In which of the following areas, spreadsheet software is more useful? (A)Psychology (B)Publishing (C)Statistics (D)Message sending (Answer): Statistics 42. A Groupware is a (A)Hardware (B)Software (C)Network

(D)Firmware (Answer): Groupware is collaborative software . Correct option B 43. Lens is made up of ___? (A)Pyrex Glass (B)Flint Glass (C)Ordinary Glass (D)Cobalt Glass (Answer): Flint glass 44. The element which is used for vulcanizing rubber is? (A)Sulfur (B)Bromine (C)Silicon (D)Phosphorus (Answer): Sulfur 45. Which of the following is responsible for extra strength of Pyrex glass? (A)Potassium carbonate (B)Lead Oxide (C)Borax (D)Ferric Oxide (Answer): Borax 46. The Noble Gas used for the treatment of cancer is ___? (A)Helium (B)Argon (C)Krypton (D)Radon (Answer): Radon, in radiation therapy, 47. Vasundhara Summit was held in __? (A)USA (B)UK (C)Brazil (D)Australia (Answer): Brazil, Rio De Janeiro 48. Loktak is a ____? (A)Valley (B)Lake (C)River (D)Mountain Range (Answer): Lake, in Manipur 49. Which city receives the highest cosmic radiation amongst the following> (A)Chennai (B)Mumbai (C)Kolkata (D)Delhi (Answer): New Delhi. For More SSC Exam Model Papers CLICK HERE utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed %3A+CompetativeExamModelPapers+%28Competative+Exam+Model+Papers%29

Bank Exam Latest solved Question papers- General Awareness 1. Who amongst the following does not belong to political party which is normally referred as left front? (A) Prakash Karat (B) A. B. Bardhan (C) D. Raju (D) T. J. Chandrachoodan (E) M. Veerappa Moily (Answer) (E) Hint : M.Veerappa Moily is a congress leader. 2. Sujat and Balsara villages were in news recently as breach in main Narmada Canal made them flooded. Both these villages are in which of the following States? (A) Maharashtra (B) Madhya Pradesh (C) Gujarat (D) Rajasthan (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 3. As per the estimates given by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) the Indian Economy will grow at which of the following rates in 2008 ? (A) 7% (B) 7.5% (C) 8% (D) 8.5% (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 4.Which of the following isNO T one of the recommendations of the committee setup on Financial Sector Reforms under the Chairmanship of Raghuram G.Rajan ? (1) Give more freedoms to banks to setup branches and ATMS anywhere (2) Setup an office of financial ombudsmen (3) All deposits taking institutions should be free from the supervision of the RBI (A) Only 1 (B)Only 2 (C)Only 3 (D) All 1, 2 & 3 (E) Only 2 & 3 (Answer) (A)

5.The Govt. of which of the following States has formed a Fisherman Debt Commission and a moratorium has been placed on proceedings relating to all debts incurred by poor fisherman from banks and cooperatives? (A) West Bengal (B) Keral (C) Orissa (D) Karnataka (E) None of these (Answer): (B) 6. Federal Reserves is the Central Bank of (A) Britain (B) U.S.A. (C) Japan (D) Canada (E) China (Answer) : (B) 7. Which of the following was the issue over which one section of the UPA withdrew its support and Union Govt. headed by Dr. Man Mohan Singh was required to prove its majority in the Lok Sabha ? (1) Inflation, which was on a rise consistently for some time (2) Reservations of Gurjarrs in Govt. jobs (3) Nuclear deal with USA (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) Both 1 & 2 (E) Only 2 & 3 (Answer) : (C) 8. As a gesture to promote denuclearization and also to end nuclear arms programme the cooling tower of a nuclear complex situated in Youngbyon was demolished recently. This nuclear complex is in which of the following countries? (A) South Korea (B) Iran (C) China (D) North Korea (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 9. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) keeps on modifying various rates / ratios to keep the flow of liquidity in the market in a balanced situation. Which of the following rates/ratios/indexes is NOT directly controlled by the RBI? (A) Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) (B) Bank Rate (C) Repo Rate (D) Reserve Repo Rate (E) Wholesale Price Index (WPI) (Answer) : (E) 10. China has signed an agreement with which of the following countries, which will help both the parties to make the East China Sea a sea of peace, co-operation and friendship? (A) North Korea (B) South Korea (C) Japan (D) Russia (E) All of these (Answer) : (C) 11. The former President of which of the following countries has taken over as the Prime Minister of the nation in May 2008 ? (A) Venezuela (B) Russia (C) Uganda (D) Tanzania (E) None of these (Answer) : (B)

12. Which of the following companies of Indian origin has been placed amongst the Worlds seven Best Firms in Financial Sector ? (A) IDBI Bank (B) HDFC Bank (C) Bajaj Capitals (D) ICICI Bank (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 13. Michel Sleiman has taken over as the president of (A) Lebanon (B) Cuba (C) Yemen (D) Zambia (E) Turkey (Answer) : (A) 14. Which of the following is/are true about the Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana to be launched in the near future ? (1) This scheme is to develop those villages where SC/ST population is in prominence (2) About 70,000 villages are identified for the same (3) A special fund of Rs.7,000 Crore is setup for the scheme (A) Only 1 (B) only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1, 2 & 3 (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 15. Which of the following countries had decided to come out of the membership of OPEC ? (A) Iran (B) Indonesia (C) Kuwait (D) Saudi Arabia (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 16. Many Banks have adopted / launched Core Banking Solution (CBS) .Core Banking Solution is (A) a marketing strategy adopted by the Banks (B) a new type of ATM useful for rural population (C) a delivery channel for quick and fast delivery (D) a new product launched to help senior citizens only as they are not able to visit branches / ATMs frequently (E) None of these (Answer) : (C) 17. As per the figures released recently, the rate of growth of agriculture during 2007-08 has been at the level of approximately (A) 2.5 % (B) 3 % (C) 4.5 % (D) 5 % (E) 6.33 % (Answer) : (C) 18. The import of which of the following has raised the Current Account Deficit of India by about 77 %? (A) Oil (B) Gas (C) Sugar (D) Foodgrain (E) None of these (Answer) : (A)

19. The National e-Governance plan was launched by the Govt. of India in the year 2006 with which of the following intentions/objectives? (1) To provide qualitative service of Govt. business to the citizens of India (2) To promote IT sector in India so that trained IT personnel do not go out of the country for jobs (3) To keep a vigil on the business tr(Answer)action of Indian population to avoid illegal transweractions (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1, 2 & 3 (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 20. As per the figure released recently what was the per capita income at Current Price in the year 2007-08 in India? About (A) Rs. 20,000/(B) Rs. 25,000/(C) Rs. 23,000/(D) Rs. 33,000/(E) Rs. 48,000/(Answer) : (D) 21. Ana Ivanovic won the French Open Womens Singles of Lawn Tennis after defeating (A) Katrina Srebtnik (B) Dinara Safina (C) Virginia Ruano Pascual (D) Victoria Azarenka (E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 22. The World Environment Day is celebrated on which of the following days? (A) 5th October (B) 5th August (C) 5th July (D) 5th June (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 23. Who amongst the following is included in the list of Biggest Brains in Business? (A) L. N. Mittal (B) Anil Ambani (C) Kumar Mangalam Birla (D) Mukesh Ambani (E) Ratan Tata (Answer) : (A) 24. Which of the following cannot be called as a value Added service offered by a Bank? (A) Special accounts for poor sections of the society (B) Accident insurance cover (C) Instant Credits of Outstation Cheques (D) Free cheque book (E) All are value Added services (Answer) : (D) 25. Which of the following is the total amount Government of India has earmarked for Agriculture Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme 2008? (A) Rs.10,000 Crore (B) Rs.25,000 Crore (C) Rs.45,000 Crore (D) Rs.72,000 Crore (E) Rs.83,000 Crore (Answer) : (D)

26. Which of the following States of India was recognized as the Best e- Governed State in 2007 ? (A) Jammu & Kashmir (B) Tamil Nadu (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Goa (E) Delhi (Answer) : (E) 27. Daiichi Sanyo which has taken a major stake in Indias Pharma company Ranbaxy is a firm based in (A) China (B) South Korea (C) North Korea (D) Japan (E) USA (Answer) : (D) 28. Which of the following airlines became the first Indian Based Airlines to operate flight to China? (A) Indian (B) Air India (C) Kingfisher (D) Jet Airways (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 29. Which of the following meets / summit was organized in Damascus in March 2008 ? (A) Arab League Summit (B) G-8 Summit (C) G-15 Summit (D) Meeting of trade Minister of WTO members (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 30. India recently signed a Bilateral Investment Promotion Agreement (BIPA) with which of the following countries ? (A) China (B) Bangladesh (C) Nepal (D) Bhutan (E) Myanmar (Answer) : (E) 31. Opening the Saving Bank Account of a minor girl will be called as which of the following in Banking terminology ? (A) Retail Banking (B) Merchant Banking (C) Institutional Banking (D) Social Banking (E) Corporate Banking (Answer) : (A) 32. Which of the following termsNO T used in Banking Sector? (A) SLR (B) NPA (C) Credit Rating (D) Fixed (E) PURA (Answer) : (E) 33. Banking Sector will fall under which of the following sectors? (A) Agriculture Sector (B) Service Sector (C) Manufacturing (D) Industrial Sector

(E) None of these (Answer) : (B) 34. An account in which trading of shares in their electronic form is done is known as (A) Demat Account (B) NRI Account (C) NRIO Account (D) Current Account (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 35. Which of the following isNO T a measure of the Risk Management in Banks ? (A) CRR (B) RTGS (C) SLR (D) Deposit Insurance (E) All are the measures of risk management (Answer) : (B) 36. The foreign Direct Investment this year in India reached to the level of about US $ 3.74 billion. In comparison to last years investment the increase is About_______ (A) 50 % (B) 100% (C) 125 % (D) 200 % (E) 250 % (Answer) : (C) 37. The duration of which of the following Policies / Schemes is from 20042009 ? (A) Foreign Trade Policy (B) 11th Five Year Plan (C) 10th Five Year Plan (D) National Rural Guarantee Act (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 38. Which of the following test is conducted to know if a sportsman has taken any performance enhancing drugs ? (A) EEG (B) Narco Test (C) ELISA Test (D) Mind mapping (E) DOPE tEST (Answer) : (E) 39. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the IIFA Awards 2008 as Best Actress? (A) Shamita Shetty (B) Rani Mukherjee (C) Priyanka Chopra (D) Konkana Sen (E) Kareena Kapoor (Answer) : (E) 40. Who amongst the following is the author of the book Toward a Hunger Free World ? (A) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (B) Ashok Lahiri (C) Amartya Sen (D) M. S. Swaminathan (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) 41. Which of the following awards is given in the field of cinema? (A) Kalidas Samman (B) Dronacharya Award (C) Arjun Award (D) Kalinga Award

(E) Dada Sahab Phalke Award (Answer) : (E) 42. Sudan recently cut its ralations with which of the following countries following an attack on Khartoum by a Darfur Rebel Group ? (A) Chad (B) Uganda (C) Libya (D) Lebanon (E) None of these (Answer) : (A) 43. Who amongst the following is the Chairperson of the Childrens Film Society? (A) Kareena Kapoor (B) Jaya Bachchan (C) Shabana Azmi (D) Sridevi (E) None of these (Answer) : (E) Hint : Nafisa Ali 44. Which of the following is the abbreviated name of an autonomous organization under Ministry of Rural Development ? (A) NIMI (B) IGNOU (C) CAPART (D) NPCIL (E) ICRP (Answer) : (C) 45. Worlds largest oil reserves (about 2/3rd) are located in (A) Russia (B) Middle East (C) Africa (D) Europe (E) Canada (Answer) : (B) 46. Who amongst the following is the author of Animal People which was adjudged as the Best Book of the Year? (A) V.S.Naipaul (B) Indra Sinha (C) William Darlymple (D) Bill Clinton (E) John Banville (Answer) : (B) 47. What is Indias rating in the Doing Business Report prepared by the World Bank ? (A) 55th (B) 80th (C) 100th (D) 120th (E) None of these (Answer) : (D) Hint : According to 2008 Indias rating in the Doing Business Report prepared by the World Bank was 120th but to 2009 Indias rating in the Doing Business Report prepared by the World Bank is 122nd position 48. Which of the following term related with the game of Cricket ? (A) Grand Slam (B) Half Nelson (C) Ashes (D) Screen (E) Love (Answer) : (C)

49. The Russian President visited China in May 2008 and signed a deal for the security of which of the following? (A) Global Energy (B) China Sea (C) Intellectual Property Rights of the Chinese Scientists (D) Nuclear installation in China (E) None of these (Answer):(D) 50. Which of the following Programmes / Schemes of the Govt. of India is NOT directly related with agriculture activities ? (A) Drought Prone Areas Programmes (DPAP) (B) Promotion of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (C) Integrated Westlands Development Programme (IWDP) (D) ANNAPURNA (E) Desert Development Programme (DDP) (Answer):(D) For More BANk Exam Model Papers CLICK HERE utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed %3A+CompetativeExamModelPapers+%28Competative+Exam+Model+Papers%29