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From the local iron foundry founded in 1860 to the global corporation. Bühler delivers leading technology and solutions for processing grain into safe and healthy finished products. Bühler stands for straight forward and cutting-edge solutions. State-of-the-art process technology, innovative plant engineering and a deep knowledge of the related processes maximize both quality and product yields. But there is even more to it: Bühler know-how also enables customers to create the most cost - and energy-efficient process solutions from stand-alone machines to complete plants. Innovation. One of the key terms in this connection is innovation based on the art of engineering. Without an additional healthy dose of enthusiasm and persistence, the spirit of discovery so typical of Bühler would never have thrived. Time and again, this spirit has enabled the organization to roll out firsts in the global marketplace, for example in the field of roller mill development. Quality leadership. This attribute is manifested in quantifiable and transparent quality targets which are defined in an open dialog with our customers so that promised performance is achieved and the edge in confidence can be further increased. Focus on solutions. Focus on solutions means to center all efforts on our customers’ profitability. This requires an understanding of and a capability to improve their complete value chains and thus to offer our customers an edge in performance over pure equipment manufacturers. Global reach. Bühler has been a global player for many decades, with a multicultural team and a local presence extending across all the major markets of the world. This edge in availability, whose significance will further increase in the future, pays off in the results it allows to be achieved.
The Hydro-Mix VII provides accurate and cost effective moisture control in animal feed, pellets, grain, cereal and pulses:

Increase profitability with Hydronix Moisture Measurement
Controlling moisture at the correct level throughout all stages of processing can be one of the biggest problems for feed and grain manufacturers. Too wet, and the raw material can become mouldy during storage or sticky during processing. Too dry and it will become brittle and turn to ‘flour’ or dust. Either circumstance leads to waste and therefore directly impacts on profit.

Perfection in grain milling – a highly demanding task. Antares sets new standards for round-the-clock milling. The self-contained roll pack and reliable product feed ensure precise and consistent flour. Maximum hygiene is guaranteed thanks to clever insulation, integrated product inlet aspiration and stainless steel lining. Experience a new level of ease of use and quality from ergonomic controls and operating reliability to the highly impressive design. Antares – The New Art of Milling.

Measure Moisture & Reduce Cost

Microwave moisture sensors are not affected by dust, colour or vapour arising from processing and have proved to be the most cost effective, reliable and easy to use method of controlling moisture in grain and feed manufacturing. Raw materials are passed across the ceramic faceplate of the sensor which radiates an extremely low powered electromagnetic microwave field. The resonant frequency of the material changes with variations in moisture content, and with 25 readings taken per second, the sensor detects changes in moisture levels almost instantaneously. This allows adjustments to the water addition process to be automatic and in real time. A perfect system would have sensors positioned throughout all of the various elements of the processing plant. Hydronix have a range of sensors that can be positioned in a variety of different locations depending upon specific requirements. The Hydro-Probe is designed to be located in the neck of a bin, underneath the gate, or in the material on a conveyor, and takes readings as the material flows around the sensor. For applications with a high ambient temperature, the Hydro-Probe Orbiter can be mounted above belt conveyors. Finally for applications that use a screw conveyor, chute or mixer, the Hydro-Mix is a flush mounted sensor that enables the material to pass across the faceplate. Hydronix has 30 years experience in moisture measurement, and is the original developer of the digital microwave moisture measurement method. Tel: +44 1483 468900

Bühler AG, Grain Milling, CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, T +41 71 955 11 11, F +41 71 955 66 11,

Antares MDDR-600. Small Roller Mill for High Requirements.
Compact dimension. Four-roller mill with roll length of 600 mm Sanitation. Top hygienic standards for food safety. Outstanding precision. Ultra-precise settings, consistent flour. Perfect grinding. Powerful roll pack, highly consistent grinding. Ultimate design. The perfect combination of ergonomics and performance.

• • • • • •

Digital technology with precise linear output for easy integration Wide moisture measurement range Suitable for chutes, silos, mixers or conveyors Choice of 3 measurement modes Not affected by dust or colour Temperature stable

Innovations for a better world.

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Chief Industries UK Ltd
Chief Industries UK Ltd, and Phénix Rousies Industries in France, are part of the Chief Industries Inc. Group based in Nebraska, USA. Together, the Chief companies manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of top quality grain storage silos, grain dryers, grain cleaners, conveyors and ventilation systems for worldwide distribution. Chief Industries has over 50 years experience in grain handling systems, incorporating stateof-the-art design and manufacturing, supplying flat floor silos with capacities ranging from 30 to 30,000 tons, hopper bins with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 1,400 tons, and grain dryers capable of drying up to 300 tons per hour. By designing complexes of a number of silos, the grain storage and drying possibilities are infinite. Manufactured from high quality galvanized steel, Chief’s storage installations last for many years. Chief UK has seen significant growth in 2011, particularly in sales of grain dryers, which are manufactured at its own factory in the UK for worldwide supply. The home market has also shown greater activity, which has been helped by taking over the representation of Marot cleaners in the UK, which are also represented by Chief in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. With a good team of experienced personnel Chief UK can provide top quality solutions, whatever your requirements in grain storage and quality.

Muyang is a leading global integrated solution provider in machine building and engineering service for feed and grain industries. The group delivers competent one-source solutions for feed mills, rice mills, grain storing silos and handling facilities with advanced technology, efficient equipment, professional installation, complete support and service including steel structure buildings and civil engineering, Innovation is the key term in keeping technology-leading. Committing to the sustainable development of customers and environment, Muyang keeps focus on developing cost- and energy-efficient solutions to create customers a leading ship operation with higher product quality and output. “Go to market and create value for customers”. Taking this as a guide, Muyang has set up a strong international sale & service network with 30 overseas offices, eight liaisons, eleven service centers and a presence over 80 countries in 2011. And over 200 professional salesmen and service personal are fostered and sent out with qualification, professional skills as well as social and linguistical knowledge to come closer to customers and offer them better and faster service. It is believed that through a solid international sales & service network and plus about 40 overseas agencies, the customers can find Muyang wherever they are and be served whenever they need. Keeping technology-leading, getting nearer to customers, and a history of over 3,000 feed mill projects and about 2000 grain storage facilities implementation all over the world, will further enable Muyang to define the specific requirements and demands of each operation and to develop the value-created customized solutions.

Quality grain handling
Chief dryers
Supplied to European DIN or ASAE/ASTM Standards

Chief silos

Grain. It’s your business.


Which is why we never underestimate the importance of how it is handled. If you need a partner with the expertise, technology and manufacturing methods to ensure that your storage plant is second-to-none in terms of quality and processes, then look no further.


Marot rotary cleaners and You can trust in Chief. spares
Beckingham Business Park, Tolleshunt Major Maldon, Essex CM9 8LZ, UK

Now distributing

Tel +44 (0)1621 868944 Fax +44 (0)1621 868955 E-mail
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Project Organisation Alexander Torlach GmbH
Project Organisation Alexander Torlach GmbH is based in Freilassing, Germany. We have a well-established reputation for providing professional, high quality solutions to our clients on an international level, serving the flour and bulk solids industry. Our company exports new and used machines, equipment and parts for flour and feed mills and bulk handling industry. We are experienced in plant erection and maintenance services since more than 20 years in many countries all over the world. Our services are also covering the sales of complete and used milling plants, including disassembling, relocation and start up. We are acting as an EPC contractor, and in addition, we provide our clients with single services, which include engineering, handling and shipment as field installations. We also provide project logistics such as export and shipment. Our core business is high-grade equipment, especially from German and Swiss manufacturers. New, rebuilt or second hand, in our warehouse in Bavaria, Southern Germany. Our equipment ready for shipping covers more than 1.200 square meters. In the unlikely event that we do not have what you are looking for in stock, we will deliver this to you as quickly as possible and for the best price available. Your provider for the bulk solids and milling industry – True German quality!

Cultura Technologies
Bringing Agri-Food Solutions to Life Cultura Technologies provide specialist agri-food software solutions to some of the world’s leading agri-businesses. Utilising the latest technology, Cultura offer bespoke, scalable and flexible software solutions written in collaboration with leading agri-business experts from the industry for the industry. We offer a wide-ranging level of pre and post sales consultancy, project management, training and customer support in the following market verticals: Feed Manufacturing / Grains & Oilseeds / Commodity Trading / Seed Processors / Maltsters / Merchants / Speciality Crops – Fruits and Vegetables / Bio-fuels Cultura’s name has its roots in the Latin word “agricultura” -- which is Latin for agriculture -- and “cultivate” -- which is to foster growth or development. Our company culture is people-focused. We believe in strong customer relationships and that the strength of our people and their expertise can make the difference in delivering customer-centric solutions that enable Agri-Food businesses to efficiently produce, process, and deliver quality food and bio-products. Cultura is all about connecting people and processes across the broader Agri-Food supply chain, helping to nurture Agri-Food advancement through technology. With offices in the UK, USA and Corporate Headquarters in Canada, we welcome enquiries from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and The Americas. We are Cultura Technologies. We bring Agri-Food solutions to life.


True German Quality!
Your provider for the bulk solids and milling industry.
Breslauerstr. 41a DE - 83395 Freilassing Germany Tel +49-(0)8654/77669-0

For further information, please contact the UK sales and marketing department on +44 (0) 1257 231011, alternatively you can email us at

RETSCH – Solutions in Milling & Sieving
RETSCH is a global company dedicated to providing novel technologies and high quality tools for the sample preparation and characterization of solids used in R&D and QA applications. Many decades of experience have made RETSCH the world’s leading supplier of crushers, grinders, sieve shakers and test sieves. The product range includes laboratory mills for coarse, fine and ultra-fine size reduction as well as homogenization. They produce a perfectly homogeneous, unaltered and uncontaminated sample so that the subsequent analysis is always trustworthy and meaningful. The sieve shakers and test sieves are used for optimum quality control of solid materials. RETSCH is the only company to produce test sieves fully automatically; the manufacturing process, which is unique in the world, ensures highest product quality.
Product range




















10 MCC 1



Milling ■ Jaw Crushers ■ Rotor Mills ■ Cyclone Mills ■ Cutting Mills ■ Knife Mills ■ Mortar Grinders ■ Disc Mills ■ Mixer Mills ■ Planetary Ball Mills

Sieving ■ Vibratory Sieve Shakers ■ Horizontal Sieve Shakers ■ Tap Sieve Shakers ■ Air Jet Sieving Machines ■ Evaluation Software ■ Test Sieves

Assisting ■ Sample Dividers ■ Feeders ■ Dryers ■ Cleaners ■ Pellet Presses


If you require professional solutions that combine high performance, ease of use, a maximum of operational safety and a long lifetime, then RETSCH’s equipment is your only choice!
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&feed millinG technoloGy


&feed millinG technoloGy

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Nutrex is a leading supplier of innovative, top quality additives for the flour milling & animal feed industries, with headquarters in Belgium and an expansive global distribution network. In it’s dedicated facility in Belgium, Nutrex produces an extensive range of enzyme solutions (Nutrase) and flour improvers (Nutrimco) for the flour milling industry. At its production sites in Belgium and the Netherlands, Nutrex manufactures a full range of feed additives including NSP enzymes, mycotoxin binders, immunonutrition products, watersoluble supplements and yeast derivates.
 

Grain&feed m techno11 NEWS




November - December 2011



how to obtain the most cost effective inclusion in your formulation?
nzymes have become a key solution in resource efficiency. Phytase is known to raise the available or digestible phosphorus (P). However, the power to release digestible P out of plant phytate is not linear. This means that it’s no use adding (expensive) phytase to the feed unlimitedly. But how to deal with this non-linear effect? How to obtain the most cost-effective use of enzymes in your formulation? In other words: How to formulate easily the cheapest compound with the most optimal inclusion of enzymes?

Milling & baking enzymes Flour improvers

Nutrase Xyla is a unique bacterial endo-xylanase with special properties that considerably improve digestibility of corn and wheat diets for poultry and swine. Free-Tox is a range of selected indigestible adsorbents that bind mycotoxins in the gastrointestinal tract and prevent their uptake into the blood Y-Mune and Nutracid Intestim are new, innovative products for poultry and pigs that support growth and improve feed conversion by modulating the immune system, stimulating villi growth and increasing absorption capacity Nuvisol products are range of water-soluble vitamin supplements, specifically formulated for administration through the drinking water Y-MOS & Y-Boost are derived from high quality bakery yeast used in feed to support the development of young animals Our food and feed products are developed in close cooperation with leading research institutes around the world and supported by solid independent research and top performance. BUCKET


Detailed analysis of the result
There is more. BESTMIX® also gives insight in the behaviour of the enzyme in the composition. It compares the composition and the price of the compound twice: Once with the use of phytase and once without the use of phytase. This way, the nutritionist can analyse the behaviour of phytase in all details.

 

Feed enzymes Feed additives

Anti-nutritional effect of enzymes
Phytase not only releases extra digestible Phosporus. Thanks to its anti-nutritional effect, it also raises the level of protein, amino-acids and energy values in the feed. These extra advantages are made visible in BESTMIX® . The software clearly shows to the nutritionist the effect of phytase in the compound feed for all nutrients.

Enzymes: how to obtain the most cost-effective inclusion in your formulation? Resource efficiency
UNDER SPEED MONITOR BELT ALIGNMENT SYSTEM Formulation managers have an increasingly strategic role to play in a complex market. Resource efficiency has become a key word in feed formulation. Breaking down the plant phytate to release more digestible Phosphorus by adding phytase in animal feed has become common practice. Fast facts Phytase is an enzyme that increases availability of phosphorus in animal diets Phytase lowers the amount of supplemental phosphorus required in the diet Because of improved dietary phosphorus utilization, less phosphorus is excreted in the manure.

Put the best in, get the most out
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Nutrex prides itself in providing the finishing touch for nutrition by consistently adding high value to its customers’ and users’ products, allowing them to save more costs and improve performance.

Most cost-effective use of Phytase in the formulation
Not all phytases available on the market have the same effectiveness. Nor the same price. With BESTMIX® , it is easy to evaluate every single type of phytase, making you see which phytase brings the highest value to your specific compound.

2011 has been a great year for Sizer and we are hoping that 2012 will be even better! Despite a difficult start to the year with the worldwide economic downturn, we had an excellent response when exhibiting at Victam International, Cologne in May. Contacts made during the show have led to us securing agents/customers in new European markets, which have made a very welcome addition to our existing worldwide network.

NSP enzymes
The BESTMIX® feed formulation software not only offers a solution for working with Phytase, but also with any kind of NSP enzyme. This means the formulator can set up a NSP-enzyme in such a way, that its effect on the nutritional value of certain other ingredients is defined. In other words, you define exactly on which ingredients the enzyme has an actual effect. This way, your ingredient matrix is kept clean. It has proven to be a far better solution than to create different series of a certain ingredient, with adapted nutrient values for every NSP enzyme and every possible enzyme activity combination.

pelleting solutions

Sizer....The future of pelleting since 1899

In view of this success, we are excited to be exhibiting at Victam Asia 2012 in Bangkok. The last time we exhibited at Victam Asia was in 1991, so our long awaited return is drawing close and preparations are well underway. Our aim for Victam Asia 2012 is to secure new agents/distributors for our comprehensive range of pellet press spare parts in the Asian market areas not already covered. As well as spares for our own Orbit Pellet Press range, we also offer parts to suit many other manufacturers such as CPM, Buhler & Simon Barron. We even supply parts discontinued by other manufacturers, giving you peace of mind that you’ll have continuity of availability. Our pelleting knowledge and technical engineering expertise combine together allowing us to offer solutions that not only suit our customers’ needs but help them deal with their challenges and remain at the forefront of their industry. Our Commercial Manager, Suzanne Birley is leading the team for the Victam Asia 2012 exhibition. Suzanne has been with the Sizer Ltd for 8 years and manages the International Development of the company. She will be available on our stand for the full duration of the show. We look forward to a successful show and to seeing you there! Please come and visit us on stand no. D045 – Victam Asia, BITEC Bangkok | 15-17 February 2012. ELEVATOR BELT

Non-linear behaviour of phytase : challenge for feed formulation programs
How useful adding phytase to feed may seem, tests have shown that the power to release digestible P out of plant phytate is not linear. This means that the first 250 FTU of phytase will release more digestible P than the second 250 FTU you include in a compound. This ‘non-linear behaviour’ forms special challenges for feed formulation programs, as these are based on linear programming. Adifo’s least-cost feed formulation program BESTMIX ® is the first and only tool that offers a sound solution for optimising with “non-linear” effect. The software breaks down the effect of Phytase into linear phases to simulate the non-linear effect. This way, the formulator can apply Phytase as if it were any other ingredient, resulting in the same values: the optimal inclusion rate, the shadow price, the total consumption, etc. BESTMIX® uses a full optimisation, resulting in a dynamic inclusion rate of Phytase and the lowest possible compound price.


Using the state-of-the-art formulation tool BESTMIX ® to calculate the cheapest compound with the most optimal inclusion of enzymes is a real money saver. More

Whether you are looking for a pelleting press, a full production line or just spare parts, Sizer Pelleting Solutions makes a positive difference financially and environmentally.
Telephone: +44(0)1709 724279 or email us: Suzanne Birley:
The parent company of Richard Sizer Ltd. Established 1899

Z.A. de la Lande 49170 ST-GEORGES-SUR-LOIRE - FRANCE Tél. : 33 2 41 72 16 82 - Fax : 33 2 41 39 32 12
E-mail : - Web :
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Adifo NV Industrielaan 11B 9990 Maldegem Belgium
Tel: +32 50 303 211 Email: Website:

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African advances
Animal feed milling is one of the most buoyant activities in the agri related field

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Food safety in the grain milling industry Recent advances in rapid grain testing

Optical sorting
Optical sorting has come of age and should be considered as a serious option for inclusion in any modern wheat cleaning plant

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