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In Athens, we have a few interesting people. There is Socrates, our resident ugly philosopher, also the first major western philosopher. We have Plato who was Socrates most noble and important student. Another person to talk to would be Perictione, she is a women philosopher and its rumored she is Platos mother and preached inner beauty rather then outward appearance.

When you go visit Socrates he will ask you who you really are. Beyond your name and identity the world knows you by, he goes deep into your self to help you discover whom you are and what you do. He will help you to understand the things you need to do to be a happy person in this society. Dont try to pay him; youll be wasting his and your time. His life is a public service; hes just trying to help and refuses compensation.

If you want to have a chat with Socrates, you can know him by his ugliness. You will tell from his upturned nose, his protruding eyes, and fleshy lips. He wont be wearing shoes and hell be asking a lot of questions. He is very wise but very humble and will ask you who you really are and guide you through selfdiscovery

If you want to meet with Plato, youll have to go into the Academy. This is a school Plato founded, it has an organized learning core where Plato himself teaches his philosophy principles and trains the future leaders of his ideal state illustrated in his book The Republic.

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Do you have some bad habits or do you do bad things? Come seek the advice from Plato or Socrates to find why you do them and how to stop them. They will tell you that you are not a bad person. No one willingly or knowingly does evil or bad things. They do things for their own benefit and sometimes its just at the expense of other people.

IF you have some free time, and you need some sites to see, go visit the platonic forms! Travel beyond consciousness just outside space and time and there they will be. These wonderful things are the essence of everything, while not being tangible, they are more then ideas. They are what we subconsciously compare everything too as we live our life, how we know what stuff is. Another great site to see would be the Cave. Its on the outskirts of Athens, if you enjoy spelunking definitely come check out this cave. Dive down into the depths. In the back you will find people chained to the walls of the cave, trapped in a have of imagination. As you come back out, youll notice people wandering through the cave as they gain some common sense. Near the opening of the cave you will see those trapped in the grief of trying to escape the cave through logic and reason. Finally on the outside of this cave you will be with those whom have surpassed the challenges of this cave and have knowledge at its essence living with pure intelligence.

If you visit the Temple of Delphi, you will see an ingravement of an ancient Greek aphorism know thyself. This means dont just go through life being you and not know why, really know yourself. Know who you are and know what you do and why you do it. This is what Socrates was getting at when he would ask who you are.

Come talk to Plato. He will help you be a just individual. He will help you be virtuous, be courageous and be wise. When you have all of these aspects you acquire justice. Once you are a just individual you can be selfsufficient and can enhance your society and help make a just society as well.

Before visiting Athens, make sure you know our government. It was designed and described by Plato in his book The Republic. It is his just society that makes up for peoples lack of ability to be self-sufficient. There are three types of individuals, we have workers who are in charge of doing the tasks needed to nourish and keep Athens running. These workers have temperance. The courageous individuals are soldiers who defend and protect Athens. The wisest of us are our guardians and are in charge of our government.