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Amarkhan said;
Hi I am a student in a reputed university of Pakistan . I haven’t much knowledge as you people have, but in my small age I get the right path. This is the credit I have. I hope that you will find my testimony different than other ex-Muslims because I left Islam not due to the studies against Islam but I left it in search of right sect of Islam. I was born in mid religious family in Pakistan . I joined the "Berailvi" sect because of my maternal uncle. I joined the movement "Dawat Islami" which spread the Berailvi sect of Islam. I used to listen naats, mankabat, salat tu waslam...... I was thinking that I am at

the right path. I used to wear "imama sharif" (turban) of green color, which was the cause of amusement between my friends. But I bore all the difficulties because I was thinking to have found the right path. Then as my age increased to 15 years, my heart started diverting from the Berailvi school of thought. I entered in the college for my fsc here. I got a friend (Aslam)who was an exBelaivi. He was "ahle hadith" converted from Berailvi sect. I was in a hostel there. We were 3 boys in the room, I , Aslam and ali (who was a shia). All of other friends of mine use to play, gossips etc, but we discussed about the right path. Aslam was trying to convince me about ahle hadith sect and his discussion was effecting me. Ali was not interfering in our matter. Aslam gave me small book, which gave all the answers of controversial questions. I was convinced by him because there are many pagan ideologies in Berailve sect. He told me that our faith depends on Quran and sahih hadith (saha sita). So I accepted the Ahle Hadith sect and started practicing it. I read many journals and weekly magazines of Jamat u Dawa. In the same period I started checking the Shias. At that time there was an anti-shia organization "Sipah Sahaba" who was spreading anti Shia literature everywhere. I also got some books against Shias. I read that thoroughly while my friends were busy in playing games and gossiped. After studying the anti Shia literature, I was the worst enemy of Shias. I started debating with my Shia roommate he told me about the Shia site I surfed that site and got many realities about the companions of Prophet. I was shocked to learn that 1) Omer burnt house of Fatima 2) story of garden of "Fidak" 3) about the "hadith e Kirtas" 4) wars between Ayesha and Ali 5)and many other realities about the imams of Shias in the same site I got some errors in the Bukhari and muslin which I was thinking were errorless. I was shocked about that ayats usually narrated by Ayesha. At the same time I came to know that Ayesha was 9 years old when she married the Prophet. At that time I was double minded. My brain was not working anymore. I studied more about all these sects but the problems were not being solved. I started saying that I am neither Shia nor Sunni. I am only a Muslim. But my mind wasn’t satisfied ......

World Islamic Organization (RESPONSE)
In order for us to address the issue concerning Aisha (radiAllahu anha) more accurately and detailed, (Please Visit our following articles dealing with Aisha[r.a] ) * Aisha (radiAllahu anha) -The Noble Wife of Muhammad(s.a.a.w) * The Age of Aisha[r.a.] During Her Marriage with Muhammad(s.a.a.w) Furthermore, the claims against Umar (radiAllahu anhu) and the burning of Fatima (radiAllahu anha)'s house are fallacious and terribly misunderstood. (Please Visit out

following articles dealing with the issue.) *Umar (radiAllahu anhu) -The Year of the Khalifa

Amarkhan said;
Then I got a lecture of Dr. Zakir Naik. That gave me new life .I was very impressed of his memory. I thought that he is "mujadid" (a holy man who came after centuries to renew Islam). I got many CDs, of him listened to him and admired him. I was his fan at that time. I got bearded, started practicing Islam with a new zeal. I was satisfying my mind by learning the miracles of Quran. My favorite topic was "Quran and science." At that time I started reding the Quran with Urdu translation. While reading, I was finding the miracles in the Quran. I found many miracles (actually I assumed them as miracles). In the mean time, I got admission in a reputed university of Pakistan . At that time my faith in Islam was dependent of Dr. Zakir Naik. In this university I got a friend who was also my roommate. He was an atheist and I was a fundamentalist "mullah". Same story repeated again. I started debating with him. But he never showed that he was atheist. He started convincing me. His discussion was effecting me slowly. At the same time I searched the word "Ali Sena" (which is actually the name of my). I got information about FFI and wikiislam ... I was shocked. I tried to open it but I was blocked in Pakistan . I used the proxy changing website to access the site. And then my life changed.................... FFI gave me answers to all the questions. When I told my atheist roommate about this site he opened his heart about the realities of Islam. He told me about his story of guidance, which is about same as mine. I will ask him to join the forum and write his testimony. After that I installed "the Nobel Quran" and "the Hadith" software in my pc. I confirmed many references of Ali Sina. Meanwhile I started writing a book, "Questions Never Answered". I wrote 8 pages, but when I read FFI I felt ashamed of my little knowledge. But though I have little knowledge I know that I have reached that right path of love and peace. The "mullahs" around me are very angry with me because I shaved my beard after leaving Islam. I was an active participant in there gatherings but now I never go to mosque. This is very surprising for my friends. They can’t digest my wearing of jeans and leaving the Islamic dress, shalwar kamiz. After leaving Islam I was very energetic I did a debate with my old friend in a close room with the promise that he would never tell these things outside. He was convinced but said "la hola wala kowata......" and left me.

It is very difficult for me to act as a Muslim. It is the most hated thing to do. But I am doing all these rubbish.

World Islamic Organizations (RESPONSE)
The worse part about this author, is that he relied on other people such as renowned Islamic orator (Dr. Zakir Naik). Our brother Dr. Zakir, is an esteemed Da'iee on Islam and Comparative Religion and has a very good amount of knowledge in his field and we seek to take nothing away from him. However, the individual should have been relying on the Guidance and instruction of Almighty Allah(swt) and His Rasooul and not waiting for another 'classic' lecture or debate from Dr. Zakir Naik. It seems that this individual was very lost and confused from the beginning. He claimed that he increased and faith and started growing his beard out after following the Qur'an and Sahih Hadith. Then he states that he lost his mind, because of a shia website 'answering-ansar', (we learned this from the following statement) "At that time I was double minded. My brain was not working anymore. I studied more about all these sects but the problems were not being solved. I started saying that I am neither Shia nor Sunni. I am only a Muslim. But my mind wasn’t satisfied ......" He then said that he ran into (FFI) and Ali Sina (hysterical), and his articles and information covinced him so he left Islam. Soon after he shaved his beard, was wearing jeans and stopped attending the Masjid for studies, and at that time he claimed to have been very energetic for leaving Islam. He also claims to have found peace and love, although he had little knowledge. We at the WIO believe that this case is a prime example of what happens when people find Islam and Almighty Allah(swt) through culture and family, and not through prayer and practice.

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