Vehicle IDentification System

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which is a vehicle identification system based on RFID. It provides accurate. upto-minute information. high. Buzzer. It is now widely recognized that real – time vehicle information will revolutionize the control and logistical organization with significant vehicle fleets. the RFID Reader cannot communicate with microcontroller directly but which is done through an IC namely MAX232 which acts as an translator RFID Reader voltage levels (232 volts) and microcontroller voltage levels (0-5 volts). LED. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices consist of tags and readers that assist in the identification of vehicles. RFID Reader. The automatic vehicle identification facility delivers the flexibility. RPS. Tags are the devices that give identity to the vehicle and work like a wireless name plate. and responsiveness that today's generation needs. and powerful analysis features required to make better decisions faster. The microcontroller needs power supply and clock cycles for functioning. The power is given to the Microcontroller using RPS (Regulated Power Supply) Which consists of stepdown VIDS . BLOCK DIAGRAM: The block diagram of the project “RFID based Vehicle Identification System” consists Microcontroller (P89V51RD2). Crystal Oscillator.ABSTRACT The main objective of this project is to develop an embedded system. Readers pick up these signals and transmit them to the centralized data servers from where the information can be viewed or utilized anywhere. The block diagram depicts that the Microcontroller acquires the input from the RFID Reader and implement the logic as defined in the code which is already dumped in Microcontroller. MAX232. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The major potential comes from the much acclaimed no line of sight and simultaneous reading properties of RFID. scalability.speed communication. It transmits the identity to readers which are placed at strategic locations.

Because of RPS is that how we get a regulated 5V form the main supply which is 232V and 50Hz. Fig 2. filter. The LED and Buzzer just require single pins from microcontroller and can controlled by allocating high or low. bridge rectifier. The clock cycles are generated using Crystal Oscillator. The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a 16*2 display that means it has 16columns and 2rows there are commands to control and manipulate the controller.1:Block Diagram VIDS . It requires a 8pin port as data.transformer. voltage regulator. The clock cycles plays a very vital role in the functioning of the microcontroller as the particular arithmetic or logic circuits are enabled using these clock cycles only.

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