The goal of brainstorming is to reveal not just the experiences, but more importantly, the stories, that make

you distinct from other business school applicants. Taken from mbaMission’s Brainstorming Guide, the following questions serve as a guide to your own brainstorming process. Once you have completed these questions, if you feel the need for additional help with your brainstorming process in particular, or would like advice on any other element of applying to business school, please contact us for a free consultation ( Brainstorming Questionnaire 1. List your major accomplishments/achievements (not responsibilities!) in each of your
professional positions (see the example that follows). To the best of your ability, briefly describe the beginning, middle and end of what would constitute a story about these accomplishments. EXAMPLE: Company/Dates of Employment: Recruiting Associates Inc.; Sept. 2004– Present Company Description (if company is not well known, be brief!): ABC is a 300person human resources consulting firm, operating out of Kansas City, Kansas. Department: Corporate Recruiting Job Title: Senior Consultant Accomplishment 1: Established new accounting recruitment department • Beginning: Approached management with idea to enter accounting recruitment market; persuaded management to dedicate human resources and $120K budget • Middle: Managed staff of three; identified 80 credible candidates; held unique marketing events/career fairs to showcase candidates; aggressively built relationships with 60 manufacturers in tristate area • End: Placed 37 candidates in first year; revenue of $420K; promoted; budget increased and additional human resources allocated Accomplishment 2: … • Beginning: … • Middle: … • End: …

2. List your major accomplishments in each of your community activities, following a
similar format (template below). EXAMPLE: Organization/Dates of Involvement: Urban Kitchen; July 2005–Present Description of Organization: Urban Kitchen aggregates unserved restaurant

List five words or phrases your friends/family would use to describe you. published a poem in literary journal. List the five personal accomplishments of which you are most proud (as they relate to yourself. List any language(s) you speak aside from your native tongue and your level of fluency in each. distinctions. Briefly.. Have you ever missed any opportunities. List your academic accomplishments: awards. identified need for general manager to recruit volunteers and oversee distribution • Middle: Networked with existing corporate sponsors.e. Briefly explain the nature of and selection criteria for each. 6. following the format shown in the examples for Questions 1 and 2. 14. helping solve a family problem. 13. List all the countries to which you have traveled and your reason for doing so (i.meals and serves this food to the less fortunate Role: Shift Coordinator Hours Per Month: 16 Accomplishment 1: Raised funds for full-time general manager • Beginning: Saw organization being stretched. List your primary hobbies and interests.). overcame a fear of heights. full-time manager in place. 12 new volunteers are serving 15% more meals per week 3. List your major accomplishments in each of your collegiate extracurricular activities. what are your short-term and long-term goals after business school? 15. business or pleasure). and why do you believe now is the best time to get this degree? . not achieved a goal or disappointed another person? 10. List the reasons you feel you want/need to get an MBA. 8... past and present. 7. List any instances in which you have made a significant difference in another human being’s life (i. teaching a child to read. etc. 12. 5. identified available government grants. Describe any conflicts you have had in professional or organizational settings and how you handled them. publications. completed a marathon. not others—i. applied for grants from charitable foundations • End: Received $55K in funding. honors.e. How do you believe an MBA program will prepare you to reach your goals. List five words or phrases you would use to describe yourself. etc. List any professional/community recognition that has been bestowed upon you. Discuss any professional or personal setbacks or failures that you have experienced (not addressed in Question 8).). etc. 4. mentoring a coworker who is having trouble. 11.e. traveled to 17 different countries. 9.

What do you want to learn in an MBA program? What will be your area of focus? .16.

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