2010 Erdő Enikő RE-A Broken Heart

James and Janette lived in a small city in Great Britain. They acquainted in a jazz party. Janette was a very beautiful teenager. She has long, brown hair and green eyes. She also had a very attractive look. Her appearance betrayed about her the social rank and provenance, for this she was very proud. James was a very good-looking boy. He was for three years older than Janette. He had a very sensitive soul. He adored the arts, in special music, because he was an amateur jazz musician. Nevertheless he belonged to a poor social rank. James and Janette appropriated more and more each other but they became just ‘friends’. James felt more than a friend, he was infatuated. He hadn’t courage to approach because he knew that they are very different. In one beautiful early spring day, he toke courage and he went to the house, where lived Janette. It was an old but big and beautiful farmhouse. He gave her a very romantic serenade and flowers. All this happened in the porch. He told her also about his love. Janette accepted in appearance to go out with James, but just with the condition, that he didn’t tell for nobody about their “love story”. James accepted this condition, because he loved to much this capricious girl. So, this relation was in secret for 1 year, but unfortunately only for part of James. Janette spoke about this relation with her friends, and she said: ‘I want to play a bit with this boy, who is not for me… You will see this!’ Janette and James started to plan their wedding. The girl set this special day on date, when James told her, about what he feels for her, an early spring day. Everything seemed to be wonderful. James loved Janette so much, that he didn’t observed, that Janette never presented him for her parents.

to be next to him in this important development. . He invited some friends. Only the music comforted him and helped to survive. Janette was a capricious teenager: she didn’t think that playing whit feelings of others it’s so wrong. Nevertheless James started to sing a romantic song dedicated for Janette. I don’t want to be your wife!’ Janette’s friends started to laugh. When he asked her. He didn’t understand why this girl played with her soul in this way. James waited so much the moment.‘Do you want to be my wife?’-s he started to laugh and said: ‘What? Your wife…? What do you think…? Nooo.The big day arrived and Janette didn’t tell something about this for her parents. She killed a human soul. Janette waited him in a black dress. James was very excited. when everybody will hear about their ‘true love’. he was very surprised. In this moment James felt a big jab in his heart. She knew that her parents will not stay at home on this ‘special day’. he thought that he will die. not in a white garb. James lived alone for all his life. When he arrived to the house where Janette lived.

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