A - Market tends and target market growth

BMW groups bought Rolls-Royces company in 1999, since then BMW pushing its technology and applying it in the ultra high end Luxury car, BMW find itself a new market to serve under the Rolls-Royce Brand, and new competitors to compete with such as the Maybach brand which is owned by MercedesBenz, BMW introduced the new Rolls-Royce Ghost in late 2010 which introduce the brand to a total new segments and customers and new competitors as well, BMW done their research in high end luxury cars to detriment the customers need, as a result they found out that customers who are looking for high end Luxury car will consider a BMW 7-Series and a Mercedes-Benz are too common cars and way cheaper for them, price range between 71,300 $ up to 210,000 $ and a 'Rolls-Royce phantom' will cost them over 400,000 $,so more customers turned to Bentley Brand at price range between 190,000 to 245,000 for the 'Bentley Continental Flying Spur'

So BMW decide to introduce the new Baby Rolls-Royce Ghost range start at a 255,000. the Rolls-Royce Ghost is 90% BMW 7-series the engine, computer, navigations, brakes, suspension and every single gadget in the car, however they dressed their BMW component a Rolls-Royce metal frame with the finest leather and interior and the high quality veneer, then push it to the market

B - SWOT analyses
Financial strength - brand equity BMW already come along way with the hybrid and eco technology and its already on sale throughout its different segments they call it (Efficient Dynamics) BMW Owns Rolls-Royce which is consider the best and the ultimate luxury car with sales exceeds 300% BMW produce Motor-Cycle which is not available at its main revival ,Mercedes-Benz and Audi. BMW Owns and runs Mini BMW introduce more add value services to its call center and gets updated every time BMW offers a unique set of customization to the its line with its Individual package option allows the customers to choose from hundreds of thousand possible combinations and personal preferences.

Audi is expanding across markets in its quest to become the world’s leading premium car brand by 2015 and has been steadily increasing . copied can be added in threats or competition Audi. Audi announce the war with an aggressive advertisement and marketing strategies against its competitors including BMW. It continues to strengthen its brand through its consistent focus on communications positioning and developing standard-setting technology. B-class and the C-class along with Audi have A1.Weaknesses BMW competitors Audi and Mercedes-Benz already have a high end supercar segment aimed to extremely rich people and the exotic cars enthusiast. Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes have the A-class. while BMW only have 1 series and 3 series under small cars segments. ministers and presidents this adds and extra reputation to the car company. Audi entered the segment with the R8 super car and Mercedes-Benz with their new SLS and the SLR Mercedes-Benz already serves a new segments with their heavy Trucks Mercedes-Benz also serves another segments. Competitors also already invest a lot in introducing small efficient cars to the market. however Audi brand value keep claiming up since 2005 even during the recession it kept claiming up as the graph illustrate. the "desire" leader in its class. Ferrari and Lexus. such as its interface systems. A4. has become the design "benchmark" in the auto category. A3. Opportunities Threats Audi brand value records had the highest change in brand value in automotive industry at rate of 9% from the previous years. and A5. Vans which is not available at BMW More over Mercedes have limousines across their top ranges of vehicles that serves politicians.

BMW" in an apparent challenge to the fellow German. with plans to renew 60 percent of its products by 2012 and the successful launch of the new 7 Series. BMW seems up to the challenge. All these new model options mean increased awareness for the brand—and hopefully increased sales—but Audi must be careful to not dilute its premium position by stretching its portfolio beyond its core promise of progressive innovation. it also moved forward with a new deliberately democratic communications campaign: “Joy is BMW . as well as the launches for the new BMW Z4. This year. and Russia. The commercial has the headline "Your move. India. New models are being introduced every year. on behalf of BMW. 2010 saw the launch of the A1. market in the coming year.” The brand continues to be named a top employer worldwide and it also leads in terms of corporate citizenship – this year launching a sustainability campaign. it has two much-hyped hybrid models entering the market in 2011. Brazil.S. Ford and Audi. Audi’s entry into the supermini class. high-performance cars—the RS 5 and the TT RS—will hit the U. A Santa Monica-based advertising agency called Juggernaut Advertising has responded to an outdoor Audi A4 commercial in what might become a mini advertising war with BMW. BMW ’s success this year has much to do with its ability to view the recession as an opportunity. the new 5 Series GT and the BMW X1 series. So far. The advertising game played by the two brands may not have started out as a . Like Mercedes-Benz. then placed a billboard on the opposite side of the road featuring the M3 Coupe and the word "Checkmate" on it.production as it further establishes its presence in China. In Europe. Juggernaut Advertising. Audi had placed a billboard featuring the new A4 on the heavily-trafficked Santa Monica Blvd in California. and a new pair of high-end. which reportedly don’t compromise on the brand’s trademark design. “What’s next?” Additionally.

com/en/knowledge/best-global-brands/best-global-brands-2008/best-globalbrands-2011.worldcarfans.com/interactive_reports/global_brand_2008.net/thats4u83/b-m-w-assignment .html http://www. Perhaps the current lack of an RS model in that range could be the reason? Nevertheless Audi's response will be much anticipated.slideshare.bmwblog.com/109041418675/feuding-bmw-and-audi-billboards-on-santamonica-blvd#ixzz1aaHmlmiS http://www.businessweek.com/2009/12/05/bmw-7-series-vs-mercedes-s-class-audi-a8-and-lexus-ls/ http://www. Read more: http://www.interbrand. For the moment it looks as though BMW called on its powerful queen piece after being threatened by a mere bishop.game of virtual commercial chess but it looks to be shaping up as such.com/2010/09/22/bmw-vs-audi-who-has-the-best-media-strategy/ http://www.aspx http://www. Some might see BMW's response as being too heavy-handed considering that Audi did not bring out its big guns to the "chess board" but a rather pedestrian S-Line A4.bmwblog.

Motorcycles and Financial Services.55 years old. Between Mercedes. BMW is the parent company of the Mini and Rolls-Royce car brands1. distributes and sells passenger cars (including Sedans. Germany. Within the market that the luxury cars are apart of.. The company manufactures. Because.3 The External Environment The industry environment shows low threat of new entrants within the competitive market that will not have any impact on the market that BMW is currently apart of. There is a low bargaining power of suppliers. Two thirds BMW owners were male. is one of the most successful multi brand premium automobile manufacturers in the world. and enhancing driving safety. The target market of BMW is typically the upper middle class with the average income of about 150. there is always an expected intense rivalry among apposing automobile companies. and Convertibles) and Motorcycles. the target market has had a focus on the middle aged but continues to have a wide range of target market from ages 25 . BMW operates three business segments that include Automobiles. Coupes. The BMW Group has been understanding about the current economic stance of the United States and other countries as well. the competitors are constantly competing to find ways to supersede their opponents. Every detail of a BMW is designed with a single goal in mind: to enhance the joy of driving. 2 Marketing Mix: Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a BMW the amazing automobile it is today. They have taken steps to help by opening branches and expanding to create jobs. BMW engineers have high priorities of providing more exhilaration. Marketing Strategies For Bmw Marketing Strategies for BMW Paper covers Current Marketing Strategies & Future Marketing Strategies [08/02/07] Dharmesh .Bmw Marketing Mix BMW BMW Group. more comfort. and a high bargaining power of buyers. There is a moderate threat of substitute products. headquartered in Munich.. The company's slogans in the U.S are "The Ultimate Driving Machine" and "Sheer Driving Pleasure". and Lexus.000 dollars a year. and did not have children. Audi. married. In most recent times.

The BMW Group’s automotive which I am more interested in this easy is portion of their portfolio consists of the three premium brands: BMW. BMW is supported by 11 different model series which are: BMW C1. Egypt. although the production figures are limited by the lack of a respective filling station net. In addition to cars and motorcycles. BMW 5 series. Austria. BMW operates three business segments namely: Automobiles. a varied range of higher end sporty cars and motorcycles. BMW M6. distributes and sells passenger cars (including Sedans. BMW X 3. Mexico. the USA. BMW group are focused on fabricating a variety of tangible products. and Rolls-Royce of which I would be more only looking at BMW and would also demonstrate their marketing. The company produces. the UK. The company manufactures. BMW M5.BMW Group. BMW 1 series. Motorcycles and Financial Services. BMW is the parent company of the Mini and Rolls-Royce car brands. BMW 6 series. BMW operates an aircraft engine division under the brand name of Rolls Royce. the Philippines and Vietnam. The company has worldwide subsidiaries and manufacturing plants in Germany. . BMW X 5. BMW 3 series. South Africa. and Convertibles etc) and motorcycles. headquartered in Munich. and BMW 7 series. Rover (car)/Rover. Thailand. and. and markets. BMW has also manufactured the first passenger car running on hydrogen ready for common use. MINI. formerly. Germany. and also the group has many intangible financial services. and BMW Z4 M. BMW X 6 and the BMW Z4. Brazil. Malaysia. Coupes. Indonesia. The company's slogans in English are "The Ultimate Driving Machine" and "Sheer Driving Pleasure". is one of the most successful multi brand premium automobile manufacturers in the world. BMW Group is comprises of many segments within its vast portfolio but I would be only concentrating on Automobiles.

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