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Intelligent Boiler Control

The Company is Cleaver-Brooks

The Solution is the CB-Hawk ICS

Cleaver-Brooks Hawk Integrated Control System

This is why Cleaver-Brooks uses PLC RETROFIT INSTALLATION SHOWN control as the foundation for the CB-Hawk ICS. Allen-Bradley PLCs are #1 in the world in terms of technology. installed base and ease of integration.Intelligent Boiler Control Cleaver-Brooks selected Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley PLC as its hardware platform. . reliability. PLC technology is the "Gold Standard" for boiler and combustion control.

The solution is the CB-Hawk ICS. for either new or retrofit applications. environmental control or enterprise-wide information technology systems. software. startup. boiler control.CB-Hawk ICS Integrated Boiler Control System CB-Hawk ICS For most of the past 75 years. Today. If you need to communicate with process control. safety assurance. The company is Cleaver-Brooks. The solution is the Cleaver-Brooks CB-Hawk ICS control system. If you need to manage multiple boilers in a lead/lag. The solution is the Cleaver-Brooks CB-Hawk ICS control system. cost-efficiencies. boiler control. If you want it all. cost-efficiencies. boiler and combustion control was easy. integration and support — there is only one company and one solution. . If you need to specify or manage a single boiler — you need the CB-Hawk ICS. If you want it all — boilers. hardware. startup. either from within your facility or from anywhere around the world — you need the CB-Hawk ICS. instantly. building automation. with aggressive Return-On-Investment (ROI) demands. rising fuel costs and environmental mandates that will only become more stringent over time — only one company has a straightforward and integrated solution. integration and support — the company is Cleaver-Brooks. software. from one resource — boilers. safety assurance. hardware. master/slave scenario — you need the CB-Hawk ICS. The company is Cleaver-Brooks. If you need the superior ruggedness and uptime assurance of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) technology — you need the CB-Hawk ICS.

BOILER OVERVIEW The "home page" of the CB-Hawk ICS. External Interlock and Assured Low Fire Cut-Off (ALFCO). powerful. An Added Level of Safety The CB-Hawk ICS is designed with an added level of safety.Intelligent Boiler Control PLC Control — The Intelligent Choice You have a wide range of options in terms of boiler and combustion control systems. IP Address. Many of these systems are non-integrated — which means that they are third-party vendors who have little or no experience in the design. Using this display any anomalies that are detected can be quickly diagnosed. Cleaver-Brooks — in sharp contrast to non-integrated control vendors — offers fully-integrated solutions. installed base and ease of integration. construction. Oxygen. FIRING RATE This screen displays the boiler’s firing rate. Limits. Cleaver-Brooks. Steam Pressure. Feedwater Temperature. Cleaver-Brooks has chosen advanced PLC technology because it is robust. builds. integrates. microprocessor-based technology may gain some reliability advantages over their PC-based counterparts — but. is the only fullyintegrated boiler control company — a company who designs boilers. Inputs monitored include: Burner Switch Position. viruses and security vulnerabilities. Elapsed Time and Number of Cycles. Cleaver-Brooks has designed the CB-Hawk ICS in such a way that — in the unlikely event that the PLC goes down — the CB 780 or CB 100E burner management system can properly manage the safety-critical combustion function until the PLC is back online. The added level of safety and dependability provided by CB-Hawk ICS is a mission-critical advantage over competing boiler control systems. delivers and supports boilers as well as designs. Cleaver-Brooks designs. Combustion Air Temperature. This is why Cleaver-Brooks uses PLC control as the foundation for the CB-Hawk ICS BURNER CONTROL DIAGNOSTICS This interface displays the status of the flame safeguard terminals. Nonintegrated control vendors who use proprietary. this interface can indicate Flue Gas Analysis. Competing systems typically combine the burner managing function with the monitoring and control function. BURNER CONTROL Monitors the status of the Flame Safety control — including flame signal — and the status of the inputs that allow the boiler to start. hard disk errors. Cleaver-Brooks selected Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley PLC as its hardware platform. actual pressure/temperature and the mode of operation — automatic or manual. burners and the systems that control them. Water Level. delivers and supports the control systems. Allen-Bradley PLCs are #1 in the world in terms of technology. Firing Rate. startup or integration of boiler systems. Load Demand. . these “home grown” systems are prone to failures that are difficult to diagnose and costly to repair. PC-based systems suffer the same problems that any office or home computer experiences such as crashes. reliability. Water Temperature.™ BackNet. stack analysis. operating set points. system errors. industrially-hardened and because it communicates its control and monitoring information easily using industry-standard protocols such as ModBus. recorded and corrected to ensure maximum up-time and safety.™ Lon Works™ and Ethernet/IP. Efficiency. Non-integrated control vendors who compete with Cleaver-Brooks tend to use either Personal Computer-based (PC-based) systems or proprietary microprocessor-based systems. PLC technology is the “Gold Standard” for boiler and combustion control.

if you need to work with the CBHawk ICS on site — it’s easy.D. so that stakeholders in engineering. Blackberry (or similar device) or via an HTML (Internet) interface. multiple boiler lead/lag and a wide range of other control and monitoring capabilities. The CB-Hawk ICS also drives an easyto-use Human Machine Interface (HMI) that displays a clear yet informationpacked Graphical User Interface (GUI). Burner and Boiler Control Company It is Retrofitable to Existing Boilers. Honeywell. or Applied to New It has a PLC-based Platform which can be Expanded as Needs Evolve It Arrives Pre-Programmed for Quicker Start Up It Saves Your Organization Money It can Help You Meet Ever More Stringent Environmental Mandates It has Superior Functionality and Communications Capabilities coupled with Lower Cost Communicates with a Wide Range of Ancillary Devices ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ . If needed. How it Works The CB-Hawk ICS is custom designed for each application. energy efficient variable speed drive control. Upgrade options give your old boiler state-ofthe-art performance. pager. Using advanced PLC technology. etc. All of this monitoring and control data can be transmitted and displayed either on site or anywhere in the world via the PLC’s flexible and powerful communications capabilities. Baan. The level of functionality varies depending on the needs of the end-user and the demands of the application itself. The CB-Hawk ICS can easily share its data with Building Automation Systems (BAS) from companies such as Johnson Controls. J. The core functional elements of the CB-Hawk ICS reside in an Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). O2 trim/monitoring and programming. Ideal for Retrofit The CB-Hawk ICS makes decades-old boilers as efficient as new units coming straight off the factory floor. user friendly touch screen operation and advanced operating and diagnostic messaging.CB-Hawk ICS Intelligent Boiler Control — CB-Hawk ICS As a fully-integrated boiler solutions provider. There is no other control that makes your old boiler like brand new — and watches it like a Hawk. environmental sensitivity. monitoring. Lead/Lag (master/slave) multiple boiler control and the monitoring and control of boiler water level. etc. O2 trim. data can be shared using standard protocols with enterprise-wide systems such as SAP. Cleaver-Brooks combines its 75 years of leadership experience in boiler design and integration with its long history as the leader in boiler control. If you need to be informed of status and/or alarms remotely — the CB-Hawk ICS can do so via e-mail. Employing industrially-hardened PLC technology. So. the Hawk ICS offers unmatched functionality. parallel positioning. control of the optional high-efficiency Variable Speed Drive (VSD). This PLC contains the functionality that allows for many levels of monitoring and control including multiple fuel capabilities (up to 3 fuels). Reasons to Buy the CB-Hawk ■ ■ It’s Safer It’s from Cleaver-Brooks — 75 Years as a Fully-Integrated Boiler. Edwards. communications and safety that are the hallmarks of Cleaver-Brooks. The CB-Hawk ICS delivers all of this functionality — while providing the most cost-efficient and safest boiler and combustion control available. communications with the combustion controller. financial as well as process and building control can monitor boiler functionality remotely and in real time. Cleaver-Brooks delivers the CB-Hawk ICS control system pre-programmed to quickly and easily provide the cost efficiency. These upgrades include the C-B Level Master which adds optimal safety and visual monitoring to water level control.

Integrated Control of Variable Speed Drives Variable Speed Drives can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of a boiler. safety and efficiency. lead/lag sequencing. This allows Variable Speed Drive hardware to be added with no additional programming or integration. The CB-Hawk ICS has Variable Speed Drive control programming included as part of its standard feature set. stack temperature. Easy-to-Use Interface The CB-Hawk ICS drives an easy-to-use Human Machine interface that allows for quick and accurate boiler monitoring and control.Intelligent Boiler Control CB-Hawk ICS — Key Features and Benefits The following features and benefits are for a typical CB-Hawk ICS installation. water level. Boiler Control from the Boiler Designer The CB-Hawk ICS is integrated with the boiler as it is being built or configured to adapt to an existing unit. pager. Powerful Capabilities With the ability to monitor and control multiple aspects of boiler control such as O2 levels. temperature/pressure. boiler efficiency. voicemail. internal network or Internet of boiler status and alarms. CSD-1 and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Compliant The CB-Hawk ICS is the only control system that is fullyaccredited by the organizations that govern the safety and functionality of boilers and boiler control systems. PLC-Based Control PLC technology is more reliable than PC or microprocessor-based technologies yielding increased uptime. As the industry’s only fully-integrated boiler control and boiler manufacturing resource — Cleaver-Brooks can deliver a boiler solution that is virtually plug-and-play. and this same data can be shared with building automation systems and enterprise-wide information technology systems. hot standby and combustion control — the CB-Hawk ICS delivers unmatched functionality at its price points. Advanced Communications You can be alerted by e-mail. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 85). . Features will vary depending on application.

integration and support — there is only one company and one solution.PDF This is an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). All multiple Boiler Lead/Lag operating parameters are set and controlled via the master boilers HMI. Indications include water level above and below the cutoff If you are a specifier: Specifications for the CB-Hawk ICS can be found at: http://www. successful/non-successful blowdown message. MULTIPLE BOILER LEAD/LAG The multiple Boiler Lead/Lag option allows multiple boilers with CB-Hawk ICS control to safely and efficiently operate in a master/slave scenario by managing the start/stop and firing rates for all boilers based on demand. for either new or retrofit applications. . safety assurance. from one resource — PAGING SCREEN Allows operators and facility management to monitor boiler operations from virtually anywhere. ALARM HISTORY Used to store and access the last 100 alarms — allows for trending of safety and predictive maintenance alerts and action. Call: (414) 359-0600 Write: info@cleaver-brooks. In addition to e-mail notification. the paging screen can enable up to 10 pager numbers and these numbers can be automatically configured to enable or disable as shifts change. hardware. etc. software. cost-efficiencies. boiler control. The company is Cleaver-Brooks. shutdown alarm.CB-Hawk ICS Make the Intelligent Choice — Contact Cleaver-Brooks If you want it all. blowdown reminder. The solution is the Cleaver-Brooks CB-Hawk ICS control system. WATER LEVEL This monitor-only display provides critical information from the C-B Level Master low water cut-off and level controller. alarm and blowdown history. high water indication.speci-fire. startup. Please scroll to Section D for CB-Hawk ICS specifications.

precise and cost-efficient boiler control environment. • O2 Trim and monitoring • C-B Level Master water level control and annunciation • Multiple boiler lead/lag sequencing • Variable speed drive and/or parallel positioning control integration • Expanded annunciation • E-mail paging & phone paging • LAN/WAN interfacing. For applications where this level of functionality is not necessary. as over 50 other option categories that ensure a safe. The CB-Hawk ICS also offers many technical and functional options including. CB-8059 . building automation interfacing and internet monitoring as well Color HMI Color Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) provide the maximum information return as they communicate data more quickly and clearly — especially when an operator is at a distance. Two high-resolution color screen options are available — either 6.Unlimited Options The standard CB-Hawk ICS is a fully functional PLC-based platform offering a complete compliment of features which can be expanded upon to meet an array of needs. The solution is the CB-Hawk ICS.or 10-inch.5-inch monochrome comes as standard. Color HMIs provide the maximum information return as they communicate data more quickly and clearly — especially when an operator is at a distance. One of these options involves the Human Machine Interface (HMI). If you want the best in boiler monitoring and control. executed either at the boiler or from anywhere in the world and backed by the best sales and service organization in the industry — The company is Cleaver-Brooks. a 5.