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Mr. Mark Pesusich Room 3301 2004-2005

STUDENTS & PARENTS: Welcome to the first semester of World History. This class will
be challenging, but should also prove to be rewarding. The information below provides an
overview of the course. Although unlikely, some information may be altered or added as needed
throughout the school year.

COURSE EMPHASIS & ACTIVITIES: In World History, students will work by themselves and in
groups to study, analyze and interpret events and trends that have shaped today’s world.
The units we will study are Geography, Autocracy vs Democracy, Middles Ages –
American Revolution, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, Imperialism and
WWI. The second semester will include units on the Russian Revolution and Nationalism, World
War II, Cold War and Modern Asia & Latin America.
Some of the activities to be used in the class are reading, writing essays, answering
questions, group presentations, simulations, video presentations, lectures, computer work, group
discussions, journal writing, critical thinking exercises, and reflective moments.
An emphasis is placed on essay writing as it assists to develop critical thinking and
comprehensive understanding of history.


TEXTBOOK: WORLD HISTORY, it must be covered at all times, with the student’s name on the cover.

FOLDER: Students will turn in homework in a folder that is designed to handle attachments of paper.

OTHER: Students must bring their own paper and pen/pencil to class each day.

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: The following guidelines will make our classroom a place where
everyone will be able to learn.
• Make wise choices about what you do in class. Expect consequences, either good or bad, for
your actions. YOU have control over what happens to you here.
• Come to class prepared with the proper class materials and assignments.
• Respect each other and the teacher, for it shows that you respect yourself. We tend to “put
down” others because we feel inferior.
• Cooperate with fellow students and with the teacher’s plans and procedures. Complaining
and non-participation make the class unpleasant.
• Work hard and give your best effort. A positive attitude is good for both you and those around

The rules for the class are quite simple but will be strictly enforced by Mr. Pesusich.

1.) Be on task.
2.) Maintain a positive attitude.

1. Students can expect to be assigned about half an hour of homework every
2. If you are having trouble in class ask for help during class time. I am also
available after school to help students, if you make an appointment.
3. Copied work or other cheating earns a “0” and a referral.
4. No late work will be accepted.
1. Grades are based on a point system. Students will get points for homework, tests, quizzes,
essays, and participation. Students must speak in class and turn in their homework to pass the

2. Grade Policy: A = 90% - 100% B = 80% - 89%

C = 70% - 79% D = 60% - 69% F = < 60%

2. Citizenship Grade:

A student who earns an “E” is one who:

• has excellent classroom behavior and effort.
• Cooperates with the teacher and other students.
• Goes above and beyond what is expected to help others learn.
• Has no more than 1 unexcused tardy.

A student who earns an “U” is one who:

• prevents students from learning with unacceptable behavior.
• Is tardy more than 3 times per quarter.
• Shows any evidence of cheating or copying.


To be “on-time” students must be in their seats when the bell rings. Students are to stay in their
seats until dismissed by the teacher. Tardies are made up one at a time through perfect attendance for two
weeks (no tardies).
When returning from an absence, it is his/her responsibility to check with the teacher at the end of
the period with regards to making up homework assignments or tests.

In the case of any concerns from either parents or students, please contact me. I am available for
conferences after three o’clock. To contact me by phone, leave a message with a school secretary at 533-
4299. You are also welcome to leave a message on my school voice mail. My phone extension is X7831.
In addition, students that are absent will be able to check my website for assignment that they have missed
while being out of class.



Thus, the website will provide the necessary information for students to stay up to date with class work.
Progress reports are given out in the middle of every quarter to students in danger of failing. They must be
signed and returned. Lastly, I look forward to working with both students and parents in order to make this
course a memorable and meaningful experience.

------------------------------------------------(SIGN AND RETURN BOTH SHEETS)--------------------------------

We have read and discussed the above standards and expectations and accept the responsibility for meeting these
expectations in this World History Course. As both student and parent, we will undertake appropriate responsibility to
succeed. Please return this entire form to Mr. Pesusich by the second day of class. Thank you.

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