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Shane Baghai Group is working on an under-
ground parking garage under its St. Gabriel
Village and Terraces developments in Toronto.

At The Forefront of Design

Shane Baghai Group of Cos. strives to operate differently from its competitors while also achieving
'consistency in quality’ as a developer, general contractor, and project and construction manager.
By Alan Dorich cerns in the future,” the company states.

S ince the company’s inception, owner Shane Baghai

says Shane Baghai Group of Cos. has specialized in
operating on the cutting edge and embracing
change. "Every building I do is different than the previous
one," Baghai declares.
“Being at the forefront of design, quality and technology
is key to success and survival in any industry,” the compa-
ny continues. “Equally important is the respect and loyalty
obtained in surrounding yourself with a dedicated, capable
and effective team.
Based in Toronto, the company takes on the roles of a “Shane Baghai has launched many sizeable projects
developer, general contractor, and project and construction and has completed them successfully because of his
managers for high-end, high-rise residential condominiums unparalleled ability to mobilize vast resources of loyal
in the greater Toronto region. trades, suppliers and consultants required for the large
Baghai founded the firm in 1976. "We did things differ- undertakings,” it adds.
ent from the very beginning," he remembers. "It was a
company that chose very interesting locations that created Blazing a Trail
Shane Baghai Group of Cos.
communities very different from normal subdivisions." The company also has blazed a trail with
In its work, Shane Baghai Group has specialized in environmental initiatives, according to Annual sales: $250 million
bringing design ideas from all over the world to Toronto, Baghai. "I was probably the first builder (Canadian)
Headquarters: Toronto
including stucco. that used geo-thermal building in my Employees: 20
According to the company, it also has followed a policy homes," he says, noting that he was criti- Specialty: High-rise condos
to embody all regulatory issues and changes as they are cized by others since it was not a proven Shane Baghai, owner: "We
are hoping ... we can do things
made. “Close contact with the industry has kept the compa- system at the time. "My attitude then was, that are over and above the
ny well-informed of current issues and anticipated con- if we did not try it, we wouldn't know." LEED requirements."