September 12, 2011 Dear council district 15 residents, workers and business owners, "Los Angeles is Open for Business

" -- that is my vision for our district and our city. Today I'd like to share with you my detailed economic plan to help businesses create jobs and get our economy back on track. Los Angeles and the 15th council district are centers for business innovation – we have naturally diverse economies because of the strength of small and start-up companies in many areas, including logistics, clean tech, fashion, entertainment, intellectual property, finance, retail and hospitality. The city must take advantage of its advantage by making it easier to open and expand business in Los Angeles. More business and good developments mean more jobs and a greater tax base. As the president of the United Firefighters of Los Angeles, I have real experience on these budget and economic issues through many years of negotiations with three mayors, dozens of councilmembers and scores of city staffers. Our weak economy hits us hard. I have fought to prevent cuts to our public safety departments, including the city’s ongoing policy of reducing the number of on-duty fire fighters and paramedics at 22 fire stations every day. The city must expand the tax base by promoting business, jobs and economic growth; collect its bills and end wasteful spending; and allocate all the resources fairly and according to the most basic priorities of the people. Unfortunately, the 15th council district is suffering because of the stalled progress on the completion of the Grande Promenade and the Wilmington Waterfront, projects that will spur regional economic development. Major cities all across the world have first-class waterfronts: New York, San Francisco, Miami, Vancouver, London, Paris, Baltimore, San Antonio. The list goes on and Los Angeles deserves to be in the company of these cities. It has been 10 years since the Bridge to Breakwater project was first announced. Yet, we only have one out of eight miles of it developed. The Grande Promenade and the Wilmington Waterfront are essential to the 15th District and the City of Los Angeles.


First, we must redevelop Ports O’Call Village. It is vital to the economic revitalization that we so badly need right now. And in the long-term, expanding Ports O’Call and building a new 75,000 sq ft conference center will bring in investment to this region and will generate sales tax, income tax, business taxes, and hotel occupancy revenues. Attracting visitors and new shoppers to the waterfront and downtown will benefit all of us. Next, we must build on the momentum created by the USS Iowa making the Port of Los Angeles its permanent home. As the recent Navy Week showed us, a battleship open to the public will draw thousands of daily visitors from all over California and the country. Then, we must complete the remaining eight miles of promenade along the San Pedro waterfront. It was John Papadakis's vision to have a promenade stretching from the bridge to the breakwater and finally eliminate physical barriers to the waterfront. A place where families could walk along our main channel and marvel at cruise ships, container vessels, tugboats and our spectacular fireboats. It is this dream, without question, that is our top priority. We must do the same in Wilmington, completing the Waterfront Plan. These projects in San Pedro and Wilmington must move forward, with neither project at the expense of the other. It is time to put progress ahead of politics. Let’s take advantage of the new economy that has tourism leading as the number one industry in LA. We have a golden opportunity to build a world-class waterfront, which will not only create new jobs, but will take us in a new direction that will bring benefits we can hardly imagine. The City of Los Angeles deserves to have a destination, unique to any place in the world that will become a gathering place, a place to bring friends and family, to enjoy the working waterfront at America’s largest port. This is a project on a scale that we have not seen for generations: completion of the Waterfront Promenade. In addition to the Promenade and Waterfront Plan, I support port expansion with a good mix of uses: container terminals, energy facilities, storage and warehousing, fishing and recreation. We need to approve on dock and near dock rail projects that will create greater efficiencies and keep us competitive in the world market. We will invest in clean technology, alternative energies and the nearly one dozen educational institutions that make the Port their home now. As Councilman for the 15th, I will be a partner with the Port of Los Angeles for attracting and retaining the best customers and jobs for our harbor area communities. With the widening of the Panama Canal and increased competition from ports on the East Coast, Mexico and the Gulf Coast, the port of Los Angeles must maintain its position as the busiest port in the United States. We must dredge the main channel to accommodate the newest generation of ships. And we cannot afford further delays of that project. In addition, I will advocate for the redevelopment of our berths and facilities to keep the port competitive throughout the world.

I will also advance citywide economic development and business promotion: • • I will advocate for permit streamlining and consolidation of review for new businesses and projects. I will introduce local CEQA reform to make the process for environmental review faster and more certain. As a member of the City Council hearing CEQA appeals, I will withstand the political pressure of those who would use the process for other than legitimate environmental concerns. In addition to the Port, the other two proprietary departments, LAWA and DWP, are economic engines that must be managed in a way that promote business, jobs and create a vibrant local economy and tax base. I support the LAX modernization and am gratified by the progress on the Bradley Terminal. However, we must remain committed to the project, even as the mayoral administration changes in the next few years. Too often, a change of administration has meant a change in the fortunes of LAX and the traveling public. I will fight to keep DWP rates for water and power reasonable for business, so that the jobs and taxes generated can stay here in Los Angeles. I will support the development of renewable resources, and seek to have the jobs created by these efforts remain within the Los Angeles basin. I support and will fight for local hire and local purchasing programs at the Port, Airports and DWP – so that the nearly one billion dollars of purchasing that they do each year stays in our economy. Finally, we have a fragile economy and cannot afford to put more local regulations or restrictions on business.

• •

As I wrote above, my priority will be to prove that “Los Angeles is Open for Business.” A better business environment makes for more investment, more jobs, a better tax base and the ability of government to accomplish its core functions. I have spent my professional life fighting fires and protecting lives. Now it is time to look to the threats against the economic life of our community and our city. As a firefighter, I am trained to run toward danger, not away. These are the projects and policies that I will promote and defend as a first responder to our economic crisis. These are my ideas, but I'd love to hear yours. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your thoughts about how to improve our economy and make life better in our neighborhoods. Please contact me anytime to discuss. My campaign number is 424-255-7626 and my email address is Or drop by my campaign office at 731 South Pacific Ave on Saturday at 11 AM for our campaign kickoff to join us for great food and a lively discussion of these issues.


See you on the campaign trail,

Pat McOsker Candidate for City Council