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1 2 19491950 u/,, http://www.cfr., Significantly, they only hinted at the pledges on Taiwan that Nixon made to Zhou, e.g., not to support Taiwanese independence, to "discourage Japan from moving into Taiwan" as the United States reduced its presence there, and not to support "any military attempts by the Government of Taiwan to resort to a military return to the Mainland." Further, Nixon pledged to remove U.S. military forces from Taiwan in conjunction with the resolution of the Vietnam war. Although Nixon and Kissinger saw those and other assurances on Taiwan as essential for U.S.-China rapprochement, they insisted on secrecy to minimize problems with Taiwan, an old Cold War ally, and its political allies in the United States. u/12-05.htm, u/1206.htm, r/nixzhou/12-07.htm, u/12-12.htm, u/12-15.htm

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