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1. Have you been called by our company for any interview for the last one year?
2. If so, when and where was it held?
3. What was the outcome of the interview?
4. If you have cleared the technical interview, is the offer letter from our company still pending?
5. If rejected, is it because of skills not being matched as per the requirement or any other reason for rejection?
6. Were you an employee of our company previously, If yes what was you last date of employment?
7. Do you know anybody working for our company?
8. Are you prepared to relocate anywhere in India except for the eastern zone?
9. What is the current position and title you hold in the company?(if exp)
10. What are some aspects of your present position that you like?(if exp)
11. Who do you report to and are you comfortable with the work environment?(if exp).
12. What do you think of your manager/supervisor?(if exp).
13. Have you had any supervisory experience?
14. What were the most significant accomplishments in your last assignments?
15. Do you feel you progressed satisfactorily in your job?(if exp).
16. How do you handle criticism?
17. Are you competitive and aggressive?
18. Do you feel you are ready to take on greater responsibilities?
19. What do you know about our company?
20. Do you prefer to work in small, medium or large company?
21. What are you looking for in a new job?
22. If given an opportunity would you be interested to work in new areas/skills?
23. If selected are you willing to join immediately?
24. What areas/skills are you interested in work in future?
25. Have you been deputed previously to work on a contract for any assignments by different companies?(if exp)
26. What position do you expect to have in another 2 to 5 years from now?(if exp).
27. What kind of work environment do you prefer and comfortable with?
28. How long would it take for you to make a meaningful contribution?

29. Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?

30. Describe a problem you encountered on a team project and how did you handle it?
31. What are the most important rewards you expect in your career?
32. Have you worked on any other platform apart from the skills mentioned?
33. What is your long-term career objective?

34. Where is your hometown?
35. Who are you staying with currently?
36. Are you comfortable in staying away from your family members?
37. How would you describe yourself?
38. Describe your management style?
39. Are you married or single?
40. Have you any plans to get married shortly, if yes what would be the duration?
41. Do you have any dependents?
42. If yes, who are they and what are they doing ?
43. Do you have any health problems, If yes please specify?
44. Have you had any serious illness or injuries?
45. Do your dependents/family members have any health problem that may be a constraint in your relocation to other places
within India?
46. Do you have any personal commitments that may stop you from joining if selected?
47. Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?
48. Do you mind working for someone older than yourself, younger than you? of the opposite sex?
49. How would you rate your communication skills in a scale of 1-10 and what have you done to improve them?
50. What does success mean to you?
51. What makes you feel anxious, tense or nervous?
52. What motivates you to put in your best efforts at work?
53. What are your strengths and weakness?
54. Are you independent in taking career decisions?
55. If no, who plays an important role in influencing your career decisions?
56. Which of your parents had had the most profound influence on you?
57. What are your hobbies and interests? How do you spend your spare time?
58. Do you take enough time to make a decision?


59. Are you planning to study further or is in the process of any part time studies that may be a constraint in your relocation?
60. What are your future vocational plans?
61. What are your major career achievements?
62. Do you have a passport?
63. If yes what is the validity period?
64. Have you applied for any kind of visa?
65. If yes for which countries and is it been rejected for any reasons?
66. Do you like to experience and enjoy the cultural differences of India?
67. Do you like traveling and visiting places?
68. Have you attended any training programs or seminars apart from those mentioned in your CV?