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MUET Assignment: Movie Review

Prison Break

Name : Yap Wei Qian Class : Lower Six UTM Teacher's Name : Clemence Chong

.«3 2. References««««««««««««««««««««««12 2 . Themes«««««««««««««««««««««««. Moral Values««««««««««««««««««««..9 3.Contents 1.4-6 Characters (Casting)«««««««««««««««7-8 Setting«««««««««««««««««««««9 Awards««««««««««««««««««««... About The Movie i. iv. About The Director««««««««««««««««««..10 4. Season Synopses of the Movie««««««««««..11 6.. ii....10 5. iii.. Critical Comments««««««««««««««««««.

the creator and the director of television series Briar & Graves (2005-2009). UnitedState. editor and writer of the movie. Scheuring was born on 20November 1968 in Aurora. cable installer and factory worker. However. He had attended the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television. Nowadays. the writer of Mexicali (2008) and the director and writer of The Experiment (2010).This idea was given by his female colleague. he has worked as a courier. he is a well-known American screenwriter and the director for many films and television shows. Before he success. Fox backed Prison Break's production and the first episode was aired approximately twenty months after Scheuring had written the script. 3 . Prison Break. Illinois. He approached the Fox network with the script but was turned down due to its unconventional storyline. He is also the director for the movie A Man Apart (2003).About The Director Paul T. His first success movie is 36K which was released on the year 2000. It wason 29 August 2005 after the successful premiere of Loston 2004. it was Scheuring¶s first attempt for television show. He is the director.

The brothers' fight to ward off the execution is aided by their lifelong friend Veronica Donovan. focusing mainly on the eight escapees. Aldo Burrows. and they did so because of Lincoln's father. they are hindered by covert agents. Brad Bellick gets fired from the prison where he worked as a guard and chases after the inmates himself for the reward money. They split up and journey to locations across the country with the authorities close behind them as they each pursue their individual goals.About the Movie Season Synopses of the Movie Season 1: The first season follows the rescue of Lincoln Burrows. Federal agent Alexander Mahone is assigned to track down and capture the eight fugitives. In prison. Season 2: The second season begins eight hours after the escape. The Company was responsible for framing Lincoln. Fernando Sucre. the brother of the Vice President of the United States. John Abruzzi. who come to be known as the Fox River Eight. who is accused of murdering Terrence Steadman. is convinced of Lincoln's innocence and formulates an escape plan. Several of the escapees reunite in search of a large cache of money buried long ago by another prisoner. in order to gain daily access to the prison's infirmary. When Sara discovers her dead father. and Charles "Haywire" Patoshik. she meets with Michael. Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell. remaining with him 4 . However. escape in the season finale. members of an organization known as The Company. Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin. brilliant structural engineer Michael Scofield. David "Tweener" Apolskis. The brothers. which wants all eight men dead. Michael befriends the prison doctor Sara Tancredi when he pretends to suffer from Type 1 diabetes. but is revealed to be working for The Company. who begins to investigate the conspiracy that put Lincoln in jail. Lincoln is sentenced to death and is incarcerated in Fox River State Penitentiary where he awaits his execution. along with six other inmates. Lincoln's brother. Michael commits an armed robbery which results in his being sentenced to Fox River. In order to gain access to Fox River. Governor Frank Tancredi. and his former connections to the company.

The season follows Michael and Whistler's trials in formulating an escape plan. the pair manage to escape along with Mahone. and Self is revealed to be 5 . To ensure the brothers' safety. the testimony of former Secret Service agent Paul Kellerman. Over the course of the first half of the season. In the first half. and Michael seeks revenge against Gretchen for Sara's death. Sara allows herself to be arrested and faces trial. and Bellick are arrested by the Panamanian authorities and imprisoned at the Penitenciaría Federal de Sona. Bellick is killed. who used to work for the Company-controlled President. a Company member. Season 4 (The Final Break): The major storyline for the fourth season concerns a team recruited by Homeland Security agent Don Self to obtain Scylla. TBag. Mahone. Michael. exonerates Lincoln and Sara. and break into Company headquarters to steal it. the team obtain cards to access Scylla. As the season ends. He is told that The Company wants Scofield to break James Whistlerout of Sona. it is later revealed to contain information on an advanced renewable power cell. Several of the escapees are killed or recaptured. When Lincoln attempts to rescue Sara and LJ following a clue provided by Sara. Sucre gets a job at the prison to aid Michael in his escape plan. Season 3: The third season follows both Michael inside Sona and Lincoln on the outside in Panama. and another inmate. the woman Michael loves. Burrows is quickly contacted by Gretchen Morgan (a Company operative who was in charge of operations in Panama) who kidnapped his son LJ and Sara Tancredi. Sucre's identity is discovered by a prison guard and he is thrown into Sona just after the escape. Sara is discovered to be alive. but the brothers make it to Panama. Gretchen claims to have beheaded Sara and sends Lincoln a head in a box as a warning. Although the team initially believes it to be the Company's "black book".as the brothers try to bring down the current President. During the trial. leaving behind several accomplices including T-Bag and Bellick. Sona is a prison that has been run by the inmates and guarded only from the outside since a riot the year before. Luis. LJ and Sofia (who was captured for a guarantee that Whistler would go with her) are traded for Whistler. as Michael has to deal with extreme tension and as Lincoln deals with the Company's operative Gretchen Morgan.

knowing that he is dying from a brain tumor. Eventually. where Scylla is recovered by Michael and the team. and Christina is killed. Christina is still alive and was an agent of the Company. the series' main storyline of the past 4 seasons ends in Miami. This story involves the incarceration of Sara in Miami-Dade county penitentiary due to budgetary cutbacks. In the movie. He later learns that his mother. 6 . Reluctantly. He is treated and operated on by the Company. Lincoln decides to join the Company to get it back. the General wants Sara dead and offers a $100. the General and the Company are taken down. there are cots installed there acting as the county jail. while Michael suffers from a hypothalamic hamartoma. who is revealed to acquire Scylla to sell to the highest bidder. Michael sacrifices himself for his brother. With the General and T-Bag in the adjacent Men's facility. a story is told explaining what happened following the take down of the General and the Company (before the fouryear flash-forward) and the strange scar on Sara's shoulder. In the end. Michael hears of the bounty and devises plans for Sara's escape. wife and child.000 bounty.a double agent and is planning to sell Scylla to the highest bidder. The last 2 episodes of the season represent the series finale and aired as the television movie Prison Break: The Final Break.

Robin Tunney ± Veronica Donovan (Season 1±2) Veronica is Michael and Lincoln's childhood friend who decides to review Lincoln's case at Michael's insistence. Rockmond Dunbar ± Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin (Season 1±2. In order to save his brother's life. Michael creates an elaborate plan to help his brother escape from prison. Abruzzi became a prominent figure at Fox River State Penitentiary. is the teenage son of Lincoln Burrows and is greatly affected by his father's death sentence. J. Bellick was introduced as the captain of Fox River's correctional officers. the brother of the Vice President of the United States. T-Bag will stop at nothing to get what he wants and lets nothing stand in his way. and provides comic relief to the show. (Season 1±4) L. Peter Stormare ± John Abruzzi (Season 1±2) Due to his role as the leader of a Chicago mafia. Robert Knepper ± Theodore µT-Bag¶ Bagwell (Season 1-4) T-Bag appears in all four seasons of the series as a cunning. J. and manipulative psychopath. violent. Otto Fibonacci. He agrees to provide an escape plane for Michael in exchange for the location of the eyewitness to his crimes. Marshall Allman ± Lincoln "L. Wade Williams ± Brad Bellick (Season 1±4) Appearing in all four seasons. 4) Desperate for his family.Characters (Casting) Wentworth Miller ± Michael Scofield (Season 1-4) Michael is Lincoln's brother and worked as a structural engineer before devoting full-time to his brother's case. who is wrongfully accused of and charged with the murder of Terence Steadman. consistently underestimated by those around him. 7 . His character's story focuses mainly on his wish to reunite with his girlfriend. He becomes Michael and Lincoln's ally. She becomes Lincoln's lawyer and appears as a major character in the first season. Dominic Purcell ± Lincoln Burrows (Season 1-4) Lincoln is a high school drop-out and a convicted felon. where he was his cell-mate. AmauryNolasco ± Fernando Sucre (Season 1-4) Sucre develops a friendship with Michael during time at Fox River State Penitentiary." Burrows Jr. C-Note blackmails Michael at Fox River to join his escape team. He is forced into hiding after he becomes the target of the people who want Lincoln dead.

Mahone's assignment was to locate the fugitives. She ultimately joins them on the run. William Fichtner ± Alexander Mahone (Season 2±4) Introduced as an FBI agent in the second season. John (Season 3) Appearing as a major character in the third season. 4) Kellerman was introduced as a Secret Service agent working for the Vice President to make sure that the execution of Lincoln Burrows goes smoothly. it is revealed she has started to date Lincoln Burrows. Danay Garcia ± Sofia Lugo (Season 3±4) Sofia was introduced in the third season as Whistler's girlfriend. Mahone is intellectually matched with Michael and his background unfolds as the series progresses. Michael Rapaport ± Donald Self (Season 4) Self is a Department of Homeland Security special agent who teams up with the gang to take down The Company. his character changes from that of a villain to an ally to Michael and Lincoln. Robert Wisdom ± Norman "Lechero" St. Paul Adelstein ± Paul Kellerman (Season 1±2.Sarah Wayne Callies ± Dr. Eventually. At the beginning of the fourth season. Gretchen is an operative for the company who is in charge of ensuring the escape of James Whistler. In the third season he finds himself incarcerated with Michael in Sona and is eventually forced to become his ally through the final season. 8 . Jodi Lyn O'Keefe ± Gretchen Morgan (Season 3±4) Introduced as "Susan B. Anthony". She takes a liking to Michael and eventually aids his escape. Sara Tancredi (Season 1-4) Sara is the prison doctor at Fox River and the daughter of Governor Frank Tancredi. who is linked into the plot that brings Lincoln to Fox River. Chris Vance ± James Whistler (Season 3±4) Whistler is incarcerated in Sona for the murder of the Mayor's son and holding The Company¶s secret. Lechero is a prisoner at Sona who rules the prison as a dictator and a Panamanian drug kingpin.

y People's Choice Awards. 9 .Setting y Chicago. Texas Many of these locations were used to represent various American towns. y Australian Film Institute (International Awards) Casting Society of America. y Joliet. USA Dominic Purcell won the Best Actor in 2007 y John Papsidera. Illinois After it was closed down in 2002. y Dallas. y Toronto. y Panama City. y Pensacola. standing in as Fox River State Penitentiary on screen. y Los Angeles. Panama Several of the exterior scenes with Lincoln and Gretchen negotiating the escape from the Panama jail were shot in the Casco Viejo quarter of Panama City. Florida to represent Panama. Florida For the final three episodes of the second season. filming took place in Pensacola. Joliet Prison became the set of Prison Break in 2005. Awards y ALMA Awards Jesús Salvador Treviño won the Outstanding Director of a Television Drama or Comedy in 2006. California The forth season was filmed in this area. Wendy O'Brien and Claire Simon won the Best Dramatic Pilot Casting in 2006. Ontario Exterior scenes of season 1 were filmed in this area. Illinois The majority of the first season of the series was filmed on location in and aroundChicago. USA Prison Breakwon the Favorite New Television Dramain 2006.

Michael Scofield installs himself in a prison he helped design. while inside. 10 . Lincoln Burrows. Lincoln Burrows always cares about his son.  Responsibility As a father.Themes An engineer. As an engineer who helped design the prison where Lincoln is being held. However. Michael discovers a massive conspiracy that is determined to see Lincoln's sentence carried out. a death-row inmate who insists he did not commit the crime for which he has been sentenced to die and help him escape. He gets himself arrested and sent to the same prison so that with his knowledge of the building the two of them can escape together. Lincoln Burrows is on death row for the murder of the vice president's brother. Michael takes drastic measures to help his brother.  Trust As a friend. Lincoln Junior Burrows. He insists he's innocent and only his brother Michael Scofield believes him. but he's still going to try. Michael Scofield always believes in Fernando Sucre and asks him to do everything which is very important. in order to help his brother. Breaking out will be more difficult than he thought. Moral Values  Love The brother¶s love between Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield.

. 1 hour is not enough. "Dark Angel"... I'm not a 24 fan. But I so love this show.. It's great!. User Rating: 10/10 BOTTOM LINE: FOX SHOULD HOLD ON TO THIS ONE! Awesome!!!!!!!..... Michael (Wentworth Miller) installs himself in prison for one reason. to get his brother out of jail! FOX had better not cancel this one! Because I'm tired of the FOX network canceling all these other good shows that have potential and they put them on nights where they can't win and they have way too many reality shows! Plus all the good shows that FOX cancels last for 1 or 2 seasons like "Tru Calling". The characters: they have this established personality. they're unique..... MO I have been seeing so many advertisements for this show and I decided to check it out and it's surprisingly good! The acting is well done and everything else. the typical good girl and bad boy. "Fast lane" just to name a few... This show is well written..... they're not like the typical criminal.Critical Comment This looks like a show that will be a hit!. if you watch one episode you'll be attached to the show.22 November 2005 Author:paodelatorrefrom Ecuador Some people say this show is for 24 fans. As a matter of fact I don't like 24 at all!.. directed and produced. It keeps you wandering what's gonna happen.So I really recommend this show.. The show is about a guy named Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) who gets arrested and framed for a crime that he didn't commit and now his brother... they're completely different. I love it! 11 .....29 August 2005 Author:SonicStuartfrom Kansas City. The story lines are awesome too... But hopefully this show might last with all the good reviews from all the newspapers and magazines. Gosh. I mean. and most of the time you THINK you know what's gonna happen but the twists are so cool!!! You could never imagine that coming.

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