The karmic concept (concept of karma ) in light of its outcome.

This article intends to touch any common mind besides ardent seekers. (Gehnakarmanogati) One word ascribed to the outcome of karma in Sanskrit. In sim ple words it means that the concept that talks about the fall out or result of k arma is ‘deep’. The concept of karma is a portion of the cosmic law that even binds the creator itself and yet with a view upon the world outside it leaves several unanswered question before an ordinary mind… specially the youth. When being borne with malefic intent and act are observed sailing well in their lives then the insight partially colored with spiritual gospel; immediately find s tremors on the rock bed of its beliefs. It is true that on one count that the entire karmic business is dispensed at a dimension, mostly unseen… thereby few occ urrences create considerable disbelief amongst commoners. Why does it happen to me alone? Why do they enjoy impunity at all times? Does so meone really exist there to adjudicate? If the justice shall come beyond this ve ry life then who would know what exactly transpire or did something happen at al l? Is it another soft mode to retain morality to the weak hearted? If they prono unce that heaven and hell all prevail here upon this earth then I am sure that t hose who enjoy heaven are the ones that some how manipulated to secure it. Such are the views that cloud any common mind to an extent that they enthuse int o him/her a parallel cosmic reality exclusively contrary to the original one… (her e we shall not elaborate upon the fact that why the fallacy always precedes the fact and who is the vice chancellor of it… we confine to the karmic concept in lig ht of its respective outcome) Then it becomes necessary to draw the light of wis dom and attempt to remove the veil aroused by the dust of matrix so that luminos ity pervades upon ones seat of understanding… although endeavors upon this subject need a fair passage of time to find some ground into ones deepest belief system .

Our seers on the basis of their true deeper experiences propound the karmic outc ome into three distinct categories… namely; ‘sanchit’, ‘karmani’ and ‘prarabdha’. Based upo he respective degree and intent of the doer the acts ascribe themselves to their respective categories… good as well bad. As they explain; Sanchit (accumulated) karma (in light of outcome) are the ones, which were performed by any doer under some compulsion where he or she had no i ntention to create any harm to any one at any scale… yet the circumstantial coerci on enabled such act happen. The matter pertaining to such karma creeps into the subtler portion of the human existence and confines itself for an opportune mome nt to arrive in order to manifest. Remember that the principle works the same wa y for good as well bad acts. The strength of ‘sanchit’ karma needs an appropriate situation to thrive and manifes t… for an eg. Good sanchit karma shall fructify and manifest in ones life the mome nt one enjoins the self into good company… finding the likeminded surround it shal l gather more strength and boost ones impulsive behavior accordingly. And the sa me for the bad sanchit karma too… satsang, pilgrimage, observance of rituals etc. they facilitate to diffuse bad sanchit karma and at the same time enrich the goo d karma in order that it impacts our conduct in longevity. Premonition hence goe s towards bad karma outcome; refrain from adverse place, company or thought sinc e the respective karma after gathering likeminded strength shall gain the statur e of an eidolon. To conclude the seers emphasise that the outcome on account of a sanchit karma is manageable in case a wise wave decorates ones thought syste m otherwise on the contrary an adverse option shall shroud ones intellect for fu rther decomposition.

The ‘Karmani’ Karma is referred to a category where such acts get performed that des erve cash reward or punishment… it means that such karma do not wait any further t o pronounce and bring its effect into force. Drinking poison of any kind shall n ot postpone bringing its relevant outcome in next life. Humility and politeness shall reward one in the same life and at it’s earliest. Now-Now! Here is the hardest of all that cannot be manipulated, bought, turned, altered for any easy affordable price… A gospel from Indian ethos mentions that – ‘ fi re can burn everything but yet any fire cannot burn everything’… The same goes for ‘Pr arabdha karma’. These are the acts that have been thoughtfully accomplished by any doer borne with good or bad intent. All acts where all the faculties of ones se nsory realm become invoked and engaged with all their might to dispense an act s hall fall under the category of Prarabdha karma’. The outcome of such karma cannot be given any defiance… observation of ordinary up asana, acts of benevolence, observation of routine penance or austerity cannot… re peat cannot dare to touch the formidable forte of Prarabdha; specially the negat ive outcome. To conclude impunity here cannot be bought or manipulated for or of any sake… no pardon is the slogan here (although the core intention of the “rrritt” t he cosmic law under hardest of its blows-still beholds compassion to evolve the soul towards better) Prarabdha shall enforce its impact upon very few aspects of human life though th ey retain the basic navigation and state of ones life in general… birth-death-acci dents-etc… (This author is retaining some of his understanding upon this subject o n count that none knows about the readers of this article; the wise ones need no t argue upon the percentages that find mention here). It is understood that Prarabdha karma do not cast their impact upon ones life to extent exceeding 5% Remaining 95% is the domain exclusively dedicated to the Ar juna as bliss of Keshava… As I read one of the leading entrepreneur of this day wh o came from an ordinary family saying … “ most fortunate shall succeed in three year s, less fortunate in five and the most unfortunate are bound to succeed provided they deeply aspire… Remember everything can be accomplished by this infinitesimal portion of the cor e… a soul from the universal soul… but every act requires appropriate effort… fire bur ns everything but any fire cannot burn anything. Under this light one must charg e and charter the course of ones life… be the creator and to be that you need to p ut herculean effort… mere affirmation or some effort shall not burn anything… I saw on the television that LT. Shri.Dhirubhai ambani and Lt. Shri Chaudhari charan s ingh the Primer minister of India bore a Kala sarp yoga (a formation in ones hor oscope that shall draw curse for certitude and leave its bearer lead a life with almost no conclusion)… but they succeeded… they probably were able to ignite and ar ouse a fire that could burn the formation in their horoscope (not that this auth or believes in horoscope… this line saves the knowledge of true Indian jyotish fro m phalit Jyotish). Had to cover some more length today… Dinesh ku mar (learning under discipline. You may write me at

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