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Holiday Training Camp Central Nordic-Como Nordic

Rainbow Resort-Waubun, Minnesota Monday 12/26/11 through Wednesday 12/28/11

Cost: $125.00 Money and permission forms due by Friday 12/16/11. Trip will be filled on a first come basis with some discretion based on participation and spots available. Checks should be made to Central Nordic Booster Club. Any athlete unable to afford training camp should contact Coach Lageson. Lodging: We will be staying in cabins at Rainbow Resort. Right now we have reservations for 52 athletes (Central 30 and Como 22). Some athletes will need sleeping bags and pads. We might be able to add athletes, but would have to arrange other transportation. Transportation: We will travel to and from Rainbow Resort by bus. The bus seats 54. Most Chaperones will travel separately by carpool. Meals: Bring a bag lunch for Monday 12/26. Meals from Monday dinner through Wednesday lunch will be provided. Athletes will be responsible for meal prep and cleanup in their cabins. Athletes should bring snacks and supplemental food. Athletes should have money for fast food dinner on the way home. Coaching: Central and Como Nordic coaches will be at training camp. We will have some Alumni coaching assistance too. Chaperones and Drivers: We will need at least 3 parents from each team to chaperone. Chaperones pay half of the cost ($55.00). Parents that are skiers are encouraged to ski with the team. We will try to have some instruction for parent chaperones that want to become skiers. Contact numbers: Robb Lageson (Central): (651) 216-1309 Michelle Diaz (Como): (763) 234-0034 Rainbow Resort 36571 County Highway 35 Waubun, MN 56589 (218) 734-2241

Central/Como Nordic Training Camp 2011 Tentative Schedule

Monday 12/26 7:15 7:45 1:30 2:00 4:30 5:30 7:30 8:00 10:00 Meet at Central-Be on time! Depart Arrive at Rainbow Resort Unload gear, change for skiing On snow Free time Dinner/clean up Team meeting Free time, waxing Curfew

Tuesday 12/27 7:30 7:45 9:00 11:30 1:30 4:00 5:30 7:30 8:00 10:00 Wake up Breakfast On snow Lunch On snow Free time Dinner/clean up Team meeting Free time, waxing, moonlight skiing? Curfew

Wednesday 12/28 7:30 7:45 8:30 9:00 11:00 12:00 2:30 3:00 9:00 Wake up Breakfast and pack lunches Pack and clean rooms. Gear packed and moved out. On snow Lunch On snow Pack up/clean up Depart for home-fast food dinner along the way Return to Central

Central/Como Ski Trip Contract

This agreement must be read carefully and signed before you will be allowed to go on this trip. 1. I will follow all Minnesota State High School League rules. Specifically those rules regarding respect for others and substance abuse. 2. I understand that curfews and room checks are a routine part of trip supervision. 3. I understand that boys and girls should not be in each others room without supervision. 4. I will be responsible for any damage I cause. 5. I will always be with a teammate when I leave my cabin. I will always be with a group of three or more, including a coach, or chaperone when I leave the cabin to ski. This is Mandatory! The trails are challenging and can be confusing. Coaches and chaperones must know where you are. 6. I will meet all deadlines for departures and activities. I understand that this is a team activity and all activities will be done together as a team. 7. I understand luggage needs to be kept to a reasonable level. I will bring all my ski equipment and warm clothing to insure that I can practice in cold conditions. I understand that my baggage may be inspected by coaches and chaperones at any time during the trip. 8. Parents agree to pick up and transport home any athlete that is determined by the coaches or chaperones to have broken this agreement, or is otherwise unwilling to follow the established rules and procedures. 9. Central Nordic or Como Park Nordic does not provide medical or personal insurance.

__________________________________ Athlete

______________________________ Signature

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Ski Trip Permission Form

I hereby give my consent for ______________________________________ to participate in the Training Camp at Rainbow Resort, Waubun, Minnesota from 12/26/11 through 12/28/11. Authorization for Emergency Care I authorize the Coach or Chaperone in attendance to select and secure emergency medical attention as may be necessary for my child as a result of injuries or other events requiring emergency care while I/we are not in attendance. Coach or Chaperone will make reasonable attempts to contact me before securing necessary medical attention for my child. Waiver of Liability We acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following: 1. Identification of Risks. I understand that participation in any skiing activity involves risks of serious injury, including permanent disability, death and other losses. I understand that these injuries and losses might result not only form my actions, but the actions , inactions, or negligence of others. 2. Assumption of Risks. I agree that I am responsible for my safety while participation in the activity. I assume all risks for any injury or loss connected with my participation in the activity. 3. Waiver. Aware of the risks and willing to assume them, I hereby waive release, and hold harmless St. Paul Central and Como Park High School, the Central Nordic and Como Park Nordic Ski Team, the Coaches, Trip Organizers, and Chaperones form all claims by me for any liability, injury, loss or damage in any way connected with my participation in the activity, except where cause by gross negligence or willful or wanton misconduct of any of the release parties. I intend for this waiver and release to also apply to any legal action or claim on my behalf. 4. Insurance. I currently have, and agree to maintain throughout the time that I participate in the training camp, valid and sufficient health and accident insurance. I understand that this is my sole responsibility and release all persons and entities from providing coverage for me. 5. I HAVE READ THIS WAIVER AND RELEASE CAREFULLY AND HAVING DONE SO I AM SIGNING IT VOLUNTARILY. _________________________________ Athlete _________________________________ Parent/Guardian Cell/Home phone___________________ _________________________________ Family Medical Insurance ______________________________ Signature ______________________________ Signature ______________________________ Group or ID#