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"OCPA is striving to be the best in a world full of competition.



2012-13 Tuition
**OCPA Tuition *Deposit Final Payment Total $500.00 (Mandatory) $2,500.00 $3,000.00 (Due Aug 1) OC-Tech Tuition (12 Hrs Per

In County Out of County Out of State

$1,777.00 $2,197.00 $3,109.00

If Mandatory athletic fee deposit of ($500) is not received by June 1, then you will not be accepted into the program and your name will be removed from our program roster. If your tuition is not paid in full by August 1, you will be removed from the program.


Program Includes

Uniforms, Equipment & Apparel Players Marketing & Promotions Travel Expense Academic, Athletic, Social & Personal Development Class Group/Individual Medical Insurance (Athletes 17-19)

Athletic Programs
Football Basketball (National Club Football Association, Southern Collegiate Club Football) (Southern Preparatory Athletic Association)


(National Club Baseball Association)

Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy

Equipment Fees Include-$500

Uniforms, Equipment & Apparel
Helmet Girdle Shoulder Pads Thigh Pads Knee Pads Mouthpiece *

Program Cost Include$2,500

Players Marketing & Promotions
Highlight Videos Players Profile Digital Video Distribution

Travel Expenses
Transportation Cost Pre-Game Meal Post-Game Meal Hotel Cost

Practice Gear
Practice Jersey Practice Pants

Academic Development Player Pack

T-Shirt/Shorts * Sweat Suit * (Football) Polo * Cleats * (Football/Baseball) Socks * Sneakers * (Basketball) ACT/SAT Prep Social Developmental Class GED Preparation Classes Individual and Group Tutorial

Athletic Development
Athletic Trainer Strength and Conditioning Training Speed/Agility Training

Jersey- Black & White Game Pants- Black

Personal Development
Financial Management Courses Camera/Media Coaching

Specialty Equipment

Ankle, Knee and Shoulder Brace Academic Advisement Travel Bags Career Counseling
*Becomes personal items, all other items will be returned at

the end of the season

Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy

Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy is open to high school graduates or athletes who have their GED. College transfers are welcome as long as they meet the OCPA program requirements and the transfer requirements of Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College. ALL incoming athletes MUST enter OCPA Social Developmental Program, enroll in at least (12) credits per semester (Non-qualifiers) 6 credits per semester (Qualifiers), including summer classes, with the goal being to earn their Associates of Arts or Science degree within (2) years. Athletes transferring into the program from other educational institutions MUST comply with ALL OCTech educational program requirements to complete their academic requirements towards earning their Associates degree. Our recruiting period starts October 1st of each year, and ends on April 30th of each year. Athletes can apply to the program at any time once their athletic commitment at their current school has been completed. Note: Transfers or Non-High school athletes can sign and start our Summer program which begins in January of each year. Athletes, including early signees, MUST start our program in June. At that time, athletes will begin taking an orientation class taught by OCPA. Each athlete will receive the rules and regulations of the programs, complete their educational enrollment, complete financial aid workshop and start social development classes. Athletes will also start an off season training program and have team meetings. For the first (30) days ALL recruits will be mentored by staff to insure their understanding of the program, and how it works to develop a strong foundation. Rules and Guidelines: ALL Athletes MUST ATTEND ALL scheduled study groups. ALL Athletes MUST ATTEND ALL scheduled one-on-ones with staff. ALL Athletes MUST MAINTAIN 2.0

ALL Athletes MUST MEET ALL Athletic Obligations. ALL Athletes MUST OPEN checking/saving accounts through First Citizen Bank. ALL Athletes MUST PURCHASE bus passes through Santee Watery. ALL Athletes MUST ATTEND summer school. ALL Athletes MUST MEET ALL financial obligations. Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy is a Zero Tolerance Athletic Program.

OCPA DOES NOT offer scholarships. We are an independent community college level football program affiliated with Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College with the goal of creating scholarship opportunities for our athletes. OCPA will not be held responsible for the final outcome, especially if the student has failed to fulfill his obligations academically and financially. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the program, contact the admission coordinator to discuss the situation.

What we offer:

Financial Aid Assistance through CO-Tech Employment and Housing Referral. Personal and Career Development Assistance Programs Year round sports performance development. Social Development Monthly progress reports to colleges, and universities. Opportunity to obtain athletic scholarship Maximum exposure to 4 year colleges and universities Group/Individual medical insurance for athletes ages 17-19

Our Athletic programs are designed to help

Improve sprint speed, agility, and quickness Develop strength & power Improve flexibility Improve sport based movements Improve game fitness Football, Basketball & Baseball specific training programs Recovery and regeneration from workouts, games and practices


Principal amount: $ 3000.00 DATE, _____/_____/_____ I, ___________________________________ (Borrower) promise to pay Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy the sum Three Thousand Dollars ($3000.00) for athletic fees. Payment shall be made in __________ installments, consisting of $ 500 deposit on or before the 1st day of June and continue through August 1st, or until the principal is paid in full. OR, Borrower will pay one lump payment on or before: 8/1/2012. If the Borrower fails to make an installment payment when due or fails to comply with any other term of this promissory note, the agreement will be considered in default. The student athlete will be removed from the athletic program. Any payments that have been applied will not refunded after 1st day of August. This note may be prepaid by the Borrower at any time in whole or in part without premium or penalty. In the event of the Borrower's death, the unpaid indebtedness remaining on the note shall be canceled. The Borrower must promptly inform the Lender of any change in name or address. If the Lender prevails in a lawsuit to collect on this note, Borrower will pay Lender's court costs, collection agency costs, and attorney's fees in an amount the court finds to be reasonable.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I set my hand under seal this ____th day of _______________, 20___ and I acknowledge receipt of a completed copy of this instrument. _________________________________ Borrowers Signature Permanent Address: _____________________________________________________ Social Security Number: ______________________________ Driver's Licence Number: ______________________________

Financial Agreement and Contract This financial agreement is made between (Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy) and _________________________________ (Athlete/Parent or Guardian) For the athletic fees ($3000) at Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy: ____________________________________(Address) _____________________________________(City, State and zip code) The contract is for one year starting on June 1, 2012 and is for the amount of $3000.00 a year. The athletic fee will be covered through financial aid and students loans if the following steps are completed by the athlete and/or parent. A $500 deposit is required by June 1, 2011.

Athlete/Parent or Guardian is responsible for completing 2011-2012 and 20122013 free application for FAFSA. Athlete/Parent or Guardian is responsible for applying for $3000 student loan through Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College during summer term. Athlete/Parent or Guardian is responsible for completing an Application for admission to OC-Tech and OCPA.

If the proper steps and procedures are not followed by the athlete or parent then they are responsible for the athletic fee for the athlete to participate. If the deposit and fee is not paid then the athlete will not be able to participate or enroll in OCPA. *NO REFUND ONCE SEASON STARTS

__________________________________________ (Athlete) (Phone) (Date)


__________________________________________ (Parent/Guardian) (Phone)

______________________________ (Date)

__________________________________________ (Athletic Director) (Phone) (Date)


Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy


Participants Name: ____________________________ Parent/Guardian: __________________________ Address: _________________________ City: ______________________ State: ______ Zip: _______ Cell Phone: _________________________ Home Phone: _______________________ Year Graduated: _______ School: ____________________________ City/State: __________________ Last Physical: ___________ Age: ________ Date of Birth: ______ Height: ______ Weight: _______ Emergency Contact Name: _________________________ Emergency Contact Phone #: _____________ Does the athlete have any physical conditions or allergies? If yes, please note: _______________________ WAIVER: I understand that in taking part of these try-outs and/or athletic activities, there is a risk of injury that I am assuming. The risk of such injury will NOT be covered by the program, its insurance or the facility in which this event is taking place. I agree to hold harmless the team, program, coaches or my teammates for any injuries received while participating in any Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy/ Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College sponsored or associated events.

I hereby certify that I am in normal health, have had a physical within the past year and am capable of participating in any and all Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy (OCPA)/Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College (OCTech) sponsored and associated events. I give consent for authorized OCPA/OCTech representatives to take me for medical care in an emergency situation. I understand that all efforts will be made to notify the emergency contact listed above prior to such action and the expenses, if any, will be settled by me. I acknowledge and agree that my participation in the Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy/Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College to be held at any athletic facility (Stadium Football Field) or gym secured by the Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy, LLC/Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College during the 20112012 season is completely voluntary. I also agree that the Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy, LLC/Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College nor any athletic facility (Stadium Football Field) or gym in which athletic games/events held will NOT be held liable for any injuries incurred on the respective properties. ___________________________________________________________________ Signature of Applicant (Parent printed name & signature if applicant if under 18yrs) Date____________

Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy


I, ________________________________________________, the undersigned, hereby authorize the following individual, agency, institution or organization, Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy, LLC, to release and provide information to any entity regarding my academic/athletic affairs. I also, hereby authorize any college/university, sports program or athletic coach/program to release all requested information on me to Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy, LLC. I understand that this release is valid for a period of two years from the signed date below.

_____________________________ Signature

___________________ Date