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S.A. Ostroumov. On the concepts of biochemical ecology and hydrobiology: Ecological chemomediators. - Contemporary Problems of Ecology, 2008, Volume 1 (2), p.

238-244 [© Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2008; distributed by Springer Science+Business Media LLC.] ISSN 1995-4255 (Print) 1995-4263 (Online)] DOI 10.1134/S1995425508020100. Original Russian Text © S.A. Ostroumov, 2006, published in Sibirskii Ekologicheskii Zhurnal, 2006, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 73–82.; D:\2011\List.Blog.Posts\Scribd\Ecol.Chemomediators.Chemoreg\ Ecological.Chemomediators.E.Экологич.хемомедиаторы.Сибирский.экол.журнал.docx ABSTRACT: Earlier, the author published two books (including 'Introduction to Biochemical Ecology', Moscow University Press, 1986; see ology) and some papers, in which he formulated the conceptual foundations of a new scientific discipline — biochemical ecology. The lines of research on biochemical ecology included studies of the role of chemical substances in interorganismal interactions, in communication and regulation of supraorganismal systems. Another part of biochemical ecology concerns studies of the fate and transformation of external chemical substances when they interact with the organisms. Both natural and man-made compounds are within the focus of biochemical ecology. The basic concepts of biochemical ecology include two concepts and terms that were suggested by the author, namely ‘ecological chemomediators’ and ‘ecological chemoregulators’. They were suggested by Dr. S.A. Ostroumov and since then, they have already been included accepted as part of modern ecological concepts and are used in modern ecological literature. Application of biochemical ecology to aquatic ecosystems creates the basis for development of biochemical hydrobiology.; The full text see at:;; Translated into English from the original Russian edition: С. А. Остроумов. О концепциѐх биохимической экологии и гидробиологии: экологические хемомедиаторы / // Сибирский экологический журнал. - 2006. - Т. 13, N 1. - С. 73-82 Аннотациѐ: Ранее автором опубликованы две книги ( ology) и статьи, в которых изложены концептуальные основы новых научных дисциплин биохимической экологии и биохимической гидробиологии. Эти направлениѐ научных исследований вклячаят в себѐ изучение роли химических веществ в межорганизменных взаимодействиѐх, в коммуникации и регулѐции надорганизменных систем. Другаѐ часть биохимической экологии свѐзана с изучением судьбы и трансформации внешних по отношения к организму химических веществ, когда они взаимодействуят с организмами. Длѐ биохимической экологии представлѐят интерес и природные соединениѐ, и синтезированные человеком вещества. Основные концепции биохимической экологии вклячаят в себѐ понѐтиѐ экологических хемомедиаторов и экологических хеморегулѐторов, которые уже вошли в арсенал современных концепций и используятсѐ в современной экологической литературе (Например, см. книгу Розенберг Г.С., Мозговой Д.П., Гелашвили Д.Б. Экологиѐ: элементы теоретических конструкций современной экологии. Самара: Сам. науч. центр РАН. 1999). Приложение биохимической экологии к водным экосистемам создает основу длѐ развитиѐ биохимической гидробиологии.

On concepts of biochemical ecology and hydrobiology: ecological chemomediators. - Siberian Ecological Journal (Sibirsky Ekologichesky Zhurnal). 2006. - 13, No.1. - P. 73-82; Relevant book / близкаѐ по теме книга: Введение в биохимическуя экология = ‘Introduction to Biochemical Ecology’ ology; In 2011, the international poster session ‘Ecosystems, Organisms, Innovations’ was run in the U.S.A. It was dedicated to anniversaries of two books, one of them was ‘Introduction to Biochemical Ecology’. Близкаѐ по тематике статьѐ: Остроумов С.А. Новые научные дисциплины в системе экологических и биосферных наук: биохимическаѐ экологиѐ и биохимическаѐ гидробиологиѐ // Экологическаѐ химиѐ, 2009, 18(2): с.102-110. The new term ‘ecological chemomediators’ and other related concepts were mentioned and discussed in the following publications - Additional references, in English:; New; NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCIPLINE OF BIOCHEMICAL ECOLOGY WAS ESTABLISHED. Biochemical ecology and biochemical hydrobiology; in the book (Ostroumov, 1986), it is the first time that the expression 'biochemicial ecology ' was introduced; it is considered that in the book, the new scientific discipline of biochemical ecology was established. see the book: Ostroumov S.A. Introduction to Biochemical Ecology (1986) [ ology]; In 2011, the international poster session ‘Ecosystems, Organisms, Innovations’ was run in the U.S.A. It was dedicated to anniversaries of two books, one of them was ‘Introduction to Biochemical Ecology’. The book was translated and published in Polish [ hemicznej._Introduction_to_Biochemical_Ecology_]. It was also translated into Bulgarian and published in Sofia. Biochemical ecology and hydrobiology: a contribution to sustainable use of bioresources and development of economy. - In: Proceedings of the section "Noospheric Knowledge and Technology". Moscow. - Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. 2005. P.224-230; Facts and concepts of ecology 1. New scientific disciplines: biochemical ecology and biochemical hydrobiology // ESHS (Ecological Studies, Hazards, Solutions), 2004, 7: 106-111; On concepts of biochemical ecology and hydrobiology: ecological chemomediators. - Siberian Ecological Journal (= Siberian Journal of Ecology, Sibirsky Ekologichesky Zhurnal). 2006. - 13, No.1. - P. 73-82; This

journal is being translated into English under the title: "CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS OF ECOLOGY" (see: Developing the conceptual apparatus in the area of biochemical ecology (and chemical communication). Seeking and developing adequate terminology. — Ecol. Studies, Haz., Sol., 2006, v. 11, p.17; Contemporary Problems of Ecology, 2008, V. 1 (2): 238-244; New scientific disciplines in the system of ecological and biospheric sciences: biochemical ecology and biochemical hydrobiology // Ecological Chemistry. 2009, 18 (2): p.102-110. Comment on the book ‘Introduction to Biochemical Ecology’, where the terms ‘biochemical ecology’, and ‘ecological chemomediators’ and ‘ecological chemoregulators’ were introduced:; Reference and comment: Polish translation of the book ‘Introduction to Biochemical Ecology’: : Ostroumow S.A. Wprowadzenie do ekologii biochemicznej;

[book] Ostroumow S. A. Wprowadzenie do ekologii biochemicznej. [=Introduction to Biochemical Ecology] Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN [= PWN Press], 1992. 205 pages [translated from Russian by J. Kurylowicz = tł. z jęz. ros. Jerzy Kuryłowicz] ISBN-13: 9788301104542. ISBN-10: 8301104546. COMMENTS:; rs;; [= CEPTUAL_APPARATUS_OF_ECOLOGY_NEW_CONCEPTSBIOCHEMICAL_ECOLOGY_ECOLOGICAL_CHEMOMEDIATORS_ENVIRONMENTAL_CHEMOREGULATORS]; The role of biochemical ecology and the new conceptualization in a new scientific revolution in ecology, biospheric science and hydrobiology: hi-ecological technologies, and paradigm shifting in selected areas of ecology, environmental sciences, geosciences, biology:; ** MORE ABOUT THE PUBLICATIONS BY THE SAME AUTHOR: SHORT LIST, most relevant: MOST CITED PUBLICATIONS:

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