College/Institute Name Mother's Maiden Name Date of Birth Gender Area Of Interest

Institute of Tech & Mgmt, Gurgaon Mr. Kavi Kumjar Roshni 22/08/1991 Male Both



Course Name

Duration From

Duration To

Course Type

University / Institute

Major Subject

CGPA /Marks Obtained

Total CGPA/ Percentage Marks


Bachelor Of Technology




Institute Of Tech & Mgmt, Gurgaon

Information Technology




XII/ Equivalent Diploma XI X





Nyps Hisar





Aissce Aisse

01/04/2006 01/04/2005

31/03/2007 31/03/2006


Nyps Hisar Holy Angel School Hisar


370.0 384.0

500.0 500.0

74.0 76.8

Are there any break in studies? No

Rewards or Scholarships: NA

Have you done any other course? No

Do you have any pending backlogs currently? No

candidates consent to receive SMS from TCS. I understand that the background investigation will include. If a candidate has registered or will be registering under National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) and candidate also wants to avail this service. By subscribing to this service. I confirm and undertake that the Company shall incur no liability or obligation of any nature whatsoever resulting . Candidates are requested to read these terms and conditions carefully before subscribing to this service. in the prescribed manner. but not be limited to. disconnected for any reason or out of coverage for a period of 24 hours or more. verification of all information given by me to the Company. misleading.CONTACT DETAILS Email ID. or loss of handset. The information in the SMS sent is intended for the attention and use of the candidate only. indecent. I hereby give my consent to the Company to investigate or cause to be investigated through any third parties my personal. these terms and conditions are to be treated as varied accordingly. be guaranteed by TCS. copying or distribution of the contents of this SMS transmission is strictly prohibited. candidate shall continue to receive alerts on his/her mobile and the same shall not be treated as violation of The Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) Regulations 2007. delete. Providing the service as outlined above shall be governed by the laws of India and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai. I hereby agree as follows:I certify that the information furnished in this form as well as in all other forms filled-in by me in conjunction with my traineeship is factually correct and subject to verification by TCS including Reference Check and Background Verification. TCS reserves the right to withdraw the SMS service to such a candidate. read and act upon all SMS messages sent as reply messages to TCS SMS. TCS will not be liable for any unauthorized use or access to the information and/or SMS alerts sent to the mobile phone number of the candidate or misuse of such information by any third person. on the part of TCS. if the candidate is in breach of this paragraph. The candidate understands that if the candidate's mobile phone is switched off. TCS Terms and Conditions In . The candidate confirms that he or she is the owner or authorized user of the wireless device being used to subscribe for the service The candidate must not use (or permit any third party to use) the service to send any message or communication which is spam. TCS does not warranty the confidentiality or security of the SMS alerts transmitted through a service provider. I confirm that the Company is entitled to share such investigation report with its clients to the extent necessary in connection with the Services. The candidate is responsible for promptly intimating to TCS. In case the change in mobile number is not intimated to TCS. together with the TCS access control policies. TCS will be absolved of responsibility of any kind relating to compliance of provisions under NDNC. copy. view. access. The candidate confirms that he/she has provided the accurate mobile number for receiving SMS and that he/she is the owner or the legitimate user. filter. illegal. educational and pre or post joining history. The candidate agrees to indemnify TCS for any loss or damage suffered on account of SMS alerts being sent to such a mobile number. the traffic on the mobile network and whether the candidate mobile phone is within reach and switched on and cannot therefore. abusive. TCS reserves the right to intercept. any change in mobile number. I accept that an appointment given to me on this basis can be revoked and/ or terminated without any notice at any time in future if any information has been found to be false. For operational 91-9711605678 Alternate E-mail ID. offensive. TCS shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the candidate's personal information is kept confidential.: 91-9711605678 SMS Subsciption Candidates subscribing to this SMS service agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. Further. Any disclosure. which I may be required to provide to such clients. of the mobile phone being used for the service. TCS gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the service provided by the service provider. TCS hereby disclaims any and all risks related to electronic communication including but not limited to delays in the delivery of SMS. Any such change in terms and conditions shall be binding on the candidates who are already registered as users of this service. of the specific phone on which the candidate wants to receive the SMS. obscene or menacing. In the event of any change to the service. TCS makes no warranty or representation of any kind in relation to the system and the network or their function or their performance or for any loss or damage whenever and howsoever suffered or incurred by the candidate or by any person resulting from or in connection with availing of SMS alerts facility.: Residence. block. TCS may vary the technical specifications of the service with or without notice.connection with my application to render services to Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (the "Company"). As a condition of Company's consideration of my application for traineeship with the Company. The time to deliver the SMS is dependent on several factors such as. the mobile network provider may delete any SMS messages to be received by the candidate. deliberately omitted/ suppressed. the SMS alerts will continue to be sent to the last registered mobile phone number.: Mobile Number: kavikumar667@gmail.

from such investigation or sharing of the investigation results as above. I also declare that there is no criminal case filed against me or pending against me in any Court of law in India or abroad and no restrictions are placed on my travelling anywhere in India or abroad for the purpose of business of the company. I certify that I am at present in sound mental and physical condition to undertake employment with TCS. .

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