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Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Upgrade Best Practices Technical Insight
Udayan Parvate, Director, EBS Release Engineering Lester Gutierrez, Senior Architect, EBS Applications Performance

The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.


Objectives • Provide an overview of the R12.1 release, the technology stack and supported upgrade paths • Outline best practices for the R12.1 technical upgrade, with a focus on downtime reduction • Review runtime performance monitoring and tuning tips • Provide sample customer upgrade profiles and share Oracle’s GSI upgrade experience


Agenda • • • • • • R12.1 Upgrade Overview Upgrade Best Practices Customer Upgrade Snapshots References Additional Resources Q&A


1 Upgrade Overview 6 .R12.

1 was generally available (GA) in May 2009 – Via Oracle Electronic Product Delivery (EPD) and Oracle Store – For all the supported platforms and languages • Can be used by new and upgrading customers (11.1 Maintenance Pack Install Instructions (752619.X. Follow instructions from “R12.1)” 7 .1 – If you are on R11i. use R12.1 Release notes” – If you are on R12.1 Maintenance Pack (MP) • R12. use R12.R12.1. Follow instructions from the “Upgrade Guide: 11i to 12.1 Rapid Install (RI) R12.1 MP (7303030) from My Oracle Support (MOS).0.5.1 RI from EPD.1” and “12.9 and above) to go directly to R12. 10.5/ 1.0/1.0.3 VERSION CERTIFIED WITH MINIMUM REQUIRED VERSION 10.6/9.4 RI 10.2.1 Maintenance Pack Installation Instructions” (752619.2 11.25 VERSION INCLUDED For details “Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.4/11.0.2 VERSION INCLUDED 12.2.R12.0.1 Technology Stack TECHNOLOGY COMPONENT • Apps Mid tierForms/Reports • Apps Mid tierJava Oracle Home/ • Apps Mid tierJDK VERSION INCLUDED 11i10CU2 10.7/11.1 RI 10.6 • Database/ JDBC drivers 9.2.6 10.1.1) 8 .2/1.1.0 10.4/1.0.3.

2. Upgrade database and EBS level in separate downtimes C. 11i10CU2 – 10.0.1 Upgrade Paths • Minimum EBS suite level for direct upgrade to R12.0.R12.4 11i9CU2. Apply upgrade interoperability DB patches and then upgrade EBS level 9 .5/11.1 – 11i9.0.1  11i10CU2. R12. 11i9CU2 or above – 11i10. certified upgrade path options can be categorized into : A. 11i10CU2 or above – R12.0 and above • Minimum EBS suite level required for database versions – 10.2. 11i10CU1.7/11.2.4 • Based on R12. Upgrade database and EBS level in a single downtime B.0. 11i9CU1.0.1 DB guide (761570.1).

1 B .10/cu1 B .1 11i9cu2 11.0.8 11i10cu2 11.C A B .. 11.C < = 11.5.7 Upgrade Paths Continued.0/11i.1 SOURCE TARGET 12.1.0. Apply upgrade interoperability DB patches and then upgrade EBS 10 .R12.9/cu1 11.2.1 B .X => 12.C 10.C B .1 12.1 10.4 A.C 11.0.5. Upgrade database and EBS level in separate downtimes C.5.5 12.2. Upgrade database and EBS level in a single downtime B.0 11.

0.1 B .0. Upgrade database and EBS level in a single downtime B.0.1 10.X => 12.0.7 > = 12.0.C 11.4 < = 12.C A A 10. 12.2.C B .1.1 B .5 11 .C B .0. Apply upgrade interoperability DB patches and then upgrade EBS 12.R12.1 B .0.1 11.1 Upgrade Paths Continued.1 SOURCE TARGET 12.3 12. Upgrade database and EBS level in separate downtimes C..C A.

5.0.1 RI 209 195 (25 removed.1 .2 ) ~31843 ( Vs 12.4 ) 12 .5.10 CU2) 201 ( 25 removed.4 RI R12.1 Key Facts 11i10CU2 # of Product Schemas R12.10. 17 added when compared with ) 50 GB 28 GB 385755 ~104057 ( Vs 11.10.5. 11 added when compared with 11.10 CU2 ) #file calls in DB portion of the U driver PROD database size File system size #files shipped in RI #of Changed+ New files in DB portion of the U driver 104242 144940 156622 31 GB 26 GB 268359 NA 45 GB 28 GB 357778 ~95488 ( Vs 11.R12.

Upgrade Best Practices 13 .

MP Install Instructions 14 .g.0 and once on R12.0) is available now • Review “Known-issues” sections from key documents to determine additional pre or post upgrade patches: Release notes.1. latest AD/ATG RUPs on 11i/R12. • Consolidated Upgrade Patches (CUP) and required one-offs that need to be applied in pre-install mode.Upgrade Best Practices • Identification of required patches – Prepare a complete list of pre and post patches and recommended code levels • Keep the system current on AD/ATG/OAM code e.1 CUP1 (7303029:12. R12.1 • High priority patches from MOS.

• Patch merging and sequencing – Take advantage of patch merge.1 & 414434. Apply NLS patches as “hot” patches • Perform uptime maintenance when possible e..g.Upgrade Best Practices Continued.1 ) • Stage patches locally accessible by mid-tier machines instead of on nfs mounted or remote servers 15 . upload patch history • HRGLOBAL step before NLS ( Document 145837. hot patching of iHelp or NLS patches. hot patching and apply patches in the correct sequence • Merge patches • Merge NLS patches per language.

noautoconfig. phtofile. (976188. nocompiledb.Upgrade Best Practices Continued.1.1) 16 . • Adpatch options and other reporting tools – Use applicable adpatch options to reduce downtime and track key upgrade aspects using in-built tools • Use non-interactive patching • Use adpatch options such as nomaintainmrc. nolink. functionality patched. novalidate (1078973. 976688. nocompile jsp. files applied.1) • Use optimal values for batch size and #workers • Use OAM reports and Patch Wizard functionality to track patch timing.. impacted customized files etc. nogenform. nogenrep.

1 upgrade to avoid applying NLS C/G portion • Can use for R12.X => R12.1 17 . – Use “Staged APPL_TOP” for regular maintenance and upgrade • Saves time to patch the file system (C/G portion) by using a patched up copy of production instance file system • Use in 11i => R12.1 upgrade and once on R12.Upgrade Best Practices Continued.. • Downtime reduction procedures – Use “Shared APPL_TOP” with “Distributed AD” for upgrades and regular maintenance for multi-node instances • No need to apply the same patch on multiple tiers • Distributed AD adds to the degree of parallelism by distributing AD workers across application tier nodes and improves D/G portion of the patch driver.0.

• Downtime reduction procedures continued... – For the duration of the upgrade. consider… • Disabling custom triggers and business events • Disabling auditing if enabled • If possible run in noarchivelog mode • Disabling flashback DB • Removing TDE from volume tables 18 .Upgrade Best Practices Continued. ) • Convert to Oracle Applications Tablespace Model (OATM) – Compacts data. / 11. optimizes storage settings and I/O • Other planned HW or OS upgrades 19 .. • Pre-upgrade activities – Identify and execute tasks that could be completed in a separate downtime period. prior to the production upgrade • Use applicable steps mentioned in the "Downtime reduction" and “Upgrade By Request” appendices E and G of the R12.7 / 10.Upgrade Best Practices Continued.1 upgrade guide • Upgrade RDBMS version to latest certified for the current APPS level ( 11.

Upgrade Best Practices Continued.10 and above ) • Assign post upgrade jobs to specialized CM queue (by request_type.1) • Drop MRC schema ( 11.5. • Use TUMS (“The Upgrade Manual Script”) to avoid running tasks that are not relevant for your system • Convert to multiple organization architecture (Document 210193...1) 20 . see Document 399362.. • Pre-upgrade activities continued.

.. • Review and disable all debug... order import etc. Journal entry import. such as Autoinvoice. • Flush all the interfaces. logging at site.Upgrade Best Practices Continued. user level • Gather stats with GATHER_AUTO option for all schemas close to the start of downtime 21 . responsibility. • Pre-upgrade activities continued.

Upgrade Best Practices Continued.. • Pre-create new large indexes created by upgrade (constrained to indexes on existing columns) • Minimize historical data to be upgraded as per business requirements – “Upgrade By Request” • Purge old and/or transient data before upgrading – Over 260 standard purge programs in R12 – Use new “Purge Portal” in OAM to administrate 22 . • Pre-upgrade activities continued...

• Purging – Use OAM to configure.. initiate and monitor purge programs • Set the execution frequency and view program history • Programs tagged with the “Purge” program type System Administrator >Oracle Applications Manager >Purging/Critical Activities 23 .Upgrade Best Practices Continued.

Upgrade Best Practices Continued. • Key recommended fixes – Affecting Upgrade Performance • AD-Parallel improved scalability: 8917381 (Part of 9179588 AD CUP) • Forms/reports generation regression with 11g: 8557019 – General • Review document 244040..1 for latest EBS recommended performance fixes 24 .

– log buffer = 30 to 100 Mb – shared pool = 1 to 4 Gb – pga target = 3 to 20 Gb – buffer cache = multi Gb.Upgrade Best Practices Continued. be generous without causing excessive paging or swapping • Adjust with help from AWR pool advisories 25 . starting rules of thumb . • Database tier configuration – Maximize SGA and PGA sizing • An upgrade only involves 10's of concurrent sessions....

Upgrade Best Practices Continued. • Database tier configuration – Other upgrade specific init. stats gathering and some large upg+ phase jobs – Need to test with production-like DB server and I/O subsystem – Shutdown other RAC instances 26 .. remove db_file_multiblock_read_count – Maximize multiblock I/O sizes • Set job_queue_processes = # of CPUS – adobjcmp.sql (Phases : plb+90 and last+63) • Set parallel_max_servers = 2 X CPUs – Helps with large index creation.ora changes • If specified.

. you can test other values from 1K up to 100K if time allows – # Workers • Starting rule-of-thumb is between 1 and 1.Upgrade Best Practices Continued. • Batch size and #workers – Batch size • 10K is suitable for most installs.5 x #CPUs – It is critical to do multiple rounds of testing. adjusting above settings to maximize server utilization. but constrained by factors such as • Memory utilization (no swapping/ excessive paging) • CPU utilization (scale down if at 100%) • I/O response times (scale down if averages > 20 ms) 27 .

ad_task_timing analysis – Mine ad_task_timing to identify low worker utilization due to phasing waits and review responsible culprits – Review targeted AWR Instance and SQL reports – awrrpt.sql and awrsqrpt. – Analyze long runners via timing report. • Performance testing...sql – Use My Oracle Support to check for known issues and workarounds for the longest running jobs 28 .Upgrade Best Practices Continued.. monitoring and additional optimizations.

but do not alter column definitions – For stats (adsstats.. • Performance testing... monitoring and additional optimizations continued. phase: last+63) : On RAC. consider using all nodes when gathering stats or use exp/imp of stats 29 . consider using alter system commands to increase parallel_max_servers and pga_aggregate_target (Need to test so as to not exhaust machine resources) – Large indexes: Pre-create.Upgrade Best Practices Continued.sql . – Outside-the-box optimizations – Requires Support Approval* • Long running index creation and Statistics gathering – As these tasks run with little or no concurrent tasks.

– Outside-the-box optimizations – Requires Support Approval* • Long running mv related xdf’s (“en” phases) – Cleanup and truncate large MV logs (requires MV complete refresh) • Look more closely at long running jobs that you suspect may not be required for your system – Thousands of jobs and customer product/data/setup configurations – Some of the heavy lifting work may not be required for a specific site – Check with Oracle Support to validate – A fix maybe available or possible to optimize for your case – New 12. monitoring and additional optimizations continued... • Performance testing.Upgrade Best Practices Continued.1..3 AD timing report by module 30 .

.Upgrade Best Practices Continued.com/stevenChan/2009/08/evolutionary_steps_automated_testing_ebs.oracle.oracle. • Runtime Performance Testing Tips – Use Automated.com/stevenChan/2009/10/oats_ebs_certified.html http://blogs.html 31 . scripted tools • EBS Test Started Kits (Winrunner/QTP) – Bundled QA based automated scripts for EBS testing .Patch 8408886 • Oracle Applications Testing Suite (Accelerators for EBS) – Web and Forms based flows – Complement with user participation tests and batch load tests with frequent and critical jobs – References http://blogs.

Performance Best Practices http://www.com/apps_benchmark/html/white-papers-e-business.oracle..oracle. • Runtime Performance Testing Tips – Review the white paper: Upgrade to Oracle 11g .Upgrade Best Practices Continued.com/apps_benchmark/html/white-papers-e-business.html • Points to note include11g features for – Testing of 11g or 10g workloads with Real Application Testing – Managing SQL Execution Plans and minimizing performance degradation with11g SQL Plan Management – Session OOW2010: Tuning the Oracle E-Business Suite Environment – Review EBS Benchmark Publications • http://www.html 32 .

Customer Upgrade Snapshots 33 .

1 Live Customers 34 .Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.

8 CPUs per node Downtime reduction measures • Distributed AD with shared APPL_TOP • Upgrade RDBMS to • CPS (Chicago Public Schools) – – – – – Release: 11.1 DB size: 900GB #Workers and batch size: 32.com/customers/snapshots/chicago-public-schools-ebs-snapshot.2 to 12.Customer Upgrade Snapshots 11i to 12.oracle. 10000 #CPUs on DB server: 2 node RAC.0.2.4 in a separate downtime • # hrs for the D driver: 22 hrs – Customer snapshot http://www.pdf 35 .

.Customer Upgrade Snapshots Continued.5 hrs 36 . 11i to 12.1 • Cisco – – – – – Release: 11i to R12 DB size: 600GB #Workers and batch size: 32.. 20000 #CPUs on DB server: 16 Downtime reduction measures • Distributed APPL_TOP – #hrs for the D driver: 5.

10000 #CPUs on DB server: 8 Downtime reduction measures • Distributed APPL_TOP • Pre-create large indexes – #hrs for the D driver: 30 hrs (latest test results) 37 .1 • Dell – – – – – Release: 11i10 to R12..2 DB size: 15TB . 11i to 12. 16 node RAC Cluster #Workers and batch size: 32.1..Customer Upgrade Snapshots Continued.

com/customers/snapshots/zebra-technologies-corporation-ebs-snapshot. 12..oracle.1 • Zebra Technologies Corporation – – – – – Release: 12.0..1 DB Size: 106GB #Workers and batch size: 32.6 to 12.0 to 12.pdf 38 . 10000 #CPUs on DB server: 8 Downtime reduction measures • Staged APPL_TOP – #hrs for the U driver: 12 hrs – Customer snapshot http://www.Customer Upgrade Snapshots Continued.

..1 • Oracle GSI – – – – – Release: 12.Customer Upgrade Snapshots Continued.3+ to R12. 10000 #CPUs on DB server: 88 processors Downtime reduction measures • Staged APPL_TOP for US and ten languages • Ran data fixes for problems found in test upgrades prior to production upgrade to minimize stoppages • Distributed APPL_TOP (4 servers .15 workers each) • Pre-create large indexes (6 hrs savings) – #hrs for the D driver: 14 hrs 39 .0. 12.0 to 12.1 DB size: 17TB #Workers and batch size: 60.

1..1 to 12.3 • Oracle GSI – – – – – Release: 12.50 workers each) • Pre-create large indexes – #hrs for the D driver: 4 hrs 40 ..3 -. 12. 10000 #CPUs on DB server: 150 processors Downtime reduction measures • Staged APPL_TOP for US and ten languages • Ran data fixes for problems found in test upgrades prior to production upgrade to minimize stoppages • Distributed APPL_TOP (4 servers .Customer Upgrade Snapshots Continued.1+ to R12.(Latest Testing) DB size: 17TB #Workers and batch size: 200.1.

0 to 12..Customer Upgrade Snapshots Continued.0+ to R12.2 DB size: 10 TB #Workers and batch size: 40.1 • AT&T – – – – – Release: 12. 10000 #CPUs on DB server: 32 Processors Downtime reduction measures • Staged APPL_TOP for US and ten languages • Distributed APPL_TOP – #hrs for the D driver: 9 hrs 41 .1. 12..

References 42 .

976688.1) R12 Upgrade Sizing & Best Practices (399362.References • • • • • • • • • R12.1) Recommended Performance Fixes (244040.1) Using staged or shared APPL_TOP and distributed AD (734025.1) 43 .1) Patching FAQs (459156.1) Database preparation guidelines for R12.1) AD Command Line Options for Release R12 (1078973.1.1 Info center” (806593.1) “Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1) OAM “Patch Wizard” overview and FAQ (976188.1.1. 225165. 384248.1 upgrade (761570. 236469.1 documentation roadmap (790942.

Additional Resources 44 .

jspa?forumID=395&start=0 45 .1 (987516.oracle.Additional Resources • White paper – Planning Your Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade from Release 11i to Release 12.com/forums/forum.1) • Have upgrade questions ? – Post on OTN R12 upgrade forum http://forums.1) – R12 Upgrade considerations by product: Financials (889733.

oracle.com/?OOW Contains • Presentations • RCDs • RVPs • Videos • Customer Stories • White Papers • etc 46 .Finding Additional Information Accelerate your evaluation and planning http://launch.

com/store 47 .Oracle Products Available Online Oracle Store Buy Oracle license and support online today at oracle.

” 48 . Hardware. This message should replace any reference to our previous corporate tagline “Oracle Is the Information Company.We encourage you to use the newly minted corporate tagline “Software. Complete.” at the end of all your presentations.

2010 49 .Oracle OpenWorld Latin America 2010 December 7–9.

2010 50 .Oracle OpenWorld Beijing 2010 December 13–16.

1 UPGRADE DEMOPOD MOSCONE SOUTH.EBS 12. S-089 MON : 9:45 AM – 5:30 PM TUE : 9:45 AM– 5:30 PM WED : 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 51 .

•Read and follow official documentation and have a project plan DON’Ts..SUMMARY DO’s. • Ignore including relevant functional SMEs in the planning process from the beginning •Engage Support early on to validate your upgrade plan •Identify and execute tasks you can do today •Test ! Test ! Test ! •Keep track of patches applied in test upgrades •Be smart about using the right tools and explore published downtime reduction techniques •Optimize patch runs to suite your H/W • • • • • Skip failed or long running jobs as a regular practice Drop indexes Run adpatch in serial mode Perform workarounds without approval from support/DEV Insufficient time and/or # of rounds of upgrade and critical functional flow testing 52 ..

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