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Hold employees accountable for how . Measure at least 60% of your customers a sample is not enough 3. Tie each response to customers' profitability to understand how valuable the vote is Visit the official website promoting the Net Promoter concept Costco The economic power of high-quality relationships Dell Word-of mouth economics 1. Ask your customers to vote don't just add the ultimate question on existing market research surveys 2.NetPromoter.

"Passives" are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who can be easily wooed by the competition. "Promoters" are loyal enthusiasts who keep buying from a company and urge their friends to do the same. And "detractors" are unhappy customers trapped in a bad relationship. Bain analysis shows that sustained value creators companies that achieve long-term profitable growth have Net Promoter Scores (NPS) two times higher than the average company. NPS is based on the fundamental perspective that every company's customers can be divided into three categories. And NPS leaders outgrow their competitors in most industries by an average of 2. Publicize departments with high Net Promoter Scores share best practices and develop tools and training Asking the ultimate question allows companies to track promoters and detractors. its Net Promoter® Score. Use the feedback to help convert detractors and increase promoters engage and empower the front-line to act 6. Customers can be categorized based on their answer to the ultimate question.5 times. producing a clear measure of an organization's performance through its customers' eyes. The best way to gauge the efficiency of a company's .customers vote align incentives with executive compensation: good profits + loyalty = bonus 5.

Many firms²and some entire industries² have negative Net Promoter Scores. This equation is how we calculate a Net Promoter Score for a company: P ² D = NPS While easy to grasp. Costco. But obviously. In concept. sustainable growth. What's more.growth engine is to take the percentage of customers who are promoters (P) and subtract the percentage who are detractors (D). It clarifies the link between the quality of a company's customer relationships and its growth prospects. no matter how aggressively they spend to acquire new business. . promoters barely outnumber detractors. HomeBanc. and actionable data²and. timely.10%. So even they have room for improvement. Companies with the most efficient growth engines² companies such as Amazon. which means that they are creating more detractors than promoters day in and day out. to learn how to improve your Net Promoter Score. of course. Vanguard. it's just that simple. NPS finally enables CEOs to hold employees accountable for treating customers right. companies can use NPS to measure customer relationships as rigorously as they now measure profits. In other words. These abysmal Net Promoter Scores explain why so many companies can't deliver profitable. HarleyDavidson. a lot of hard work is needed to both ask the question in a manner that provides reliable. NPS metric represents a radical change in the way companies manage customer relationships and organize for growth. How do companies stack up on this measurement? The average firm sputters along at an NPS efficiency of only 5 . eBay. Rather than relying on notoriously ineffective customer satisfaction surveys. and Dell²operate at NPS efficiency ratings of 50 .80%.

and Fred Reichheld. Bain & Company. NPS.nps Slide 1: Net Promoter® Services 5 Ways In Which We Can Support Your Net Promoter Efforts Net Promoter. and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems.. . Inc.

even the best Net Promoter journeys are doomed. This will not happen overnight. So you need to start today. #1 Build the Executive Case for NPS Our Response Your Win Demonstrate the customer imperative High impact presentations. We use Net Promoter thinking to rally your organisation around the customer and identify new profit opportunities for your business. Slide 5: 20/01/2011 5. Slide 4: 20/01/2011 4 5 Ways In Which We Can Support Your Net Promoter Efforts. The Challenge Without executive support. Our promise We bring you new profit opportunities Ways to make more from the customers you have today. Functional Pilot Business Pilot Business Integration Get a first feel in an isolated part of the business. #5 Use Net Promoter as a driver for innovation. To succeed. Our Proposition The Urgency Net Promoter is Not for the Faint of Heart. Clear boundaries and conditions to act on your Net Promoter mandate. Asia and North America to support Net Promoter initiatives. But half-hearted measures won¶t cut it. A challenge to support. The Challenge Our Response Your Win At the start. #2 Build a Company Wide Roadmap : #2 Build a Company Wide Roadmap 20/01/2011 6. Tailored dialogues. FUTURELAB Slide 3: 20/01/2011 3 ³Asking for a score doesn¶t make you customer-centric´ The Core Issue The next competitive race will be won by the companies that are most able to connect to their customers. Conduct a full pilot to to gain executive support. But convincing a cost minded C-suite to provide this support without the assurance of success can be a challenge. More efficient/effective use of NPS resources. Net Promoter is a great framework to make this happen. #1 Make the executive case for NPS®. the scope of many NPS projects is either too large or too small. #2 Build a company wide roadmap. companies need to become truly customer-centric. Our associates have designed and given presentations convincing hundreds of Senior Executives in Europe. A NPS Roadmap Tailored to your Business Improved chances of success.Slide 2: 20/01/2011 2. This can overwhelm those involved or disappoint the people they report to. #3 Get your people to act on the customer voice. A story to carry into your organisation. Enduring . #4 Bridge NPS and human/social media. NPS as a discipline for the whole business. Innovations to attract your customers of tomorrow. Clarity on the degree in which your executive team will back you on Net Promoter.

engagement and reputation. Company-wide change. they would have said a faster horse." Our Response Listen Beyond the Customer Voice Your Win Customer insights & behaviour. Slide 10: . But actually connecting the dots is anything but self-evident. Quicker results. ³The challenge is to light the fire and get out of the way´ #4 Bridge NPSŒ and Human/Social Media. Research by: Slide 9: 20/01/2011 9. A customer engagement policy built on relevance.and offline recommendations. Bain & Company. Develop a customer advocacy ³movement´. and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems. In-depth interviews. 2006). it is not immediately suitable as a driver for innovation. Process & systems Mindset & behaviour Build a Customer Advocacy Movement A balanced approach. Inc. Customer Journey Scans. Cross-functional ³customer voice´ sessions. briefing & management. #3 Get Your People to Act on the Customer¶s Voice : #3 Get Your People to Act on the Customer¶s Voice 20/01/2011 7. Reputation NPS Relevance Engagement Activation Noteworthy I am the Media was the first publication to connect NPS to social media success (Futurelab. Net Promoter. Observation research. But as a reactive measure. Link NPS to innovation/R&D. Vendor selection. Silo-structures. 20/01/2011 8. Activate Human Media. #5 Use Net Promoter as a driver for innovation The Challenge Net Promoter is a great framework to listen to the customer¶s voice and use this knowledge to continuously improve the business. Organisational enrollment & enthusiasm. Cross-industry innovations. legacy processes and politics all prevent to do ³what is right for the customer´. Extra opportunities to build profit and create loyalty.. A pragmatic roadmap.motivation and drive for customer-centricity in your Assess your online reputation. Co-creation initiatives. : #4 Bridge NPSŒ and Human/Social Media. Your Win A consistent framework for managing for on. Our Response Human Media Planning Reading tip: Recommendation Scores of Social Networks in China Request your free copy At info@futurelab. NPS. The Challenge Our Response Your Win Getting the people in your business to act on the findings of your Net Promoter analysis takes more than presentation skills. and Fred Reichheld. Cross-functional involvement. An NPS aware social media policy. Additional customer insights. Closed loop processes & behaviour guides. Set up digital response programmes. The Challenge The fit between Net Promoter thinking and social media is both obvious and intuitive. "If I had asked my customers what they wanted.

GM Russia.. processes and measures that allow them to act on it A customer-centric business With more loyal customers Higher financial returns Less economic waste A stronger competitive position Net Promoter. Futurelab associates have worked on some of the world's largest NPS® projects in Europe. and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems. Reading tip: Romanian NPS consumer brand benchmarks Request your free copy at info@futurelab. Nestlé.net Our Response Your Win We help you get it right Get C-Level executive support Identify. They learned the NPS practice in the trenches. They have worked on NPS based projects affecting tens of thousands of employees in Europe. Capturing the value of a well executed programme is one of the biggest corporate challenges around. American Express. Bain & Company. Asia and North America.20/01/2011 or get in touch with: Alain Thys E: ath@futurelab. the next step can be: An online presentation An informal cup of coffee A telephone conversation Reach out to Futurelab in your region via www. brief and manage the right vendors to make things happen Move your people to truly listen to the voice of the customer Establish systems. JTI Ukraine. Many have completed this knowledge with a formal certification by Satmetrix.. Inc.. How Futurelab Can Assist Recommend me.futurelab.. Slide 12: 20/01/2011 12 Do you want to know more ? According to your geography and preference. the Net Promoter Company. Futurelab currently has 8 NPS capable associates as certified by Satmetrix. NPS. Asia and North America. The Challenge Measuring NPS deceptively easy. Futurelab Credentials : Futurelab Credentials 20/01/2011 11 Access to NPS community We are architects A WorldClass NPS Team Some relevant associate credentials (customer centricity & NPS related) In addition: BAT Japan. .net M: +32 497 403 415 Stefan Kolle E: M: +32 473 888 996 . and Fred Reichheld.

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