The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant

The personal assistant diary

The handbook for the professional personal assistant

This yearbook and updates can be ordered online at This guide is not intended as professional advice. Consult professionals and do your own homework before you follow any of the suggestions and/or advice.

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The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant

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The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant

Short introduction Thank you very much for buying my personal assistant handbook. I think this handbook will be very useful for your (future) career as a personal assistant. This is a practical guide with information that I think is useful. You don’t have to read this handbook from the beginning to the end. There is no logical order. You can always send me emails if you want more information or have specific questions. I always try to answer all emails, especially the emails from people who bought my personal assistant handbook.

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The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant

Languages For a personal assistant it’s very useful to master several languages. Continuously try to improve the languages that you already speak and learn to speak and understand new languages. A great help for this are the language programs of Pimsleur. The Pimsleur language method consists of 30 minute lessons(units) and each level has about 30 units. My advice is to start with a course Mandarin Chinese or Arabic.

Hotels Hilton Group I think there will be many people who disagree with me, but I would like to recommend the Hilton hotel group for personal assistants. If you need a hotel almost anywhere in the world just step in a Hilton hotel and you can be sure you will have a safe, confidential, clean and modern place to stay. Also almost guaranteed internet in your room, fax and print possiblilties. I don’t recommend the Hilton hotels for your clients, but for your own accomodation if you don’t stay in the same hotel as your client. It’s always good to have a printed edition of the worldwide Hilton guide. You can get it at any Hilton hotel for free. The Leading Hotels of The World Group There is a hotel rating organization which is very good. They are called The Leading Hotels Of The World group and they have a fine selection of hotels that are maybe even suitable for your clients. I recommend ordering their printed edition of their hotel listing. I have very good experiences with booking hotels in a hurry at the very last moment(several hours before check-in) with

Trust services / company formation / financial services MeesPiersonIntertrust is a good place to start.

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Take some time to read their daily articles and you will learn everything about investing.fool. http://www.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Investing knowledge Improve your money & investing knowledge by taking a membership and regulary read the articles of The Motley Page 5 of 44 http://www. This company is the best investing resource that I know.

Email: sales@aircraftcharter. 06906 Sophia-Antipolis. Standard http://www.personalassistantdiary. 2 Sheraton Street. Email: frankfurt@aircraftcharter. USA Tel: +1 212 517 1555. London Medius House. UK Head Office Quayside House. Italy Tel: +39 049 823 5952. NY 10028.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Air charter resource For worldwide air charter my best resource is International Air Charter plc. United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1795 Middle East PO Box 54366.aircraftcharter. This is a very reliable company with a very professional team. United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 8897 8979. London W1F 8BH. Email: sales@aircraftcharter. Faversham. Fax: +49 (0) 69 95 92 52 41. New New York 1501 Third Avenue. ME13 7BS. 60329 Frankfurt am . Email: sales@aircraftcharter. Padova. Dubai. Fax: +1 212 517 Padova Via Savonarola 217. Nice (Cote D'Azur) 400 Avenue Roumanille.309. France Tel: +33 (0) 493 001 185 Fax: 33 (0) 493 001 184 Email: paris@aircraftcharter. Kent. Fax: +39 049 823 5953. Germany Tel: +49 (0) 69 95 92 52 40. Fax: +44 (0) 1795 590880 Email: Frankfurt Mainzer LandstraBe 47. Fax: +44 (0) 20 8897 8969 Email: Page 6 of 44 http://www. Fax: +97 14 2996869. United Arab Emirates Tel: +97 14 2996868. I have had very good experience with the UK Head Office team.P.

com Fort Lauderdale 801 Seabreeze Boulevard Bahia Mar Yachting Center Fort Lauderdale FL 33316 USA Telephone: +1 954 525 1090 Telefax: +1 954 525 0297 Email: Page 7 of 44 London 16/17 Pall Mall London SW1Y 5LU United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)20 7766 4300 Telefax: +44 (0)20 7766 4329 Email: london@nigelburgess.nigelburgess. rue Grimaldi MC98000 Monaco Telephone: +377 97 97 81 21 Telefax: +377 97 97 81 25 Email: monaco@nigelburgess.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Yacht charter resource For worldwide yacht charter my best resource is Nigel Burgess. .com New York 3 East 63rd Street New York NY 10021 USA Telephone: +1 212 223 0410 Telefax: +1 212 223 0420 Email: Monaco Le Panorama. 57. I have worked several times with Nigel Burgess.

I tested many email systems and Hotmail has proved to be the most reliable until send me an email and I can invite you. http://www. This will save you a lot of time. than they will buy it if you rent it for at least 5 Page 8 of 44 http://www. I use it for example to keep track of expenses that I made while working for my client. Make a new email account which you will only use for your work at your current client. http://www.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Car rental europe For car rental in Europe my best resource is Dockx in Belgium. This company can provide you with almost any car for as long as you want for a good price. Microsoft Excel For private and business . nice calendar. I have experienced not much downtime. It also features many things that are useful to a personal assistant. contacts. excellent interface. because you may need to transfer this email address to someone else if you stop working for your client. A “public” proivider email-address sometimes doesn’t look Google’s gmail is only by invitation. Short term rental is also possible.personalassistantdiary. If they don’t have the car you A second option is an account at Google’s webmail solution at: http://www. Don’t use it for private conversations. Make sure you choose an email address that is not too long and is easy to tell/spell to other Personal assistant’s library The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan & Barbara Pease (ISBN 075286-385-1) Email A payed Hotmail account is very useful for a personal assistant. but the service is very good. For example: large attachment size. If possible use a word that everybody knows how to spell. good spam filter. If you would like to be invited for registering an account .

The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Fax Subscribe to a fax2email service. Phone numbers. names. Paper shredder Buy a good paper shredder to protect yourself and your client against identity theft. Appointments When you write down your clients and your own appointments. so that you can easily reschedule appointments. Have this information with you at all . Page 9 of 44 http://www. This kind of service will send all your received faxed to a specified email address. addresses. You will be able to receive and print your faxes wherever you are in the world.personalassistantdiary. make sure you have all the basic information.

negative. in the best resorts.interline-berlin. Organize them in several categories(for example: positive.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Collect business cards While you are working collect business cards of all kind of companies. We offer an unbiased service to help find the perfect villa in the resort most suited to you. Write the addresses down on a paper or in your notebook/ “Indigo Lodges is driven by a passion to offer the very best properties.personalassistantdiary. Properties can be suppplied with butlers. http://www. Our collection of villas can accommodate parties ranging from a couple looking for a romantic hideaway to groups of 25 or more looking for the ultimate in summer . This collection is unique in its breadth and quality. Michelin class World Time and Date If you need to know a time and date in a foreign country visit the following website: http://www. no experience).timeandate. Embassy Make sure that you always have the addresses of embassies of your own and your clients’ country of residence during international travel. They can arrange a car with a professional chauffeur quickly. neutral. It’s also useful to write something on the card that you think is important about the company. Visit the Membership page if you want an even more bespoke service. We visit each property in our portfolio and use only the services of the most professional suppliers. This can be a good or bad experience or on a hotel-business-card a specific room number that you enjoyed. and any other service you may wish for. We cater only to the top end of the market. Don’t rely on a internet search for an embassy in case of emergency need for an embassy. Worldwide Limo/Chaffeur service This company has helped me already many times. with the best services that can be arranged. Worldwide Page 10 of 44 http://www. Very useful for future reference. Luxury villa’s and chalets rental For luxury chalets and villas in Europe check http://www.

com Vladi Private Islands GmbH Ballindamm 7 D-20095 Hamburg Germany Tel. B3J 1S9 Canada Page 11 of 44 http://www. http://www. Very useful for travel CIA World Fact Book This is a good resource for country information.iridium. http://www. http://www.S. http://earth.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Worldwide phone and internet service My advice is to use an Iridium handset with datakit.cia. I have used it so many times for travel preparation and various Private islands For private islands you need to contact these people. +49 40 33 89 89 Fax +49 40 33 00 81 info@vladi. 0064 4 922 0600 Fax 0064 49 22 0602 E-Mail: vladi@vladi. +1 902 423 3202 Fax +1 902 425 4765 Vladi Private Islands "Pacific" Limited OLD BANK ARCADE PO Box 5373 Wellington New Zealand Google’s Earth service (Satelite Imaging) I used this service many times to locate cities arround the Vladi Private Islands Limited Historic Properties Suite 158 1869 Upper Water Street Halifax. .personalassistantdiary.vladi-private-islands.

you can create exact fitting for your precious items.samsonite.guidry. You can see immidiately what is inside the box. Texas. if your bag or suitcase gets damaged(it will! Especially the zippers) you can bring it to any official Samsonite dealer and they will send it to a repair center for free repair. The Guidry Group Established in 1985 and based in Montgomery. my other brand bags last just only an average of 3 journeys). Plastic see-through boxes These boxes are very useful for storing all kinds of items. This company can arrange all types of domestic personell for you. as well as the design and implementation of strategies that enable clients to minimize and protect against such threats and to recover swiftly from the disruption they are capable of causing. There is a foam system Pelican cases Pelican cases are great. The Guidry Group is an international consultancy specializing in security risk auditing and management. my advice is to buy the Samsonite brand.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Recruitment agencies If your clients asks you to find private domestic staff I recommend you to start a relationship with the Wennekes International BV organization. http://www. Butlers. and business processes.butlers. personal assistants. These domains encompass the identification and assessment of natural and intentional threats to persons. Very good quality(you will experience that when you travel a lot as a personal assistant. many models are water resistant and even float in sea water. http://www. Very .pelican. they are easy stackable and keep your items dust free and these boxes are also water Page 12 of 44 http://www. property. Travel cases : Samsonite suitcases If you need to buy suitcases and bags. chefs and much more. Good guarantee. nanny’s.

make sure that you have a list of lawyers in the country that you are visiting. Medical Make a medicine list of you and your client’s and take note of Lawyers If you are on international travel with your client. You should at least have contact information of a immigration lawyer and a criminal law . Never give any personal information like social security numbers during the first round of information sharing. go to http://www. blood group and diseases and keep these lists with you at all times and have one copy at home.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Resume writing Don’t write all your jobs including vacation Page 13 of 44 http://www. Just mention the activities. I have experience a robbery near closing time of a try not to book too close to closing time. Airline codes If you need to know which airline belongs to a certain airline code.personalassistantdiary. Security for your client at restaurants If you have to make a booking for your client at a restaurant. Medial insurance For you and for your clients consider Allianz Worldwide Care www.

Interface Engineering http://www.fromus2eu. Clothing What you should wear as a personal assistant depends on your client. That’s why I think it is useful to have these two resources. and she will reship it to your country. Don’t forget to take good care of your shoes. It’s worth the money. I recommend: Credit Suisse Private Banking in Switzerland. For activity wear go to an adventure style shop and buy for example clothes of the brand Columbia(http://www.interfaceengineering.fromus2eu. This is a great and reliable Page 14 of 44 http://www. Have at least two pair of shoes and wear a different pair Many of my clients have asked for help with their house automation. Please invest in good shoes.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Banking As a international personal assistant it’s important to have a serious and good relationship with a bank. nice black shoe’s and a shirt with long or short sleeves. Buy and shipping products from the US to the rest of the Keen Engineering http://www. There is a For women it’s good also good to choose for black coloured trousers or a skirt that does not show the For men it’s always a good choice to choose black colored pair of trousers. Colours: black and Whole-house automation companies There are only two companies in the world that I would recommend for your clients “whole house automation”. Shoes It’s very important for a personal assistant to have good quality shoes(because you will walk a lot).com . let them ship the items to the owner of http://www. Some American companies don’t ship outside the US.keen.columbia. http://www.

London. N15 4EG. London’s finest dry cleaner: Jeeves of Belgravia 30-48 Lawrence Street. Country specific information If you are looking for country specific information check the CIA World Fact Book at http://www. Make sure that your postbox is easy to reach at every time of the day and find someone who you trust to empty the mailbox for you Postbox Take a postbox for your own private and business mail. Your confidentiality is one of the most important reasons why you have the job with your client.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Buying property in France If you need professional help when you are in the final stage of buying a property in France call: Law Office Steinz Eemnesserweg 11-07 1251 NA Laren The Netherlands Tel +31 35 531 3143 Fax +31 35 531 7330 http://www. Page 15 of 44 Confidentiality One of the most important skills is keeping everything you hear and see My own experience: Jamaica: make sure to bring at least 50US$ per I needed it to buy a business visa and I could only pay with US$.com .steinz. You may need it at immigration desk. Tel: 0208 809 3232 Fax: 0208 809 7833 Email: http://www. never forget that.

Make backups of your harddisk. 15. Savile Row London W1A 3PJ Tel +44 20 7734 5985 Fax +44 20 7287 2161 Email office@henrypoole.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Tailors For men.daneurope. preferably a complete harddisk Computers and security Never use a public computer for your activities Buy the smallest type of notebook and bring it everywhere. 12. http://www. The Netherlands. take it always with you(buy a small one) and don’t forget or loose it on your way. More info: http://www. Germany. France. Diving If you or your client or anybody in your party is a diver.K.personalassistantdiary. Don’t let other people(including friends and family members) use your computer. Ask a computer security expert/company to install anti-virus and spyware protection software and arrange a monthly Page 16 of 44 http://www. Storage Do you need some (temporary) storage place? Try Shurgard in the USA. you can buy a good suit here: Scabal U. and the United Kingdom.shurgard. Denmark. Don’t leave your notebook computer in your car. check membership of DAN(Divers Alert Network). Sweden. Savile Row London W1S 3PQ Tel +44 20 7734 8963 Fax +44 20 7439 0093 Email info@scabaluk. You can also make a monthly appointment for this at a security Henry Poole & .

you will know when that is.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Mobile Phones My advice is to have at least 2 mobile phones of different brands and charge them whenever you have to possibility. Flight tickets in a hurry at travel agencies If you need to buy flight tickets in a hurry. Probably there are people who can do that. So call first before you visit a tarvel agency. From Argentinia to South Africa to Japan and more. Speak directly I always try to be direct to my clients. Page 17 of 44 http://www. If you and your client can speak directly about problems that arise. I cannot work for several clients at the same . than you will be able to find solutions and continue to work together on the long term. but I still have to meet that person. be sure that the travel agency that you visit can print the tickets in their shop. so that when you travel with your client(s) abroad you will have someone to assist you if you need local help. One client at a time I personally believe that working for one client at a time is the best way to go. I have partner personal assistants in many countries in the world. Most clients appreciate that. I also ask my clients to speak directly to me. Tell them exactly how it is and what’s going on. In some situations this is not advised.personalassistantdiary. Work with local people Try to build up a network of personal assistants all around the world. There are many travel agencies who belong to a larger group and print their tickets at their main office and send the printed tickets by mail. I tell my clients that they should tell me and tell me everything what’s on their mind when there is something wrong about my way of working. Working with local people can save you time and can make you work more efficient and better.

Potential clients will appreciate it and in general it’s very good to learn the skills that can save people’s Page 18 of 44 http://www. I recommend an International Driver Licence in conjunction with your local. There are many advantages and also disadvantages for both you and your client. International Driver Licence As a personal assistant there is a big chance that you have to drive a vehicle in other countries. Inform at your local driving school about obtaining an International Drivers Licence. because they are still working for someone else or at another job. if possible take a seat in the last part of the train for security reasons. If the subject requires constant debate with your client.personalassistantdiary. ask help of some experts. If you don’t know enough about a certain subject. Travel by train If you have to travel by train with or without your client(s). be available! My experience is that it is very difficult to work with people who are not yet available. but let them converse with each other. More information: http://www. but don’t forget about privacy and confidentiality. Consult a financial professional(with worldwide knowledge) about this subject. Emergency Medial Training It’s a very good idea to follow some (emergency) medical courses of the Red Cross. try not to be in the middle.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Advisors Don’t be afraid to hire external advisors. Availability If you start looking for a PA job. Structure My advice is to start your own company and bill your client .

Someday you will need it. I didn’t pay the bill with these.personalassistantdiary.client’s insurance papers Page 19 of 44 Creditcards I have been using an American Express and a Diners Club card. For more information: http://www. Lately I have been buying and using the “Rough Guides”. Copy important documents To keep a copy of the following documents might be very useful: .client’s passport and driver licence . I recommend to have one or both of these cards with you. I have used them a lot for reservations for hotels and rental cars. just apply. Make sure you also have a VISA or Mastercard. Sometimes you need to make a lot of reservations and each reservation will make a temporary authorization on your card. The American Express card and Diners Club card that I use have no pre-defined spending limit. These things can ruin or make your client’s holiday or business travel. be sure to check the local events and activities of the destination. Before travel find 2 contact numbers of a criminal and 2 of a immigration lawyers at the destination http://www.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Travel books and guides I have used the travel books of Lonely Planet alot. because sometimes you just don’t know what is going to happen in the next weeks. These cards are easily obtainable. Emergency food and drinks I always make sure that I have a small bottle of water and 2 energy bars with me.client’s creditcards(front and back) . Travel planning When you are planning the travel schedule for you client. that is very useful for a personal assistant. the bills were payed by the client’s creditcard or cash.

Integrated Weatlh Management & Family Office Services The Treshold Group http://www. you can do this usually within 24 Gries Financial Page 20 of 44 http://www. A business card which states that you are the Personal Assistant to……….com Maohoney Cohen Family Office Services http://www. Alarmnumbers in foreign countries Make shure that you always know the alarm number in a foreign Cymric Family Office Services As a frequent to share his If you work or go for business in a country in which english is not the main Asset Management Advisors http://www. Do this for every country that you visit.cymricfamilyoffice. He created SeatGuru.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Best seats in aircraft Visit Laird Norton Tyee http://www.personalassistantdiary. portuguese or chinese. Business cards Make a business card when you start working for your client if it’s not a privacy problem. the owner of this website pays attention to where the best (and worst) seats are on http://www. translate and print business cards with on the front english and on the back for example spanish.

com U.cia. Virtual office It may become necessary for you or for your client to have a virtual office or mail accepting http://world. Another great tool for translation of websites is the translate in English option of the Google . I can give as a reference the following company: Take some time to read about their Baggage check-in I personally never check-In or travel with any of my client’s http://www. Trust Internet Toolbox Links Currency converter Time and Date CIA World fact book Country Calling Codes http://www.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant The Whittier Trust Companies http://www. Google Toolbar Alta Vista’s Babel Fish http://toolbar. Online translation For quick translation on the internet you can use Alta Vista’s Babel Fish Translation.altavista. Page 21 of 44 http://www. I have used several of their services and I am very satisfied. I suggest you do the same.countrycallingcodes. unless I packed them myself or I have seen the Rockefeller & Co. Hamilton Scott Agency: HomeWork Solutions: Help Company: Home Details: Executive Assistance Service: Distinguished Domestics: Hawthorne Domestic Services: Kerri Campos Inc.: www.shushans. London: Claire & Company Domestic Services: Johnson Agency: John Crowell: www. La Sorca & Associates: Butler Did It: www.dpnonline. Domestically Yours.html Caring Nannies: www. UK: Chadwick Village: In House Staffing Aunt Anns: Clothes: Charles MacPherson Associates: Breedlove & Associates: Greenhouse Cass & Company: GTM Associates: Katie Facey Agency: Greycoat Caretaker Gazette: Page 22 of 44 Beauchamp Elite Alternatives Domestic Placement Agency: www.: Grand Staffing Firm: www.butlersguild.: www.lasorsa.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Various Domestic Staff Internet Links Don Aslett's Cleaning Center: Childcare Resources: www.gtmassociates. Executive & Estate Protection: Heartland Caregivers: International Nanny Association: International Guild of Professional Butlers: Domestic Placement Network: Camelview Domestic Placement Agency: Care of Hats: Best Domestics: A-Plus Domestics: www.

com Marshall Harber: Morningside Nannies: Regal Domestics: Lindquist Agency: NannyQuest.: www.precisehome. Professional Domestic Institute: Personal Chefs Network: Mahler Enterprises: Private Chefs Incorporated: www. Robert Hanselman Agency: Nanny Network: www.privatechefsinc.: The Tuttle Agency: .com Poppens & Jeeves: www.starkeyintl.marshallharber.: Town and Country Resources: Tutors International: www.personalchefsnetwork. Page 23 of 44 Nanny Association: Rose's Employment Agency: Wennekes International McDonald Employment Nannies and MORE: www.mahlerent.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Various Internet Links(continued) Klaus Nielsen: Locke Domestic Agency: Precise Home Management: www.tutors-international.nanniesandmore.tandcr.butlers.: Robin Kellner Agency: Randolph Butlers: Taylor Starkey International: Windsor Nanny Agency: Pavillion Agency: www.nannynetwork.

A. BG Bank AS Location Algiers Buenos Aires Melbourne Sydney Melbourne Sydney Linz Vienna Vienna Vienna Linz Innsbruck Linz Linz Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Sao Paulo Montreal Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Zagreb Havana Havana Prague Prague Prague Copenhagen SWIFT BIC CPAL DZ AL NACN AR BA ANZB AU 3M CTBA AU 2S NATA AU 33 WPAC AU 2S ASPK AT 2L BKAU AT WW CABV AT WW GIBA AT WW OBKL AT 2L RZTI AT 22 RZOO AT 2L OVER AT WW CGAK BE BB BBRU BE BB GEBA BE BB CGAK BE BB GEBA BE BB KRED BE BB ABNA BR SP BOFM CA M2 BOFM CA T2 CIBC CA TT NOSC CA TT ROYC CA T2 TDOM CA TT ABOC CN BJ BKCH CN BJ COMM CN SH PCBC CN BJ CMBC CN BS CIBK CN BJ ICBK CN BJ ZABA HR 2X BCCU CU HH BIDC CU HH BACX CZ PP CEKO CZ PP KOMB CZ PP BIKU DK KK Page 24 of 44 http://www. (Fortis Bank has two) Generale de Banque S. Bank of Montreal Bank of Montreal Canadian Imperial Bk of Commerce Nova Scotia Bank Royal Bank of Canada The Toronto-Dominion Bank Agricultural Bank of China Bank of China Bank of Communications China Construction Bank China Merchants' Bank Citic Industrial Bank Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zagrebacka banka dd Banco Central de Cuba Banco Internacional de Comercio S.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Swift codes Here are some common SWIFT codes that will be useful: Country Algeria Argentina Australia Australia Australia Australia Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Brazil Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada China China China China China China China Croatia Cuba Cuba Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Denmark Bank Name Credit Populaire d'Algerie Banco de la Nación Argentina Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Commonwealth Bank of Australia National Australia Bank Westpac Banking Corporation Allgemeine Sparkasse Bank AG Bank Austria AG Creditanstalt-Bankverein Erste Bank der Österreichischen Sparkassen AG Oberbank AG Raiffeisen Landesbank Tirol .A.S.S. Oberösterreich Verkehrskreditbank AG ALSK-CGER Bank Bank Brussels Lambert SA Fortis Bank Fortis Bank N. (=Fortis) KBC Banco ABN AMRO Real S.A.personalassistantdiary.S. Československá Obchodní Banka A. Bank Austria A. Komerční Banka A.

Bayerische Landesbank Commerzbank AG Deutsche Bank Dresdner Bank AG Hamburger Sparkasse Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale Vereins. Savings Banks. Local cooperative banks Bank of Åland Danske Bank Handelsbanken Finland (SHB) Sampo Bank Nordea Bank Finland OKO Bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) Tapiola Bank Banque populaire de la Région économique de Strasbourg Strasbourg BNP Paribas S. Reserve Bank of Fiji Aktia Savings Bank Bank of Finland. Caisse Centrale des Banques Populaires Caisse Centrale des Caisses d'Epargne et de Prevoyance Credit Agricole Credit Commercial de France Credit du Nord Credit Lyonnaise Sociètè Generale American Express Bank Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank A.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark Estonia Estonia Estonia Estonia Ethiopia Ethiopia Fiji Fiji Finland Finland Finland Finland Finland Finland Finland Finland Finland Finland France France France France France France France France France Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Greece Greece Greece Greece Hong Kong Danske Bank Aktieselskab Jyske Bank A/S Spar Nord Bank A/S Unibank A/S Eesti Krediidipank (Estonian Credit Bank) Eesti Ühispank (Union Bank of Estonia) Hansapank Optiva Pank Commercial Bank of Ethiopia National Bank of Ethiopia National Bank of Fiji .personalassistantdiary.G.und Westbank Westdeutsche Landesbank Commercial Bank of Greece Ergobank EFG Eurobank Ergasias National Bank of Greece Hang Seng Bank Copenhagen Silkeborg Aalborg Copenhagen Tallinn Tallinn Tallinn Tallinn Addis Ababa Addis Ababa Suva Suva Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Frankfurt Munich München Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Hamburg Hannover Hamburg Düsseldorf Athens Athens Athens Athens Hong Kong DABA DK KK JYBA DK KK SPNO DK 22 UNIB DK KK EKRD EE 2X EEUH EE 2X HABA EE 2X FORE EE 2X CBET ET AA NBET ET AA NBFI FJ FJ RBFJ FJ FJ HELS FI HH HELS FI HH AABA FI 22 DABA FI HX HAND FI HH PSPBFIHH NDEA FI HH OKOY FI HH ESSE FI HX TAPI FI 21 BPRS FR 2A BNPA FR PP CCBP FR PP CEPA FR PP AGRI FR PP CCFR FR PP NORD FR PP CRLY FR PP SOGE FR PP AEIB DE FX HYVE DE MM BYLA DE MM COBA DE FF DEUT DE FF DRES DE FF HASP DE HH NOLA DE 2H VUWB DE HH WELA DE DD EMPO GR AA ERGO GR AA EFGB GR AA ETHN GR AA HASE HK HH Page 25 of 44 http://www.A.

Landsbanki Islands Íslandsbanki ABN-AMRO Bank N.M. UFJ Bank . Bank of Israel Banca Commerciale Italiana Banca Di Roma Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Banca Popolare del Emilia Romagna Banca Popolare di Milano Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde SPA (CARIPLO) Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo SPA ICCRI SPA Südtiroler Landessparkasse Unicredito Italiano American Express Bank Bank of Hawaii Mizuho Bank Ltd. Magyar Nemzeti Bank Rt. Raiffeisen Bank Rt. Standard Chartered Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd.personalassistantdiary. Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank Rt. Shinsei Bank Ltd. HVB Bank Inter-Európa Bank Rt.V. ERSTE Bank Hungary Rt. ICICI Bank Standard Chartered Bank State Bank of India Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran Central Bank of Iraq AIB Bank (Allied Irish Banks) Bank of Ireland Bank Hapoalim B. Standard Chartered Bank Budapest Bank Rt.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Hong Kong Hong Kong Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Iceland Iceland India India India India India Iran Iraq Ireland Ireland Israel Israel Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Jordan Korea Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. Union Bank of California Arab Bank Plc. OTP Bank Rt. ANZ Grindlays Bank Plc. (see South Korea) Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad Bumiputra-Commerce Bank Berhad Hong Kong Bank Malaysia Berhad Hong Kong Hong Kong Budapest Budapest Budapest Budapest Budapest Budapest Budapest Budapest Reykjavík Reykjavík Mumbai Mumbai Hyderabad Mumbai Mumbai Tehran Baghdad Dublin Dublin Tel Aviv Jerusalem Milan Rome Rome Modena Milan Milan Padova Rome Bozen Milan Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Amman Seoul Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur HSBC HK HH SCBL HK HH BUDA HU HB GIBA HU HB BACX HU HB INEB HU HB OKHB HU HB MANE HU HB OTPV HU HB UBRT HU HB LAIS IS RE ISBA IS RE ABNA IN BB GRND IN BB ICIC IN BB SCBL IN BB SBIN IN BB BMJI IR TH CBIR IQ B1 AIBK IE 2D BOFI IE 2D POAL IL IT ISRA IL IJ BCIT IT MM BROM IT RD BNLI IT RR BPMO IT 22 BPMI IT MM CARI IT MF CRPD IT 2P ICRI IT RR CRBZ IT 2B CRIT IT MM AEIB JP JX BOHI JP JT MHBK JP JT LTCB JP JT SCBL JP JT SMBC JP JT BOTK JP JT SANW JP JT BOFC JP JT ARAB JO AX ???? KR ?? BBMB MY KL BOCM MY KL HBMB MY KL Page 26 of 44 http://www.

van Lanschot Bankiers N.personalassistantdiary. Rabobank Nederland SNS Bank Nederland ANZ Banking Group ASB New Zealand Bank of New Zealand National Bank of New Zealand WestpacTrust New Zealand Den Norske Bank Union Bank of Norway Banco de Credito del Peru Interbank Banco Wiese Sudameris Bank Handlowy w Warszawie BRE BANK ING Bank Slaski Banco BPI Banco Comercial Portugues S.A. Banco Espirito Santo e Comercial de Lisboa Banco Nacional Ultramarino Banco Portugues do Atlantico Caixa Geral de Depositos Bank of the Russian Federation National Commercial Bank Saudi Hollandi Bank The Saudi British Bank Seychelles International Mercantile Banking Corporation .V.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Malta Morocco Morocco Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand Norway Norway Peru Peru Peru Poland Poland Poland Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal Russia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore Slovakia Slovakia Slovakia Slovakia Slovakia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Bank of Valletta Banque Centrale Populaire Crèdit du Maroc ABN Amro Bank De Nederlandsche Bank F. ING Bank Postbank N.V. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Singapore Branch Standard Chartered Bank United Overseas Bank Investicna Rozvojova Banka (Investment Development Bank) Ludova banka (People's Bank) Narodna banka Slovenska (National Bank of Slovakia) Slovenska Sportilelna (Slovak Savings Bank) Tatra banka (Tatra Bank) Vseobecna Uverova Banka (General Credit Bank) Nova Ljubljanska Banka Firstrand Bank La Valletta Casablanca Casablanca Amsterdam Amsterdam 'sHertogenbosch Amsterdam Amsterdam Utrecht Hertogenbosch Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington Oslo Oslo Lima Lima Lima Warsaw Warsaw Katowice Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon Moscow Jedda Riyadh Riyadh Mahé Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava Ljubljana Johannesburg VALL MT MT BCPO MA MC CDMA MA MC ABNA NL 2A FLOR NL 2A FVLB NL 22 INGB NL 2A PSTB NL 21 RABO NL 2U BBSP NL 2A ANZB NZ 22 ASBB NZ 2A BKNZ NZ 22 NBNZ NZ 22 WPAC NZ 2W DNBA NO KK UBNO NO KK BCPL PE PL BINP PE PL BSUD PE PL BHWA PL PW BREX PL PW INGB PL PW BBPI PT PL BCOM PT PL BESC PT PL BNUL PT PL ILBK PT PL CGDI PT PL SABR RU MM NCBK SA JE AAAL SA RI SABB SA RI NOVH SC SC HSBC SG SG ESSE SG SG SCBL SG SG UOVB SG SG INRB SK BX LUBA SK BX BBSB SK BX SLSP SK BX TATR SK BX SUBA SK BX LJBA SI 2X FIRN ZA JJ Page 27 of 44 http://www.

K. Swaziland Development and Savings Bank Nordbanken Nordea Bank (former Postgirot Bank) Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Svenska Handelsbanken Swedbank Credit Suisse (First Boston) Swiss Bank Corp Union Bank of Switzerland AG Bank of Taiwan E. Barclays Bank PLC Lloyds Bank Plc HSBC Bank Plc National Westminster Bank Plc Standard Chartered Bank Co-operative Bank Sandton Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Seoul Seoul Seoul Madrid Madrid Sabadell Madrid Madrid Madrid Madrid Madrid Mbabane Mbabane Mbabane Mbabane Mbabane Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Zürich Zürich Zürich Taipei Taipei Dar es Salaam Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Tunis Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul London London London London London Manchester RMBI IE 2D SARB ZA JP SARB ZA JY SBZA ZA JJ KOEX KR SE KOFB KR SE PBOK KR SE BBVI ES MM CENT ES MM BSAB ES BB PSTR ES MM POPU ES MM BDER ES MM CAAM ES 2A CECA ES MM SWAZ SZ MB FIRN SZ MX NESW SZ MX SBIC SZ MX SDSB SZ M1 NBBK SE SS NDEA SE SS ESSE SE SS HAND SE SS SWED SE SS CRES CH ZZ SBCO CH ZZ UBSW CH ZH BKTW TW TP ESUN TW TP TANZ TZ TX BKKB TH BK AYUD TH BK KRTH TH BK TFBS TH BK GSBA TH B1 SICO TH BK STBK TN TT EGEB TR IS TGBA TR IS IMAR TR IS BARC GB 22 LOYD GB 2L MIDL GB 22 NWBK GB 2L SCBL GB 2L CPBK GB 22 Page 28 of 44 . Ltd. Sun Commercial Bank Ltd.A. Standard Bank Swaziland Ltd.K. Rand Merchant Bank South African Reserve Bank (Settlement Bank) South African Reserve Bank (Settlement Provider) Standard Bank of South Africa Korea Exchange Bank Korea First Bank Peace Bank of Korea Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Banco Central Hispanoamericano S.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant South Africa South Africa South Africa South Africa South Korea South Korea South Korea Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Swaziland Swaziland Swaziland Swaziland Swaziland Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Taiwan Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Tunisia Turkey Turkey Turkey U. Ltd. Thai Farmers Bank Public Co. Banco Popular Espanol Banco Santander Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo Confederacion Espanola de Cajas de Ahorros Central Bank of Swaziland First National Bank of Swaziland Ltd. Banco Pastor S.K.A. Krung Thai Bank Public Co.K. Société Tunisienne de Banque Egabank A. U. Bank of Ayudhya Public Co.K.K.S. Ltd. U. Bank of Tanzania Bangkok Bank Ltd. The Government Savings Bank The Siam Commercial Bank Plc. Türkiye Garanti Bankasi Türkiye Imar Bankasi T. Banco de Sabadell S.personalassistantdiary.A. Nedbank (Swaziland) Ltd.A. U. U. U.

A.A.S. Citibank N.personalassistantdiary.A. U.A. U.A. U.S.A.A.A.A.A.A. U.A. U. Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam Central Bank of Yemen National Bank of Yemen Jugobanka Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Montevideo New York New York New York New York New York New York New York New York New York New York New York New York Kansas City Hanoi Hanoi Sana'a Aden Belgrad Harare SURI UY 33 AEIB US 33 BOFA US 3N BOHI US 77 IRVT US 3N BKTR US 33 CHAS US 33 CITI US 33 FNBC US 33 PNBP US 33 HATR US 33 SCBL US 33 BOFC US 33 UMKC US 44 BFTV VN VX ICBV VN VX CBYE YE Y1 NBYD YE Y1 JUGO YU BG REBZ ZW HX For more information about Swift codes: http://www. First Chicago International First Union National Bank Harris Bank Intl Corp Standard Chartered Bank Union Bank of California UMB Bank N. Vietnam Vietnam Yemen Yemen Yugoslavia Zimbabwe Banco Surinvest American Express Bank Bank Of America Bank of Hawaii Bank of New York Bankers Trust Company JP Morgan Chase Bank N.S.S.A. U. U.A. U.S.S. U. U. Page 29 of 44 http://www.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Uruguay U.S.S. .S.

com) backpack digital camera medical aid kit notebook with hardware to use the internet anywhere(WLAN. currency set tools superglue victorinox pocket knife ( .bluetooth. Try to keep these items to be readily available at all times.personalassistantdiary.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Personal Assistant Standard Equipment list These are the items that are very useful for the average personal assistant.victorinox.LAN) mobile phone bottle opener letter opener lighter and matches several sheets of A4 paper pen several envelopes anti transpiration spray duct tape umbrella(rain.sun and wind protection) business cards anti diarrhea pain killers flamigel a really small bottle of water several blank sheets of paper several business cards of your client and of your own extra large umbrella(a black and a white one) Page 30 of 44 http://www.

nor by the rejection of any agreement between Owner and Recipient. receivership. any documents or other media developed by the Recipient containing Confidential Information may be destroyed by Recipient. Recipient shall return all Confidential Information received in written or tangible form. directors. is rightfully received by Recipient without obligations of confidentiality. Recipient shall have no obligation under this Agreement with respect to Confidential Information which is or becomes publicly available without breach of this Agreement by Recipient. such Confidential Information shall not be Page 31 of 44 http://www. and shall disclose it only to its officers. 4. B. manuals. or by the Recipient as a debtor-in-possession or the equivalent of any of the foregoing under local law. software. Owner proposes to disclose certain of its confidential and proprietary information (the "Confidential Information") to Recipient. Upon the request of Owner. within ten (10) days of such request. provided. assignment. Recipient will not disclose. 1. or is developed by Recipient without breach of this Agreement. in writing. At Recipient's option. including copies. or employees with a specific need to know. Confidential Information shall include all data. business plans. Recipient's Obligations. or by any other media. products. Further.personalassistantdiary. publish or otherwise reveal any of the Confidential Information received from Owner to any other party whatsoever except with the specific prior written authorization of Owner. Term. Nothing herein shall require Owner to disclose any of its information. materials. and other information disclosed or submitted. Confidential Information. orally. however. Recipient shall provide a written certificate to Owner regarding destruction within ten (10) days thereafter. to Recipient by Owner. specifications. shall not use the Confidential Information other than for the purposes of its business with Owner. A. 3. or reproductions or other media containing such Confidential Information. Other Information. Confidential Information disclosed orally shall be identified as such within five (5) days of disclosure. by a trustee of Recipient in bankruptcy. Confidential Information furnished in tangible form shall not be duplicated by Recipient except for purposes of this Agreement. attachment or seizure . The obligations of Recipient herein shall be effective [Non-Disclosure Period] from the date Owner last discloses any Confidential Information to Recipient pursuant to this Agreement. Recipient agrees that the Confidential Information is to be considered confidential and proprietary to Owner and Recipient shall hold the same in confidence. the obligation not to disclose shall not be affected by bankruptcy. technology.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Example contract CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT This Confidentiality Agreement ("Agreement") is made and effective the [Date] by and between [Owner] ("Owner") and [Recipient] ("Recipient"). 2. marketing plans. financial information. whether initiated by or against Recipient. computer programs.

personalassistantdiary. shall be in writing and shall be given to the appropriate party by personal delivery or by certified mail. including all of the remaining terms. 11. the existence or terms and conditions of the Agreement. This Agreement may be modified only by a further writing that is duly executed by both parties. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting or conferring any rights by license or otherwise in any Confidential Information. or the fact that discussions are being held with Owner. Recipient agrees not to disclose its participation in this undertaking. Severability. or recognized overnight delivery services. Final Agreement. Notices. No Publicity. 5. This Agreement terminates and supersedes all prior understandings or agreements on the subject matter hereof. It is understood and agreed that neither party solicits any change in the organization. No Assignment. Confidential Information may pertain to prospective or unannounced products. in addition to any other legal remedies which may be available. If any term of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable. will remain in full force and effect as if such invalid or unenforceable term had never been included. such equitable relief as may be necessary to protect Owner against any such breach or threatened breach.S.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant disclosed until thirty (30) days after written notice of intent to disclose is given to Owner along with the asserted grounds for disclosure. Owner may obtain. Recipient agrees not to use any Confidential Information as a basis upon which to develop or have a third party develop a competing or similar product. then this Agreement. postage prepaid. service or products of the other party. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of [State of Governing Law] and Recipient consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state courts and U. 9. 7. Any notice required by this Agreement or given in connection with it. business practice. 6. . Recipient may not assign this Agreement or any interest herein without Owner's express prior written consent. Governing Law and Equitable Relief. 8. Recipient agrees that in the event of any breach or threatened breach by Recipient. and that the disclosure of Confidential Information shall not be construed as evidencing any intent by a party to purchase any products or services of the other party nor as an encouragement to expend funds in development or research efforts. No License. federal courts located there for any dispute arising out of this Agreement. If to Owner: Page 32 of 44 http://www.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant [Owner] [Owner's Address] If to Recipient: [Recipient] [Recipient's Address] 12. [Owner] Signature Block [Recipient] Signature Block [Owner] Signature Block [Recipient] Signature Block [Owner] Signature Block [Recipient] Signature Block [Owner] Signature Block [Recipient] Signature Block Page 33 of 44 http://www. Either party's failure to insist in any one or more instances upon strict performance by the other party of any of the terms of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any continuing or subsequent failure to perform or delay in performance of any term hereof. 13. No Implied .personalassistantdiary. Headings. the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first above written. Headings used in this Agreement are provided for convenience only and shall not be used to construe meaning or intent.

but after that don't be embarrassed when you see two men kissing when they meet. It is advisable for visitors to Australia to avoid these topics of conversation unless raised by your . you had better use the radio taxi system. you get domestic flights to almost all major destinations. December 25. safe and efficient. May 1 [Labour Day]. Argentines generally converse in closer proximity. Adapt to this practice--it may be taken personally if you back away from someone. Visa. Tips are not included in bills or trips. Topics which are currently controversial in Australia include migration and aboriginal issues. July 9. Easter.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Country information and advice Argentina Language: Spanish Religion: Roman Catholic Capital: Buenos Aires Most ATMs allow you to withdraw pesos or dollars. and the service is safe and efficient. the best time to visit is from March through November. Since passengers have been mugged on occasion. Australians generally prefer direct eye contact. Fixed holidays: January 1. as it has become common practice. Australia For the business traveler. Apart from renting a car. Banelco has an excellent network of machines that operate with Link. People who avoid eye contact may not be perceived as trustworthy. Mastercard. A suitable tip is at least 10% of the cost of the service. It may be unwise to try to do business in these summer months. The city of Buenos Aires has five excellent subway lines. American Express and Diners Club. By air. Shaking hands is normal when being introduced. Long distance coaches are comfortable. since the tourist season occurs from December through February. January and February are holiday months. Page 34 of 44 http://www. you can make use of other means of transport like the plentiful taxis [in big cities]. radio taxis and limousines. there are also good shuttle services. May 25.personalassistantdiary.

In order to drive on Austrian motorways. A woman traveling alone should sit in the back left passenger seat of the car. Although it is customary in this culture for men to sit in the front with the taxi driver. Remain modest at all times. the driver will be on the right. and will only take offense if addressed in Page 35 of 44 http://www. Austria Do not refer to Austrians or their culture as German.personalassistantdiary. Belgium When planning your trip [and any follow-up meetings]. professional experience. this is not the case for women. Brazil Portuguese is the dominant language in Brazil. It is customary for guests to bring a bottle of wine for their hosts. When you are leaving a hotel. the latter are either SA [public] or SPRL [private]. be prepared to give slightly more than just your gratuity. When speaking to an Australian. in conversation. If the driver assists you with your luggage. you can always tell whether a company is Flemish or Walloon by the initials after its name: the former are either NV [public] or BVBA [private]. If your Belgian geography is not quite up to speed. Maintaining personal space is important in this culture. keep an arm's length distance from the . Be aware that Brazilians do not perceive themselves as Hispanics. otherwise the best way to get a taxi is to go to one of the designated taxi ranks. Don't break eye contact with an Australian when he or she is talking to you. The only thing that is truly German about Austria is the language. Don’t ever mention the topic of: Austria's role during World War II Never keep your hands in your pockets when talking with others or even when standing alone Taxis cannot be hailed on the street. ask the concierge to call one for you. you must purchase an AutobahnVignette. failure to display a valid sticker will result in an on-the-spot fine. The standard tip is 10% of your fare. and related achievements. you should bear in mind that most Belgians take a one-month vacation each year. which is available at border crossings and from most petrol stations and tobacconists. usually in July-August.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Australians are usually distrustful of authority and of people who think that they are somehow “better” than others. business success. refrain from drawing attention to your education.

don't use the phrase 'in America' when referring to the United States. and they will accept it better. If you are having difficulties with a person's name. it's an asset to include both French and English translations on your business card. are often a necessary prelude to conducting business in Chile. and heavily scented personal care products such as shampoo and hairspray should be avoided. Perfume. Consequently. Keep in mind that the seasons in Brazil are opposite to those in North America. or at least used sparingly. which precedes Ash Wednesday.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Spanish. Generally. aftershave. Never touch food with your fingers. Avoid scheduling any appointments around 'Carnaval'. If you want to get to a decision-maker. Page 36 of 44 http://www. Secretaries largely determine who gets access to their manager[s]. Trying to conduct business during these months is probably futile. January and February are popular vacation times.English and French. Before putting the resources into a trip. politics. This is the height of the summer in Chile. you may inquire about the correct pronunciation. Don't try to guess. Avoid talking about ethnic and/or class differences. June/July and August is winter and December/January/February is summer. Brazilians also consider themselves Americans. hire a Brazilian contact in your industry that can help you make the right connections. But if you do speak Spanish you may ask to speak it. through institutions such as banks and consulting firms.personalassistantdiary. so it will be in your best interests to remain polite and gracious when dealing with them. the beginning of Lent. personal affairs. Chile Third party . Canada is officially bilingual. The federal government works in the two official languages . it's always necessary to go through the secretary first. as Brazilians consider this rude. Argentina. Canada Canadians in general do not wear scent in a business setting.

During May Day. This person should receive a few pesos for each piece of mail delivered. When scheduling your appointments. but most educated Chileans are fluent in English. be sensitive to holidays such as Chinese New Year. When greeting your Chilean counterpart. Although this is standard practice in other Latin American countries. contract agreements are followed rigidly. you are expected to tip the postal carrier. 'I'll think about it'. answer 'maybe'. Investing in a card case will be helpful in ensuring that your cards stay well ." China Being late for an appointment is considered a serious insult in Chinese business culture. An open palm with the fingers separated is a gesture for "stupid. it is very important to offer a firm handshake while smiling and making eye contact. Page 37 of 44 http://www. It would be a mistake to bribe your Chilean business associates. Generally. many businesses will be closed for up to a week during this period. Spanish is the official language. It's a mistake to compare Chile to Argentina Have your business card translated into Spanish on the reverse side. When receiving a mail delivery. The best times for scheduling appointments are April to June and September to October. problems are resolved swiftly. Be aware that the group "hello" might be perceived as rude and impersonal. Negative replies are considered impolite. or 'We'll see' and get into specifics later. in Chile it could land you in jail. Instead of saying 'no'.personalassistantdiary. or the National Day.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Displaying a basic familiarity with positive aspects of the history and economy of Chile is an excellent way to establish rapport. It is considered important to keep any business cards you receive in excellent condition. and payments are made promptly on the deadline.

but this is not the case with Danes. express gratitude. Ensure that you have all documents and presentation materials translated into Spanish before your trip to Colombia. Danes are committed to preserving the environment. religion and illegal drugs.' Just say 'China. Danes consider compliments to be inappropriate. The Chinese are very keen about exchanging business cards. Although taxis can be hailed on street corners. Visual aids are also very valuable in getting your message across. Many people are flattered by compliments about how they look or clothing they're wearing. a person's reputation and social standing rests on this . Ask your counterparts what areas of the city are dangerous. can be disastrous for business negotiations. “Saving face” is an important concept to understand. Once the gift is accepted. You will be expected to go through the same routine if you are offered a gift. printed in Spanish on the opposite side.' and 'Communist China. Don’t mention/talk about: politics. so be sure to bring a plentiful supply. 'Mainland China. bullfighting. Causing embarrassment or loss of composure. Ensure that you take safety precautions when in Colombia. even unintentionally. Ensure that you bring a plentiful supply of business cards. Denmark Red is a positive colour in Denmark. so as not to appear greedy. Page 38 of 44 http://www. terrorism. In Chinese business culture.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Refrain from using the terms such as 'Red China'.' The Chinese will decline a gift three times before finally accepting. it's a better idea to call for one to pick you up at your starting destination.personalassistantdiary. differences in culture. You will have to continue to insist. Ensure that one side is in English and the other is in Chinese Colombia The best policy is to arrive in Colombia a day early so that you can adjust to the high altitude. Be aware that both the murder rate and frequency of kidnapping is significantly high.

Generally. but if you are being privately housed. the Muslim holy day. Business cards should be printed in English on one side and in Arabic on the reverse. This procedure is normally taken care of by hotels and other public accommodations. Egypt Keep in mind that Cairo has some of the worst traffic jams in the world. If Egyptian men stare lewdly at you. to 1:00 p.m. It is standard practice to keep foreign businesspeople waiting. Women business travelers are expected to dress modestly at all times. your dress is not sufficiently modest. to 2:00 p. especially at a first meeting. it's recommended that you have a separate agent for each city. A typical business schedule would be 8:00 a.m.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant All foreigners traveling to Denmark must register with the local police within 24 hours of their arrival. to 2:00 p. They are advised to pack shirts. No business is conducted on Friday. to 7:00 p.m. in the winter. if you're doing business in both Cairo and Alexandria. This variation is designed to reduce traffic on congested Cairo . you must do it yourself.personalassistantdiary. you may be able to keep only one appointment per day. and 5:00 p. Men should avoid wearing visible jewellery. blouses.m. Hemlines should be ankle-length or well below the knee.m. Government hours are 8:00 a. Government offices are closed on either Thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday. Delays are frequently caused by traffic congestion. it is safest to wait for your Egyptian counterpart to initiate the greeting. Don’t mention Israel You are required to have an Egyptian agent to do business in this country. Business hours vary widely. and dresses with high necklines and sleeves that reach at least to the elbows.m. either. 9:00 a. Forms can be obtained from the local police or at the post office. Most people don't work on Thursdays. In the winter.m. Since there are a myriad of greeting styles in Egypt.m. Moreover. many businesses close for much of the afternoon and reopen for a few hours in late afternoon. Page 39 of 44 http://www. in the summer. especially around the neck. the working week takes place from Saturday through Wednesday. Realistically.

it is extremely difficult to change. The “thumbs up” sign is offensive throughout the Arab world. In Hong Kong business culture. If he acts as if she isn't there. some may well feel offended at the presumption. India In general. which marks the winter season. Unless you are handling something considered unclean. once a decision is finally made. even unintentionally. Moreover. and every detail relating to your proposal will be painstakingly examined. plus any other groups of which he or she is a member.personalassistantdiary. The left hand is considered unclean in the Arab world.” Causing embarrassment or loss of composure. even though Hong Kong's congested streets can make this objective a challenge. be careful of automatically addressing a person in English. Have business cards prepared with Chinese on one side and English on the other. During this time. Your efforts will be well appreciated and will be remembered. do not expect substantial decisions to be made spontaneously at the table. A person's actions reflect on his or her family. October to March is a better period to visit India. Moreover. If you do not speak German. Make every effort to be on time. “saving face” depends on adhering to the ethical norms of society in all human dealings. However. can be disastrous for business negotiations. always use the right hand. The French will revert to English if they see you floundering. the temperature can go as low as 2-3oC in the Page 40 of 44 http://www. Hong Kong Punctuality is very important in Hong Kong business culture and is seen as a gesture of respect. Therefore. Germany Don’t talk about World War II in Germany and don’t ask direct personal questions Decision-making in German business culture is slow. . a person's reputation and social standing rests on the concept of “saving face.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant A traditional Arab male may not necessarily introduce his wife. you should do the same. avoid gesturing with the left hand. France France practically 'shuts down' in August. It's strongly recommended that you learn basic French phrases and use them whenever possible. While Germans generally speak very good English.

Independence Day [August 15th]. Muharram. Page 41 of 44 http://www. even in the same city. in many cities. Guru Nanak Birthday. It is always advisable to build some buffers in one's initial offer. To avoid getting lost. Sikh or Muslim festivals--e. Therefore.g. This is further complicated by the fact that during the last few years. it is useful to check 'how to reach there' from your contact.. Independence Day [January 26th]. however. You must bring plenty since people exchange business cards even in non-business situations. use only your right hand. which allow for bargaining later. the streets have been renamed. as the left hand is considered unclean. India has a long list of holidays. Dussehra. a favourite time for taking vacations is around October. 10% is a sufficient tip. Don’t talk about Pakistan and the rich-poor divide in India Presenting and exchanging business cards are a necessary part of doing business in India. In most restaurants. excessive tipping is not encouraged. etc. This is so because the pattern of numbering the buildings varies across different places. in Northern and Eastern India. Holi. Gandhi Jayanti [October 2nd]. When it is necessary to use your hands. in most other parts of the country. however. which may be added to the bill. Indian addresses can be .personalassistantdiary. However. Indian negotiators expect and value flexibility in negotiation. Pongal/ Makar Sankranti. and therefore. The others.g. Deepawali. it is normally a comfortable 15-25oC.. You can. with the temperature reaching 50oC in many locations. give an additional tip by leaving the change to show your appreciation. Some of these--e.--follow the lunar calendar. Bargaining for the price or additional concessions is normal in India. which are Hindu. it is advisable to contact the local Indian Embassy/ Consulate to find out the holiday list for that particular year. Indian summers [April to June] can be very hot. sometimes a straightforward offer may be perceived as a rigid stand. It's considered acceptable. which coincides with Dussehra/ Pooja holidays [see below]. Traditional Indian dishes are eaten with the hands. to pass dishes with the left hand. Idu'l Zuha.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Northern mountains of India. and Christmas [December 25th]--are observed according to the western calendar. Most Indians take vacations during the summers [April-June] and Mid-December to Mid-January. The dates for the latter holidays are not the same in terms of the western calendar. Normally. but a certain amount of tip is expected. In addition.

names are considered sacred and must be treated with respect. It's an asset to have your business card printed in color and embossed. Page 42 of 44 http://www. accept gifts.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant The traditional way of greeting in India is performed by holding your palms together. do not laugh at it. The right hand should be used exclusively to eat.personalassistantdiary. Bribery is common at most levels of society and is known as 'facilitating payments. Most importantly. the left hand is considered unclean. personal success. Westerners will sometimes mistakenly assume that they have an agreement and resume talking before an Indonesian has a chance to give a genuine response. Before answering a question. In Indonesia.' Indonesia In Indonesia don’t talk about topics like: . however. Shaking hands is also an acceptable way to greet people among urban and westernized Indians. and touch people. and saying 'Namaste' [nah-mas-tay] or 'Namaskar' [nahmas-kar]. so avoid pointing your feet at another person. ensure that your card emphasizes your name and position. use your left hand to handle objects by yourself. corruption. and whenever possible.’ Among both Muslims and Hindus. You may. criticism of Indonesia ways. In the case that your feet or shoes touch another person. religion. these guidelines apply even if you are left-handed. with a slight bow. however. since Indonesian businesspeople tend to appreciate ornate cards. hold cash. Feet are considered unclean in India. No matter how difficult or unusual sounding a name. Make every effort not to mispronounce the names of the Indonesians you encounter. should not be used in giving or receiving. you are expected to apologize by saying 'sorry. Indonesian business protocol demands that the respondent make a respectful pause--lasting as long as 10 to 15 seconds. as in praying.

Email to: uplanitia@gmail. There are exceptions. I very often use services of other personal assistants during my work. Some of my clients have also asked me to find another personal assistant for them. You can find many at . I have worked for several clients and I don't think any study could have really prepared me for this kind of work.personalassistantdiary. I don’t have experience with personal assistant Page 43 of 44 http://www. email me your CV and picture and I will keep your information in my personal files.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Questions and Answers from visitors Are you looking for personal assistants? I am constantly looking for experienced Personal Assistant. This is the average range that I have seen. I am planning to do some research about those courses. It is also useful to read some books about personal assistants and How much does a personal assistant earn? Salaries start from 3. I can’t guarantee a job.000 US$ per month to 10.000 US$ per month. What should my strengths be when considering a post as a PA? multi-tasking able to handle stress politeness confidentiality reliabilty resourceful Are there courses or anything to become a Personal Assistant? There are some courses available. You need to have some basic skills and strengths. but if you have some experience or skills.

Kindest regards. For reading my guide. You can contact me if you have any questions or want more information. because you bought my Personal Assistant Handbook. Thank . I can give you free updates until one year after your purchase date.personalassistantdiary. Just send me an email. Send an email to me if you would like to receive the updates of my Personal Assistant Handbook.The personal assistant diary The handbook for the professional personal assistant Thank you…. My Personal Assistant Handbook will be updated regulary. Marcel http://www. I appreciate your interest in my Personal Assistant Page 44 of 44 http://www.

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