Council's Recommendation to Mayor on Proposal to Improve Cashflows DRAFT

WorksheeL 1: ShorL Lerm

Cash Savlngs (lo mlllloos)
Work wlLh Lanslng Lo recelve uncollecLed sLaLe revenue sharlng -
2,300 layoffs - 3 monLhs savlngs 42.600
uÞS 8ecelpLs - one paymenL made - paymenLs Lo be flnlshed by lebruary 13.000
Councll Cfflces and Councll ulvlslons cuL by 10° 0.342
CuL Lmployee Þarklng - 3 monLhs savlngs 0.238
CuL Lmployee Þarklng for clLy vehlcles - 3 monLhs savlngs 0.041
LllmlnaLe cell phones - 3 monLhs savlngs 0.030
Þeople Mover - lncrease fee by anoLher $.23 1.000
AlSCML recommends movlng Lo AlL-ClC for 8x & says lL wlll save $19 M Annually - 3
monLhs savlngs 8.000
CuL salarles over $100,000 - saves $3 m annually - 3 monLhs savlngs 1.230
Pave sLaLe relmburse for LrnsL & ?oung cash flow analysls conLracL 1.000
1oLal savlngs 69.721
Lndlng pro[ecLed cash balance (rlsk ad[usLed) aL !une 30, 2012 (44.200)
New end|ng pro[ected cash ba|ance at Iune 30, 2012 5 2S.S21
ShorL Lerm
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WorksheeL 2: new 8evenue & LongLerm
Cash Savlngs (lo mlllloos)
I. Long-term structura| changes proposed
Close AlrporL - Save ClLy AlrporL Cl subsldy 0.300
ClLy ConLracLor reducLlons of 13° - -
Lease/CuLslde ManagemenL for AlrporL - $1.8 mllllon - poLenLlally long-Lerm -
Channels 10 & 22 - cuL ln half 1.300
SeL up a repaymenL plan for Lhe Þarklng lund's loan of $9 M from Lhe Ceneral lund 9.000
LllmlnaLe LongevlLy - -
SecurlLlzlng munlclpal parklng & Lunnel revenue - Long 1erm -
Lxamlne collecLlon procedures for AccounL 8ecelvables - collecL more qulckly and perform
ln-house -
PealLh care premlums and copays could be seL up as pre-Lax - Long Lerm due Lo payroll
sysLem lssues
lnsLall parklng meLers aL LasLern MarkeL
8alse parklng fees for LallgaLlng
lncenLlve program - Þay employees for ldeas used
uÞS Cfflcers could paLrol around nelghborhoods LhaL have schools.
lmpose medlcal concesslons lncludlng vL8A
Cobo Þarklng revenue of $13 Mllllon now wlLh Cobo AuLhorlLy - revenue was never parL of
general fund - Cobo AuLhorlLy pald $20 mllllon Lo Þarklng lund for Lhe faclllLles
Weekend parklng enforcemenL and lncrease parklng fees
lncrease bus fare by $.30 (from $1.30 Lo $2.00) 8.000
lncrease all fees for permlLs, lnspecLlons, eLc.
Merge ÞLu wlLh uÞW
Merge 8ecreaLlon lnLo CSu
Close PealLh ueparLmenL and ellmlnaLe Ceneral lund neL 1ax CosL 6.000
Lnd Ceneral lund cosLs for Puman 8lghLs ueparLmenL 0.482
Lnd ÞorL AuLhorlLy Subsldy 0.230
Lnd Museum of Afrlcan Amerlcan PlsLory Subsldy 1.300
Lnd ulA Subsldy
Lnd PlsLorlcal Subsldy
new 8evenue & LongLerm
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Lnd Museum of Afrlcan Amerlcan PlsLory Subsldy
Lnd Ceneral lund cosLs for Pomeland SecurlLy 0.312
Lnd vehlcle leases 3.200
8eforms Lo sLaLe penslon law would sLablllze ClLy's penslon cosLs
ÞrlvaLlze solld wasLe collecLlon and dlsposal 32.000
ÞrlvaLlze 8S&L lnspecLlons, llcenslng and permlLLlng 16.300
ÞrlvaLlze ÞLu
8enegoLlaLe lease wlLh 8ulldlng AuLhorlLy
ÞrlvaLlze uuC1 fleeL malnLenance or all fleeL malnLenance - [usL dolng Lhe 8lC would glve
Lhe clLy addlLlonal ldeas abouL ways Lo save money based on submlsslons. 28.000
Work Lo have Lhe sLaLe collecL clLy lncome Lax - lL may also lead Lo lncreased revenue llke
Alblon LhaL had a 16° lncrease ln collecLlons 4.200
lncenLlvlze currenL clLy employees Lo reLlre early due Lo LhreaLs of reduced penslon
CreaLe a vL8A wlLh unlons slmllar Lo Lhe auLo companles and some oLher governmenLs.
CuL cosLs for 36Lh ulsLrlcL CourL (currenLly $18 mllllon) by reduclng Lhe number of !udges.
Þroposed leglslaLlon aL Lhe sLaLe for reduclng [udges does noL lnclude 36Lh u.
Sell or lease clLy-owned properLles - !ones Lang LaSalle 8eporL
Could more servlces and deparLmenLs be merged and housed aL CA?MC - !ones Lang
LaSalle 8eporL
LllmlnaLe lease aL llrsL naLlonal 8ulldlng - move Law ueparLmenL lnLo new Þollce
II. New kevenue |n|t|at|ves - Cne t|me and structura| changes
Work wlLh Lanslng Lo recelve uncollecLed sLaLe revenue sharlng 220.000
8esLore lncome Lax Lo 3° and 1.3° - 1.9° corporaLe - dedlcaLe Lo debL servlce reducLlon - $120 M
annually for ÞCCs and llscal SLablllzaLlon 8onds 48.000
8alse Lax raLe of ueLrolL caslnos from 19° Lo 24° - 3° of 3° goes Lo ClLy ($43 M) Lhe oLher 2° goes
Lo School Ald lund 43.000
Sale of CemeLerles -
new 8evenue & LongLerm
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Lxamlne clLy owned land and poLenLlal land sales - clLy ls ln possesslon vasL LracLs.
Amend sLaLe law Lo allow lmposlLlon of wlLhholdlngs of ueLrolL lncome Lax on caslno
wlnnlngs greaLer Lhan $1200. 4.000
lmpose a buslness prlvllege fee - $300,000 per caslno - on ueLrolL caslnos because Lhey
were granLed a speclal exempLlon Lo Lhe sLaLewlde smoklng ban 1.300
Sell namlng rlghLs for all clLy parks ln exchange for malnLenance, repalr, securlLy aL parks
Structura| Improvements and kevenue Lnhancements 2012 -2013 5 429.744
new 8evenue & LongLerm
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